the doctor fan art


*vomits up a bunch of critical role art*

I have no earthly idea if I posted any of this. They did all appear on Twitter, I THINK. But here ya go, because I guess I only draw Critical Role art right now??? Wow I should fix that.

  • Keyleth concept design.
  • Ripley and Orthax (totally drawn BEFORE we knew they were actually in cahoots, I was totally just daydreaming).
  • Ripley and Percy.
  • Percy with Vex.
  • Animus crit failing.
  • Vax and Vex have A Talk.
  • Post-kiss reaction.
  • Keyleth is the Tomoyo to Percy’s Sakura.

Got back from watching Doctor Strange last night and me and my fiance were talking about how well animated the cape was, how it was like its own character and immediately reminded us of the magic carpet from Aladdin.
Disney you know what to do :P

  • Me: *showing family members my sketchbook*
  • Me: so this is you guys, *flips page* and here's our dog *flips page* um... That's- that's just, you know...
  • Me: *frantically flips through fan art* just, uh, this is- you don't wanna- I've got some normal, I mean, better, ones in the back, I think.
  • Grandma: ...
  • Me: *laughs nervously*
  • Grandma: why are all the boys holding hands?
  • Me: it's bromance I swear.