the disappearance of the dwemer

when fo4 came out the entire bioware fandom moved into my house for one month and scrawled vague things about nick valentine’s ripped up mannequin dick all over the walls and insisted to me that fnv was homophobic with no given reason and then disappeared like the dwemer

now the only evidence that they ever existed are a cache of feral-hancock sadout fics which are currently being kept in a vault under the smithsonian


In Blackreach if you shout at “The Sun” lantern, you will set off an alarm that will summon Vulthuryol. He survived The Blades last slaying of all the dragons by hiding underground. It’s also possible he was friends with the Dwemer before they disappeared…since he has a dinner bell.  He eventually lands, and it’s easiest to fight him then, so don’t bother getting out your spells or bow. You can’t tame him using bend will (shucks), and his name means Dark-Overlord-Fire.

Perhaps tired of moving from one attempt at Orsinium to another, or perhaps admiring the unmatched metalcraft of the Dwemer, some Orsimer have chosen to rebuild and resettle the ancient strongholds of the Dwarves that dot the Dragontail Mountains. Many have adapted centurion parts into armor, and some have even taken to wearing their hair and beard in a Dwemeri fashion, leading superstitious locals to believe that the Dwemer never really disappeared, but were instead turned into Orcs as punishment for questioning the Divines.

(Illustration: This man, who identified himself only as Gro-Shada, was the gate guard at the citadel called Bthukhrad.)