the disposable project

The Disposable Project

The Disposable Project is well on its way now. It is no longer just a vision, people are volunteering to be apart of it and help out. Cameras are being sent out and I am super excited to see how the pics turn out once I get the cameras back and pics developed.


For those who don’t know, The Disposable Project is an art project/show/book I’m working on where I meet people from all over the world on social media and send them a disposable camera. Once they receive the camera they take selfies and pics of their everyday life. It’s all from their eyes/perspective so there are no rules. I want to see life how you see it. It’s a way to show parts of the world you see everyday to those who have never and will never have the chance to see it. When you visit a place you see everything through eyes of a tourist so you don’t get to see it for what it really is you only get the flashy bells and whistles. The Disposable Project will show you through the eyes and perspective of a resident of that country, state, or city so you can get the full effect and feelings that you live there and not just a visitor.

If you have any interests questions or just want to be apart if The Disposable Project feel free to message or ask me and I’ll gladly reply. If you like my vision or what I’m trying to accomplish but don’t feel comfortable participating PLEASE SHARE OR REBLOG to help spread the word. Thank you.

The Disposable Project

Wanna be a part of a super cool project of mine? Read this!!

Okay so I’ve decided to start a really cool project, I’m not sure of a name yet, but it will come.

So basically I’m going to send disposable cameras to people through the mail and those people will take pictures of things that they think make them who they are or things that they think are beautiful or things that they love. Whenever they want really. And once they fill the camera, they send it back to me, I develop the film and then post the photos on a blog that I’ll make specifically for this project. I think it will be a lot of fun and something really cool to be a part of. If you’re interested message me with:

Your name
Your age
Where you live
A few things you’d like me to know about you

I was thinking of sending out 5-10 cameras to test this out and see if it could work.

*you can also email me at if you don’t trust tumblr’s messaging system*

I have this really close friend who was always lowkey making fun of me for being so obsessed with Lexa and Alycia. I made her watch the show. And when i told her about the LGBT fans deserve better movement and the Trevor project she was just like “you guys are making this into a huge thing but it’s just tv”. You know the typical response to it from a straight person (no offense). I tried to explain it to her but i also get that she can’t quite understand if she’s never been in this situation. But i also know she’s a cool person and a 100% supportive. Anyway.
Yesterday i was reading about the Orlando shooting and i was tearing up a bit and she called me in that exact moment. So she asked me if i was crying and when i said “sort of” she asked me what happened. And i told her all about it when i went over.
So today i got the Vogue with Alycia in it. And i sent her pictures. And she was like “I’m glad it finally arrived”. And it was weird so i asked her how come she isn’t rolling her eyes at me. To which she said “well you’re excited about it so i’m happy for you”. And that’s all she had to say, for me to understand that she finally gets it. I’m so sad and so sorry that it took a tragedy. But i hope this whole thing affected a lot of people this way. I hope it opened a lot of eyes!