the disturber

also Evie is at her literal Most Vicious Scary Child Mauling when she’s sleeping

by which I mean if she’s snuggling with me and hardcore cuddled and sleeping, if I move my legs or shift her at all, she gives me this groany growl in protest at having her beauty sleep potentially disturbed even slightly

such fuss, very spoiled, what a high maintenance creature, I’mma get mauled

Okay, so from that last slip about the hoodie… It seems like OT in enforcing the stunt tried to co-opt Louis’s messaging with his clothing, which we have relied on so much the last couple years. But Louis ruined the shared clothing angle and maintained his own messaging by picking a variation of the hoodie that continued with his usual motifs (death and destruction, skeletons) and he subverted their attempt to pull the strings on one of his very few ways of expressing himself.

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So,the ut,uf,us,sf brothers react to first of the year by skrillex?Bonus what do they think of the music video?


Not his jam. He’s pretty open to music genres and stuff but he finds things like this too noisy. If we’re talking about electronic music, he likes the quieter more melodic things like Avicii or Daft Punk. He’s really squicked by the music video. Little kids with terrifyingly powerful magic? lol no thanks one is enough.


He actually really likes Skrillex. Skrillex and other hard dubstep are his go to music for working out. First Of The Year isn’t his fav from Skrillex though. He likes Bangarang most. He’s wowed by the music video, especially the justice of the bad man getting what he got and the little girl’s implied vigilantism. He thinks it’s heroic.


He doesn’t mind the music. But he’s always been a traditional drums-guitar-bass kind of guy in his tunes. He’s very disturbed by the beginning of the music video, afraid that themes will take a pedophilic turn. When the guy gets rekt, he actually starts laughing.


He thinks the music is noisy garbage and tells everyone so. He refuses to even watch the music video. This guy likes punk rock instrumentals and only that. Here’s an example of something he’d like. (Click it you won’t regret I promise. This is also my hc for his theme music hehe)


He’s pretty neutral about the song, but leans towards dislike. He doesn’t hate it, but if it came on the radio while he was surfing stations, he would probably just skip over it. He really dislikes the video. Implied pedophilia? Child violence? Implied sociopathic murder sprees? No thanks.


It’s his guilty pleasure. He won’t blast the song but he’ll put it on his playlists and turn the volume up to max when he’s wearing headphones. He doesn’t really care about the music video. People film weird things, he’s explored strange parts of the internet to already know. As long as the music is good he doesn’t care.


It’s his absolute jam. He’ll turn it up in the car, chilling at home, when he randomly thinks about it, when he’s training, etc. He loves the fact that the protagonist of the music video is a seemingly innocent little girl who BOOM turns out to be a vigilante mastermind serial killer. He just wishes the video didn’t feature so many derps.


The song itself is not his thing. But he can appreciate the cinematography of the video. The plot itself is simple and he wishes it could be more in depth. But he appreciates and respects the effort put into the production of the video, especially with all the special effects. 

Yo, so, I’ve noticed some strictly SFW blogs I follow have ended up with very detailed porn posts and I am 100% sure that it is not their doing.

If you see any porn pop up on my dash AT ALL LET ME KNOW RIGHT AWAY.

Seriously this isn’t funny if somehow Tumblr is letting this happen.

Just send me a message with “hey there’s this post you made with pornography in it did you post that??” and the answer will be a firm NO. followed by me trying to find out what the fuck happened and where it came from.



On 4 April, 2009, an 11-year-old boy and his 10-year-old brother led two boys, one who was 11-years-old and the other who was 9-years-old, to a steam in Edlington, South Yorkshire. The two boys claimed they wanted to show the other two boys some toads. When they arrived at the decided location, the brothers unleashed unimaginable torture on the two youngsters.

They were bitten, battered with bricks, stabbed with sharpened branches, strangled with barbed wire, forced to walk on and eat glass, and burnt. In addition, the young boys were forced to carry out sexual acts on one another. The sadistic brothers even stubbed out lit cigarettes in their open wounds and poked sticks into their sores. A discarded sink was dropped onto the older boy’s head while the duo stamped on the young boys genitals and burnt their eyelids and ears.

When they became too “tired” to carry on with the vicious attack, they left them to die in the stream. Miraculously, the 9-year-old managed to pull himself up and crawl to help. His 11-year-old friend said: “I can’t see and I can’t move my body. You go, and I’ll just die here,” but when the 9-year-old found help, the first thing he told them was to go and save his friend. Both young boys survived but with physical and psychological scars that will last a lifetime. The man who found the younger boy, caked in blood, said “his neck had been sliced open from ear to ear. Lord knows what with.“

“The Torture Brothers” as they became known filmed the entire ordeal on their mobile phones, which was entered as evidence during their trial. They were sentenced to an indeterminate period in custody with a minimum of five years, and in December of 2016, they were granted lifelong anonymity. They have since been released.


In July of 2016, an Illinois couple set up a camera in their home after belongings seemed to disappear, seemingly into thin air. When they reviewed the footage, they discovered this blood-curdling scene - an intruder appeared to be lurking about on the top floor. The couple were asleep on the sofa while the man stood above them for 15 whole minutes. They said they had left the balcony unlocked, which is presumably where he entered from. The intruder was never caught.

Some people: Killing Stalking is bad, it depicts an unhealthy relationship and even if it’s fiction you shouldn’t read it.

Other people: Killing Stalking is just a psychological thriller like many others, you don’t have to polemize over it that much

Killing Stalking:


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Also me (after recovering): I’m here for the heart attacks, man.