the distance between us

Same Difference

There is a big difference between ignorance in the common sense of the word and the Buddhist sense of the word. In the common sense of the word, ignorance is being unaware, lacking in general knowledge or understanding. This common kind of ignorance when applied to people who seem different from us, different races, different cultures, different sexual orientations, different abilities can lead to division, derision, hate and violence.  People, ignorant of our ignorance imagine that the problem and threat rests in those we perceive as different, rather than in our own faulty perception.

In the Buddhist sense of the word, rather than a general lack of understanding, ignorance is a specific false awareness, a false sense of self. We wrongly imagine that we are something separate from everything else. Buddhism teaches that this sense of a separate self, this ignorance, causes our suffering. It is one of the three poisons, along with anger and desire, that afflict us. It is the source of distance between ourselves and people we perceive as different from us.

In my college intro psych class we were asked to a simple psychological experiment on ourselves. The professor told us to be aware of the saliva in our mouths and then to swallow it. No problem. Then we were asked to imagine spitting that saliva into a sterile glass and drinking it. Disgusting. The spit that was part of us, became spit that was separate from us and suddenly became repulsive. Like the spit experiment demonstrates, we can have dramatically different reactions to the same thing depending on our sense of separation from it.  Setting ourselves apart from the world and those different from us leads to all the hate, intolerance and violence in the world.

People are different from each other like we are different from the rocks and trees of the planet. Unlike the rocks and trees, as people, we suffer. We suffer from our general ignorance and specific ignorance. We don’t have to be Buddhist to practice awareness of our suffering and the suffering of others and to practice compassion for ourselves and each other by identifying the source of our suffering and trying to make things better. With enough awareness we could uproot our ignorance, see the world from each other’s point of view and create peace. We are one in our desire for peace, personal, interpersonal, and world peace.

Shy Girl

Request: hey!! can you do a hayes imagine where y/n is really shy in big groups so when everyone hangs out she gets really withdrawn, and hayes sits with her in his room instead and he tells her he likes her and wishes she wasn’t so insecure about things?

a/n; sooooo cute

Word Count: 318

Pairing: Hayes Grier X Reader

Y/N’s P.O.V

I picked at my finger nails as everyone piled into the living room, Hayes being the last one to enter was forced to sit next to me. I pulled myself as close to the arm rest as I could, wanting to put as much distance between us as possible. Nothing against him, I just don’t do very well in big crowds of people. 

“Hey.” Hayes smiled at me once he sat down, the typical thing happening, my heart fluttered at his presence and my stomach felt weird. Everyone else seemed to be in their own world, which allowed me to ease up just a little bit. “Hi.” I managed to squeak out. He looked around at everyone, know one was even paying attention to us, “did you want to go to my room?” He asked. I looked at him with a shocked and slightly disgusted look. “Not like that!” He defended himself in a whisper, some color rising to his cheeks. I smiled at his embarrassment and nodded, signalling that we should leave.  

I sat down in his room. him following. I still felt nervous, being alone with him. “I really like you, you know.” He said, hesitantly but getting straight to the point, this time I was the one who was blushing. “Really?” I asked him,still anxious, but looking at him. He nodded, a small smile on his face. Although it went away shortly after, “I wish you were more confident with yourself though.” He explained, making me feel embarrassed. “You don’t have a reason to be insecure I mean.” He added on seeing the hurt expression on my face. 

“Have you looked at yourself lately, you’re freakin gorgeous, you’ve got nothing to worry about.” He said with a smile, I mirrored his smile. “Thanks.” I finally spoke normally, like I’m not nervous or scared. He nodded, “wanna go out sometime?” He asked, I answered instantly. “Yes.” 

When I say I love you more, I don’t mean I love you more than you love me. I mean I love you more than the bad days ahead of us, I love you more than any fight we will ever have. I love you more than the distance between us, I love you more than any obstacle that could try and come between us. I love you the most.
—  me to someone I miss


if i measured the distance between us
with a ruler pressed against my tenth grade geography atlas,
we would be approximately 17 centimetres apart.
that’s close enough for touch.
i can almost feel you here with me:
your goosebumps,
weathered skin,
warm breaths.
in reality,
the distance is far greater.
you are half a world away
where everything is backwards.
before i sleep, i listen to the voicemails
you leave for me. in this particular one,
you are telling me about the weather;
how the sun splits its light through
your windows each morning, how the flowers
on your balcony are starting to bloom.
when i close my eyes, i dream about it.
the warmth coats me when i wake up
to leaves falling like raindrops.
some days i go down to the beach,
my feet burying themselves in the sand
and i yell at the ocean
for keeping us apart
(as if it is her fault).
she roars back a story
about a sailor who now spends all his time on land.
we are two saltwater beings crying
into each other. she is mourning a love
she can never have. and i,
i am much more fortunate. i have the love,
i just can’t reach for him right now. 

– A.Y.

July Book Photo Challenge Day 12: underrated book

i couldn’t just pick one book, so i picked five of my favourite books that i believe are underrated.