the discworld emporium

The Discworld Atlas has been compiled under the aegis of the Unseen University’s Department of Cruel and Unusual Geography, benefiting from the expert knowledge of Professor Rincewind, whose recollection of his travels is so remarkably clear that he did not find it necessary to revisit any location to further the department’s work on this volume.

–Introduction to The Compleat Discworld Atlas | Terry Pratchett and the Discworld Emporium, The Compleat Discworld Atlas

Today I FINALLY got to go to the Discworld Emporium in Somerset. It was utterly brilliant. I would’ve happily bought every single thing they sold if I’d had the money! Instead I went for an Assasin’s Guild flag, some silver The Turtle Moves earrings and some beer mats for Dom.

But seriously, I cannot describe how cool it is there. If you’re a Terry Pratchett fan you must find a way to go! The people were lovely and they showed me new artwork for books and games that aren’t out yet and talked to me about lots of Discworld things. And if that wasn’t enough, Sir Terry only bloody rang them up while I was in there! I had to restrain myself from squealing like a schoolgirl. Seriously, the whole place almost caused me to die of excitement. I might move there. :P