the doctor and the trickster

Don’t you ever just wonder what it would be like if you could meet your favorite characters? … And then realize you’d be in a mess of trouble if you did? 










Some of the vocal anti-female Doctor crowd is beyond silly.

“It’s been established that Time Lords only change gender when they commit suicide.”

“Missy is female because she was cursed/punished by the Time Lords, so in order for a female Doctor to make sense we’d have to have a story where the Time Lords punish him.”

“The lore states that in order to change gender, a Time Lord has to be able to have extreme concentration and do it deliberately, and the Doctor is never in a position to do that.”

“Genetics prove that Time Lords cannot change gender.”

“If we have a female Doctor I won’t be able to crush on them.”

“The canon proves that Time Lords cannot change gender. Ignore what Moffat says, because his stuff is not canon.”

“Time Lords are created by the Loom, not born, so their gender is locked.”

“The Doctor is a trickster, and trickster gods and myths are always male, so he has to stay male.”

“Classic Who gives many reasons for why the Doctor can’t change gender, like when he and the Rani discussed that he can’t control his regenerations.”

“It would just be weird and confusing, because he’s married and has had kids. He’s a father and husband, so how could he be a mother? And what if two Time Lords were married and one changed… how would they deal with that? What if a female Time Lord was pregnant and then regenerated into a man? It just doesn’t make sense!”

“He’s the Doctor, not the Doctoress or the Nurse!”

Punishment - Loki x Reader

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The smoke from the city hovered in an angry cloud in the Asgardian sky. The forest was calm and surreal in comparison, the soft dark moss below your feet seeming like a dream. You glanced over your shoulder at Loki, who stood with a smirk admiring at his handiwork. 

“I’m to blame I’m afraid.” He shrugged, sending you a sarcastic smirk.

You sighed in exasperation, going over to the ship you’d used to get there, chasing after the god of mischief to stop his escape.

“Loki you have driven me to the end of my patience.” You said.

“Have I?” He said cockily, stalking around your position examining the vehicle. “I rather imagined I’d driven you exactly where you wanted to be.” he spun in a slow circle, gesturing to the isolated forest, “Or are the feelings not mutual?”

Heartrate quickening, hands shaking, “What do you mean?”

“This is exactly where I want you.”

“You- you did all of that to get me alone?” You gasped, staring at him in bewilderment.

“Is that such a crime?” Loki replied with a sly smirk.

“Yes! You destroyed half the city just to escape!”

“There are some crime’s that are worth the punishment. If loving you is a crime then I will graciously take my punishment if that is what you desire.” 

Inhaling a sharp breath, you took a step closer to him, “Loki, you know that loving me itself is not a crime. It is what you did to tell me that which is punishable.”

“Oh?” Loki sighed, brushing the back of his hand against your cheek softly, “If that is so then why do I feel punished? Being denied a reply to my confession is hurting me deeply, (Y/n).”

“You want an answer?”

He nodded, smirking slightly, “I do. Truly.”

You leaned up, resting your hands on his chest to steady yourself. His muscles tensed beneath your hands, as he watched your every move with baited breath.

“You know the answer,” You whispered, “Loki Prince of Asgard would not put his feeling son the line without knowing they were reciprocated. Would he now?”

Loki smiled, closing his eyes as he chuckled, “Right you are, love.” His lips met yours, a gentle brush melting into a soft medley. A touch that seemed to say everything you’d suspected for a while now. Loki’s hands rested one on your waist, one on the side of your face. He pulled you close to him, pressing his forehead to yours.

“Is it time for my punishment?” He teased, parting from you.

“I think that, after all you did to get here, it would be wise for us both to… disappear.” You suggested.

Loki smiled, cupping your face gently, “That can most certainly be arranged.” He kissed you again as the air seemed to ripple around you and you knew you would be safe in his arms.



All of my most recent paintings in one post!
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2. God of Thunder
3. Felicia Day
4. I’m Here, Brother
5. David Bowie
6. 12th Doctor on Scaro
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‘i never could fool you could I”

This means it’s either Gabe or Lucifer. Problably Gabe, since it wouldn’t make much sense for Lucifer to say that since he HAS fooled Sam multiple times. 

But both times Gabriel discussed himself as someone els, Sam (or Dean) knew.

Either way, I’M HAPPY

Channel Surfing

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When was it ever supposed to be a normal day? Of course, you had to listen to the police scanner and of course the three of you had to get stuck in a television show.


“Doctor,” Doctor Sexy nods his head at Dean, as the eldest Winchester gives him an excited, “Doctor.”

Doctor Sexy says the same thing to Sam before turning to you.

A smirk appears on his face as he reaches for your hand and brings it to his lips. He presses a long, drawled out kiss to the back of your hand.

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Strange Help - Part 2

(Part 1)


  • please please please let there be a sequel to “Strange help” i need to know how the fathers react.
  • Strange help part 2!! I’m hooked
  • Can I have a sequel to Strange Help? Maybe the reader and Philip are expecting their first child? Thanks:) 

Pairing: Philip Hamilton x Reader

                                                           ✰   ✰

Dear Father,

First and foremost, I want to remind you that I love you dearly - no power in this world will ever stop me from loving you because you are my father and you have treated me like a princess since the day I was born. But lately, I have been feeling more and more restrained by you; regulations who I should and shouldn’t be with, has led to this. You and mother don’t deserve this but you have left me with no choice.

I have decided to elope with Philip Hamilton and by the time you are reading this letter, it would’ve been too late. Right after I finish this letter, I shall be leaving the house with my things. I shall not disclose where we shall be going or how we are getting there, because I know that both you and Mr Hamilton will come looking for us and force us apart.

My relationship with Philip has been going on for months and if you had not acted so disgusted by the mere thought of me being with him, I would have told you about it.

I am not doing this against my will. I love Philip with all my heart and I trust that you will understand this. If you don’t, I apologize.

All my Love,


This was the letter your father, John Adams, read when he came into your room to bid you a goodbye before he went to work. His hands were shaking, rage rising in his chest. “ABIGAIL!” He yelled for your mother and she came rushing in, thinking that something was terribly wrong.

When the letter was shoved towards her, she took it and turned it the right-side up, frowning as she read through. Deep inside, she knew that this day was coming; she’d known of your relationship with Philip and had promised not to tell your father because of how he’d react. Abigail only wanted happiness for you. To cover up her knowing about this whole ordeal, she began to cry, collapsing onto your bed shaking.

Just like clockwork, there was an angry sounding knock on the front door and when the door was opened, the two heard the familiar voice of Alexander Hamilton, laced with fury. John and Abigail stood up together and moved downstairs. Eliza Hamilton was there too but she was quiet and her nose was red, indicating that she too, had been crying. But the woman had a knowing look in her eyes, similar to the one in Abigail’s and the moment the women’s eyes met, they gave a slight nod, acknowledging the fact that they both knew.

“Did you know about this?” Alexander asked, anger present in his eyes as he held up a letter similar to the one grasped in Abigail’s hands.

“If I knew about it I would’ve stopped it, you ignorant buffoon! I would’ve never let my daughter see someone associated with you, let alone your son!” John replied, mirroring the anger present in the immigrant’s eyes.

Alexander looked like he was ready to pounce, but a gentle hand on his shoulder, provided from his wife, calmed him down. He huffed and pushed his hand through his hair, “Insults and fights aren’t going to get us anywhere…” he murmured, but John could’ve cared less.

“Your son probably forced her into all this and she only said he didn’t so that he wouldn’t seem like the bad guy… now that I think about it, he was probably the one to write the damned letter in the first place!” John yelled, shaking off his wife’s hand.

“Why is my son to blame? Maybe your daughter seduced him into doing it-”

“My daughter does not seduce! My daughter is innocent in this whole ordeal and I will get your son arrested for what he’s done.”

“Over my dead body,” Alexander seethed.

“That can bloody well be arranged!” John replied easily. The two men were up in each others faces and Alexander was the first to make a move. He was quick to strike John across the face, ignoring his wife’s call of his name to get him to stop. “You bastard brat!” John yelled, swinging his fist himself but missing the other man by mere centimeters.

“Enough!” The two women yelled simultaneously, catching their husbands’ attention.

“If you look at yourselves right now, you’ll find the answer as to why the two have kept their relationship a secret for this long. It’s not because Philip forced Y/N or because she seduced him; it’s because of you blithering idiots!” Abigail shouted, hands clenched into fists.

“And if you had stopped being so ignorant and actually paid attention to your son and daughter instead of working so hard to one-up each other, you would’ve noticed their love long ago!” Eliza continued.

“You both knew?” Alexander asked quietly.

The two women looked at each other, before looking at their husbands and nodding, “You would’ve known too if you weren’t so caught up in your rivalry.” Abigail stated; her voice had become quieter than before, but it still held the same anger towards them.

“And they wouldn’t have eloped either; we would’ve been able to attend their wedding.” Eliza thought out loud, tears springing to her eyes.

Dear Mr Jefferson,

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for us; these past six months have been the best ones yet; Philip and I got married a week after our arrival in Virginia. Philip and I wish you, Mr Madison and our parents could’ve been in attendance, but we all know what a show that would’ve been.

I am sending this letter, not only to thank you, but to give you some news. I have found out that I am expecting my first child. I have not told Philip yet but I plan to do so when he gets home from work. Hopefully all will go well.

I hope all is well with you and that my father and Mr Hamilton haven’t been too unbearable at work. Please send our regards to Mr Madison.

All my Love,

Y/N Hamilton.

This was the third letter you’d written, the other two being to your and Philip’s parents. You were saddened by the fact that the third person would be the only one to reply. You’d hoped that by now, your fathers would’ve come to their senses but the news of their quarrels becoming worse while they were at work informed you that they weren’t ready - that it still hadn’t sunk in.

You leaned back in your chair and gently laid your hand on your stomach. The bump was small but present. A grin came to your face as you thought about your first child with Philip, running around your beautiful house, giggling as Philip chased them around.

Speaking of your husband, you heard the front door open and close, signalling his arrival from work. You sealed the final letter and stood, handing over the letters to the maid, “These need to go to the Hamilton, Adams and Jefferson house,” you instructed, pointing out each letter as you said them. “Thank you,” you said to the young woman, placing a gentle hand on her cheek and earning a grin from her, before she hurried out of the room to get the letters to the postal office.

You followed her out and was greeted by your husband, “I thought that you’d maybe run away,” he said teasingly.

A giggle bubbled from your lips as you shook her head, “Never ever; I was just writing some letters - we have to get in touch with them someway.” You admitted, earning a nod from Philip. He smiled and kissed your forehead before pressing his lips to yours.

“How was your day, my love?” Philip asked as he took your hand, leading you downstairs so you could go to the living room.

“It was great; I went down to the town, met up with some people and got us a few treats from the bakery. Then I came home and knit something for you,” You explained, biting down on your lower lip as you sat on the couch and reached into the wicker basket situated next to your couch, pulling out two small socks.

“They’re wonderful, although, I can’t help but notice that they are slightly too small for me,” he said with a chuckle, taking them from you and turning them around in his hands, seeing the pink and blue bows. He furrowed his eyebrows in thought, and you remained silent, a small smile on your face as you watched him practically piecing the puzzle together.

Philip then turned his gaze towards you, specifically your stomach, only to see that the fabric of your dress was a bit more stretched out than the rest of your dress. He grinned brightly, “I’m going to be a father?” he asked quietly, earning a nod from you. He yelled happily, as if he’d won the best prize in his entire life. He grabbed you by the waist and raised you up, twirling you around before setting you down and taking your face in his hands, pressing his lips against yours lovingly.

“When did you find out?” He asked, slightly out of breath.

“This morning; I failed to mention my trip to the doctor,” you giggled, causing Philip to shake his head and laugh.

“Little trickster,” he teased, looking into your eyes. His were filled with love and adoration, “I love you, more than words can express…”

“And I love you.” You replied, kissing him once more.

The two of you were happy, and you hoped that your fathers understood that.


Supernatural/Doctor Who crossover AUwhere Gabriel is in fact a time lord called The Trickster.

The parting of the ways”

It’s time for the Doctor to go. 

(I’m sorry about the title, I couldn’t pass the chance. Also, idea is from whisperabovethestorm, thank you, you wonderful human being!)

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