the distribution

Thank you to all those people marching for equality today.

B.A.P - Skydive line distribution (192 seconds of vocal time - may overlap eg adlibs, duets etc)

Yongguk: 31 seconds

Himchan: 30 seconds

Daehyun: 31 seconds

Youngjae: 43 seconds

Jongup: 33 seconds

Zelo: 24 seconds

on loving sharks

Chris can’t remember not loving sharks. His parents aren’t totally certain where his first stuffed shark came from—none of his relatives remember buying it, and his parents, being graduate students with a newborn, weren’t exactly getting enough sleep to make clear memories at the time—but Sharkie is in all his baby pictures, and his grandparents (who were getting enough sleep) claim she was his favorite from the beginning. She remained his favorite for a long time, even as he acquired books about sharks, and nature videos about sharks, and what seemed to his parents like half a million shark toys. 

If he’s being completely honest, Chris doesn’t really remember becoming a Sharks fan, either, but he does know the story.  Shortly after he’d turned three, the Graduate Parents of Samwell had rented out Faber for the afternoon for an end-of-semester parent-and-toddler skating session. Pretty much all of the grad student parents who’d finished their grading (and a few who hadn’t, quite) were there, and Chris’s parents took the opportunity to invite several of them to a (somewhat belated) party in honor of Chris’s third birthday.  A Canadian PhD candidate in mathematics (who had two kids and looked like he hadn’t slept in a month) asked Chris’s mom what kind of stuff Chris liked these days. She’d tried to tell him not to bother getting a present, but the mathematician had insisted, and Chris’s mom eventually said something along the lines of “well, he’s really into sharks…” 

Two weeks later, half the Graduate Parents of Samwell (along with associated spouses and children) showed up to Chris’s birthday party bearing gifts of San José Sharks merchandise.   

A couple of months after that, the same mathematician friend invited all three Chows over for a grading-and-babysitting party, and put on a hockey game for background noise.  Chris was, according to his parents, utterly enthralled by all the people skating around the TV screen “wearing my Sharkie shirt!” And that was that. 

Falling in love with playing hockey, however, is something Chris remembers very well indeed. 

oh my god

okay so I asked for Ladybug DVD volumes 2 and 3 for Christmas, knowing that vol3 was only available for pre-order at the time. Today it came in the mail and I was stoked bc this one has the origins and also supporting the show and whatnot. So it’s here and I love it.

On the box packaging is this sticker and as I read it I go “huh, what’s a door hanger?” thinking it’s a mini poster or something with some string or whatever to hang on a nail or hook on your door like a room sign or letter like cool that’s awesome, was not expecting a free poster hooray.

I open the DVD case and folded in half just sitting on top of the disc, not even in the tab things in the case front, is thIS THING LIKE WHAT YOU HANG ON A HOTEL DOOR TO TELL THE STAFF IF YOU’RE IN THERE OR NOT


okay whatever not hanging that on my FREAKING DOOR but still cute

and then I got to thinking. wait a second. don’t these things always have some sort of “leave me alone” saying on one side?? and if for whatever reason this side has nothing written on it then…


the moral of the story is support the shows you like and sometimes you get fun surprises like this bc marketing is always looking for the next hip new thing

like door hangers

Hypovolemic shock = not enough blood volume to maintain blood pressure
Cardiogenic shock = heart is too weak to maintain cardiac output; often occurs after a heart attack, heart can’t pump strongly enough
Obstructive shock = a blockage somewhere prevents blood from circulating
Distributive shock = blood vessels leak or dilate too much to maintain blood pressure; systemic shock, all vessels are dilated