the disney film with a tragic ending

anonymous asked:

Do any of the mods think a Disney movie would be better if the ending changed?

Gabby: Yes of course, with Frozen being one of them. I adore Frozen (it’s one of my favorite Disney movies) but the whole “you don’t need a man to save you” thing was partially contradicted by Anna ending up with Kristoff (I hope I used that in the right context). I think the message would have been more believable if she didn’t end up with Kristoff, but eh, whatever. There’s lots of different Disney movies that could have been waaay better if the ending was changed.

Jen: No, not really. It’s more the body of certain films I think need to change. I agree with Gabby about Frozen though, although I like the film and I love Kristoff. 

Grace: I grew up reading the Hans Christian Anderson story of the Little Mermaid and I really just like the tragic ending more. I’m not sure why, I’ve just always liked tragic endings.

Jonna: Tangled! I want Rapunzel to go mad and give birth to twins, wandering around lost while singing, which brings her love (Flynn?), who turned blind, to find her…yeah, I want that. Also an ending to BATB where Gaston doesn’t die…but we all know he never truly did. (Jen: His chest hair acted as a net and saved him)