the display

I maxed affection with my husband… So as a social experiment I decided to see how many times I could hit him with an axe before he refused to talk to me anymore.

89 swings later…

Aries: Smothers you with kisses when you’re hurt and also ready to kicka@& for you. Passionately grabs you, dives into intimacy, speaks freely.

Taurus: Wants hugs and cuddles but doesn’t always initiate. Rubs your back when you’re upset as well as maybe cooks/offers you food. Stable.

Gemini: Encouraging with words. Likes to hold hands or play with your hair. Wants to make you laugh and get you to share. Teasing and attentive.

Cancer: Cuddly, huggy, make-out seshes in private. Listens, pulls you out of the way of danger, bathe/showers with you, sleeps holding you.

Leo: Embraces you warmly. Passionate kisses. Generous with words and gifts.Never let’s you frown.Tickle or pillow fights or maybe wrestling.

Virgo: Makes you a cup of tea to calm you down. Wipes away your tears. Hand holding. Tight hugs. Grooms you. Lays with you for a long time. 

Libra: Light kisses, arm around you or holds your hand. Compliments and gifts. Always there for mental support. Teases you physically.

Scorpio: Bites your lip. Caresses your face. Meaningful eye contact. Pushes you to heal/transform when down. Kisses your forehead. Lick… 

Sagittarius: Playfully poking you or tickling you. Makes you laugh when down. Tries to inspire or advise. Grips hard to bring you in close. 

Capricorn: Unexpected affection. Kisses you in the rain but complains about it later. Will be tough so you don’t have to be. Helps you up.

Aquarius: Plays with your hand(s), traces parts of you, tells you not to worry when things get rough, picks your brain, makes you think. 

Pisces: Kisses the tears away, shares secrets, always knows what to say to make you feel better, cuddling, hiding under the sheets with you.

Don’t forget to look at your Venus or Mars. 


$849,900/8 br

Fall River, MA


“ Announcing the Maplecroft Mansion, a significant and historically important Queen Anne Victorian located in Fall Rivers’ Highlands District. The property was commissioned in 1889 by Charles Allen and sold to Lizzie Borden (and her sister Emma) in 1893 after her acquittal of the murder of her parents, a story and trial which engaged the nation. Ms. Borden lived in Maplecroft until her death on June 1, 1927. “


More Erasermic stuff from twitter because Im too dang gay for THEM

1- Something a lil more quality than what I have been drawing because really, this ship is p cute and goofy and I really appreciate the whole opposites attract, it gives me life.

2-  Every Present Mic fan within earshot be like (including me) I like drawing Aizawa wearing my clothes, which are p similar to his style lol.

3-  Canon: theres only a 3cm height difference between Mic and Aizawa
      Me, a bastard with a size dif kink: Suddenly I cant hear.

4-  Reenacting the thing my bf does when Im laying on his lap like that.

5-  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

6-  I drew this last night and didnt even remember….but…mood…


hey more BNHA stuff……yea

1- Sleepy sheepy just chillin’ just guys being dudes

2- Quick thing that has fucked up… everything… sorry about that, but here have it -shrugs- Aizawa has a point tbh.

3-I dedicated an entire page of my sketchbook to Naomasa x All Might…. its a good ship………its cute okay….. (the mighty fine joke still makes me laugh and I will overuse it if I have to just to amuse myself)


This is the new member of the family!
Finally I have my baby thanks to everyone that helped me with the commissions and watching my videos on Youtube. Thanks to you all I’m getting better equipment and my work is getting more professional :’D

This tablet display is not a Cintiq, it is an XP-Pen, works pretty good with the programs I usually use especially with Flash. it’s cheaper and bigger than the Cintiq I wanted to get for $1000 USD -  so yaaay!! I saved a lot of money that will be used to get to IndypopCon next year and even fixing my old glasses.

This is not only to improve my work, this will also help me with my health since I was starting to have a little bit of pain on my neck, back and right shoulder because of the posture I had with my other tablet. Now with this one I’ll start to fix the posture now that I can draw directly on the screen  (You can graduate the screen in many angles so it’s very useful). 

I’m really happy and I can’t wait to animate something with this baby <3 But it will be after my short vacations.

Thank you so much guys, I still here thanks to you! <3 <3 <3