the doctor and river


Children of Time series by thatoddowl. These are amazing!

So, River Song always just summons the Doctor when she wants him, often greeting him with the words “Hello, sweetie.” And in Let’s Kill Hitler, she first uses those words before giving up all her remaining regenerations just so he can live.

What I’m saying is, it’s entirely possible she summons him with those words every time to remind him of just how many times he has to save her to pay off that debt.

I have never believed Peter Capaldi’s acting as the doctor more than this moment right here, when you can see in his eyes the vast contradiction to what River was saying; because of course, by God of course, with all of his two raggedy hearts. With all of his time. With all of the galaxies they’ve traveled. He. Loves. River. Song. And you can see it all in this one look that takes her breath away.


Look at how he holds her face, and kisses her.
All of his companions have kissed him. Romantically (because they like him) or otherwise.
He’s never kissed any of his companions romantically. (Seriously, think about this. He’s only ever kissed his companions either to save their lives, or his life. Example: Rose, he took the heart of the TARDIS out of her by kissing her. Martha, saved her life on the moon by kissing her. Donna, saved his own life by kissing her for his detox in “The Unicorn and the Wasp”, Amy… I’m not sure, did HE ever kiss HER? I know she kissed HIM. Has he ever kissed Clara? I know Clara has kissed him.)
Now, this kiss. He’s kissing his WIFE. This is the most passionate kiss since River/11 wedding episode!!! He is doing it, she didn’t start the kiss. He did.
Look at them.
Tell me they’re not perfect.
I’m sorry, all of you Whoffle shippers.. go home.

The other day I was pondering River and the Doctors wedding…when something hit me.
River and the Doctor got married when time was compressed and happening all at once.
That means River and the Doctor literally got married at every point in history
Their anniversary is every second of every day