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gender and witchcraft ✨

some male/nonbinary/female witchcraft practitioners love to be called witches, but some others find themselves looking for other terms and that’s okay! don’t feel obligated to go by the term witch if you feel it does not suit you, but please never feel like you can’t go by witch either. gender does not restrain magick and your craft is unique to you, so you should not be restrained to one title.

⭐️ here’s some general names you can go by besides witch:
• wizard/wizardess
• mage
• sorcerer/sorceress
• magus
• enchanter
• magician
• spell caster
• warlock (beliefs on this range but the major belief is that this represents “oath breakers” and is often derogatory, but i still thought i would include it)

⭐️ terms more oriented towards a belief system or type of practice:
• elementalist/geomancer
• druid
• necromancer
• diviner
• healer
• almost anything with -mancer after it actually
• summoner
• conjurer
• occultist
• you can also google fancy terms for your favorite type of magic or make up one you like

• or anything that feels right to you whether it is more specific to your craft or just another general term!

never forget to do research on terms and find what you like most! regardless of your gender or lack of one, you are a perfectly valid witchcraft practitioner! ✨⭐️✨

Self Care Package: Pisces

1. We all have auric fields of protection, the same way our skin protects our bones and organs. But yours is dissoluble and leaky, and therefore any circulating psychic, emotional, and unseen undercurrents can be immediately soaked up. These emotional waves can be scary, uncontrollable, and intense, but you can’t fight them, the same way you know how to heal others comes through the torment of becoming intimate with their pain and suffering. You are a divine healer because you know the darkness so profoundly. Ride these emotional experiences like waves, they form and constantly break on the shore, and you can do the same, let the tide carry you away while you kick your feet up and float. Don’t be resistant or reactive, be responsive and mindful

2. It’s okay that you feel tired. Not only do you have your own emotional complexes and spiritual needs but also the pressure of other people’s unresolved anguish swirling in you. People are exhausting to you, you are sensitive, and the senses, noise, and madness in the world can turn to static for you. Daily life is naturally more exhaustive than it is for other people because you are so sensitive and susceptible. Take the time to sleep and regenerate your body. It’s awfully tired, there is so much universe contained in your body it could almost break at the seems. Let it rest

3. It is important for you to protect your vital forces and spiritual body. Your nature is naturally wise, kind, and inviting. Your healing and regenerative rays reveal themselves to darker types, and they can be attracted to your light. This can lead you vulnerable to betrayal, maltreatment, and becoming taken advantage of. They don’t seek you out because you are weak, they seek you out because you are strong and they want to extract this energy. Listen to your intuition about people, it’s okay to help those you feel have been broken, but you must be alert to those who will bring harm. It’s fine to say ‘no’ and ignore a cry for help if your intuition is steering you away


rp. @jessica_ahoufe
My mother always told me I was born a Queen. A mindset of a queen and a heart of a warrior. My crown is so heavy, yet I wear it as if it was a feather. Queens aren’t afraid to fail. Failure is another stepping stone to greatness. Queens are royal, strong, healers, divine and beautiful. Queens have the will to survive within our souls. Always remember to never give up and go for it . Now let me fix your crown QUEEN 👑 

We are black queens always remember that ✨

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Mediums, Psychics and Hyper Sensitives. How to live and not be overwhelmed!
Mediums, Psychics and Hyper Sensitives. How to live and not be overwhelmed.
I suspect there are few women who will not find a witch lurking somewhere within themselves if only they dig deep enough. but I think that a woman will also turn witch today for other reasons other than personal power. The deeply buried feminine in us whose concern is the unbroken connection of all growing things is in passionate revolt against the stultifying, life-destroying, anonymous machine of the civilisation we have built.
—  Irene Claremont de Castillejo 

the cosmology upon which the foundations of the western world rest evolved thousands of years ago. the great mother was unseated from her reign in favor of one male god residing outside of, or above, the earth. as the homage to the goddess of the earth ceased, men looked up to the heavens for succor. the male gods were of air and wind and thunder, all elements of the sky. gods no longer resided in the belly of the earth and in women, but in the heavens of men. women are still deeply connected at every intrapsychic level–in all prevailing cultural ideologies–with the earth. the fate of the earth, the fate of women, and the extant cosmology are inseparable. 

when the goddesses lived in the earth, the whole planet was worshipped as the manifestation of the divine. the rivers, the rocks, and especially humans were the inhabitants of a sacred place. all–what we call living and non-living alike–was alive and connected. all humans breathed the breath of the spirit and drank the waters of the spirit. in most tribal and early cultures, this was the prevalent system of belief. in the monotheistic religions of today, the earth, and indeed all that is physical, is either ignored, dominated, or transcended. honoring the earth is part of the old religions that must be reinterpreted to strengthen the new. the most relevant danger to the earth is adherence to a cosmology in which humanity is seen as alien from the concerns of the planet. 

from woman as healer 

evolutions of expressions

# 1 ~ aries ~ the dictator - ego centric and dominating. controls and refuses to acknowledge the needs and feelings of others, primitive, toddler-like
# 2 ~ the victorian ~ the champion, the pioneer, the winner, the triumphant discoverer, the valiant conqueror, can be reckless, combative, unrelenting
#3 ~ the defender - uses developed leadership skills to protect, ensure justice, and defend the innocent and vulnerable. inspires with vision

#1 ~ the glutton - identifies too closely with materials and money. no amount of zeros on the bank balance or possessions is enough
#2 ~ the investor - protects and preserves materials. eye for design and style. relishes. can be greedy/overly spendthrift/over indulgent.
#3 ~ the earth child - appreciates and beautifies the materials of the natural plain, lover of wine, woman, and song. creative vision. ensures organic resources. knows how and when to invest with finances

#1 ~ the gossip- uses the voice to spread rumors, vicious untruths, and words that will stir up drama.
#2 ~ the journalist ~ is the mercury messenger circulating the up to date information, the news anchor, and also the broadcasting or propaganda and unsourced fabrications, will write under direction
#3 ~ the academic ~ uses high intelligence to research, learn, and educate. dedicated to education, be through self or institution. the writer of the passion, whether it be tabloid or textbook

# 1 ~ the abandoned child - clings to people out of fear, reacts to situations with the screams of the exposed child, melancholic and reactive
# 2 ~ the martyr - expresses deep compassion and sympathy, the surrogate parent, dependent, may neglect own needs for other people, can feel victimised
# the source - is self sufficient and defines himself without heritage and family role, protective and powerful, tenacious, provides emotionally and physically, is the umbilical cord channel that connects loved ones to god through her, profound empathy 

# 1 ~ the cub - dependent, self absorbed, hysterical, attached to mother archetype, undeveloped, self conscious
# 2 ~ the lion - king of the jungle, predatory and protective, self regulating and self ruling, sustains loved ones, confident
# 3 ~ the sphinx - wise and advising, generous and proud, guardian of the young and creative visionary

# 1 ~ the critic - the inflamed eye that spot every blemish, consumed with order and hygiene, overly self conscious
# 2 ~ the servant - seeks to be of assistance to others. healing hands. identifies with perfectionism. hypochondriac and hysteria 
# 3~ the mastermind - fuses high level intelligence with rhythmic logic and crystal ideals. views imperfections as gold between the cracks. dedicated toward creating a perfect world for others

# the imitation - is distressed in solitude, requires other people to provide a sense of self, remains in destructive relationships, reflects others
#the lawyer - has awareness for every point of view and attempts to balance oppositions, can be chronically indecisive
# the judge - makes a decisive rule on every individual situation based on the precisely equal evaluation and analysis on what is fair, right, and equal. distributes everybody’s opinion and his own into a clear, moral and admirable standpoint

# 1 the scorpion ~ paranoid, self destructive, wrathful, and withdrawn. controlled by emotions and suspicions. controlling and power hungry, promiscuous, fanatical and pedantic
# 2 the eagle ~ has an empathy and intuitive psychological receptivity, identifies with darker impulses, justice seeking, fears loss of power and exposure, may dabble in black magick or darker sciences. can be the ‘hurt to heal’ expression like a surgeon who must make an incision to cure
# 3 the phoenix ~ the divine healer expressing the wisdom of water therapy and sorcery and medicines. ultra conscious of human suffering, uses occult power for good and holistic healing

#the glutton - gorges in excess, cannot control pleasure seeking ways, overly skeptical, believes own lies
#the philosopher - studies or summons interest in philosophical matters and travel, mental, spiritual, and physical. maybe too sterile with opening up himself to accept the beliefs of what he truly knows and studies
#the guru - distributes the highest wisdom of sagittarius… the quest for divine intimacy, mysticism, symbolism, theology, spiritual law, on pilgrimage, through book, or academics

#the tyrant - power hungry without remorse, wants to ascend up the ladder at any cost, chooses work over recreation, family, and values
#the laborer - dedicated and steady, hardworking and humbly ambitious, works on behalf of himself and others will ascend at his own pace. may be consumed by work
#the architect - has exhausted physical and mental talents and ascended toward his profound dreams. wants to establish a better, systemized world co-relating with the esoteric, is the provider, as a parent with his own child or acts as guardian of society and institution

#the rebel - deliberately acts to shock people, expresses individuality at the risk of professional or social reputation
#the activist - battles on behalf of causes that relate to their interests and passions, is very outspoken and effective, may partake in protest chaos for the sheer fun of it, can take on radical ideas
#the mother of humanity - the protector of all forms, from child to every animal, the one who fights on behalf of something bigger, the one who identifies with being one with everything. to guard the rainforest is to guard a part of themselves

#1 ~ the addict - lost in his need for escapism and salvation. cannot control the need to lose himself in toxins, alcohols, drugs, medications, sex, daydream, cinema, lies and deceives
#2 ~ the mystic ~ experiments/dabbles with different belief systems, conjures occult knowledge for good or evil, understands mysticism, may be melancholic or despondent, can be impressionable
#3 ~ the spirit guide - transports people on spiritual journeys, is equipped with mystical knowledge and power, uses intuition and forces of enchantment for good, distributes divine wisdom, is compassionate to all beings, feels at one with god

i was just playing around with some ideas, i intend to reflect more on this and extend it going into more detail. astrology is a lot of fun :)


anonymous asked:

do you have any tips for a christian struggling with clinical depression/ major depressive disorder? i want to die almost constantly lol

I think it’s so important to talk to someone, more than a friend or colleague but a trained counselor, pastor or something of the sort. Especially when you’re dealing with clinical depression, saying you should just “trust God” doesn’t really get to the root of the problem. From my basic understanding, clinical depression usually involves a chemical imbalance in the brain, which is why going to trained professionals and doctors is the best first step anyone can make. Obviously it would help a lot to trust God and be in Christian community, but I think when dealing with a clinical mental health disorder, there’s a lot more that needs to be done in order to heal. Ultimately, God is the divine physician and greatest healer, so keep praying and seeking him. Use the resources provided to you by Him (doctors, counselors, medicine, etc) as He leads you. Your life is worth living and things always get better. It’s so hard to see now what God is doing but one day you will look back and be so glad that you chose to live. God has so much in store for you.

The physician does not come to the sick man and say, “You fool! How did you get this way?” He does not berate the sufferer for lacking strength. Even the person who has willingly brought harm upon himself finds in the physician an ally, a true helper, one who offers care and hospitality — not an accuser or judge. The physician — at the least the virtuous one — does not shame the ill, the hurting, the broken, the diseased, even when poor habits of living or risky choices have precipitated their decline. This is because his mind is fixed elsewhere, on envisioning, somewhere beyond, behind, and beneath his patients’ present infirmities, the wholeness and health that could replace them. Instead of fatalism or apathy, he exercises hope. He looks backward only for the sake of moving forward. He is compassionate. He takes a stand for the transcendent value of human life. He fights for it wherever he sees it threatened.

And so it is with Christ, our divine Healer. He seeks our good. He seeks our renovation and repair. While not ignoring the causes of our troubles, his labors are restorative, not punitive. He wields a scalpel, not a sword. He knows our histories, he sees our wounds, but in his able, healing hands these are not determinative or predictive of our fate. His interventions go deep; they recast futures. He sees in us possibility, redeemable substance, souls still fit for long-lost paradises.

A factor that demystifies Igbo folk religions (and in extension other west African ones), is understanding the differences between the categories of ritual practice a. veneration / divination – omenala b. sorcery – juju in Pidgin English, from French joujou, ‘toy’ or ‘plaything’, c. healing. These categories overlap, but are different. In Igbo, juju is nshi, ‘sorcery’, which is also ‘poison’; healing (including lucky charms, etc) is ogwu ‘medicine’, ogwu can overlap with sorcery because it refers to material objects from plants to charms.

Those who have volunteered for the battle of good over evil (missionaries) did not understand or care about these differences, and for the most part they’ve successfully distorted these differences to the point where some people who practice folk religions have to be apologetic about it at best because it’s all seen as ‘juju’. You don’t use omenala maliciously (relative to what is moral at the time), omenala translates loosely as ‘what’s done in the country/community, or, what is done in the domain of the Earth Mother, Ala’ (the keeper of morality), these are practices that sustain the community, like ancestral veneration and divination, fertility to interpreting a deity’s temperament. Confusing omenala, nshi, and ogwu led to the vilification of the whole belief system by suggesting that practices like ogwu ego (money rituals by human / major sacrifices) represent the core and necessary practices of the religions.

An analogy for these practices would be the use of drugs in modern medicine either appropriately or abusively without making medicinal practices necessarily unethical, more crudely the utility of a knife as a crucial item of early technology and agriculture, or warfare. Duality and the spaces between it is not only acknowledged, but is also sacred; an authoritarian view doesn’t allow space for diversity in the path and utility of spirituality, practices are either ‘evil’ in whole or ‘good’ inherently. In folk beliefs there is no final Judgment Day when God will descend from heaven and smite the devil [and evil] for good, good and evil are permanent and always relative. Folk belief is neutral in that it doesn’t have a doctrine hammering in one perspective, just as natural forces inhabit the universe, the person makes a choice of what to do with the forces, but whatever energy is focused on is what will be attracted.

Onye omenala [Folk religion practitioner]: somebody who venerates their ancestors / deities and worships the higher power.
‘Juju’ practitioner: somebody who seeks to manipulate the world for a goal.
Dibia / diviner / healer: a (chosen) mediator between worlds.

@satsekhem my issue with the Kemetic sphere is that i’m…not as good as i should be with AE history lol, especially Pharaonic history. there are a few Pharaohs that would be interesting to add in, but i definitely need to do more research this summer that i just haven’t had a chance to do.

Amenhotep son of Hapu would be a great addition, since i have a theme of divinized healers already going! :D

Labradorite (Spectrolite) “Lore of the Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary, shimmering in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms. It is, in every sense, a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. 

The Wiccan’s Glossary

Scorpio | The Alchemist, The Phoenix, The Eagle, and The Scorpion.

The people around us are mirrors into our souls. The things we disdain in others we have made inappropriate within ourselves, the things we worship in others we subconsciously wish for others to love within ourselves, the things we’re afraid of in others is a reflection of what we are hiding from within ourselves. Scorpios are the most powerful out of all the signs in the sense that they are the alchemists, they are the transmuters, the Phoenix’s of the zodiac. You cannot kill a Scorpio because they have perfected the art of the ego death. Which can be a frightening thought since to kill something is to escape it if it means harm to you. You are rendered defenseless and vulnerable in the presence of a Scorpio.

“Scorpio: Evolutions of Expressions

#1 the scorpion ~ paranoid, self destructive, wrathful, and withdrawn. controlled by emotions and suspicions. controlling and power hungry, promiscuous, fanatical and pedantic
#2 the eagle ~ has an empathy and intuitive psychological receptivity, identifies with darker impulses, justice seeking, fears loss of power and exposure, may dabble in black magick or darker sciences. can be the ‘hurt to heal’ expression like a surgeon who must make an incision to cure
#3 the phoenix ~ the divine healer expressing the wisdom of water therapy and sorcery and medicines. ultra conscious of human suffering, uses occult power for good and holistic healing”

— Cherry (

Within every facet in this universe is a duality. Like a coin there is two sides… like Yin & Yang we have both the capacity for great love as well as great fear. Contrary to popular belief the opposite of love is not hate nor is it indifference. The contrasting force of love is fear because hate is but a product of fear along with indifference. Each sign has it’s duality and it’s own evolution which is expressed throughout one’s life. Each placement within the chart has an evolution as well so it’s not just one’s Sun sign.

“When a Water Sign has been wounded, they can be amongst the most destructive of psychic vampires. The intuition that comes with knowing how to heal people, is equally as skilled at destroying them.”
— Cherry (

We’re all in a state of fear within this world… we’re constantly bombarded by looming debt, the media screaming “terrorism”, society saying “you’re not good enough"… we are bombarded by fear mongering propaganda.  And we are cadged but long for freedom and within this cadge we are afraid the only escape is death itself. Our ego’s are afraid of death and will cling onto anything in hopes of avoiding death… we will even cling onto the very thing that is ailing us in the first place if it means survival.

“If death was our final experience, the zodiac would end at Scorpio.”
— Cherry (

So of course the most intense zodiac sign is going to become the most feared because they were gifted the greatest ability, the ability of rebirth but also on the other side of the coin is the ability for complete destruction and inhalation. The ego is afraid of death. It clings onto life like a parasite when it is afraid. Scorpio shows us the darkest aspects within ourselves with great clarity. That’s absolutely terrifying if you don’t like what you see in the mirror. But it is also absolutely necessary for the evolution of our species as a collective.

We all are alchemists. We all have a little bit of Scorpio within us no matter how small we are affected by this energy… as little human gods/goddesses we are capable of birthing such beauty into the world just the same as we are capable of such ugliness. With this power comes great responsibility. Scorpio is gifted the greatest gift of the zodiac in my opinion… to die within one’s life over and over again; to be re-birthed anew whenever one pleases. To be able to make lead into gold… to make the blood of the fallen into the blood of the divine feminine giving birth. They hold within them the power of death and rebirth, so instead of dying a physical death to start fresh they are gifted that ability within this life. Without this we cannot grow, we cannot evolve. But if fear consumes them they can also be cadged within their need for control… this is a byproduct of fear that comes with not feeling in control of one’s own life, of one’s own path, of one’s own magic. So they overcompensate by trying to control others through manipulation, seduction, destruction, and wrathful revenge. Other symptoms include: paranoia, jealousy, suspiciousness, withdrawn emotions, self-destructive behavior… etc.

To take back control of one’s dreams, power, and mind will set the Scorpio within us free from our imprisonment. It’s easier said than done of course… for example my North Node is in Scorpio in the 8th house. Which I’ve read (and experienced) is the hardest placement for the North Node to be placed in; my life is a constant death and rebirth cycle… a never ending ego torture chamber within the bowels of purgatory lol. But I was gifted with the strength to overcome these immense obstacles, the same as the rest of my fellow Scorpion-touched/stung souls. We all have that power within us, some more potent than others but nonetheless no one is exempt from this gift. You don’t have to believe in astrology to know this to be true.


Lore of the Inuit peoples claim Labradorite fell from the frozen fire of the Aurora Borealis, an ordinary stone that transforms to the extraordinary, shimmering in a mystical light that separates the waking world from unseen realms. It is, in every sense, a Stone of Magic, a crystal of shamans, diviners, healers, and all who travel and embrace the universe seeking knowledge and guidance. For self-discovery, it is excellent for awakening one’s own awareness of inner spirit, intuition and psychic abilities.

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pukwudgie|wampus|thunderbird|horned serpent




wand type:

prefect|head boy/girl|quidditch captain


gobstones|quidditch|slug club

charms|transfiguration|care of magical creatures|astronomy|defense against the dark arts|history of magic|divination|flying|potions

auror|professor|healer|herbologist|zoologist|minister of magic|shop keeper

Neptune is the taste of syrup that is ultimately poison, because its just sugar and thats diabetes, Mercury is giggling as he tricks us, you know, ‘what did you say!?’
But Neptune makes me think of a beautiful woman singing a sweet song of seduction, with the most exquisite voice, luring people toward her, like a magnet, you just want to follow this magnificent music, and you find her, you touch her, and she turns into an old witch
And things like substances, illusions, daydreams, fantasies, the delusion of cinema are sickly sweet like this, drugs give you a false perception, it gives you the ‘feeling’ of Neptune, but your subconscious wants something deeper, it gives you the feeling of Neptune because you are holding hands with eternity again but it is still hollow… so you want more drugs or more flashing lights
But Neptune is not all malefic, she is not just an old witch. She is a divine healer. A saint. A redeemer. Like the sign she rules Pisces, she is dual natured,
you can meet her in meditation, the moment between awake and asleep, the feeling of having an angel scoop you up in their arms and save you, you can express her healing honey when acknowledging the collective and becoming aware with compassion, Neptune is the oversoul

Paladins vs. Clerics

What is the difference?  To folks outside the sacred enclaves, it seems trivial: both are concerned with the divine, both are competent healers, both may resort to martial force in the service of their cause.  In truth, there is no Cleric whose past could not also have been the path of the Paladin.  Neither is more prone to tragedy or victory, neither is more faithful or zealous than the other, and neither is more brave or devout.

The primary difference is what holds their attention after their focus leaves the heavens.  What do they look towards once the object of their devotion has sent them out into the world?  What motivates them besides their faith?

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