the diva has arrived

bang-tan-me-bts  asked:

Unnieeee! I love your account even though I'm a new follower. Okay well I want an exo reaction of them meeting their girlfriend's scary dad. Anyways thank you and a big kiss to you!!! :*

bang-tan-me-bts I made something close to that already but I’ll try to make something with this!


Baekhyun; He gets scared at every move your dad makes

Chanyeol; He wants to talk but he doesn’t dare to

Chen; Funky Chenchen has no fear

D.O.; What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? What do I do?

Kai; You forgot to mention your dad was a former wrestler

Kris; Tries to give a good first impression and acts cool and mysterious

Lay; He doesn’t know what to say so he chooses to stay quiet

Luhan; Cutely listen to everything you dad says even though he’s bored

Sehun; What if he doesn’t like me? But he has to like me! Should I use aegyo? *thinking thinking*

Suho; He too scary abort mission abort mission!!!

Tao; Your dad collects bugs

Xiumin; Fearless diva!min has arrived


I hope you enjoyed it! xD Xiumin’s was so random I’m sorry x’D

Your eyes are not fooling you.

The fiercest diva in all of New York City has finally decided to arrive on the Tumblr scene. Before y'all start asking about where I’ve been and what I’ve been doing, let me just give you two words: My album. This diva has been busy as hell working on this album so we can get it closer to release and it’s almost there. Just got a bit more to do before it’s ready. But- I figured that you all missed me, so here I am.