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What qualities do we need to become an architect?

There are many lists on the web, and anything I write here is solely my opinion, not to be confused with any definite list of qualities. These are the first ones that come to mind:

  • Passion - You need passion to keep you on the path everytime things don’t go your way. Passion to improve the world in some manner through architecture.
  • Curiosity - Every project is unique: site, context , client, users, typology. You will have to learn new things everyday to be successful.
  • Vision - The ability to visualize something that does not exist or to imagine a space from looking at a 2d drawings is an ability required to be an architect.
  • Listening - The ability to listen to your client, the ability to understand what they are really saying, is key. 
  • Problem Solving - All projects are problems to be solved, using a combination of tools at your disposal, but the projects that solve a problem in a new way or a better way are the ones we remember.

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unfucked my kitchen this morning. Took about 40mins. I took breaks to drink my coffee.

1.Moved/sorted/ disposed of all project items that had piled up on my countertops.

2. Took out the garbage and recycling.

3.Started a load of laundry.

4.Cleared off and wiped down all countertops, stovetop, and microwave.

5. Left room to finish the two current furniture painting projects I have been working on. (yes, thats a bathroom sink. It will eventually replace the too large one currently in my bthrm.)

I also cleaned the bathroom and scooped the cat litter, but neither of those things is very photogenic.

Depending on how I feel the rest of this weekend, I’d like to continue to unfuck living and closet spaces. We’ll see.


kentucky. by Alli Stancil
Via Flickr:
these are from i went to kentucky with my church for appalachian service project (asp) during the beginning of july in 2007. they were all taken with a disposable camera. probably one of the best experiences of my life. i wish i could still remember everybody’s names.
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Chuck doesn’t remember falling, but he remembers the technicians, the guys he spent years training with in R&D, pulling him up from his exhausted, trembling heap on the floor and whispering play along.  He’d let them lift him, hung there limp and listened to them flat-out lie to the ultra-elites who were guarding the room.  He’s drained, can’t you tell?  Look at him, he’s burned out enough he might as well be dead.
The techs take care of Chuck.

Motorcity, 2.8k, completely sfw. Side (cyde) fic to Chilton 2.0, written at the joint request of Splickedy and Roach.

Wanna be a part of a super cool project of mine? Read this!!

Okay so I’ve decided to start a really cool project, I’m not sure of a name yet, but it will come.

So basically I’m going to send disposable cameras to people through the mail and those people will take pictures of things that they think make them who they are or things that they think are beautiful or things that they love. Whenever they want really. And once they fill the camera, they send it back to me, I develop the film and then post the photos on a blog that I’ll make specifically for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun and something really cool to be a part of. If you’re interested message me with:

Your name
Your age
Where you live
A few things you’d like me to know about you

I was thinking of sending out 5-10 cameras to test this out and see if it could work.

*you can also email me at if you don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system*