the disaster signing

  • Aries: Influence - Love myself tonight and I think you can feel the same
  • Taurus: Don't Talk About It - The world is beautiful / so why don't you feel anything?
  • Gemini: True Disaster - Keep playing my heartstrings faster and faster / you can be just what I want, my true disaster
  • Cancer: Imaginary Friend - Got my arm around with superglue / come power through
  • Leo: WTF Love Is - I know that I'm a handful / but you get me, know what you signed up for
  • Virgo: Flashes - People come / I push them away
  • Libra: Vibes - Flickering, our eyes go wide / you giving me studded sight / painting stars / in our hearts
  • Scorpio: Keep it Simple - Let me keep it simple / so I don't have to face ya
  • Sagittarius: Cool Girl - No, let's not put a label on it / let's keep it fun
  • Capricorn: Don't Talk About It - Don't talk about it / sweep it under the rug like we do
  • Aquarius: Lady Wood - Looking like the freak card kind
  • Pisces: Vibes - Whisper pretty little things / heart sings, I feel 'em, ooh / dreamer, tripping on your highs / feelin' all the vibes
The signs as natural disasters

Aries: Volcanic eruptions

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Taurus: Solar flares

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Gemini: Tsunami

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Cancer: Thunder storms

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Leo: Earthquakes

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Virgo and Saggitarius: Landslides

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Libra: Blizzards

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Scorpio: Floods

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Capricorn: Sinkholes

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Aquarius: Cyclonic storms

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Pisces: Tornadoes

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Civil War? Did you mean: Stressed Out Father Tony Stark

“Steve I’m trying to get you out of your last disaster would you SIT STILL FOR FIVE SECONDS?!”

“Vision keep an eye on Wanda and don’t let her get into any more trouble until I’m back!”

“Why is this kitchen a mess? I didn’t raise you like this!”

“No, Steve and Sam, you two can’t fight the entire UN on your own!”

“Natasha please talk to the children they don’t listen to me anymore!”

“Clint, what the hell! You’re an actual dad. You’re supposed to be doing the responsible thing here!”

“Yes, Wanda, I locked you in your room for your own safety but only because I love you and you’re literally not a US citizen who just created a major disaster abroad??”

“Steve, please sign this so the Fresh Prince of Wakanda stops trying to kill your friend…”

“Who brought the giant plane destroying man?! This is exactly the kind of dangerous shit I’ve been warning you about!”

“Peter stay out of harms way! Wear protective gear! Keep your distance! Stand down!”

“Let go of my Rhodey!”

“Natasha you’re not helping, dammit!”

“All of you sit in silence and think of what you did while I convince Ross not to expel you!”

The Signs as Natural Disasters
  • Aries: Forest Fire
  • Taurus: Earthquake
  • Gemini: Tornado
  • Cancer: Flood
  • Leo: Lightning Storm
  • Virgo: Sink Hole
  • Libra: Hurricane
  • Scorpio: Hail Storm
  • Sagittarius: Volcano
  • Capricorn: Meteor Shower
  • Aquarius: Black Hole
  • Pisces: Tsunami

lot of negative feelings about the march: sloppy, poorly organised, sprawling, kind of a disaster.
90% of the signs were gender essentialist, pointless, or outright stupid. the worst was when it crossed under the morrison bridge, under which and around which a lot of people are camped out, in and out of tents. clearly fucking visible people huddled up trying to sleep, trying to survive. i paused to give out foot warmers and water bottles and then stopped to watch several hundred people pass by without even glancing at the people trying to survive, they didn’t even curb their yelling although there was more than one person trying to sleep in a bag outside a tent.
Portland makes me angry but i’ve never been that furiously disappointed before. several hundred people walking by yelling for change and i only saw one person make eye contact, stop to talk.

the march was a failure imo. and there was no coherent momentum to carry that energy on to meaningful change.

SO angry. i started to cry and then we left the march even tho we’d just started walking. we were in the latter half and an hour into the march had gone 50 feet from where we started.

  • Aries: Sandstorm
  • Taurus: Earthquake
  • Gemini: Blizzard
  • Cancer: Tsunami
  • Leo: Wildfire
  • Virgo: Landslide
  • Libra: Sinkhole
  • Scorpio: Cyclone
  • Sagittarius: Volcano
  • Capricorn: Avalanche
  • Aquarius: Tornado
  • Pisces: Hurricane
the signs as natural disasters/death they cause

Aries: Volcanic Eruption; cooked by waves of gas
Taurus: Earthquake; crushed by falling objects
Gemini: Tornado; falling to death out of the tornado
Cancer: Hurricane/Typhoon; spontaneous debris
Leo: Drought; famine and starvation
Virgo: Avalanche/Mudslide; buried alive
Libra: Asteroid; crushed by impact
Scorpio: Tsunami; pulled and drowned underwater
Sagittarius: Wildfire; suffocated and burned alive
Capricorn: Blizzard; freezing to death
Aquarius: Epidemic; painful infection
Pisces: Flood; trapped and slowly drowning

Signs as Natural Disasters...

Forest fires, for those who’s emotions may become to hot:
Aries, Gemini, Taurus

Earthquake, for those who can shake you to your very core: Leo, Capricorn, Sagittarius

Hurricane, for those who can blow you away for how underrated they are: Scorpio, Cancer, Libra

Tsunami, for those who will wash away your worries:
Virgo, Pisces, Aquarius

zodiac couples x natural disasters

earth sign + earth sign = earthquake: cracking but together

water sign + water sign = sea storm: swelling with passion

fire sign + fire sign = volcano:
bubbling with energy

air sign + air sign = sand storm:
blinded by love

earth sign + water sign = tsunami:
taking over everything

water sign + fire sign = lightning storm:
powerful yet fascinating

fire sign + air sign = drought:
begging for more

air sign + earth sign = tornado:
enticing but extreme

earth sign + fire sign = wildfire:
endless and exciting

water sign + air sign = hurricane:
unstoppable yet intense

Save Me - Chapter 9

After the signing, we were all to assemble in the far corner of the room, that’s where the guys were going to do the Q & A. Instead of getting upset at Lily, I just let it go, I didn’t want to ruin the rest of the day. For her part, I think Lily knew she needed to be good and after that whole disaster with the signing, she acted like a perfect little angel. I must have looked really deranged for her to have a total turn around like this. If she stays good like she is now, it’ll be worth my complete and utter humiliation. Or at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.

It was announced that the Q & A would be starting shortly so the girls and I found a spot on the floor in front of the chairs we assumed they’d be sitting at. Just as we got comfortable, my phone rang. Looking at the screen I knew I had to take it.

“Hello? Yes, this is Vivian Abbott. Can you please hold for a second so I can move to a quieter place? Thank you.”

Moving Lily off my lap, I told the girls to hang tight and that is be right back. Seeing a door to my right, just behind where the guys were finishing signing autographs, I snuck through the door knowing quiet was probably on the other side.

Normally I wouldn’t take calls at events like this but this particular call was important. The medical facility I was heading to in Kisangani is internationally funded and the Red Cross coordinates that effort but there is only so much money to go around. That’s where my talent at gaining outside donations comes in. The fighting in these countries never stops so the need for extra supplies like vaccines and antibiotics is always there. Knowing this, each time I head there for work, I do my best to gather as many donations as I can. This part is personal to me but without my job title and the Red Cross backing me, donations would have far more red tape to go through before they got to where they needed to go.

I was so engrossed in the call and the details of the supply pick up I was trying to confirm that I never heard him walking behind me. Just about finished with my call, I turned around my stomach dropped to my toes. Jared.

“I don’t think you’re supposed to be back here, Auntie Vivie.” There he was again with that sexy deep voice, sly smile and intense god damn gaze.

“I’m sorry…important call I had to take. It’s just so loud in there, ya know.” Even I could tell my words were just stumbling out of my mouth, I had to look away…Ahhh embarrassing!! It’s all because of those damn eyes! This man had a way of being so intense that I couldn’t even keep eye contact.

Floating my eyes back up to his I was just going to open my mouth to speak, no doubt looking like a fool stumbling on my words again but we were thankfully interrupted. Reni popped her head in. Thank you, Reni!

“Jared, the natives are getting restless and we still have to do pictures…” You could tell she was getting flustered.

Without another word to me, Jared turned on his heals and walked back through the door shouting “heeyyyyy, did ya miss me?!” He was met by loud cheers once again.

The Signs as Natural Disasters

Aries: Volcano

Taurus: Earthquake

Gemini: Sand Storm or Monsoon

Cancer: Tsunami

Leo: Solar Flare

Virgo: Landslide

Libra: Avalanche

Scorpio: Hurricane, Cyclone

Sagittarius: Wild Fire

Capricorn: Blizzard

Aquarius: Tornado

Pisces: Flood

The Signs as Natural Disasters:

aries- volcanic eruption
taurus- landslide
gemini- tornado
cancer- tsunami
leo- drought
virgo- sandstorm
libra- earthquake
scorpio- hurricane
saggitarius- wildfire
capricorn- avalanche
aquarius- sinkhole
pisces- tropical storm


Water Signs (♋♏♓) - People tend to forget that water forms to any shape and has the ability to freeze. Thus being said, they are shapeshifters, and is hard to tell who they truely are. & As the emotional and runny heartfelt people that they can be, they have the ability turn ice cold and cut you off in an instant.

Earth Signs (♉♑♍) - These signs are the lover and the fighter. I personally like to think of them as one person, with two emotions.. The earth itself feeds us, houses us, and is absolutely beautiful, but with everything it gives, it can be taken back just as easily (earth quakes, landslides, natural disasters). Earth signs will spoil you until you absuse their giving nature…

Fire Signs (♈♌♐) - Fire is a symbol of passion, eternal love, & war. Fire signs can be very brash and aggressive, but also loving and sincere. What they say may offend some, but always comes from the heart (even the mean stuff). Many people see them as giant temper tantrums, but thats only because they have such big hearts, that are easily hurt. Even though you may not see it, they are human.

Air Signs (♊♎♒) - They hide, you seek. The forever game of giggles is the life of an Air sign. They are the saying “swept off your feet”. Personally, I link Air signs to music, because without them there wouldnt be any sound in the world. Sound travels through air, which is why they are said to be great talkers, and vocalists. They usually have exceptional hearing.