the distance of space

I’m Too Chubby…

Daddy : *talks about how he’d pick me up*

Me : *weighs more than him* uhm… Y-yeah…

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anonymous asked:

Hi me and my little have been dating for a little over a month now we've had an amazing time so far but we both have depression and it's hard to get out of it sometimes she helps me but I can't get her out sometimes any advice on how to pick her up and put her in little space? (Btw we have to do long distance so like physical stuff won't work sorry for the trouble but it looks like you have such a good relationship that I thought I would ask, again thank you hope you can get back to me)

Hello there!!
Aw! Depression is such hard thing to overcome! I have terrible depression and anxiety. My Daddy is such an amazing guy! He would sit on call with me while I would cry and try to calm me down and raise my spirits.
Here are a couple of suggestions to try to help your little that help me! (My Daddy and I are also in a long distance relationship)
~You could sit on call with her even if she doesn’t want to talk. Just to be able to be there Incase something does happen (Daddy and I just sit on call together even if we don’t do anything specifically, it’s just really comforting to have him there)
~Ask her how she is doing, and even if she says she’s okay, ask if she promises that is how she is truly feeling (I know that when my Daddy ask how I am, and then I say I promise, that even if I don’t really feel that way, I will tell him how I really am feeling)
~Asking her who your little is, who you love the most, who you’re proud of, or just little things like that. It could trigger the beginning of little space (It always makes me giggle and smile and makes me feel better. I then start to go into little space slowly after that if other things are said or done to trigger it)
~Asking her to colour or draw you a picture, and telling her that you really want to see something she’s going to create for you! Then, if she does it, make sure to tell her how proud it makes you and how much you like t. (This is what my Daddy does and it helps me. He really likes when I draw and colour for him, and though I’m still feeling down, his reassurances and interest in my activities makes me feel special and happy)
~Offer to watch a movie of her choosing! (You can use to stream it together!)
~Offer to do really any activity together. Even if she says no, try to get her to do it even as a distraction. (This is really helpful for when I just don’t do anything and just sit and think too much, to actually get up and do something and then with Daddy makes it even more fun and special, as I just really enjoy spending time with him in any way)
~You could have her cook or bake. (This is one of the only things that helps distract me from myself)
~You could write her little notes every day telling her how special she is to you! This would boost her self confidence (even if its slightly) and just bring a smile to her face! Even if only for a moment.
~If you know when her depression gets worse, you could make sue to call with her and let her fall asleep in call Incase she wakes up with a bad dream or can’t sleep because of her own thoughts. (This really really helps me and makes me feel comforted and just not alone with my own thoughts. Daddy makes sure to stay in call for a long while and check up on me. I’ve woken up an hour or so later and he’s still there. It’s just so so comforting to have him there!)

These are a couple of ideas!! I hope they helped! If I think of anymore I’ll leave them in the comment like section!!
I hope this helped and that you and her both start to feel better!!!! Stay safe!!

Being able to admit when you’re wrong is such an important life skill. You have to always have some distance between yourself and your beliefs and ideologies, you have to have space for doubt, for learning, for new perspectives. When we get so close to something that we fail to see the things around it, behind it, after it, before it, that’s when ignorance and stubbornness creeps in, that’s when we start bringing pain to ourselves and those around us.

Baby ✨
  • Little: *snuggled up in a big blanket with a stuffie, thumb in mouth*
  • Daddy: You look like a baby~
  • Little: *blushes and covers face a little*
  • Daddy: My baby ❤️
  • Little: *melts and hides further under the blanket*
  • Daddy: Don't hide from Daddy, I want to see that adorable blush babygirl
Long Distance Little Problems #8
  • Daddy: I'm gonna be super busy tomorrow little one, if i don't answer your messages please don't worry.
  • Me: Okay Daddy.
  • Daddy: Good girl.
  • --- the next day ---
  • Me: Why hasn't daddy answered? Did i do something wrong?? Oh right. He is busy. I won't bother him while he is busy.
  • Me: I'll just say hi...
  • *accidentally sends 20 texts instead of 1*
  • Me: omg. He's gonna think I'm so annoying. *spends all day worrying*
  • --- a few hours later ---
  • Daddy: i love you babygirl

Appearing like a winged creature poised on a pedestal, this object is actually a billowing tower of cold gas and dust rising from a stellar nursery called the Eagle Nebula. The soaring tower is 9.5 light-years high, about twice the distance from our Sun to the next nearest star

How to spot & help someone dissociating.

To better understand how to respond to someone who has dissociated, it is helpful to know what dissociation looks like and how to assist someone in that state. The following responses are examples of dissociation[1]:

  • Staring vacantly into the distance,
  • Spacing out or being uninvolved with the present,
  • Being unable to focus, concentrate, and respond to instructions, and/or
  • Being unable to speak.

After being triggered into a dissociative state, an individual may seem confused or vague and ask questions such as:  “Where was I?” “What did I say?” or “What just happened?” Some survivors only discover as adults that they dissociate under stressful circumstances.

To support survivors who have been triggered and ensure that they do not leave when they are feeling disoriented or embarrassed, it is best to:

  • Orient survivors to the present by reminding them where they are and what was happening when they began to have trouble staying present.
  • Encourage slow breathing (inhale to the count of four and exhale to the count of six), and if possible, do this sitting up with their feet flat on the floor.
  • Remind survivors to keep their eyes open and to look around the room.
  • Encourage survivors to notice physical sensations (e.g., the feeling of their back on the chair and their feet touching the floor, or sensation of air on their face).

As survivors become more oriented and responsive:

  • Do not touch them.
  • Offer verbal reassurance in a calm voice.
  • Avoid asking complicated questions or giving complex instructions. Instead, ask simple questions to try to connect with the person (e.g., “Are you with me?” “Are you following me?” “Can you stay present with me?”)
  • Allow them the necessary time and space to regain their equilibrium (a quiet room may be helpful).
  • Normalize the experience. If the survivor has disclosed abuse prior to this incident, let him/her know that some settings may trigger flashbacks or emotional responses, but it is best not to ask for details of past abuse that may have contributed to being triggered. If prior abuse has not been disclosed, frame the normalizing comments in terms of anxiety that many people feel when in stressful situations.
  • Ask if someone else can help such a friend whom you can call.

The more we can de-mystify the manifestations of abuse and understand the mind and body’s response to trauma, the more we can assist survivors in their recovery.

Being a Long-Distance Caregiver

↪Remind your little that you love them

↪Send them gifts via Amazon (coloring books, pacis, movies) or a shirt of yours sprayed with your cologne/perfume

↪Make routine Skype calls (every night or at least once a week) with fun activities such as watching over them while they play or telling stories

↪Include them in your day. Send them photos/videos, tell them about events. Make them feel like they’re with you

↪Help them make decisions on food, clothing, nail polish, make-up or even what chores to do first

↪BABY THEM. Seriously. Big voice is good for making a person feel little. Remind them that it is okay to feel little, and that they are not a burden.

✳ RULES ARE BEYOND IMPORTANT. AS ARE REWARDS AND PUNISHMENTS. Long distance littles need more structure and support as the stresses of everyday big life can make being little that much harder. Maintain a very honest and open-minded relationship. Keep a firm tone when needed and remember if a little is acting out, there is always a reason. ✳

Each “guideline” is merely a guideline and should be tailored differently for your situation. Do not take each word as an immobile law to caregiving as each relationship is different and personal.

Happy regressing!


*watching Moana with Daddy*

Brother : *walks into my room* Ka- What…are you doing?

Me : *holding a stuffie, sucking my thumb and watching a Disney movie with Daddy on Skype* uhm… Nothing

Brother : Were you going to bake those cookies or not? We really wanted them

Me : If y'all want cookies, get mom to bake them. I’m busy.

Brother : Doing what?

Daddy : *silence*


Brother : Are you watching cartoons?…


Daddy : *silently laughs*

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A small, faint star relatively close by is home to seven Earth-size planets with conditions that could be right for liquid water and maybe even life.

The discovery sets a record for both the most Earth-size planets and the most potentially habitable planets ever discovered around a single star.

The strange planetary system is quite compact, with all of these worlds orbiting their star closer than Mercury orbits the sun, according to a newly published report in Nature.

“If you were on the surface of one of these planets, you would see the other ones as we see the moon, or a bit smaller,” says Michaël Gillon, an astronomer at the University of Liège in Belgium. “The view would be very impressive.”

Astronomers Find 7 Earth-Size Planets Around A Nearby Star

Images: NASA/JPL-Caltech

Being an LDR little...

- saying good night to daddy while i have to stay awake for hours makes my heartache for attention
- sometimes i cant talk little cuz i worry you wont understand me over texts
- i reread our conversations over and over and over while your asleep
- i pretend im cuddling with you instead of my stuffies
- getting pictures of everyday things like sunsets and daddy’s dinner that make me stupidly happy cuz he was thinking of me (lets not even mention cute pics of daddy himself 😍)
- waking up in the middle of the night and not worrying about waking you up to talk cuz youre already awake
- i love daddy so much and it sometimes makes the distance seem smaller but sometimes it feels like it couldn’t get any farther
- being so far away from someone who knows you so well and cares about you so much is extremely difficult but so amazing because love really conquers distance

Add anything i missed fellow ldr littles