the doctor and rose kiss


The kiss shared between Rose Tyler and The Doctor in “New Earth” was an unscripted kiss. There was no need for Billie Piper to kiss David Tennant in the scene, but she still went for it. You can see that this was obviously surprising to David Tennant judging by the look on his face. They also talk about it in the audio commentary:

David: That’s me kissing Billie Piper.
Russell: Hurray.
David: Yeah.
Russell: Completely unscripted they just-
David: I know, she just couldn’t help herself. [x]

Voyage of the Damned

I may have made this more shippy then I should have. But I honestly couldn’t help it. I happened to find the perfect secret life pictures of Billie to go along and I just had to make it as shippy as possible. Especially with a fantastic kiss!

“Sunset Kiss” - Digital Oil Painting

I enjoy painting these ‘domestic’ moments between Rose and Tentoo. Here, she said something brilliant with that beautiful smile, so he just had to give her a kiss, murmuring against her hair how much he loves her.

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“Draw the background” they said, "It will be fun” they said. Oh god, it wasn’t fun at all, I’m so so tired of this, but I just had to draw the Tardis interior by myself. Doctor and Rose deserve the best.

Oh savallah, the days I’ve spent with this image, floating in my mind, because of You and this damn rpg. You have no idea. It belongs to You, along with my heart and soul.

If anyone was wondering, which galaxy is behind the Tardis, it’s this one, obviously. Is there any other?


Journey’s End Episode Kiss(left) vs Doctor Who Confidential Kiss(right):

I remember reading somewhere that Russell T. Davies didn’t want the kiss in Journey’s End to be too overly passionate because of the situation they were in. Which makes sense because Rose is definitely still confused about everything that’s happened and she’s still unsure about the New, New, New Doctor and it’s almost like she’s taken right back to that moment the first time she saw him regenerate, when she had to get to know him all over again, so she’s still quite skeptical in that aspect.

I do however think that by using the bit in the third gif down on the right, it would have allowed the Part Human Doctor’s emotions show just a little bit more. I mean you cut to the full Time Lord and you see how emotionally gutted he’s feeling at that moment. I mean, yes he’s comforted in knowing part of him will always be with her but he also knows that he’s never going to see her again and that pain is so unbearable all he can do is turn away.

Cut back to that third gif down on the right and you can see that there’s a bit of desperation in the way The Part Human Doctor is kissing Rose. At one point she even starts to pull back, but he tightens his hold and she melts back into the kiss as he dips her backwards. To me that just says a lot about his character’s evolvement because he’s finally allowing himself to have what he’s always so desperately wanted but never thought he could have and you can just see based on his body language that he’s finally letting some of those barriers down and giving in to his desires.

8 of 10 Doctor Who’s character play gay role (not all, but anyway)

Martha Jones (Freema Agyeman) on Sense8:

And on The Carrie Diaries:

Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) on True Love: 

Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) on  The Kevin Bishop Show:

Clara Oswald (Jenna Coleman) on  Emmerdale:

River Song (Alex Kingston) on Upstairs Downstairs:

Captain Jack (John Barrowman) and 9th Doctor (Christopher Eccleston) on Doctor Who:

And 10th Doctor (David Tennant) on San Diego Comic Con (interview):

11th Doctor (Matt Smith) on Doctor Who and AHS Coven:

Fool Me Once, Chapter Two: And Straight On til Morning

(Once again beta by the lovely @chocolatequeennk​!)

Words: 8385
Pairing: Tenth Doctor/Rose Tyler
Genre: Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Rating: T
Warnings: References to hallucinations, mental trauma, physical trauma/scars


Rose woke with a start, from nebulous nightmares in which the Doctor stood still as a stone, unresponsive despite her frantic attempts to reach him.

You were never real. His disembodied voice comes from frozen lips. You were never real and I never wanted you. The tears on her cheeks were a familiar sensation, and she inhaled deeply, trying to find the strength to start another day. The breath was saturated with the tea-and-spice-and-starlight scent that belonged to the Doctor and she stiffened, trying to place where she was. There had been fingers running through her hair as she stirred and they halted immediately in their ministrations.


It was the Doctor’s voice, and Rose gasped, twisting so quickly to look behind her and reassure herself he was real that it was surprising she didn’t pull something, though several of her bruised muscles twinged painfully. Hoping the sudden movement would disguise her wince, she frantically sought his eyes, which were watching her warily. The tension left her body in a rush as the events of the previous day flooded back to her. She’d done it. She’d found the Doctor again. It was all real.

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