the distance between us

Two weeks after you’re gone I meet a boy with a different name than yours. In his presence I realize how big your absence really is and I know I don’t love him yet the way he touches me makes me forget that you existed somewhere close to me at some point in time. I’m sorry that I never call to tell you I miss you- that instead I lie in bed with a boy who just needs temporary. It’s just my pride keeps getting in the way of the things I want and words alone could never make up for this distance existing between us. I wish it could.

A Better World

    You should know that I have started this letter a hundred times, and have never quite been able to put to paper all that I wished to say. I will begin by setting your mind at ease and say that both your brothers are safe on the fields of Azshara. This has little to do with them, and everything to do with the seemingly endless distance that exists between us. It settles wrong in my heart that we seem to always be at odds when in truth; I would love the honor of being your friend.
    Denlandis tells me you were sent to Dalaran, but reports from abroad speak of its sieging by Legion forces. I do not worry for your safety; for I know you possess an exceptional understanding of your talents. I worry that you are alone. Even if you discard this as sentimental nonsense, I hope you are least come to understand that you are thought of often. I ask the Light every night to keep you safe and protected against the atrocities raging against our world.
    I suppose there is no real purpose to this letter other than to once again convey my apologies for all I have said and done.  When my father sent me to seek employment with the Blood Knights, he said it would teach me humility…but it was not from them that I learned such a valuable lesson. It was you.  I can only hope one day you might consider forgiving me for my transgressions. I am patient, Erillan. I will wait.
    Perhaps when we have seen to the Legion’s destruction, you might consider letting me make you a cup of coffee.  We don’t have to talk, I’d just like your company.  My hope is that one day my own person will be tolerable enough for you for such a thing to happen.  
    I do not expect a response, but with what I have seen these last few weeks…I at least have some peace knowing I have put my thoughts to paper in the plainest way I know how. I am content with that.

Stay strong, Erillan.

I will protect your family while you change the world.

Adilynia Silverfall

Erillan stood silent and still as he read the letter for the twelfth time that evening. The parchment, once crisp in its appearance, was showing signs of creasing where his grip found purchase repeatedly and he only seemed to increase his hold each time.

“Sir Lord Dwin’Arnith, Sir.”
“Stanwick?” Alabaster brows lifted in surprise as the familiar voice called out.

Striking malachite hues beheld the hobbled form that stood just within the doorway. Stanwick’s cane was clutched tightly within his palm and shook with the waves of unease that was assaulting his nerves. Yet he carried himself in a professional manner despite the concern.

“Sir Lord, they have finished rounding up the peoples of the city.”
“Good to hear. Why have you not joined them? You should be someplace safe.”
“Because, Lord Sir Dwin’Arnith. You need assistance here.”

With a sigh, Erillan slowly folded the letter back up and tucked it within his vest pocket. “I appreciate your service, Stanwick, but I request that you seek shelter with the others in the Inn. The barrier we placed there will keep the Legion out while we finish eradicating them from the city.”

“As you wish Sir Lord. Shall I send your letter before I depart?”
“If you can spare the time. Do not make the task greater than your safety.”
“Y-Yes…Lord Sir Dwin’Arnith.”
The wrinkled smile he offered was genuine as he turned to make his leave of the tower.

Dear Ms. Silverfall,

   Allow me to start off by setting your concerns at ease. While the city has been under siege from the Legion, those that came to offer their allegiance to the Kirin Tor have kept the forces at bay and continue to do so as I write this. We have built a barrier around the inns and are helping to keep the citizens safe inside while the Magisters and Archmages seek a way to remove the threat in a more permanent capacity. A few lives have been lost and many have been injured yet we stand firm as always.
    As for my eldest brother, thank you for letting me know that he is safe and well. I have no doubt that he is enjoying himself upon the field there and setting every inch of it ablaze in the hopes of watching the ash collect at his feet. It would take more than this army to defeat the Scion of the Dwin’Arnith line so I look forward to further correspondence on how much fear he has wrought upon those around him.
    My youngest brother has always had the knack for seeing through people his entire life. It was his determination to break the family tradition that opened my eyes for the first time and to this day, he continues to question that which he sees as a transparent truth. That extends over me as well. So when he came to me and spoke of his feelings for you, my eyes were opened for the second time.
    I have not been the easiest person to be around since I lost my sister and no measure of magic is going to help alleviate the emptiness to which I feel as a constant. So please understand when I say that I am sorry for the way in which you have been so unfairly treated by me. I have treated everyone around me with such disdain that even my own Mentor was seeking to add ‘compassion’ into our daily routines. I am well and prefer to be alone here so please do not concern yourself on that aspect. It is what I have to learn to grow from.
    I am not sure where this battle is going to take all of us or where our paths may cross again but know that I will be waiting here in Dalaran to share that cup of coffee and perhaps make real this ideal world where we can be friends.

I will change the world for all of you, for that you have my word.


hypothesis: you can love someone without being in love with them.

you are the moon and i am the ocean,
and i rise ever toward you,
the only good part of global warming.
your light filters across me, soft and slow,
and i send it back as brightly as i know how,
let it play across my choppy surfaces and mark the bits it settles on.
you and your sunshine smile break holes in my stormy grays, my low-lying fog,
and i will throw foamy salt spray arms at the sky, cutting away at the distance between us.

conclusion: you can love someone without being in love with them.

—  it’s a thursday, and i love you || s.s.


if i measured the distance between us
with a ruler pressed against my tenth grade geography atlas,
we would be approximately 17 centimetres apart.
that’s close enough for touch.
i can almost feel you here with me:
your goosebumps,
weathered skin,
warm breaths.
in reality,
the distance is far greater.
you are half a world away
where everything is backwards.
before i sleep, i listen to the voicemails
you leave for me. in this particular one,
you are telling me about the weather;
how the sun splits its light through
your windows each morning, how the flowers
on your balcony are starting to bloom.
when i close my eyes, i dream about it.
the warmth coats me when i wake up
to leaves falling like raindrops.
some days i go down to the beach,
my feet burying themselves in the sand
and i yell at the ocean
for keeping us apart
(as if it is her fault).
she roars back a story
about a sailor who now spends all his time on land.
we are two saltwater beings crying
into each other. she is mourning a love
she can never have. and i,
i am much more fortunate. i have the love,
i just can’t reach for him right now. 

– A.Y.

July Book Photo Challenge Day 12: underrated book

i couldn’t just pick one book, so i picked five of my favourite books that i believe are underrated.