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So I got bored...

I had nothing to do today and Isabelle is the cutest thing ever, so this was the result. Please enjoy :)

(All credit for Isabelle Wilde goes to @trashasaurusrex)

Nick threw his arms above his head, yawning as he stretched himself in the seat. Judy looked over and snickered at the fox as she drove the squad car.
“Tired Slick?” She asked amusedly, keeping her eyes on the road. Nick finished his stretch and looked over.
“Bored.” He corrected, “When was the last time a patrol was this dull Carrots?” Judy grimaced in agreement. Since their had patrol started at 8, absolutely nothing had happened. No robberies, no shoplifting, no muggings, not even a jaywalker!
“It has been pretty bad,” She conceded, “but look on the bright side, we only have three more hours left!” Nick checked the clock on the dash.
“It’s only two!?” He moaned, “Ughhh. Also, we have to pick up Isabelle from pre-school at three so don’t forget.” Judy nodded her head absentmindedly, accustomed to picking up Nick’s daughter when they were on patrol. The pair sat in silence for several minutes while they drove through Savanna Central, searching for any type of crime to break the monotony of their day. When Judy stopped at a stoplight, Nick cleared his throat.
“So, uh, Judy, what are you doing tonight?” He asked, trying to seem casual. Judy turned to face him, noticing the use of her first name.
“Nothing.” She said giving him a curious look, “Why?” Nick averted his eyes and looked down at his paws.
“I was wondering if you wanted to go to dinner tonight.” He said quickly. Judy smiled and returned her gaze to the road as the light turned green.
“With you and Isabelle? Of course Nick.” She replied, confused as to why Nick was so nervous.
“Not with me and Isabelle, just with me. Like a date” Nick clarified awkwardly.

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What I Never Knew I Wanted (2/?)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Umm so far nothing?

Bucky’s wife is pregnant, it’s everything he could have ever wanted. But being an Avenger and a new father is one hell of an act to juggle. When panic sets in he can turn to Steve and his wife, but why did it look so easy with their twins? The late nights, the days gone, something are just worth it right? But like hell will Bucky let anything come between him and his family let alone let anything harm them in any way.

A/N: There is Blue Stick Crossover in this Series, so if you haven’t read The Blue Stick highly recommend it!!

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24 Hours - one.
  • Got7 x Reader
  • Word count: 1676

Description: You’ve been friends with Got7 longer than anyone else and you all finally get to take a vacation together. Anything can happen, right?

A/N: This is my first non-exo on this blog. I will be posting all my writings here, making multiple writing blogs for different groups is just too much work. I hope you enjoy them nonetheless. I have a few of these chapters already written, that’s why I’m finally posting it .x . x

one. // two. // three. // four. (soon)

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EXO Reactions: You tease them


Luhan came over to your house. He thought you two were gonna watch a movie. Which you were,but you had something planned. Halfway into the movie you started massaging his thigh. He shifted after a few minutes. You smirk to yourself and move your hand up his thigh slowly until you reach the waistband of his pants,you can hear his breath hitch in his throat as you dip your hand into his underwear and grab his already hard member,stroking it slowly. He moans and throws his head back and you quickly retract your hand from his pants and continue to watch the movie like nothing happened.


He was singing obnoxiously again. Thank god you and him were the only ones home at the moment. You loved Baekhyun and his voice but sometimes he’s just a little annoying. You decide it’s time for him to stop singing and make some new,more pleasing sounds. So you walk up to him and get on your knees in front of him. He stops singing and looks down at you lustfully. You smile innocently up at him and undo his pants. He watches you intently,awaiting your next move. You smirk and take him into your mouth. He moans and bucks his hips slightly,you pull him out of your mouth and lick the head slowly. Baekhyun moans loudly and leans against the kitchen counter for support. His knees are shaking as you suck on the head gently. He is about to cum but you pull away before he can and stand up,walking away with a smirk as he stares at you in shock.


You were in his “Private Studio” with him. He kept squeezing your thigh and being touchy with you. You have had enough of it. You decided to give him a taste of his own medicine. You stand up from your computer chair that was right beside his and sit on his lap, facing him. He licks his lips and places his hands on your hips. You smile at him and grind on him. He moans loudly and throws his head back on the chair he was sat in. You pick up a rhythm that makes him whimper and start panting. You suddenly climb off of him and head for the door,but before you can reach the door Chanyeol puts his hand on the wall and traps you. He looks into your eyes lustfully and whispers in his low,deep voice,

“We’re not done yet…”


You were at a fancy restaurant with Lay and his parents. You were getting bored with the conversation so you decide to tease him a little. While he was distracted with talking to his parents you slip a hand in his pants and massage his member through his underwear. You can see his eyes go wide and he bites his lip to keep from moaning. You act like you’re listening to his parents and respond when they talk to you. Lay is now silent and you and his parents are the only ones talking. His parents notice this and ask him about his sudden lack of words. While he is telling them his excuse you slip your hand into his underwear and grab hid hard member and start jerking him off at a fast pace. Lay struggles to speak correctly and accidentally lets a small moan escape his lips. He plays it off as a yawn. Thankfully his parents buy it.. He takes your hand out of his pants and stands up,grabbing your hand he tells his parents that he is too tired and that you and him were just gonna go home. They nod and you and him leave. Once you are in the car and are driving home he decides to get revenge and sneaks a hand under your dress.

“You’re in so much trouble…just wait until we get home baobei…”


Xiumin woke up before you,like always,and was sitting in the living room drinking coffee and watching TV. You walked into the living room wearing nothing but one of his plane t-shirts. When he sees you he almost spills his coffee. You smirk and walk over to him,he watched you with wide eyes as you take his coffee out of his hand and set it on the coffee table beside the couch he was sat on and climbed in his lap and straddled him. He noticed your lack of underwear and gulped as you tangled your hands in his hair as you kiss his neck gently. He moans and bucks his hips up so you feel the bulge in his jeans. You smirk and connect your lips to his. He kisses back roughly and lustfully as his hands slide from your waist to your hips. You suddenly get off of him and walk to your shared bedroom. He sits there for a moment before standing up and chasing after you while scrambling to get his clothes off. 


You were cooking in the kitchen in nothing but booty shorts and a tank top. Kris was watching you intently. He was getting turned on. You knew he was getting excited so you decide to bump it up a little bit. You open the refrigerator and bend over,looking on the bottom shelf for a bottle of water. His breath hitches in his throat as he sees you open the bottle and gently put it to your lips as you take a sip of it. He decides he can’t take anymore of your teasing and stands up from his chair at the dining table. He walks over and turns the oven containing the food you were making off and walks over to you. You pull the water bottle from your lips and look at him innocently. He looks at your slightly wet lips and then to your eyes. There was something looming in them. Something you have seen many times before. Something that sends chills down your spine. Lust. You suddenly got scared,Kris could be quite rough in bed. And he doesn’t like to be teased. You gulp. Maybe teasing him was a bad idea…


Tao had been ignoring you lately. You didn’t like to be ignored,especially when you…needed him. You needed him so badly. You have not been touched in over two weeks because of his busy schedule. You decided that on his day off today. You were gonna get what you wanted. No. You were gonna get what you needed. Tao was sitting on the couch chilling just scrolling through Instagram when you approach him. You stand in front of him and stare into his eyes intensely. He eventually looks up from his phone and locks his eyes with yours. 

“What is it?” He asks,slightly nervous from your stare.

You say nothing as you start to slowly take your clothes off. Right in front of him. He watches as your bra and panties hit the floor. His mouth hanging open and his eyes wide as he looks up and down your body. You smile innocently at him.

“I’m gonna go shower,okay?” You say as you tilt your head to the side slightly and smile innocently. Tao just stares at you still starstruck. You turn on your heels and start to walk down the hallway to the bathroom,swaying your hips slightly as you walk. It isn’t until you close the bathroom door and start the shower that Tao snaps out of his daze and jumps up from the couch,taking his clothes off quickly he walks to the bathroom you are in and enters it. Once he is in the shower with you and you look up at him he gives you a playful look before he pins you against the shower wall.

Teasing him was the best idea you’d ever had.


He was practicing the Artificial Love choreography. You wanted to learn new dances so you asked him if you could watch him. That was a big mistake because now you were rubbing your thighs together while watching him grind on a cane. Oh how you wished you could be that cane. He eventually asked you if you wanted to try for yourself. You nodded eagerly,you had the perfect plan. It’s time for Kai to get a taste of his own medicine. You had now come to the part where you are supposed to grind on the cane. You pretend the cane is Kai and grind hard. Letting your body roll and move in such a way that He can’t help but get excited when he watches you. He bites his lip as you close your eyes and let out a soft moan. Good thing you two were alone. because now he can do what he wants to you. He grabs you and lays you down on the floor. He gets on top of you and whispers in your ear.

“Let’s try a new dance,I think you’ll like it~”


You were frustrated. Why?. Because your boyfriend,Jongdae, was ignoring you when you needed him the most to watch a movie that Xiumin recommended. But that’s okay. You have reinforcements. You stand up and take your baggy shirt and pajama pants off to reveal some new lingerie you had just bought. You look over your shoulder and find Jongdae staring straight at you. You smirk and sit on his lap facing him. He gulps. You smile and play with his hair as you look into his eyes lustfully. His eyes darken as you connect your lips with his. He picks you up and carries you to the bedroom. Forgetting completely about the movie and focusing on something else. If you know what I mean~


You and D.O were cooking together. Something you often did together. D.O had only cooked the dish you were preparing a few times,so he still wasn’t confident about it. Which means that you were to taste it and tell him if it needed improving or not. You didn’t mind. You loved D.O’s cooking. The food was almost done when you turn to find a familiar spoon held up to your lips. You smile and take the spoon in your mouth. Moaning at the amazing taste covering your tongue. You look up and see that D.O is staring into your soul. What was wrong with him?

“What? do I have some food on my face?” You ask worriedly as you feel around on your face. Trying to find what he was staring at. He brings his hands up to yours and removes your hands from your face. He connects his lips with yours in a passionate kiss. You wrap your arms around his neck. His hands wander from your waist to your hips,rubbing them with his thumbs before moving down to your thighs and lifting you up and sitting you on the counter.

You both pull apart quickly as you hear the timer go off. Signaling that the food was done. D.O quickly turns the cooker off and takes the food and sets it on the table.

“You should eat,you’re gonna need your strength for later….” He says looking at you with a smug grin.

Aish. This boy will be the death of you one day. 


He was doing it again. He was being too sexy for his own good. He doesn’t even know how attractive he is being. Flipping his hair like that. Wearing a loose fitting t-shirt and tight blue jeans. You are having a hard time controlling yourself with him looking like that. You want to pounce on him and ride him into the sunset. But you can’t. Why? Because his parents are over. And that means you have to control yourself and act respectable. But with Sehun being…well… makes it really hard for you to not act the slightest bit slutty. But you know that as soon as his parents get in their car,then you can finally have what you want. And that is Sehun,kissing all over your body…ugh..stop you’re getting yourself more worked up.

His parents ended up staying for an extra hour. You just gradually tuned out the conversation happening around you. But one thing caught your attention. It was the sweetest sound you had heard all night. Other than the adorable laughter of your boyfriend of course. It was the sound of the front door shutting as his parent left. Once his parents headlights disappeared you shot up from your spot on the couch and walked towards Sehun slowly. He turns to you with a sweet smile and looks down at you,raising an eyebrow at you. You grab his shirt and pull him down,connecting your lips with his in a passionate kiss. Sehun pulls away after a few seconds.

“You just can’t help yourself around me,can you?” He says with that signature smug grin of his.

You roll your eyes.”Just shut up and fuck me.”

“Gladly..”He says as he connects your lips again in a heated kiss as his hands grip your hips.


He was sitting down reading a book. He wasn’t paying attention to you. You don’t like when he ignores you. So you get a brilliant idea. You get up from your seat across from him and gently grab his book,laying it on the coffee table beside the chair he was in. He looks up at you slightly confused. You smile innocently at him and straddle him,wrapping your arms around his neck and smiling at him. He gulps. His eyes widen slightly.

“Jagi,what are you doing?”

You say nothing. You stare into his deep brown eyes. Connecting your lips with his in a slow,passionate kiss. He moans and puts his hands on the small of your back. You pull away slowly as you feel the bulge in his pants. You get off of him and giggle as you see the confused look he is giving you. Your laughter comes to a halt as you feel a harsh grip on your wrist. You look down at him and see that he is glaring angrily at you. He pulls you back on his lap,facing away from him. He sneaks a hand under your shirt and massages your breast with one hand while the other rubs your clit. He leans up to your ear.

“I don’t like to be teased…” He says and starts sucking on your neck,leaving dark marks everywhere.

 You are not sure whether you should regret teasing him or not.

Gaffe [Jin]

{{ noun // an unintentional act or remark causing embarrassment to its originator; a blunder }}

Accidentally texting your ex is never good… Right?

Slight Angst, Fluff. Slice of Life AU. 1,383 words.

❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁ ❁

You: Hey, can you pick up some eggs on the way home?

You send the text to your roommate, hoping she’ll see it once she gets out of her afternoon class and goes grocery shopping. You walk around your shared apartment, vacuuming each room and doing your laundry. It was your turn this week for house chores, so might as well get it out of the way before you dive into your movie marathon later and get too comfortable and lazy to do your share of the work. Your phone buzzes, and you grab it off the table.

Jin: I think you texted this to the wrong number.

Your eyebrows furrow in confusion until you take notice of the name. Jin? Well, shit. You screwed up majorly.

You sent it to your ex-boyfriend.

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Snowed In: Part 3 (Final)

Originally posted by yellowrose543

Part 1    Part 2

Summary: Chris and reader have breakfast and have a little fun before you head home.

Warning: Smut

Word Count: 1775

Author’s Note: Special thanks to @emilyevanston and @theycallmebecca for reading and fixing any issues in this last part for all of you!

You woke to the smell of food. You stretched and sat up with a huge grin on your face thinking of the events that had transpired last night.

Getting out of bed, you grabbed a shirt off the floor and headed downstairs.

Once you got downstairs, you saw the tv was on playing Home Alone from the night before when you two were watching it together. You smiled as you walked past on the way to the kitchen.

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Disney Movies

For @mistahjimagines

Finally. The cabin. You push the key into the lock and then let the wind blow the door open. Bucky stumbles in behind you and shoves the door shut. It’s bitterly cold, out and even in the cabin it’s freezing but at least here you’re out of the wind. You make a beeline straight for the fireplace and with shaking hands manage to get some of the kindling lit. You hear Bucky moving behind you in the kitchen, probably looking for food, neither of you have eaten in almost two days. You’d never tell him but he gets so crabby when he doesn’t get to eat so you’re fine with him digging up some food before anything else.
“Doll.” He passes you a canteen of water and you clumsily take it from him with a soft smile. Your hands are still so numb from the cold. “You okay?”
“Just cold.” You assure him through chattering teeth.
“You need to get your wet things off.” Bucky tells you but it’s easier said than done. He turns back to the kitchen as he shrugs his own coat off. You struggle with the buttons of your wet coat, you have to undo them before you can unzip it.
“Buck. Help me.” You mutter, feeling rather pathetic. You’re an Avenger for crying out loud and you can’t even get your own coat off. He makes quick work of your coat then peels off his sweater and passes it to you.
“Put it on.” He orders as he disappears into one of the other rooms. You’re sliding your arms into the sweater when he comes back with an armful of blankets and pillows. He drops them on the floor then wraps one of them around you. “Stay by the fire. I’m going to get the mattress and we’ll stay in here tonight. I’ve got a feeling you’re going to need the extra warmth.”
“I’ll get started on some food.”
“No.” He catches you around the waist as you go to walk away and directs you to a spot directly in front of the fire. “Stay.”
“Bucky.” You protest and he shoots you his most stern look. You sigh loudly and stay put causing Bucky to laugh softly. He gets the mattress and then heads into the kitchen to grab food, you make the bed and pull your computer out while he’s in the kitchen.
“Alright doll. Movie and dinner. Under the covers.” He tells you with a smile. You do as he asks and burrow under the covers as he sets down the plate of sandwiches down in front of you and after throwing some more wood on the fire he slides under the blankets next to you.
“So I thought we could watch Frozen. It feels appropriate considering the temperature.” You tell Bucky with a smirk. He nods, his mouth already full of sandwich. You can’t help but giggle at him before you burrow into his side. He freezes for a second then wraps an arm around your waist. Keeping you flush against him, you eat your sandwich and hum along to the music. You’ve only seen the movie a hundred times.
Bucky laughs at the right moments, and gasps at the reveal of Hans. It’s more than a little adorable watching Disney movies with Bucky.
“Did you like it?” You ask him sleepily. The hike through the woods wiped you out more than you thought it would.
“I did. Can we watch another one?”
“Yea, how does Beauty and the Beast sound?”
“Sounds good.” He slips out of the bed to stock the fire again before grabbing the dishes from dinner. You’re shivering again by the time he comes back. “Come here Doll.” He says turning on his side you curl into him again. He wraps a hand around your waist, effectively spooning you from behind. He’s so warm and you’re so tired that you’re not awake past the first song of Beauty and the Beast. When he shifts to close the laptop you roll toward him so your head is tucked under the space below his chin. “Sleep tight my Belle.” He mutters just before you fall back asleep. Little does he know you’ve never thought him a Beast. He’s always been a prince to you.

Movie Quote of the Day is FIVE YEARS OLD today! Below is all of the Movie Quote of the Day posts from June 30th, 2014 thru today, but you can see all 1,799 movies/quotes here.

  • Three Men and a Baby, 1987 (dir. Leonard Nimoy)
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  • The Canyons, 2013 (dir. Paul Schrader)
  • A Little Bit of Heaven, 2012 (dir. Nicole Kassell)
  • Rocky IV, 1985 (dir. Sylvester Stallone)
  • Killer Joe, 2012 (dir. William Friedkin)
  • Reaching For The Moon, 2013 (dir. Bruno Barreto)
  • We Bought a Zoo, 2011 (dir. Cameron Crowe)
  • The Grifters, 1990 (dir. Stephen Frears)
  • Splash, 1984 (dir. Ron Howard)
  • 12 Years A Slave, 2013 (dir. Steve McQueen)
  • The Station Agent, 2003 (dir. Thomas McCarthy)
  • Point Break, 1991 (dir. Kathryn Bigelow)
  • Clear and Present Danger, 1994 (dir. Phillip Noyce)
  • The Bad News Bears, 1976 (dir. Michael Ritchie)
  • Dazed and Confused, 1993 (dir. Richard Linklater)
  • Ladies They Talk About, 1933 (dir. Howard Bretherton, William Keighley)
  • 2046, 2004 (dir. Wong Kar-Wai)
  • Riddick, 2013 (dir. David Twohy)
  • Julia, 1977 (dir. Fred Zinnemann)
  • The Americanization of Emily, 1964 (dir. Arthur Hiller)
  • Hook, 1991 (dir. Steven Spielberg)
  • Affliction, 1997 (dir. Paul Schrader)
  • Dogfight, 1991 (dir. Nancy Savoca)
  • Drugstore Cowboy, 1989 (dir. Gus Van Sant)
  • Dunston Checks In, 1996 (dir. Ken Kwapis)
  • The Expendables 2, 2012 (dir. Simon West)
  • The Lucky One, 2012 (dir. Scott Hicks)
  • The Avengers, 2012 (dir. Joss Whedon)
  • Brassed Off, 1996 (dir. Mark Herman)
  • School of Rock, 2003 (dir. Richard Linklater)
  • The Recruit, 2003 (dir. Roger Donaldson)
  • Revolutionary Road, 2008 (dir. Sam Mendes)
  • Picture Perfect, 1997 (dir. Glenn Gordon Caron)
  • Into the Night, 1985 (dir. John Landis)
  • All the Pretty Horses, 2000 (dir. Billy Bob Thornton)
  • Albert Nobbs, 2011 (dir. Rodrigo García)
  • Signs, 2002 (dir. M. Night Shyamalan)
  • Knock On Any Door, 1949 (dir. Nicholas Ray)
  • Merrily We Go To Hell, 1932 (dir. Dorothy Arzner)
  • Pitch Perfect, 2012 (dir. Jason Moore)
  • Inland Empire, 2006 (dir. David Lynch)
  • The Help, 2011 (dir. Tate Taylor)
  • Patch Adams, 1998 (dir. Tom Shadyac)
  • Foreign Correspondent, 1940 (dir. Alfred Hitchcock)
  • In weiter Ferne, so nah! (Faraway, So Close!), 1993 (dir. Wim Wenders)
  • Gone Baby Gone, 2007 (dir. Ben Affleck)
  • Devil in a Blue Dress, 1995 (dir. Carl Franklin)
  • Predator, 1987 (dir. John McTiernan)
  • Indecent Proposal, 1993 (dir. Adrian Lyne)
  • Get Over It, 2001 (dir. Tommy O’Haver)
  • Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, 2008 (dir. Bharat Nalluri)
  • Starlet, 2012 (dir. Sean Baker)
  • The Turning Point, 1977 (dir. Herbert Ross)
  • Humoresque, 1946 (dir. Jean Negulesco)
  • The Rebound, 2009 (dir. Bart Freundlich)
  • Seance on a Wet Afternoon, 1964 (dir. Bryan Forbes)
  • Panic Room, 2002 (dir. David Fincher)
  • Glengarry Glen Ross, 1992 (dir. James Foley)
  • Beyond Borders, 2003 (dir. Martin Campbell)
  • Night of the Comet, 1984 (dir. Thom Eberhardt)
  • The Steel Trap, 1952 (dir. Andrew L. Stone)
  • 28 Days, 2000 (dir. Betty Thomas)
  • The Presidio, 1988 (dir. Peter Hyams)
  • Bound For Glory, 1976 (dir. Hal Ashby)
  • 3 Women, 1977 (dir. Robert Altman)
  • Johnny Suede, 1991 (dir. Tom DiCillo)
  • Rounders, 1998 (dir. John Dahl)
  • Female, 1933 (dir. Michael Curtiz, William Dieterle, William A. Wellman)
  • Soapdish, 1991 (dir. Michael Hoffman)
  • I Love You, Alice B. Toklas!, 1968 (dir. Hy Averback)
  • Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story, 1993 (dir. Rob Cohen)
  • The King’s Speech, 2010 (dir. Tom Hooper)
  • Carrie, 1976 (dir. Brian De Palma)
  • To The Wonder, 2013 (dir. Terrence Malick)
  • Something New, 2006 (dir. Sanaa Hamri)
  • Sirens, 1993 (dir. John Duigan)
  • Coal Miner’s Daughter, 1980 (dir. Michael Apted)
  • Flubber, 1997 (dir. Les Mayfield)
  • Days of Thunder, 1990 (dir. Tony Scott)
  • Walking and Talking, 1996 (dir. Nicole Holofcener)
  • The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, 1947 (dir. Joseph L. Mankiewicz)
  • The Firm, 1993 (dir. Sydney Pollack)
  • One Day, 2011 (dir. Lone Scherfig)
  • View From The Top, 2003 (dir. Bruno Barreto)
  • Phantoms, 1998 (dir. Joe Chappelle)
  • Little Black Book, 2004 (dir. Nick Hurran)
  • Serious Moonlight, 2009 (dir. Cheryl Hines)
  • Dead Man Walking, 1995 (dir. Tim Robbins)
  • The Awakening, 2011 (dir. Nick Murphy)
  • Robot & Frank, 2012 (dir. Jake Schreier)
  • Dante’s Peak, 1997 (dir. Roger Donaldson)
  • Brokedown Palace, 1999 (dir. Jonathan Kaplan)
  • Love & Basketball, 2000 (dir. Gina Prince-Bythewood)
  • The Black Cat, 1934 (dir. Edgar G. Ulmer)
  • Hammett, 1982 (dir. Wim Wenders)
  • The Hours, 2002 (dir. Stephen Daldry)
  • My Demon Lover, 1987 (dir. Charlie Loventhal)
  • Re-Animator, 1985 (dir. Stuart Gordon)
  • School Ties, 1992 (dir. Robert Mandel)
  • I Walked With A Zombie, 1943 (dir. Jacques Tourneur)
  • Sneakers, 1992 (dir. Phil Alden Robinson)
  • Black Christmas, 1974 (dir. Bob Clark)
  • The Prophecy, 1995 (dir. Gregory Widen)
  • Witchboard, 1986 (dir. Kevin Tenney)
  • Mystic Pizza, 1988 (dir. Donald Petrie)
  • Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason, 2004 (dir. Beeban Kidron)
  • Sleepless in Seattle, 1993 (dir. Nora Ephron)
  • Enough Said, 2013 (dir. Nicole Holofcener)
  • Hachi: A Dog’s Tale, 2009 (dir. Lasse Hallström)
  • Kiss the Girls, 1997 (dir. Gary Fleder)
  • Beethoven, 1992 (dir. Brian Levant)
  • Along Came A Spider, 2001 (dir. Lee Tamahori)
  • Scream 2, 1997 (dir. Wes Craven)
  • Night of the Creeps, 1986 (dir. Fred Dekker)
  • The Ninth Gate, 1999 (dir. Roman Polanski)
  • My Week With Marilyn, 2011 (dir. Simon Curtis)
  • Bed of Roses,1996 (dir. Michael Goldenberg)
  • The Englishman Who Went Up a Hill But Came Down a Mountain, 1995 (dir. Christopher Monger)
  • The Yards, 2000 (dir. James Gray)
  • The Last Temptation of Christ, 1988 (dir. Martin Scorsese)
  • Vi är bäst! (We Are the Best! ), 2014 (dir. Lukas Moodysson)
  • Suspiria, 1977 (dir. Dario Argento)
  • Hellraiser, 1987 (dir. Clive Barker)
  • He Walked by Night, 1948 (dir. Alfred L. Werker)
  • This Woman is Dangerous, 1952 (dir. Felix E. Feist)
  • T-Men, 1947 (dir. Anthony Mann)
  • Act of Violence, 1948 (dir. Fred Zinnemann)
  • The Strange Love of Martha Ivers, 1946 (dir. Lewis Milestone)
  • The Red House, 1947 (dir. Delmer Daves)
  • This Gun for Hire,1942 (dir. Frank Tuttle)
  • The Dark Corner, 1946 (dir. Henry Hathaway)
  • Behind Locked Doors, 1948 (dir. Budd Boetticher)
  • Among the Living, 1941 (dir. Stuart Heisler)
  • Framed, 1947 (dir. Richard Wallace)
  • The Second Woman, 1950 (dir. James V. Kern)
  • Southside 1-1000, 1950 (dir. Boris Ingster)
  • His Kind of Woman, 1951 (dir. John Farrow)
  • Destination Murder, 1950 (dir. Edward L. Cahn)
  • Lust For Gold, 1949 (dir. S. Sylvan Simon)
  • Two Smart People, 1946 (dir. Jules Dassin)
  • Cause for Alarm!, 1951 (dir. Tay Garnett)
  • Woman on the Run, 1950 (dir. Norman Foster)
  • The Woman on Pier 13, 1949 (dir. Robert Stevenson)
  • While The City Sleeps, 1956 (dir. Fritz Lang)
  • I Wake Up Screaming, 1941(dir. H. Bruce Humberstone)
  • The Turning Point, 1952 (dir. William Dieterle)
  • Dark City, 1950 (dir. William Dieterle)
  • Crime Against Joe, 1956 (dir. Lee Sholem)
  • Witness to Murder, 1954 (dir. Roy Rowland)
  • Thieves’ Highway, 1949 (dir. Jules Dassin)
  • The Dark Mirror, 1946 (dir. Robert Siodmak)
  • Pitfall, 1948 (dir. André De Toth)
  • I, The Jury, 1953 (dir. Harry Essex)
  • Scoop, 2006 (dir. Woody Allen)
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anonymous asked:

ahh kuroo is my FAVE, if you want a fluff request, can i request kuroo cuddling with his s/o early in the morning, bc he's a morning person, so even though they don't have anywhere to be, he tends to wake up early, and he accidentally wakes her up :D

AAW, Okay so I have my own fluff in mind! HOWEVER, I am going to use this as part of it!!! <3 It’s pretty cute! It might seem a little different, but its morning cuddles!

“Walk faster Tetsurou!!” You were on your way home from school, Kuroo dragging behind you. It was normal for him to walk home with you, considering you two had been friends for years. Kenma rarely walked with you two, he really liked hanging out with you, but found your amount of energy slightly exhausting.

“___-chan, I think you’re walking too fast.” You looked forward and saw the grocery store you normally pass. You thought for a moment. Do you have any food at home? Going shopping alone tomorrow will be a pain. You looked over at Kuroo and gave him a devilish smirk. “Oh god…”

“Tetsurou..” Suddenly your face feigned innocence. You gave him the cutest look you could muster, and with the sweetest tone you asked him. “Would you like me to cook for you tonight?”

“You can cook?!”

“If you don’t want to that’s fine… I just… wanted to spend more time with you today.” Kuroo didn’t understand why his face warmed up, his cheeks were tinted pink. He felt his heart race, and his palms sweat.

“N-no, I want you to.” You smiled and looked him dead in the eye.

“Good, you can help me carry groceries home.” Kuroo laughed a bit. He ruffled your hair and smiled.

“Really? You don’t care about spending time with me, you just want my muscles.”

“Well… You’re half right.” You walked into the store. Kuroo took a second, watching you walk in. He realized something that day. He was in love with you. He fell in love with his best friend. He wasn’t sure how it happened, he only knew that it did.

He walked in after you. You were walking down the aisle with your cart. You saw the sauce you wanted on the top shelf. Kuroo watched you struggle and started to laugh again. When did you become so cute? 

“Care to help a lady out?” You motioned towards the sauce. Kuroo walked forward and grabbed it for you, placing it in the cart. You smiled and started walking down the aisle again. You two spent about twenty minutes buying some groceries.

Time skip~

“Finally we’re here!!” You dropped the bags you were carrying to the ground. You sighed in relief and Kuroo picked them back up, carrying them to your kitchen.

“Did you have to buy so much?” He started putting your groceries away for you. You followed him to the kitchen and chuckled a bit. You started pulling out some cooking supplies and took off your jacket. Kuroo watched as the fabric left your body, your arms being let free from their confinement. You weren’t showing much skin, but for some reason… it was driving him crazy.

Why did he have to fall in love with you? He loved hanging out with you. He loved how comfortable with each other you two were. You spend countless hours cuddling on the couch together, he even frequently spent the night, asleep next to you in your bed. It was never a problem… but now…

“Are you listening?”


“I asked if you could pick out a movie for us tonight.”

“Oh… sure.” He walked away from you to your living room. He dug through your movie collection and groaned. “___-chan… are you hiding the action movies?”

“Nooooo… Thats preposterous! I would never!” You laughed a bit and set the timer on the oven. Kuroo picked on that he knew made you cry. You walked in and looked at the case. “Really?”

“You brought this upon yourself.” You flopped onto the couch next to Kuroo. pressing your back against his chest. You both were horizontal, making yourselves comfortable. He wrapped his arm around you out of instinct. He realized after his arm stopped moving what he did. He also knew that pulling it away would arise suspicion. 

The timer dinged and you paused the movie. You ran to the oven and pulled out the dinner you made. Kuroo followed after you, his arms longing to be around you again. You pulled out two plates and dished the both of you up. He grabbed the plate and sat down at the table with you.

“I hope you like it!” You blew on the spoonful of food you picked up. The steam visibly gliding of the utensil. After you cooled it down you stuck the spoon in your mouth. Kuroo followed suit and you two enjoyed your dinner together.

After you ate, you put the dishes in the sink and returned to your positions on the couch. You pressed play and resumed the movie. You watched as they said goodbye to their pet dog. One that they made you grow to love during the movie. You felt the tears stream down your face. Kuroo chuckled a bit. He was also feeling some heartache over the movie, but he took it a lot better than you.

Soon after you ended up falling asleep against his chest. He leaned over and looked at your face. He picked you up and carried you to your bed, laying you down carefully. After he put you down he checked the time. The last train had already left, he was stuck there. He was about to make his way to the living room, when the floor creaked loudly.

“Tetsurou?” He turned his head a bit and sighed.

“Hey, sorry I didn’t mean to wake you…”

“Where are you going?” You propped yourself up and yawned. Kuroo looked away from you.

“Back to the living room, I’m just gunna crash here.”

“Huh? The living room? Come lay on the bed…” You stood up and walked to your dresser. You pulled out a pair of Kuroo’s sweat pants and threw them at him. Kuroo reluctantly agreed and started to undress. You looked over and watched him remove his shirt. When did he get so muscular? You watched him slid his pants down his legs, his thighs were thick, and also muscular.

“Sorry, I was afraid getting into the bed would wake you.” You didn’t really buy that. He had mentioned after you were already away that he was going to the living room. You felt your heart beat faster. You grabbed a piece of clothing from the dresser and walked into the bathroom. Kuroo sighed and sat on the bed.

You walked out wearing one of his large shits. You weren’t wearing pants, or a bra. It was still fairly normal for you to dress in a long shirt for bed, however usually it was one of your own long shirts. Kuroo’s mouth opened a bit, in awe of you.

“Sorry, all of my clothes are dirty.”

“Is that my shirt?”

“Yeah it is… I promise I’ll wash it.”

“Why aren’t you wearing pants?”

“hmm? Don’t worry Kuroo… You will see a woman’s pair of panties soon enough. Or maybe… Do you want to see mine?” You started lifting your shirt up past your thighs. Kuroo turned his head away.

“Ya know, I’m still a man.”

“Yeah I know… So does this girl in my class.” As you spoke those words, you immediately wanted to take them back. Kuroo looked back at you and tilted his head a bit.

“Really? Who?”

“I… I don’t remember.” You sat down on the bed and collapsed on the pillow. Kuroo looked up and down your figure. He laid next to you and sighed. Why did it upset you so much that he was curious about her? You thought about the way Kuroo looked at you on a daily basis, you didn’t want him to look at anyone else that way.

After a bit of thinking you both drifted off to sleep. In the morning Kuroo woke up a bit early. He sat up in bed and yawned, he turned and glanced over at you. He looked at your face, it seemed so peaceful. He leaned down and was about to kiss your lips softly. He stopped himself. He couldn’t steal a kiss from you, it wouldn’t be fair to you… Instead he gently kissed the top of your head.

“Tetsurou?” You opened your eyes and looked over at the topless male next to you. Your heart was beating fast again. You knew now that you were in love with him, but you also didn’t want anything to change. Unless the change was for the better.


“For what? Are you leaving?”

“uh… no, not yet.”

“Can you stay in bed with me for a bit? I don’t want to be away from you right now.” He pulled you onto him, so your head was on his chest, and your body was wrapping around his. He traced circles on your thigh, the thigh you had resting on his torso. Your hand was gripping his shoulder as he ran his fingers up and down your outer thigh. You glanced at his face, his eyes were closed, but he was smiling.

You felt your body move forward, it was as if your body had a mind of it’s own. You placed your lips gently onto his. His eyes shot open, he looked at you, confused. He knew he was in love with you, but he had no idea you were into him as well.


“I-I’m sorry!” You sat up and tried to jump off the bed, Kuroo grabbed you and pulled you back down. He kissed your lips, more passionately than you kissed his. You wrapped your arms around his neck, not wanting him to stop. You fell in love with your best friend.

Gabriel - Christmas

The arrival of Christmas has always been a joyous occasion; especially since you began hanging around Gabriel, the literal angel of Christmas.

As December rolls around, the golden archangel is always happy to flutter about, decorating just about every room within your home. He hangs sparkling lights on nearly every door frame, takes you ‘tree hunting,’ and eagerly wears a bright-red Santa hat whenever granted the opportunity. 

Gabriel loves when you take him to family Christmas parties; however, he would much rather stay home, watch cheesy holiday movies, and bake yummy Christmas treats. 

…okay, so Gabriel isn’t the best baker; but he is always glad to lick the cookie dough from the spoon and test any of the holiday dishes. 

“Do you want to try these cookies?” you would question, adjusting the warm plate on your hand as you walked into the room where you had last seen the whisky-eyed angel. Spotting him standing on a nearby wooden chair, you would raise your eyebrows, curiously watching as he reached towards the top of your massive Christmas tree. “Gabriel?” you would call out, smiling when he twisted his head to gaze down upon you. “What’re you doing?”

“Personalizing the tree-topper.” he’d reply, flashing you one of his signature goofy smirks, and giving a nonchalant shrug of his shoulders. 

Squinting your eyes towards the top of the tree, you would giggle, taking note of a photo-form Gabriel smiling down from the top branch. “You taped a picture of yourself to the tree, Gabe?” 

“Every Christmas tree needs an angel, [Y/N].” he would say enthusiastically, hopping down from the wooden chair, bounding to your side, and swiping one of the cookies from the plate still resting on your hand. “Now… how about we save the rest of the baking for later? Hmmm…?” Gabriel would hint, his whisky colored eyes twinkling in a similar way to that of the many Christmas lights decorating the room.

“…because I think I saw some mistletoe with your name on it, sugar.”

Originally posted by sophie-in-the-tardis


I hope y’all have a wonderful Christmas. And if you don’t celebrate Christmas? I hope you have a fantastic day :)

Exo’s Reaction - Movie Night At Home

Thanks for the request! I hope you like it! @popitsilimpari


Xiumin - *Constant outbursts of aegyo when there was an advert that popped up and he’d cuddle up to you close*

Lay - *Cuddling with him, constant kisses but half way through the film, he’d fall asleep but you decide to leave him, put a blanket over him and play with his hair*

Kai - *Both you would be so entranced into the movie that you’re watching while cuddling, his arm around you, and your legs on his thighs*

Suho - *Spooning on the couch, while watching a film is his favourite thing to do with you, giving you kisses on the cheek now and again and pulls you closer*

Kyungsoo - *He’d make food for you both, your favourite dish for you to enjoy while cuddling up, watching a film you chose and afterwards and wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off your beauty*

Tao - *Every time something came up that scared him, he’d hind behind you for the remainder of the film because he doesn’t like whats happening*

Chen - *Constantly tease you by tickling you and after 5 minutes he cuddles up close to you, not leaving you go and places little pecks on the side of your neck now and again*

Kris - *He loves spending time with you but when he gets distracted  by something, he looses track of the film and doesn’t stop nagging you to tell him whats happening*

Chanyeol - *Every time you jump out of your skin because something scared you, he’d sit there laughing his ass for about 5 minutes until he manages to stop then he’d make sure you’re okay but still giggles to himself*

Baekhyun - *He uses his phrase ‘Kkaepsong’ everytime he thought it was suitable for a scene and when you told him that you’d get Kyungsoo if he doesn’t stop because it was getting on your nerves, he stops and cuddles you without a word, acting all innocent*

Sehun - *Keeps switching the TV off just to get on your nerves because he doesn’t like the movie you picked to watch so when you finally let him to put on what he wants, he stops being a brat and hugs you*

Luhan - *Can’t really tell if he actually likes the film or not but he likes the quality time your spending together and kisses you on your head and plays with your hair but then after 10 minutes, he gets you to play with his*


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Title: Luv(Sic) (Or 5 Times Teru Nearly Died +1)
Series: Mob Psycho 100
Characters: Shigeo Kageyama, Teruki Hanazawa; brief appearances by Kurata Tome, Ritsu Kageyama, and other Shige friends 
Pairings: Terumob
Notes: I’ve been in a terumob mood for the past month and have been sitting on this 5+1 fic idea for a while so here it is. Please help my son and his onesided crush or is it.

Title taken from a song series by Nujabes and Shing02

There are absolutely no spoilers in this one! Other than the very brief mention of a character that’ll show up soon, everyone can read this and enjoy it. I’m hoping I didn’t go to OOC with the fluff on this one.

Warnings: Food mention/description. 

Keep reading

latte hearts

It started on an extraordinarily slow, unusually wet Thursday afternoon.

Bin was behind the counter of the coffee shop in his neighborhood, where he worked in the afternoons and evenings. The shop was empty (due to the rain) and he was working by himself (due to Minhyuk’s dance practice). On any other day, Bin probably would have been a little more restless being all on his own, but the pouring rain had made him feel sleepy. The smell of coffee beans roasting in the back was comforting, and the owner of the shop kept it pleasantly heated to chase away the October chill.

He was just considering exactly how much trouble he’d get in for going and lying down on the couch in the break room when the bell on the front door chimed and Bin was jerked out of his sleepy stupor. He straightened, ready to greet the customer, and even got his mouth open to say hello–

–and was immediately struck dumb when the newcomer lowered the hood of his jacket, revealing the most beautiful face Bin had ever laid eyes on.

So instead of greeting the customer like a normal, functioning human, Bin stood behind the counter, mouth hanging half open while the ethereal boy crossed the room, shaking rain out of his hair as he went.

Bin was helpless but to stare as the boy drew closer. Just as the boy made it to the counter, Bin managed to snap his jaw shut and hoped to the heavens that he’d not been caught.

“Hi,” he said, and then immediately cleared his throat when the word came out closer to a squeak than he’d ever want to admit to. The squeak was enough to bring Bin under the boy’s full attention though, his round eyes sliding from the menu over Bin’s head to focus on his face instead. If Bin had been a lesser man, he might have melted a little bit, because this boy’s attention was complete, and the intelligence behind his eyes was unnerving. “Can I get you something?” Bin asked, and silently thanked whatever deity had listened that he managed to talk in a normal voice.

The customer’s eyes considered Bin for a moment, and then moved back to the menu. “Um,” he said, and Oh my god, Bin thought, His voice is as deep as JinJin-hyung’s.

Bin was so distracted by the boy’s voice that he missed it continuing and has to ask for him to repeat himself. “Just something warm,” the boy said again, and then smiled and Bin died because it was a smile that made the boy’s eyes disappear into crescents even with his lips still closed.

“Is a latte okay?” Bin managed to ask, and hoped he didn’t sound like he was dying on the inside.

“That’s fine,” the boy said, and then Bin rang him up and counted his change, then told him it’d be a few minutes. Only once the boy had moved towards a table did Bin move to start making the latte. As he was getting to the end of the process, pouring the steamed milk into the cup, did he make a split second decision.

Bin carried the mug over to the boy, complete with a saucer and spoon. He smiled, tried not to die (again) at the one he received in return, then placed the latte on the table and quickly escorted himself back behind the counter before he could see the boy’s reaction to the heart he made in the foam.

Bin spent the next half hour making up tasks for himself to seem busy. He wiped down the cappuccino machine, straightened the pastry display, pretended to take stock of the different packaged coffee grounds, cleaned the cappuccino machine again. He spent the entire time watching the other boy out of the corner of his eye. Bin didn’t notice any unusual reaction to the latte. In fact, the boy hardly seemed to pay that much attention to it–he had pulled several books out of his backpack and was scribbling away in a notebook. Bin wanted to wander over and look at what he was doing, but couldn’t find any reason to justify it. Instead he hovered behind the counter, finally resorting to folding clean towels to keep his hands busy. Bin stayed there as the other boy stood, repacked his books into his backpack, and left after throwing another dazzling smile in Bin’s direction.

After waiting a moment to make sure he wasn’t going to come back, Bin swept over to the boy’s abandoned table to pick up the dirty dishes. The cup had been carefully placed back on the saucer, spoon perfectly perpendicular to the mug. The most interesting thing on the table, though, wasn’t the attention to detail given to placing an empty mug back on a saucer. Instead, Bin was distracted by the napkin, which had been written on.

Ignoring the cup, Bin picked up the napkin. It had two things drawn on it. First, there was what looked like one of the Minions from that American movie Bin’s younger sister had enjoyed so much, with one big eye and a hand raised up like it was waving. The second drawing was a heart, shaped purposefully like the slightly crooked one Bin had put in the boy’s latte.

Grinning, Bin tucked the napkin into his back pocket. He wasn’t sure if the boy would return, but a Minion drawing seemed like a positive sign for the future. Maybe other extraordinarily slow, unusually wet Thursdays wouldn’t be so bad.

first installment in a binu coffeshop miniseries~