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✨ Be careful what you think and believe.

Why? Because the universe is a spectrum of possibilities. Heaven and hell are not places. They are both here and now. We can experience either according to our perspective.

Does that mean every single thought becomes real? Of course not. But the belief systems we hold consistently over time will eventually become the world we occupy.

Thoughts are like rent money. Wherever we put them becomes our home. And to quote the poet Hafiz, “Fear is the cheapest room in the house. I would like to see you living In better conditions.”

Starfinder: The Classes [COMPLETE EDITION!]

Meet the new guardians of the galaxy.

In Starfinder, the average adventurer looks much different from average party on old Golarion. Understandings have shifted, old disciplines have faded out of vogue, and everyone has friggin’ laser beams.

So while it’s possible to convert some of the old Pathfinder classes, the bulk of adventurers in the Pact Worlds will likely adhere to one of these six new disciplines. Check it!


Envoy is Starfinder’s intrigue and tactics focused class. They possess the most skills out of any class (tied only with the Operative) and their Skill Expertise feature allows them to specialize in certain favored skills; granting them an extra 1d6 insight bonus, and allowing them to perform acts that skill doesn’t usually grant. For those of you familiar with Pathfinder, think of it as a cross between an Investigator’s inspiration feature and the skill unlocks of an Unchained Rogue.

Their main class features are Improvisations; non-magical abilities which allow the Envoy to manipulate the battlefield; they can make enemies Flat Footed, warn allies of impending dangers, or even grant their friends additional actions in a turn. 

Play the Envoy if you…

  • Want to be a social butterfly.
  • Enjoy using unexpected tactics both on and off the battlefield.
  • Want to be the undisputed master of a narrow set of skills (without sacrificing other proficiencies).


Mechanics are masters of machines. Unlike the more academic Technomancers, Mechanics aren’t afraid to get their hands dirty working with the futuristic technology of the Pact Worlds. Some even go so far as to augment themselves with advanced cybernetics!

A Mechanic’s best friend is their trusty artificial intelligence; a digital construct they personally designed. At first level, the Mechanic can choose between implanting this AI into a drone (granting them an autonomous robotic ally who can fight alongside them) or into an implanted exo-cortex (augmenting the Mechanic’s cognitive abilities and allowing them access to stronger armor and weapons). As the Mechanic levels up, they can augment their AI (or themselves!) even further. A high level Mechanic can even split their attention between a drone and an exocortex, becoming a cybernetically augmented mastermind with a personal robot honor guard. 

When they aren’t trying to turn themselves into the singularity (or just make a really sweet robot), Mechanics are masters of technology in all forms; they’re master hackers, brilliant engineers, and can make that ray gun work really well in a pinch.

Play the Mechanic if you…

  • Want to play a pet-focused class.
  • Don’t want to play a pet-focused class, but would love to play a heavily armored ranged combatant with a wide array of skills.
  • Want to be a master of technology in all its forms.
  • Want your character to be more machine than person. 


Mystics are the spiritual successors of Golarion’s divine and occult spellcasters, and often fill similar societal roles. Understanding magic to be a manifestation of the connection between all living things, the Mystic channels the fundemental nature of the universe to a variety of effects.

Mystics are one of Starfinder’s two spellcasting classes, viewing the fundamental forces of magic through a more esoteric and philosophical lens than their Technomancer colleagues. Their spells tend to be focused more on living things; affecting both the mind and body. Of course, this doesn’t mean they can’t draw upon natural forces as well; Mystics are more than capable of flooding a room with gamma radiation if they feel like it.

All Mystics can establish a link with other creatures, which manifests first as a healing touch, and then eventually evolves into a party-wide telepathic network you can use as a conduit for their other abilities.

Mystics also all have a connection to a force they see as the source of their power; they may choose to be an akashic, empath, healer, mindbreaker, overlord, or star shaman, with each connection changing the lens through which a Mystic views the universe. An Akashic may view their powers as coming from the divine records that govern reality, while a Star Shaman may take a more religious viewpoint. Healers focus on restoring the vitality of their allies, while Mindbreakers focus on crushing the psyches of their foes. 

Play a Mystic if you…

  • Want to play a support focused character with strong healing potential.
  • Want to be a psychic or similar character.
  • Want to play a more magical character with minimal scientific influence. 
  • Love enchantment spells like charm person.
  • Want to have a connection with natural forces. 
  • Want to define your own supernatural tradition (in SPACE).


Operatives live on the fringe of society. More than just simple thieves and assassins, the Operative represents any sort of character willing to utilize underhanded tactics and dogged determination to get the job done.

Every Operative chooses a specialization (daredevil, detective, explorer, ghost, hacker, spy, or thief) which grants them access to unique exploits; similar to the talents of a Rogue or Vigilante in Pathfinder. 

Their most unique ability, however, is the trick attack. Unlike the Rogue, an Operative has need to hide in the shadows to surprise their enemies. Instead, they use a skill (usually Bluff, Intimidate, or Stealth, but some specializations can use other skills) to gain an advantage over their enemies; allowing them to deal extra damage and inflict a variety of detrimental effects on their foes. Operatives are also one of the only classes capable of becoming snipers, granting them additional combat options.

Like the Envoy, an Operative is a master of skills. Unlike the Envoy, they lack the same level of focus; the Operative’s edge class feature grants them a bonus to all skill checks (and initiative checks) and they can gain special bonuses to skills in which they’ve taken the Skill Focus feat for. Of course, Operative specializations can grant uses for skills that an Envoy could never hope to accomplish, so perhaps its all relative. 

Play an Operative if…

  • You want to play a character on the fringe of society, like a spy, vigilante, or assassin.
  • You want to be the ultimate skill monkey. 
  • You enjoy stealth and subterfuge (or dashing derring do)
  • You love the massive payoff from a perfectly set up attack.


Solarians believe in the power of the stars; that they are the ultimate expression of the powers of creation and destruction. They guide worlds with their gravity and give life with their light and heat, yet can also obliterate with supernovas and black holes. Solarians seek to be agents of this cycle of preservation and annihilation, channeling the forces of their stars themselves in battle.

All Solarians have a mote of fundamental energy or entropy that accompanies them, which can either transform into a lightsaber Solar Weapon, or augment the Solarian’s armor. 

In battle, Solarians are one of the few classes who specializes in melee combat (indeed, while they gain access to Advanced Melee Weapons, they lack proficiency in any ranged weapon more complicated than a blaster pistol). To make up for this, Solarians are capable of making more melee attacks than other classes (three in a round, rather than the normal maximum of two) and can utilize the power of the stars for a variety of spectacular at-will effects.

Solarians can choose to attune themselves to either Photon or Graviton energy; each of their powers is connected to one of these two energies, and as they build up their attunement these powers grow stronger. After spending three rounds attuned exclusively to a single type of energy, the Solarian can activate a spectacular manifestation of cosmic force known as a zenith power. Even at level one, a fully attuned Solarian can explode in a miniature supernova, or draw distant enemies closer to them with the power of a black hole. These powers only grow stronger as the Solarian’s experience and understanding of the cosmic balance grows.

Play a Solarian if you…

  • Want to play a knight attuned to the cosmic forces of the universe.
  • Want to be a melee focused combatant with a variety of at-will effects that can shift the battlefield.
  • Want to wield the very power of the cosmos themselves.
  • Enjoy characters with a more philosophical bent.


If the Solarian is a master of melee combat, the Soldier is a master of combat, period. Heavily armored, proficient in every kind of weapon, and trained in the culmination of thousands of years of tactics, the Soldier’s skill in a fight is unparalleled. Not only do they have access to more combat options than nearly anyone else.

All Soldiers specialize in a combat style to specialize in (arcane assailant, armor storm, blitz, bombard, guard, hit-and-run, and sharpshoot), and can pick up a second fighting style at level 9. In addition, they can pick up gear boosts that increase the effectiveness of their equipment, representing the modifications they’ve made to their favored combat kits. It doesn’t matter if it’s magic or technology; if it can give a Soldier an edge in combat, they’re willing to give it a shot.

Of course, they wouldn’t be the main combatants of Starfinder if they didn’t have access to bonus Combat Feats. Unlike in Pathfinder, combat feats in Starfinder are far more streamlined (requiring at most one other feat and some BAB and ability score requirements to access). This allows Soldiers to gain access to advanced combat options quickly and easily; for instance, a second level soldier could gain Weapon Focus with every single weapon they are proficient in (which is to say, all of them) with only a two feat investment. And since Weapons in Starfinder are capable of a wide variety of effects (including creating beams, cones, and bursts that would make a Wizard jealous), a Soldier can prove to be one of the most versatile and effective combatants in the game. 

Play a Soldier if you…

  • Want to be a bad-ass power-armored space marine.
  • Want to be a melee combatant but don’t like all that weird cosmic stuff.
  • Want to modify your weapons and armor to fit your combat style.
  • Want to combine magic, technology, and martial prowess.
  • Want to be able to use almost any weapon you can pick up.
  • Want to have a jetpack. Anyone can have a jetpack, but you’re the best at jetpacks.
  • Want to take a variety of combat feats while still having slots left over.


In the Pact Worlds, Magic and Science are effectively the same thing; a fundamental set of rules that governs reality. While Mystics and Solarians focus on the esoteric connections between things, a Technomancer’s approach to magic is much more practical. Using a combination of the scientific method, advanced technology, and a bit of old-fashioned wizardry, Technomancers can hack into the very fabric of the universe to achieve a variety of effects. 

Unlike the Mystic (who is more focused on connections between nature and living things) a Technomancer’s spells are more focused on interfacing with technology, or fiddling with the laws of physics. They can conjure small technological devices, hit things with logic bombs, bend light to create illusions, and drop fireballs like no one’s business.

What makes the Technomancer unique is their approach to magic; by viewing it as a scientific force, they can break the rules of magic as they’ve been known in the universe since the days of ancient Golarion. They have access to a spell cache, which starts out as a way to bypass the need for a spell slot, and can eventually be used to keep certain spell effects running for 24 hours. They can also fuse lower level spell slots together to achieve higher level effects; the most powerful Technomancers can even fuse two of their 6th level spell slots to cast 9th Level spells like the fabled wish.

Technomancers also have access to Spell Hacks, special abilities focused on manipulating magic, technology, or both. Fueled by spell slots, these magic hacks can modify how your spells and equipment function. You can drain the battery from your weapon to power up a spell, modify how a spell functions, force technology to do things that shouldn’t even be possible, or even fabricate equipment from nothing. 

Play a Technomancer if you…

  • Want to play a dedicated spellcaster.
  • Like your magic with a healthy side of science.
  • Want to blend both magic and technology into a single discipline.
  • Are willing to mess with your class resources to achieve an optimal effect.

Reality is not something that you integrate into your personal view of things. Reality is life without your distorting stories, ideas, and beliefs. It is perfect unity free of all reference points, with nowhere to stand and nothing to grab hold of. It has never been spoken, never been written, never been imagined. It is not hidden, but in plain view. Cease to cherish opinions and it stands before your very eyes.

~ Adyashanti

Saturn in the 8th House - Death Drawn Carriage 

Saturn in the 8th house people are here to get very intimate and comfortable with life, death, ageing, rebirth, and transformation. The ego with Saturn in the 8th is unrelenting and attaches to the spirit with claws, refusing to relinquish itself without a fight. Resources from the underworld call from the hollows, promising salvation and wisdom. But there is tremendous fear associated with places that dwell below the ego, it leers that they will disappear completely or go mad or never truly return. It’s the same experience when they attempt to meditate or even experience orgasm, a moment in fleeting trance that is futilely restricted. The spiritual body feels trapped inside Saturn in the 8th. The individual may feel unworthy of esoteric guidance or peace. The ego is constantly repeating its depreciating chants, fearing its inevitable demise, strangle holding the spirit as its cruel captor. The individual can feel too worthless for redemption, possibly feeling as though they have been constructed to suffer through life. 

Saturn is the cosmic master. Wherever Saturn is placed in the natal chart signifies a department of life that requires lifelong commitment, awareness, work, and expertise. The individual with Saturn in the 8th is forced to master the continual process of ego death and rebirth, coming to understand both of the processes occur and exist. Death can be a phobia or obsession with Saturn in the 8th. The individual may fear the eternal blackness that is associated with death, the individual may fear being locked in a dark room and never waking up again. And it’s these sorts of unconscious fears that lock her spirit inside and inhibit it at moments of rapturous release. A Goddess resides inside waiting restlessly for her chance to rise from the physical body into the sky in a moment of orgasm, astral travel, enlightening, or intense physical bonding. These people can literally experience the peak orgasm, the peak experience of the conscious mind’s potential, the peak experience of mastering death so that life becomes pure light. It all depends on the individual’s ability to finally trust in the universe and it’s multiple, captivating experiences that happen on many veils of reality. There are intense battles fought on the borderline of consciousness with Saturn in the 8th. The fear of madness, of losing mind and soul, of never truly returning, of being mocked or left vulnerable interferes with the individual’s ability to unify and feel connected. 

Just letting go, that’s the mantra for Saturn in the 8th. But it’s not as easy as that. 8th house people already experience the assault of demons, dark forces, and volatile moods. The individual has been forced into survival mode from an early age, for her to show vulnerability or bare skin or bare soul exposes her to a world of threat from visible and invisible sources she would rather avoid. But it’s these experiences of sharing spirits with lovers and melting into another person’s physical form that gives her life substance and emotion and wisdom. In the act of truly sharing her spirit she elevates to a place. And it’s true sharing, that is, complete trust and heart and following and her lover into the bloom of intimacy without suspicion or trepidation. It may have been early experiences of violation that further exaggerate her lack of openness. She may have been betrayed when she participated in vulnerable sharing whether it be with her sexuality, her heart, her mind, her money, or her resources. Her survivalist nature put chains around her heart and threw it to the bottom of the unconscious ocean. It takes the strength to be vulnerable, to submit to something greater, to trust in the processes and spiritual experience. Eventually it resurfaces transformed and awakened. Once these people taste true divinity it shapes her reality and view of life. She can permanently enter the state of cosmic conscious bliss because Saturn represents longevity and concretisation. The spirit builds blocks for her in reality and she spends the rest of her awakened life climbing. This is the real possibility for Saturn in the 8th. It’s Hades waiting for her arrival on the Saturn mountain top, ready to award her with the abundant treasures that come with mastering life and death. And she did return to life, when all along she was worried about never fully returning. But oh she did, she returned with renewed fire, faith, and exposure to life that makes every experience grand, insightful, and flowing with spiritual silver and gold. Now imagine an elderly woman sitting in her bed at the end of her life. She is surrounded by precious photographs, memories of life, and complete contentedness. She is at peace with dying, she knows this story is concluding for now. She is fearless and ready, she has rehearsed this over and over again. This is Saturn in the 8th house.  


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Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion

This post is a breakdown of the essay “Polycentric Polytheism and the Philosophy of Religion” by Edward P. Butler. Butler’s writing is notoriously dense and therefore pretty inaccessible for most. However, I think his ideas are thought-provoking and therefore should be made into an accessible post for people to read and engage with. This post by necessity is a bit lengthy but I made sure to include short breakdown summaries for people. That way the ideas contained in this paper should be accessible to many people.

(It’s worth noting now that Butler comes at this with a very particular view of divintity that not all will agree with. So go into this aware of that perspective. However, I hope this will give people something to think about regardless of their beliefs surrounding divinity is.)

In the abstract to his paper, Butler states that he sets out to do the following: Using Neoplatonist* theory, he seeks to establish:

  • that focusing on one deity at a time is not indicative of monotheistic tendencies
  • give guidelines for non-reductive cross cultural comparisons
  • a foundation for a polytheistic philosophy of religion

In addition, while not stated in his abstract, Butler also discusses how syncretic practices preserve the uniqueness of gods, how gods can have overlapping functions, how contradicting myths do not create falsehoods, and lays out the beginning of an historical defense for creating one’s own ‘pantheon’ set up.

* - Neoplatonism is a school of thought from 3rd century Greece. It is hard to give a summary of beliefs but the center of it revolves around the derivation of the many from the One. The One is beyond being and is what makes reality. As such for Butler, the One is equivalent with the divine. From the One and the divine come reality and existence. Other relevant Neoplatonist terms will be discussed through the body of the paper as they arrive.

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unconditional Love

warning to you beautiful light beings. the chaos and destruction is going to rise. everything is being destroyed. but understand. this is because the new is here. it may look like chaos to us, but the new templates have been set up, and everything old must go.

there will be pain, anger, and hatred all around us. remember. this is all the old that must be reveiled and released.

don’t feed into the fear. don’t feed into the matrix. we are above it all. understand. your mission now is to Love.

send so much love and light to all areas of the world affected by these terror attacks by chaos and disaster.

don’t speak about old problems over and over again. instead discuss the solutions. talk about all the positive changes happening on this earth. all the love coming in.

your words are spells. everything you think and say is creating your reality. your words keep you in these bondages.

be unconditional love. send unconditional love. everything dark that comes up shed light on it and love it.

its time. the second coming. the antichrist. its us. christ consciousness is awake and aware on this earth now. do not look at this reality as if its separate from you. you are the destruction and you the love. you are the hell and you are the heaven. can you love that hell? knowing that it is one and the same part of the Unconditionally loving God.

the Duality is over. Heaven and Hell are one and the same. It’s all Heaven. You and me…. It’s All God.

“Words are the shadow of reality, a mere branch of reality. Since the shadow draws, how much more the reality!
Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words. If someone should see a hundred thousand miracles and divine blessings, still, without an inner connection to that saint or prophet who was the source of those miracles, all these phenomena would come to nothing. It is this inward element that draws and moves us.”  
 ~ Rumi

~ Motion graphic effects by George RedHawk

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Reflections on Beyonce’s Grammy Performance:

“It’s important to me to show images to my children that reflect their beauty so they can grow up in a world where they look in the mirror — first through their own families, as well as the news, the Super Bowl, the Olympics, the White House and the Grammys — and see themselves,” she said (Beyonce Grammys 2017).

Beyonce’s Grammy performance speaks to gennerational traumas, to womanhood, to mothers and those who give birth to us and who are then punished for the act of pushing us out of their wombs. Her performance speaks to the Divinity within Black bodies, coloured bodies, marginalized bodies that have been taught that God cannot exist within us.

I see those who say her speech was too long, her words self indulgent, her image overated? I ask then, have you really listened and received what she is saying?

Why is it so contreversial for God to exist in the body of a Black Woman? Why is it so contrversial for Black and Brown and Coloured bodies, on who’s very shoulders our societies have long stood on to be built but is overdue in recounciliation and recognition, to embody the Divinity of Motherhood? To speak to that Divinity? And that glorious celebration of that Divinity?

Beyonce, with all her privileges and under privileges is using this platform to tell her story, and through her story to speak to generational healing of those who have been abused and brutalized by the toxicity of colonial masculinity.

It was perfect to me, Divine, and speaks to the reality of Divinity within bodies that embody God within our blood, our sweat, our tears, our triumphs, our healing, the revolutionary reality of our very existence, in a society that would make us invisible. When we become invisible no more.

I see you. I see you. I see you. 🔥🍯💋❤🔥

#Beyonce #Crying #AllTheFeels

kairotic-sky  asked:

How to leave behind internal strife regarding my gender identity (without seeking to transition)? I know it's a specific question but I'd appreciate any advice you have on being at peace with yourself, etc.

My favorite Hindu deity is Ardhanarishvara, the god who is half woman. Half Shiva, half Shakti, Ardhanarishvara is the nondual embodiment of the divine in human form. 

All identity is a distraction from the divine reality that is your very existence. Whether that identity is derived from gender, religion, skin color, career, family, or whatever. Such identities only serve to put limits on your limitless nature. 

How we choose to express ourselves in this illusory world is solely up to us. We can express ourselves as male, female, gender-fluid, or neither. But all of those illusory expressions are just that: illusory expressions. They aren’t ultimately true or real but are limited to the body, which was born and will die. The Divine Soul has no gender.

There are two ways to discover this for yourself. The first way may be more relatable, which has to do with discovering the divine feminine and the divine masculine within you, and then uniting them. 

As embodied by Ardhanarishvara, there is both the goddess and god within us. Visualization, invocation, prayer, dance, ritual, art, and other similar evocative activities can help to put us in touch with these energies. Once you can get in touch with your inner feminine and inner masculine, you can actually unite them through internal sexual alchemy in which they are brought together in ecstatic orgasmic union. In this way, gender can be transcended without anything being suppressed. This is an aspect of Mahayana Buddhism but it can also be found in Hindu Tantra as well. 

The other way is through simple daily meditation. During meditation, everything eventually falls away. This includes body and mind. You get a sense of your existence without definitions, without male and female, without rich or poor, without happy or sad, and so on. The result is something that can only be described as a profound peace that is also blissful, similar to but not the same as deep sleep. 

I have always felt that our present society was way too gender focused, whether that has to do with enforcing gender norms or subverting them. I was often called feminine when I was younger because I liked things like tea, fruit, and yoga. I think it’s ridiculous to place gender identity on anything. 

Lots of problems arise from men suppressing their inner feminine energies and wreaking havoc in the world around them, women being out of touch with their inner masculine and seeking the wrong things outside themselves, and the weird results that arise from oppressing natural vibrations.

I don’t feel like a man or a woman. I feel like a yogi and I am at ease. I can manifest divinely masculine or feminine qualities when inspired to do so and yet I am attached to and defined by neither.

This body was born to die and it cannot be relied on for anything, let alone an identity. 

Just my two cents. 

Namaste. Much love. 


Pair: Nyx Ulric / Lunafreya Nox Fleuret

Words: 2896

Plot: Luna and Nyx didn’t fell in the Empire’s trap, Nyx didn’t had to use the ring and he survived. What would have happened if Nyx really had the chance to ‘see Luna safe to Altissia’, like he promised to Regis? Here the part 2: Nyx and Luna start their journey and arrive in Hammerhead.

Personal Comment: It starts getting more painful to write, but thank heaven I have loveiscosmicsin to help me out with my english <3 So here we are, Nyx and Luna start chatting a bit more, there’s sass (because sassy Nyx is damn hot ok) and some new characters, like Gentiana and Takka (let’s credit a bit more these characters lol). I took the chance to explain some things that Tabata never mentioned like: where the hell did Luna change her outfit? How did Luna travelled around Eos in shorter time than Noctis? (coming soon answers: where is the Luna’s necklace coming from? When how and why Luna went back to Tenabrae before going to Altissia? What about her health situation? etc etc)

The start of lunyx relationship will be slow, I want it to be natural, so no wonder if they still don’t act like lovers. Let’s make them go deep in the knowledge of each other, in the caring of each other, let’s make them growing in affection, friendship, respect, and sense of duty, etc etc before throwing them in an angsty romance xD Also, I hope I’ll treat Noctis right in this because he suffered enough in the canon already. Stay tuned, babes, updates are coming <3 be patient <3

The road was empty and the atmosphere was calm. Daylight started to spark in the distance as the sun came out. The dawn didn’t care about how many people died that night. The dawn didn’t care about Insomnia being lost.

“Don’t look at me as I change my clothes, understand?” Luna said, moving a bit in the backseat of the Tenebraen black car. Instinctively, Nyx glanced at the rearview mirror. “I said, don’t look!”

Nyx forced himself to keep his eyes straight on the road ahead and smiled sheeplishly, “Wasn’t that reverse psychology?”

She giggled a bit, even though she clearly was very tired: “No, it was not. Sir Ulric, please.” It’s that ‘please’ again. By the Stars, that girl knew how to manipulate him.

“All right, all right! Sorry. You know, I’m not really a maniac. It’s just very hard for me to follow orders. I instinctively do the opposite.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, please, Nyx Ulric, watch me taking my clothes off!” Nyx smiled widely, keeping his eyes on the road this time.

“You know, inverse psychology’s really working out for me.”

Luna took five minutes to change her tattered outfit with a clean one. This one was pretty cute and also a bit more comfortable.

“I knew that leaving a clothes changing in the car was a good idea.” She commented, adjusting a pin with the crest of Tenabrae on her white lace. She found a black band somewhere in the baggage and she decided to put it on her arm to remind her of the tragedies that took place last night. “Nyx Ulric?”

“You can stick to just Nyx.”

She tried again, uncertainty encircled one syllable. “Nyx?”


“I’m sorry that I dragged you in all this. You surely left family and friends in Insomnia. You would have preferred to stay with them, right?” Nyx bit his own lip.

“I’ll catch up with Libertus again someday, I’m sure he didn’t die. He may not be the brightest tool in the shed, but he can take care of himself.”

“That’s it? Libertus is all you have left in Insomnia?”

“Yeah, no family, remember?”

“Right, you told me about your little sister. So, no father, no mother?”

“They both died years ago, too.”

“No wife? Or girlfriend?” Luna’s tone changed when the Glaive grimaced. “Er, a lover?” Those are probabilities.

Nyx smiled. “Getting personal already, princess?”

“Oh sorry… I didn’t mean to be unprofessional, I was just…”

“Nah, it’s fine. Actually there’s nothing to tell about it. No wife. No girl. Life at the Kingsglaive department is pretty similar to a losers’ one.”

After the initial embarrassment for neglecting her manners, Luna relaxed a bit. “Don’t say that.” She smiled.

“What I mean is… It may sound weird but …” He stopped for a moment, looking for the best words to express his thinking. “If I got it right, by carrying that ring, you’re carrying the future of the world in your hands, princess. I’d be honored if I can support you even without my magic. If I can have a small part in all this then… I’m glad that I’m the one you dragged in with you.” He scratched his nose and added, “Also, King Regis asked me first, not you. I’m here because he told me to and I will do anything to pursue one man’s last wish.”

Luna stretched out a bit because she wanted to see his eyes. She wanted to make sure he wasn’t deceiving her. He had no reason to lie, but she needed the assurance. When she saw them in the rearview mirror, she sighed her relief, “You really are a hero, Sir Ulric.”

“Nyx.” He corrected her again.

“Nyx.” She smiled. “We will see the ring to Noctis. The future of all will be safe, I promise.” Nyx seriously nodded.

Suddenly, Luna winced and wide opened her eyes: “Nyx, watch out!” she screamed making him pushing on the brake. He lost control of the car for a moment and when he was able to use the wheel again he was out of the road already.

“What the hell, princess?” he shouted back, turning to see her getting out of the car as fast as possible: “Hey, what happened? Are you okay?” He followed her out, under the light of the lighting sun. Luna was stepping ahead to meet two beautiful dogs, one white and the other one black. She immediately kneeled down in front of them, making clear her intent. Nyx opened his mouth and his arms, in an hilarious expression of disbelief. “Dogs? We almost crashed the car and got ourselves killed because you wanted to pet some dogs?”

“They’re very special dogs. The white one is Pryna, the other is Umbra.”

“Oh, special dogs. This explains everything!” He quipped sarcastically, rolling eyes.

“Umbra has a message from Noctis.”

Nyx stopped, suddenly curious. “You mean … The prince?” He got closer, watching Luna as she took a red notebook from Umbra’s collar and brought the cover to her forehead. She seemed so happy to have that object back, treating it like a priceless relic. “You do this… often? These dogs just carry back messages you send each other?” Even if Nyx wanted to take it seriously, there was incredulity in his voice.

“It’s the only way Noctis and I could stay in touch. We did so in the last twelve years.”

“Twelve years?” He blurted out. This time he was totally shocked. “You two couldn’t talk in person for twelve years? I thought that…” Luna lifted her eyes, watching him with a strange expression which was a mix between sorrow, anger, and expectation. In the end, Nyx lost the words he really wanted to say and all he said out was something lame, “Sorry, I thought the marriage was something the two of you had a say in.”

Luna was about to reply something back when a woman appeared in front of them. She had long black hair, her eyes were closed, her outfit black as well. Even though a mysterious aura surrounded her pretty figure, Luna seemed to recognize her well. The Oracle simply rose to her feet and showed her the Ring of the Lucii she was carrying in the palm of her hand, like she was showing a long-yearned memento.

The mysterious lady nodded, silently continuing a conversation she and Luna probably had before: “The time has come and the Oracle’s fate sealed. The One is waiting for you to fulfill your duty.”

“I know and I will.”

“Much I can expect from you. The Six will adhere to the strength and purity of your heart. Awaken them from their dreamless stupor. Pave the way so the King of Kings may reclaim his throne and defeat the darkness once and for all.”

“That I will.” The woman suddenly opened her eyes, like she heard her name be called in the distance. She looked ahead but she wasn’t really looking, a faraway look in her emerald eyes, but gravity of their expression was heavy in her gaze.

“Is she blind?” Nyx asked in a whisper at Luna’s ear. He must had got closer in the meantime and since he didn’t understand a thing about the subject of their conversation, he was pretty determined to learn more with a sequence of irreverent questions.

“No, she’s not.”

“So she talks in her sleep?” The situation was too serious for her to start laughing. Luna really had to struggle to keep her self-control.

“The wolf will never take his eyes off the moon so fate could not have found a better loyal guardian than he.” The dark-haired woman casually added, before closing her eyes again and turn away. Lunafreya watched her go with a certain apprehension this time. She glanced at Nyx, put at unease by something said by the mysterious lady. Nyx returned the stare, even more curious now.

Luna couldn’t avoid an explanation this time. “She’s Gentiana and she is known by few people as a divine messenger. In reality, she’s one of the Six.” Nyx wide opened his mouth.

“I just stood in front of a goddess?” Luna nodded.

Nyx couldn’t believe it. He really had a lot of questions like. The Six really existed? Why were they sleeping and why that Gentiana was awake already? Lunafreya really had the ability of speaking with the Six? What were they talking about? How was he supposed to protect a woman which was exposed to such supernatural events he never dealt up with before? Suddenly he understood the real weight of what they were going to do and this made him thoughtful. When he couldn’t bare the stressful feeling of powerlessness anymore, he said, “This may be the right time to discuss the details of our mission, princess.”

Back again on the road, Luna took a little nap before they arrived in Hammerhead. She was exhausted after all what happened, so she couldn’t resist. Nyx kept glancing at her in the rearview mirror, watching over her like he was fearing some supernatural force could hurt her somehow out of a sudden. After their meeting with Gentiana, Luna explained him what they were going to do now: no going to Altissia to have a ball at her wedding, no, something far more dangerous. They were going to look for the divinity in their world, wake them up from their sleep so they would ‘probably’ helped the Chosen King Noctis Lucis Caelum to succeed in his duty. Easier said than done, but all this would actually have required time. The Astrals were tempermental beings and don’t bestow their blessings to humans easily. To make matters worse, the Empire was tracking them down. And they were alone against it. Nyx didn’t know if he was able to see the princess safe to Altissia like he promised to King Regis. Back at that time, he still had his magic. Now without supernatural powers, would he be able to protect Luna from supernatural dangers? He glanced at her once more. She was sleeping in the backseat of the car, looking like a golden angel. She seemed so vulnerable now. He knew she actually wasn’t (he remembered too well about her courage - or better said, unconsciously) but still in that very moment, she was. And he felt like he was ready to give his life to safeguard her graceful and strong fragility.

He finally saw a colorful sign, which reported Hammerhead location. He thought about going straight ahead, without any break, but honestly he was tired too and this place looked safe enough to offer them a bit of rest. He pulled over and parked the car as far as he can from the restaurant and the famous garage.

“Princess?” He gently moved her arm, rousing her awake. “We’re at Hammerhead.” She slowly opened her eyes, looking around like she had forgotten the basis of talking in that very moment.


“Yeah. You should get a proper bed for that beauty rest, don’t you think?”

“Is it safe?”

Nyx looked out of the window. “There’s not a huge crowd. You can stay in the car while I go exploring the area a bit, anyway. I can also buy some food if you want and over there we can rent a caravan.” She didn’t answer so Nyx turned to look at her. “You can relax. The caravan’s for you. I’ll sleep in the car.“

“No, this was not what I was thinking, it’s…” Yes, it was. This was exactly what she was thinking. She never shared her bedchambers with a man before.

Nyx decided to ignore her embarrassment and continued: “I only have few gil, but I’ll score some favors to earn more, I suppose. Stay here, I’ll do a perimeter search.” Nyx wasn’t comfortable with leaving her in the car but he didn’t have a choice. He took directly the restaurant direction, avoiding every possible stare. Surely his dilapidated kingsglaive outfit was drawing enough attention to him already, even without his jacket on. The guy on the counter introduced himself as Takka and highly recommended him the menu of the day. Nyx decided to follow his advice and spent all the few gil he had in his leather pants’ pockets for it.

“To go, thank you,” he specified and then waved at him to come closer. “Listen, I have a very special girl waiting for me in the car and I’d like to offer a proper bed for her to rest. Do you have a job which will allow me to pay for it?”

Takka took a long second to answer, in which he probably wondered what ‘special girl’ could mean. Nyx had specifically chosen that definition, leaving it up to free interpretation. If he was lucky enough, Takka would have assume his secret date was waiting for him, so he wouldn’t have asked any more information.

“Well, uh… Yeah, I could pay you 1500 gilif you kill off some nasty monsters around this area. They’re called Reapertails. You sure you’re up to the task?” Nyx smiled smugly.

“Reapertails? Really? For something so simple I won’t even need magic.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s fine. Consider the job it done.”

“I like your enthusiasm, son, but honestly, it will be dark in two hours. You shouldn’t stay out at night. Nobody shouldn’t.”

“So, I guess I will complete my mission… in two hours?”

Takka seemed to panic a bit.“You’re crazy. No, no. Okay, listen. You said you need a bed for your girl, right?”

“That’s not what I said, but whatever. What’s the point?”

“I’ll give you the caravan for tonight. You’ll pay me tomorrow.” He held up a hand, enunciating sternly of the condition that followed with the charity, “After you’ll finish the job.”

“And who guarantees you that tomorrow I’ll actually pay you?”

“You seem to be a man of honor, that’s the guarantee. Talking about trust here so don’t let me down. Anyway, I’d prefer to lose gil for an unpaid debt than to lose another human life to the daemons. I know the feeling, son. Please, don’t go out in the dark. So, here the keys for your girl.” Nyx took the keys Takka gave him and was about to thank him when Takka added: “So, do you know what happened to Insomnia?”

Nyx swallowed hard. “No, do you?”

“Nah, the communications have been interrupted, I’m still waiting for some news. Prince Noctis was here yesterday, but he seemed just having fun with his friends, he really didn’t look worried at all, I don’t know…”

Nyx was surprised by that.“Prince Noctis was here?”

“I shouldn’t have told ya, sorry…” Nyx wanted to ask more, to learn more, mostly because of curiosity, but even though Takka seemed pretty naive, he didn’t want to make him suspicious anyway.

“Well, well, royalty mingling with the commonfolk! Isn’t that nice? Maybe his princess is here somewhere too,” He kept his tone light-heartedlike a common citizen talking to his barman. “Whatever, who cares about royalty?” Okay, that last one was a bit exagerated, better to cut it off now. “Have a good night, Takka, and thanks. Tomorrow, I’ll bring you the Reapertails stingers.”

After that, Nyx ran to the car, tapping on the window and Luna quickly lowered it to talk with him. Nyx leaned in.

“Okay, princess. This is your meal, I bet you’re starving” He said as he handed her a very welcomed boxed lunch. “And these…” he added, showing her the keys with a smugly pride, “are for the caravan. So you can stretch your feet and make yourself comfortable while I’m on guard duty.”

“That’s surprising! How did you do it?”

Nyx smiled her.“You said that once: not all miracles are made by magic. I guess I made a good first impression. Also, I promised to take care of one job tomorrow. I’ll try to fit it into the schedule, don’t worry.”

Luna cautiously got out of the vehicle, she didn’t want people to see her now.

“Are you going to sleep in the car? Really?”

“What’s the alternative? Are you going to invite me in? Don’t worry, princess. This car is far better than the appartment I used to live in Insomnia.”

Luna smiled delicately, keeping the boxed lunch and keys close to her like they were special gifts. She should have say goodnight now, but she foolishly chose to prolong the moment somehow.

“Thank you so much, Nyx Ulric…” The Oracle shook her head, ridding herself of the habit.“Nyx.” The Glaive raised his eyebrows slightly, noting that she seemed to actually enjoy saying his name even when she had his full attention. “All this would have been very trying without you.”

Nyx bit his lower lip, suffocating a smile instead of correcting her. He always felt sort of uncomfortable when people used thank him. This time was nice though.

“That’s good to hear. Go to bed now and have some rest.” They glanced at each other for a very short moment and then Luna stepped away, headed to the caravan. She didn’t turn back as she entered.

Nyx watched her go, keeping his hands on his hips.

He chose not to tell her about Prince Noctis being there in Hammerhead just the day before and - as he sighed deeply - he started to wonder why.

Writers Creed Interview

…“I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.”…

This time at the writerscreed interviews we got the chance to talk to Diane (@rhapsodyinblue) and her charismatic nature and the similar urge to help the writers made it a totally worth it experience.

Wc: Rhapsodyinblue45, well how did you come up with that url.

D: I’m in love with the 1920s, an era of flappers, cigarettes, bootleg alcohol, and the Charleston. My picture on my blog is a woman with bobbed hair who looks like a flapper. A song from that era, featured in The Great Gatsby is “Rhapsody in Blue” by Gershwin.

Wc: Woah well that was a pretty calculative approach, even our url involved pretty intense thinking and discussion but it wasn’t that deep approach.

Wc: Moving on,so any nicknames or names you like to be called by?

D: Di or DD are a couple. I like being called Rhapsody here.My name is Diane though.😉

Wc: That’s a unique name.

D: DD initials of my name,Di after Lady Diana – though we look nothing alike.

Wc: Lady Diana, are we talking about the Princess of Wales here?

D: Yes!!

Wc: What got you into writing any events that lead you to weave magic with words?

D: I was very imaginative as a kid. I wrote stories for a pretend newspaper that my family was forced to read. In graduate school, I took a poetry workshop and loved it! I became addicted to poetry. I teach English and creative writing now, so I get to practice all the time. It’s my personal therapy, my creative outlet, my wonderful sanity now.I disappear within the words, feel their sounds on my skin. I love the imaginative world of poetry!

Wc: Wow that’s amazing, pretty awesome reasons, writing is all about creativity and therapy I guess, well for those who choose it.Well you’re astounding imagination is very well depicted in your writups.

Wc: If I may assume Kids or your students might love you as a teacher they do right?
You don’t seem strict, well if you are then just let this question pass by as you never read it, just kidding.

D: I hope it’s mutual. I adore listening and learning from them as well. We read and share our thoughts all the time. Hopefully, they find the writing space liberating, a place they can be entirely themselves and feel understood, respected.I can be, but that’s a different class. I am most strict with myself as I am still in school as a student too.💜, Grad school.Teaching is all I ever wanted to do, to help people develop into the selves they desire to be, to encourage them to live their richest lives.

Wc: Well that’s the best quality a teacher can have, that will, to develop mutual understanding and bonding and adding to it also providing them the independence to think, you could be the next most wanted teacher.
You sound like a pretty amazing teacher to me to be honest.
Oh a student in grad school too, you are turning out to be one of the most talented women I’ve come across.
Well that idea is pretty amazing and Noble, we all need more people like you
Talking to you might even lead to me questioning myself about “What the hell am I doing with my life ?” (Haha)

D: Thats very kind of you.I don’t want to have any regrets looking back on my life.Getting this degree was one of my life goals years ago.I like having time to talk to folks like this on Tumblr. We have so many immensely talented folks here.
I commend your team for what you have accomplished.Thank you for recognizing my voice when I was new here.

Wc: It’s been our pleasure, So what do you like writing about?
I’ve been through your write-ups and what I found that you cover most of the genres, revolving around powerfull message or romance and women and their elegance.

D: I love including nature in my poems – the ocean, moon, seasons. I usually try to pose a question in my poems that I hope to resolve by the end. Half the time, I go on the journey too, bumping along, unsure of what I will find.Themes would include celebration of females, encouraging anyone who feels uncelebrated, writing about storms, cats, emotional pain.Trying to pose, I do write about love a good bit of varied kinds

Wc: So you’re like Christopher Nolan(Director of Inception) of poetry unlike him you actually care about the endings.

D: I am open to whatever ending unfolds as long as it is satisfying. That’s the term I use.★★joke😅

Wc: Why do you like writing, what do you find fascinating about it?

D: I discover myself in the words, what I think about things. I divine my own secrets, anticipate the outcome in fiction before it becomes a reality. A divining stick supposedly leads a person to water. Poetry leads me back to my soul.
Poetry is like a song.The song we want the world to hear if they would take the time to listen, the song we must silence ourselves, even to sing.

Wc: Well that was a rhapsodic answer indeed, pretty deep but inspiring too. There’s definitely a link between words and our soul.
Yeah we agree with you on that, poetry indeed is a song yearning for people's​ attention but sometimes it’s more impactful when you least expect it to be.

D: Yes!! Agreed.
I would be lost without creative writing. Where could we escape when reality feels too intense, when our heart hurts? Writing allows us a chance to turn safely inward and channel pain into art and even fantasy.I don’t know people’s reactions to my write ups. I think they feel my words and how emotional they are to me as a writer, but like teaching, I just put it out there, stand on stage, share these thoughts. How they perceive them, I don’t truly know.That’s the truth. Can we ever know the truth of other’s perceptions of us, our own interpretations do get in the way isn’t it.

Wc: Yeah they do.
Symptoms of a true artist indeed, we and you share the same vision of uplifting writers it feels great that we are not alone in this, it’s really amazing how you think about your students and want provide them a platform where they can express their thoughts freely. We’ve said that before and we’ll say again it’s feels amazing to have people like you among us.

Wc: So any bizarre stories linked with your talent of writing or anything unusual that happened because of it?

D: You expressed my sentiments beautifully. I write poetry to express and connect and to share this love and passion for words with others. We definitely agree.
I don’t know if it is a talent, more than intuition for me. It has led me to some great people and wonderful connections. I really enjoy collaborating with folks when minds meld on an idea.

Wc: Any suggestion you’d like to embark so we can reform writerscreed and fix some of the missing loopholes?

D: Your team does a great job. Opportunities for collaborations amongst poets would be fun, and I would be open to it. Continue with writing prompts for challenges to improve writers.

Wc: Duly noted.
Any fun facts, perhaps a side of you that is less known about or something else ?

D: I’m an avid runner, believe in healthy eating as opposed to taking medicine, enjoy camping, and I studied abroad in England in college.

Wc: Well you are a really an awesome person,
So thats all we have, thank you very much for your time, we really enjoyed talking to you and we were here to interview you and ended up getting insipred instead.
It’s was an absolute pleasure talking to you.

D: I enjoyed our conversation immensely.This was a lot of fun. I look forward to reading your interviews with other writers as well.Thank you!!


Dear sisters and brothers, dear seekers of the ultimate Truth, I wish to give a talk on spirituality. As we all know, spirituality is a vast subject, and here, in an hour, I can never do justice to it. But let me at least make a beginning.

In spirituality we come to learn of two significant terms: ‘meditation’ and 'dedicated service.’ All of us here are fully aware of these two terms. Some of you may use the terms 'knowledge’ and 'work.’ Knowledge is the result of meditation. When we dive deep within, we see, we feel and we grow into the highest Knowledge. Work, when it is done in a divine spirit and for a divine purpose, is dedicated service. The combination of meditation and dedicated service makes a man perfect.

In this world, many are of the opinion that spirituality cannot offer a balanced life, but I wish to say that they are badly mistaken. It is spirituality alone that can offer us a real life, a balanced life, a practical life. Who is practical? He who knows the truth and who knows how to apply the truth in his daily life. A spiritual person is he who tries to know the truth today, to discover the truth tomorrow and to apply the truth the following day in all his multifarious activities. A spiritual person is someone who goes to the very root of the Truth, for he knows that if there is no root there cannot be any tree. And the root of the Truth is love. A spiritual person meditates not for his own sake alone; he meditates for all and sundry. He meditates for his dear ones, and he meditates for every human being on earth. His is a life of love and dedication.

Each individual has his own way of reaching the ultimate Truth. One may find it easier to reach the Truth through dedicated service, by loving God in each human being, by seeing and feeling the divinity in humanity. Another may want to dive deep within and first reach the Source, and then work on the earth-plane. Both are doing the right thing. But the person who does not aspire and does not want to aspire in any way — who is useless in society — is either a fool or a dead soul.

Each seeker should feel that it is his bounden duty to realise the Highest. But each seeker must know that God-realisation, the realisation of the ultimate Truth, need not and cannot be the sole monopoly of any one individual. Everyone is destined to reach the Highest. But there is a way that leads a seeker to his destination quite fast, and that is the way of the heart. If we empty the heart and welcome the eternal Guest, our eternal Beloved, He comes in and fulfils His own transcendental Reality in our day-to-day existence. The other way, the way of the mind, is lengthier and more difficult. But if we can silence the mind, then Peace, Light, Bliss and Power in infinite measure can enter into us also.

We are all seekers. In our inner life, our spiritual life, we have already travelled millions of miles. Although we may at times fall victims to our animal qualities and indulge in quarrelling, fighting and other negative and destructive actions, still we no longer cherish or appreciate the animal in us. We know that what we actually want from our lives is Peace, Light and Bliss. The animal in us has played its role, and now the human in us is playing its role. We are cherishing the hope that today’s human qualities will be transcended and transformed into divine Reality. When we meditate, we feel that this is no longer a hope, but a certainty. When we meditate deeply, profoundly, in the very depths of our heart, we feel that there is no such thing as impossibility. As we have transcended the animal kingdom, so also must we transcend our human weaknesses, imperfections, limitations and bondage.

In the Western world, meditation is not as common as prayer, but I wish to say that prayer and meditation are like two most intimate brothers. If we pray soulfully, we can get what meditation offers us. When we pray, we feel that something from within, from our very depths, from the inmost recesses of our heart, is climbing high, higher, highest. And we feel that somebody is there to listen to our prayer, or somebody is there to receive us at the pinnacle of our aspiration’s height. When we meditate soulfully, devotedly, in pindrop silence, we feel that a divine Guest is descending into our heart to guide us, to illumine us, to perfect us and to fulfil His own transcendental Reality within us. We feel that the Infinite is entering into the finite for their mutual fulfilment.

In this world there is a need for peace. This peace comes only from within, and we can bring it to the fore only through meditation. If we can meditate soulfully for ten minutes every day, we will energise our entire being with Peace. Peace houses light, bliss, fulfilment and satisfaction. We can have Peace not by possessing the world or leading the world, but by becoming a lover of the world.

Now when we become a lover of the world, we may commit a most deplorable mistake: we may expect something from the world in return for our love. We are ready to accept the limitations and imperfections of the world as our very own. But if in spite of our best efforts, our best intentions, our deepest love and compassion for the world, the world does not listen to us or does not offer us enough gratitude, at that time we make an inner demand on the world. At the beginning of our service, we demand everything from the world in return for our offering, our life of sacrifice. If we give something, we expect the same amount in return, if not more. Then there comes a time when we give as much as we have, we give to the utmost of our capacity, and we expect in return only an infinitesimal measure of what we have given. But even if we expect just an infinitesimal quantity of appreciation from the world, I wish to say that we are bound to be unhappy; we are bound to be wanting in peace. Let us give to the world unconditionally what we have and what we are: Love. The message of love we get only from our daily prayer and meditation. We know that love means oneness, inseparable oneness. And in oneness there is no expectation, no demand.

There are two ways to love. One way is to go first to the human love and then reach upward to the ultimate Love, the divine Love. The other way is to reach the divine Love first and then enter into and transform the human love. The divine Love always inspires us, guides us and moulds us into something immortal, which we can offer to humanity. The human love frustrates us, disappoints us, and finally constrains us to try to enter into the kingdom of divine Love.

We have to love life and also love truth. Truth and life can never be separated. When we try to separate truth and life we cannot make any progress. In our human love, frustration may loom large. But in the divine life, love is constantly building us and shaping us into the very image of God.

We have spoken about peace and love. If someone asks us to speak about peace, we will be able to speak most eloquently. But speech does not help us to establish the kingdom of peace on earth. It is our silent prayer and soulful meditation that can give us the peace of mind which our little world, our own personal world, badly needs, just as the entire outer world needs it. To begin at the beginning with ourselves is the only way we can eventually bring peace to the world. If I do not have peace myself, how can I offer peace to others? Impossible!

We have a body, which we regard as the only reality. When we satisfy the need of the body for earthly food, for nourishment, we feel that we have fulfilled our task. But in our inner life also we have someone to feed every day, and that is our soul, the divine being within us, the conscious representative of God on earth. Although we feed our body every day, somehow we fail to feed this divine child within us. Since we never do the first thing first, we remain unsatisfied here on earth. First we must go deep within, and then — from within — we must go without. The inner life must constantly embrace, guide and inspire the outer life. The outer life is eventually liberated by the inner life, which already has liberation in fullest measure.

The inner life and the outer life can and must run abreast. The inner life will constantly receive messages from above, messages of Infinity, Eternity and Immortality. Infinity, Eternity and Immortality are not vague terms. When one becomes an advanced seeker, he sees and feels infinite Peace, Light and Bliss within himself. One need not be a God-realised soul to have this experience. All of us have Peace, Light and Bliss in infinite measure in the very depths of our aspiring spiritual heart.

But right now the door of our heart is locked by ignorance. We have to open the door and dive deep within to go beyond ignorance to where our own Peace, Light and Truth reside.

We are God’s children, His chosen instruments. God abides within us as a constant Dream, and we live in God as His only reality. He lives in us as a Dream that will ultimately be transformed into reality; and we live in Him as a reality that will grow into His ever-ascending, ever-blossoming Dream. We are all seekers, and we are all in a boat. Our journey can never come to an end, for God, the eternal Pilot, is our Pilot, and we are in His Boat. He is the Boatman, He Himself is the Boat and He is the Golden Shore of the Beyond.

- Sri Chinmoy, Fifty Freedom-Boats to one Golden Shore, part 2

The Supernatural

The supernatural has been with me since I became aware. Since I’ve made memories. Before then, “something else” has always been there.

This is Reality. Mundane western society would have you believe that there’s no such thing as the supernatural. That there’s nothing that cannot be seen or proven by humans. We’re talking about the same humanity, right? That’s exactly so: the same humanity that was conceived via the supernatural. The species whom fights a supernatural reality, while denying it exists. Even while their corrupt leaders and those seeking to make them aware whisper or scream : This is not real life. This is not what it seems.

Our World is crumbling because it is not made of anything of substance. It’s built on misinformation, deceit, ignorance, and every other form of vice. Even if one were to seek the Truth in this world they will not have it until much more is revealed – probably by force. Because it is the masses, always, who decide the speed of progress.

So to those of you who deny Reality or divert yourselves and others: you are no longer prolonging the inevitable in this case. Why? Because civilization is collapsing faster every day and has been for centuries now.

To anyone else: get in touch with the Divine. Get rid of your biases. Seek the Truth of our reality and place on this Earth. Now is not the time for platitudes or giving to those who don’t deserve it. Now is a time of action, of being as earnestly just as possible.

Abstract theological ideas about God and divinity vary from culture to culture and from person to person. But common to all spiritual yearning is a desire to be bonded with the Cosmos or to a reality larger than oneself. In this way, ‘the sacred’ is not a theoretical idea, but an experience of being deeply connected with everything in the visible universe and all the forces that lie behind it. When we experience this vital sense of connectedness, life becomes engaging and meaningful. In a living cosmovision, humanity is bonded with the heavens and the living Earth–an embodiment of the starlight from which all things flow.

David Fideler, Restoring the Soul of the World: Our Living Bond with Nature’s Intelligence

The 7th century Arabs were socialised into being a people who were the best at expressing themselves in their native tongue. They would celebrate when a poet rose amongst them, and all they knew was poetry. They would start with poetry and end with poetry. The cultivation of poetic skills and linguistic mastery was everything for them. It was their oxygen and life-blood; they could not live or function without the perfection of their linguistic abilities. However, when the Qur'an was recited to them they lost their breath; they were dumbfounded, incapacitated, and stunned by the silence of their greatest experts. They could not produce anything like the Qur'anic discourse.
—  The Divine Reality