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It’s official CALL ME BY YOUR NAME is out in the US. Wonder if Timmy and Armie will surprise people at theatres like some actors do when their film comes out.

Well, tomorrow (the 24th) it will be available in select theaters in NYC and LA. Unfortunately it’s not a general release (as I used to think it was….. I live in another part of NY and I can’t see it until around New Years rip)


This is one of the things I miss most about watching her play. And one of the most important yet underrated aspects of her game - her ability to command. Often times you could hear Hope shouting commands as soon as the opponent crossed the halfway line. Always ready, always focused. And I always found being able to hear her voice on the pitch from on-field mics so fascinating. Part of her psyche, the methods behind her technique; much like her notes on PK takers. Her ability to communicate effectively, command her line (and thus earn the trust of her defenders), and organize her players into positions that result in fewer opportunities in front of goal has lead to fewer saves and more shutouts throughout her career. The opposite of what most people think of when they think of this position, but an excellent goalkeeper is the one who doesn’t have to face the ball for the better part of 90 minutes.


Christopher Walken and The Brain discuss physics  

I stumbled upon this snippet from ‘Pinky and the Brain‘  while researching about Fermi-dirac distributions and still can’t believe this is a cartoon for kids!

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I agree that Fury Road is rad, but respectful and already established equality between the male and female leads isn't the same as "smashing the patriarchy" and all that bull. They're just 2 characters who happen to be the opposite genders and have a inherent mutual respect for each other's equality. As it should be really.

…furiosa murders the literal embodiment of the white male patriarchy - rips his face off, and then she and six other women + the milking mothers seize control of the citadel and are welcomed as the new rulers by the general population, who cheer them for overthrowing the dictator who’d enslaved them, brainwashed their sons and withheld resources to keep them under his control. I’d consider that smashing the patriarchy.