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How close have the Royalty ever come to (finding out about) EU?

They haven’t, thus far. The relationship between the Royalty and the soft spots of our world is similar to something huge and predatory in the abyssopelagic zone of the ocean where light cannot reach, and tidal pools. Both are technically still the ocean, but so distant that one has no bearing on the other. Even if the Royalty were informed somehow about the University, it’s unlikely they would care much at this point in time.

This is our promise to each other. One day. One day we will be together, one day there will be no miles between us, one day I will hold her in my arms and I will never let go. These two words mean the world to me. They hold a thousand different meanings.

Thicker Than Water

Alternatively title “That One Weird Uncle.”
Admin Ammy here, presenting a nifty little one-shot for my pirate AU. :D Would also like to note that this was also me practicing with characters I haven’t written much so I’d appreciate constructive criticism plz and thanks.
Trigger Warnings
: Um… none that I’m aware of?
Characters: Allen Walker, Neah D. Campbell (© Katsura Hoshino)
Summary: Allen was sure of only one thing now: the pirate Neah D. Campbell was strange.

There were certain benefits to being part of the Black Order.

Officers from the Black Order were afforded certain privileges, such as the right to board any ship without prior approval (as long as they were dressed in proper uniform while boarding) or easy access to certain information that other naval officers were not privy to.

But tonight, Allen Walker was mostly happy about the private quarters he got when he was sent on assignment aboard a regular naval ship.

Somehow—and he suspected his tan-coated handlers for this slip—word had spread to the crew that he was under investigation by the Order.

They hadn’t said anything to him directly, but he wasn’t oblivious, nor were they subtle. They had whispered as he passed, uttering ‘pirate’ or ‘bastard’ or any other insult they could come up (and what sailor didn’t have a vocabulary overflowing with foul names?).

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LDR Date Idea #11

Make Love Note Jar!

Send your partner a glass jar filled with love notes, motivational letters, happy doodles, or uplifting messages for them to read on days when they feel down.

Write each letter on an index card and fill the jar! For the best letters possible, try not to write them all in one sitting, do it over the course of a few weeks!

Extra credit: get glass paint and a long brush to paint the inside of the jar!

Here’s a picture of the jar I made for Aurora:


ML ANGST IDEA: Just like him

Gabriel Agreste is revealed to be Hawkmoth. Ladybug and Chat noir finally defeat him and he is arrested. Paris was shocked by the reveal, but was happy that hawkmoth was no more.

Adrien’s life was a cyclone of events after that. His Dad was in prison, his mom was still missing. Nathalie was his legal guardian, and his Dad’s company was being run by the board of directors until Adrien was of Age.

People started treating Adrien different, he could feel people treat him different. A lot of fake smiles, and nods. Photographers wanted to use Adrien as a model a lot less. Fan girls of his started trickling down. This part didnt bother Adrien that much, he never cared for that. But the way people treated him at school was different. Chloé was distant (One of the few blessings) saying that it might not look good being seen with Adrien right now, some of his classmates avoided talking to him. Kim teasing him about his Dad being a villain. Alya constantly questioning him about it (for the blog). The only two people who didnt act any different towards him were Nino and Marinette. Nino was his best friend and that wouldn’t change. Marinette was one of the sweetest people in existence, she could never be mean to anyone unless they absolutely deserved it.

The rest of the world seemed to think that he was the soon to be super villain! That he was some scorned rich kid plotting his revenge. It pissed him off, the fact that his Dad was a villain, the fact that everyone treated him coldly, the fact that he now lost both of his parents.

He began transforming a lot more. Chat noir was on the prowl every night. He would watch over the city. It was something to take his mind off of everything.

One Night Ladybug showed up to join him.

“There aren’t anymore Akumas Chat, we can relax.” Ladybug eased the cat hero. The two were standing on a rooftop in the middle of the night.

“I kind of wish there were…” Chat muttered under his breath. The night air suddenly felt much colder on the roof.

Unfortunately for the cat hero, Ladybug heard him.

“Don’t even joke about that. Without the akuma, the people are in a lot less danger. Paris is a lot better off without Hawkmoth.” Ladybug spoke.

“Is Adrien Agreste better off?” 

Chat noir didn’t even realized those words shot out of his mouth. The sharpness of the question pierced Ladybug right through the heart. How did Chat noir know about Adrien? Well it isn’t like Adrien isn’t a random kid, he was the son of the Fashion Tycoon turned super villain Gabriel Agreste. 

“Chat noir…”

“I can’t sleep anymore Ladybug.” Chat noir interrupted, which really didnt mean much as Ladybug was still at a loss for words.

Ladybug stood in silence as she waited for him to continue.

“I havent slept since the night before we captured him. I remember how ecstatic I was when we finally caught him. But when I saw his face… his real face. He had a son, Ladybug. He was the only parent left in Adrien’s life, and we just took him a way. I handed him over to the police…” Chat noir was on the brink of tears.

Ladybug hugged him from behind, tears slowly leaving her eyes to trickle down her cheeks.

“I never once realized any of this. But it isn’t your fault Chat, we were just doing our jobs. Adrien doesn’t deserve to lose his father over our actions. But Hawkmoth deserved to go to prison for his crimes. Sometimes being a hero means we have to make tough decisions. Deep down, I am sure Adrien doesn’t blame you for what happened.”

The night grew quiet once again as Ladybugs words reached Chat noir’s ears. For a moment, nothing but silence. But then, Chat noir started to laugh. Ladybug released her hug and backed up as she watched Chat noir cover his eyes as he laughed, tears streaming down his face.

“Chat?” Ladybug questioned nervously.

She watched stunned as he instantly stopped laughing and undid his transformation right in front of her, revealing the crying blonde rich kid that missed his father.

“But I do Ladybug.”


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Jared Kleinman

As promised, some head cannons

Despite the popularity of The Connor Project, Jared is still seen as the weird one in all of his friend groups. The kid everyone roles their eyes at when they think he isn’t looking.

Jared is fully aware of where he stands with his peers, but continues forward full speed ahead, because somehow he is going to make it through High School, and he is going to have friends, even if they secretly hate him.

He jokes to hide his loneliness. He truly cares for Evan as a friend, after all, they grew up together. (Jared loves nature and is totally the reason Evan likes trees, but Jared has moved on to better things, like girls and capture the flag) But Evan hurt him, and he finds that hard to forgive.

So shortly after the events of Words Fail and So Big/So Small, Evan and Jared are still distant. One day Evan shows up at Jared’s house.

  • “I’m only letting you in so my mom won’t take away my phone”

Jared realizes that Evan is crying and retorts:

  • “What, did you fall out of a tree again”

At this point Evan starts sobbing and eventually confesses to Jared about what really happened that day at the park. He let go.

Jared doesn’t know what to do so he just sits there a while as Evan cries until he puts his arm around him and reassures him that everything will be alright.

Jared’s mom interrupts them, which causes Evan to panic slightly and insist on leaving.

After Evan is gone, Jared cries.

  • How could he have not seem the pain Evan was going through?
  • What is Evan had succeeded?
  • What if Evan had died, and Connor had lived, and Jared was left with no one?
  • Why had he pushed away the only person that actually genuinely liked him?

Jared now better understands Evan’s motivation behind the Connor Project, I.e. Evan was trying to give Connor what he would have wanted.

Jared never calls Evan a “Family Friend” again. Instead he calls him buddy(I just murdered my heart)

Jared is never condescending towards Evan, never makes him feel like less of a person, or weak because of the attempt.

That doesn’t mean Jared still isn’t Jared. He picks on Evan till, just never about that. And also in a friendly way, kinda like you see in the show. He’s still Jared.

Jared worked at the pottery barn, and that’s how Evan got the job

  • “It’ll be good for you! The people are super nice, and most the customers are old and will forget about the whole experience before even making it out the door!”

Jared went out of state for college, but called Evan every weekend to check on his buddy, because he worries about him. Jared cries sometimes after hanging up partly because he misses Evan and partly because he’s afraid that Evan is lonely. He also calls the pottery barn to check up on him too.

When ever Jared is in town the boys hand out and have a blast. They  go to the park and talk about trees. Jared is salty when Evan knows tree facts that he doesn’t. Jared takes Evan to play paintball. That was an experience. Evan kicked ass due to his ability to blend in and disappear. Jared got shot multiple times and was very grumpy about it.

Evan is the only person that Jared talks to from High School besides Alana, who he sees occasionally around campus (they both received scholarships for their work on The Connor Project).

Jared can rant to Evan about anything and Evan listens and gives top notch advice.

Jared becomes the friend Evan needed, but Evan is also the friend Jared needed.

Fly By Love

Of all the planes in the sky, steely blue–
Flying here and there, headed who-knows-where–
The one that will, finally, bring me you
Is what I wait for, in hopeful despair.

For now, I’m making the paper kind soar,
Like elegant starlings starring the sky,
Watching them settle on the ground once more;
I’m grounded when, to you, I long to fly.

I take up my skirt in both aching hands
And twirl, my love for you making me trill,
Spinning until I can no longer stand…
The earth absorbing my tears as they spill.

Will you, I wonder, still want to be mine?
I hope you still think I’m “the one” offline.

I love you no matter how far away you may be or how long I have to go without seeing you. I have gotten used to being away from you but that doesn’t mean how I feel has changed. Seeing other couples together hurts a little inside every time just knowing they have everything they could want. It sucks, but that doesn’t mean I will never have that. I already do, it’s just not in front of me. This was a decision we both made and I don’t regret it, I don’t wish I was with someone else here and I don’t blame the distance. Distance was the reason we found each other, it wont be the reason we lose each other. I love you for all that you are, all that you have been and all that you have yet to be. That will never change.