the dmd group


Thanks for tagging me @designing-crying ! this seems interesting! O:

Rules: List 10 goals you have for the next 10 years, write it down or save it somewhere you can find it again, then tag 10 people.

  1. Be 99% happy with myself and who I am
  2. Have a job where I can be involved with graphic design/design thinking
  3. Be out of my parents’ house
  4. Be happily married/in a very happy relationship
  5. Have my own shop where I sell little illustrations/designs (either online or off-line)
  6. Have a masters degree or a certificate to teach
  7. Meet up with a bunch of friends I’ve made on here (where y’all at?? Near Texas? Let’s make it happen next summer!)
  8. Go overseas at least once (dream place being Japan)
  9. Form a cool and committed DnD group (I DMd once and I REALLY wanna do it again)
  10. Have a really awesome studio space to work on my stuff

I’m Tagging my most recently updated mutuals:

  1. @dulynotedx
  2. @intcllectual
  3. @brieeestudies
  4. @studyingvgogh
  5. @germ-studies
  6. @obsidianstudy
  7. @intellectys
  8. @stvdybuddies
  9. @architstudy
  10. @chemistri

I’m using a site to pick those, so yeah LOL feel free to ignore this if you don’t want to :)