the disappearance of the dwemer

when fo4 came out the entire bioware fandom moved into my house for one month and scrawled vague things about nick valentine’s ripped up mannequin dick all over the walls and insisted to me that fnv was homophobic with no given reason and then disappeared like the dwemer

now the only evidence that they ever existed are a cache of feral-hancock sadout fics which are currently being kept in a vault under the smithsonian

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Hey, so I used to think that, considering the last Dwemer was off exploring another dimension when the rest of the Dwemer disappeared, some sort of malfunctioning interdimensional tech threw them into another plain of existence. But I recently read something along the lines that using Kagrenac's tools on Lorkhan's Heart may have disintegrated their entire race. What really happened to them?

The disappearance of the Dwemer is a long-solved mystery in TES lore, and not too hard to understand, so long as you remember the following concepts:

-The creation of Nirn robbed the initial spirits who made of it of their immortal, nonlinear forms. 

-The dwemer really really REALLY fucking hated this.

-The dwemer can communicate with each other telepathically, it’s a skill called the Calling.

-The dwemer do not believe in the divines and other godlike beings. They believe they EXIST, but that those powers are not absolute and more importantly, can be recreated.

So, the dwemer sought to create a way to ascend by their own hand: a new god powered by the Heart of Lorkhan that the dwemer would then collectively merge with, transcending mortality and becoming what they all secretly wanted to be.

This is of course, the Brass God Numidium.

Unfortunately, during the battle of Red Mountain when the Chimer attacked the Dwemer for doing this whole shebang in the first place, chief foremer Kagrenac tried to expedite the process before the Tribunal + Nerevar could burst through the front door and properly slap him with a rubber dildo or whatever Vivec does to people. He attempted the soul-bonding process early, and fucked it up. Throughout his entire race a Call went out for ascension, but rather than being a proper component, they became an imperfect one. They are now its divine angry skin, constantly causing it to stomp around and metaphysically scream about how the world shouldn’t exist. With an entire race vehemently believing so, those denials become reality.

So there’s your answer: the dwemer became the skin of a giant angry manbaby tantrum robot.

The more I think about the Dawnguard DLC, the more pissed off I get at how they totally botched the Snow Elf part of it.

Think about how poignant and tragic it COULD HAVE been:

When the Snow Elves were heading underground (not fully realizing what the Dwemer were going to do to them), the brothers Gelebor and Vyrthur selflessly agree give up lives with their people to defend the Chantry of Auriel in Hidden Vale until the time the Snow Elves can return to claim it.

Gelebor is the Warrior, Vyrthur is the Mage. Before they leave, the Snow Elves use the full weight of their powers to block off all access to the vale by creating / knocking down glaciers over all the exits. And Gelebor and Vyrthur are put into a magical stasis just within the gates of the chantry, alive but forever frozen, until the Snow Elves return OR if a great threat (probably human) comes to the Chantry.

But we of course know what happens. The Snow Elves are betrayed and turned into the Falmer. And for thousands of years, nature reclaims the isolated vale, the chantry falling into disrepair, with Gelebor and Vyrthur silently awaiting a return that will never happen. Legends circulate around Skyrim / Imperial mages’ colleges about a hidden valley with an ancient shrine to the old Aldmeris sun-god Auriel, guarded by two loyal Snow Elf brothers who tragically do not realize what has happened since they were entombed. Some have claimed to have seen the paradisaical Vale and Chantry, but it was too bound by ice and snow to ever reach it.

But then the Dwemer disappear, and the blind, corrupted Falmer are free from their purgatory. But the Falmer REMEMBER - they remember how Auriel did NOTHING to save them from the humans, and then from the Dwemer. And still being sentient, a large group of them decide in their rage to go back to Hidden Vale and destroy the Chantry in open disdain for a false god who turned his back on them.

Despite their corruption, the Snow Elf and then Falmer mages continued to pass on the secret of Hidden Vale and how to reopen it - through all of their torment, their return to the bosom of Auriel was the one hope that sustained them. But that is gone now.

So the Falmer enter the Vale. Because “the Snow Elves have returned,” Gelebor and Vyrthur are awakened. They are overjoyed, thinking their people have finally returned. But then they realize something is terribly, HORRIBLY wrong. They confront the Falmer, not knowing what they are, and the Falmer tell them what happened over the years that have passed, and why they are there.

Both Gelebor and Vyrthur are devastated. Gelebor, having nothing now but his faith in Auriel, assures the Falmer that Auriel’s ways are unknown to mortals, but there MUST be a reason this has happened. The Falmer should put aside their rage and restore their dedication to the Sun-God, and surely he will restore them. But Vyrthur is enraged - he agrees with the Falmer. His faith is immediately and forever sundered. Auriel has either abandoned them, or is no real god at all. He feels betrayed and deceived. He will help the Falmer destroy the Chantry, and then leave the Vale for good. The old world is officially dead.

Gelebor latches on to his faith, all he has, and turns on his brother. No - he WILL defend the Chantry, and Vythur and the Falmer are wrong. They must learn the error of their ways. And if they will not, then he will kill all of them to make sure Auriel’s holy place is maintained. For now he knows that he and he alone is the last defender of the Sun-God.

THAT’S what we should have gotten in a DLC. No stupid vampire shit. Gelebor defending the Chantry for hundreds of years, alone, against his brother and the Falmer. The player would have to choose a side, and either help defend the chantry or help finally destroy it. Either way, at the end, the player would get the bow, and either Vyrthur or Gelebor would let us have it - either because it is nothing but a meaningless relic anymore (Vyrthur), or because the player should take it out into the world and use it to remind everyone of the eternal power of the Sun-God.

The Vyrthur ending would have him leaving the Vale with the Falmer, becoming their king, dedicating himself to helping them get revenge on whatever world now exists outside the Vale. The Gelebor ending would have him remaining at the Chantry, hoping he can someday “save” any other Falmer who arrive, and hoping beyond hope that SOMEWHERE, there are non-corrupted Snow Elves who will some day “come home.” In this ending, the player could explain something of the current situation in Skyrim, ask Gelebor to allow other races to come to the Vale, that perhaps it could be a place of reconciliation.

And Gelebor would agree, because “To be honest, Dragonborn, I have been alone for a very long time - having some peaceful company might be…nice. Finally.”



zodiacs as tes lore:
  • aries: the eruption of red mountain
  • taurus: when alessia and morihaus banged
  • gemini: the dwemer disappearing
  • cancer: when molag bal got angry because dragons enslaved mortals before he did
  • leo: pelinal whitestrake
  • virgo: kahjiit are actually elves but then azura changed them into what they are today
  • libra: queen barenziah doing the diddle dangle with talos
  • scorpio: argonians changing gender whenever
  • sagittarius: bosmer are opposite vegans
  • capricorn: how the fuck did yokuda sink
  • aquarius: that one time sheogorath made a cheese joke
  • pisces: nords being “oppressed”

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So I have this one theory, blossoming from all of the time you have to spend in Dwarven ruins. What if the Dwemer never disappeared? Every animunculi that you come across has a soul gem in it, so what if in those soul gems are the souls of the Dwemer? Lore says that they threw off the gods in favor of science. What if it's because they found immortality without the gods' help?

The Thalmor are terrifying, and here’s why

Skyrim players are familiar with the Aldmeri Dominion and its Thalmor agents, but what exactly are their goals? Why did they start the Great War? Doesn’t the worship of Talos seem rather trivial? The White-Gold Concordat was more than just the banning of a religion, or even a power-grab.

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A question if you have the time: Do you subscribe to the popular theory that the Dwemer became the divine skin of Numidium? If so, what do you consider to be the most compelling argument for it?

I do! The Final Report to Trebonius was the article that cemented the theory, and remains a good (if in-character) summary of it. Here are a few reasons why I think it’s the most likely possibility:

  • It works with the elven world view (that Mundus is a curse to be escaped) and with the Dwemeri world view (that “gods” are powerful, but not worthy of worship), as well as Yagrum’s first-hand account of the Dwemer trying to create a god to escape the limits of the mortal plane.
  • Having the Dwemer messing with Numidium and then disappearing for unrelated reasons (Azura’s wrath, for example) is bad storytelling. 
  • This ancient, pre-Morrowind interview just about states it outright. 
  • Skyrim further confirms with Arniel’s Endeavor. Upon striking the warped soulgem (a proxy for the Heart of Lorkhan) with the de-powered Keening, he disappears from the world, just like the Dwemer did, and and his soul is bound to the nearest divine object. In the Dwemer’s case, this was the heart-powered Numidium. In Arniel’s, it is the dragon-souled player character.

I’m also a fan of this theory because it leaves a lot of questions open for discussion. Did the Dwemer succeed in their plan, or was there a second step (one to be carried out by Yagrum?) that would have cemented their apotheosis? What happened to them after the Numidium was destroyed in the Warp in the West? Did the disassembly of the Numidium, and the substitution of the Mantela, affect their state? 

  • small brain: the dwemer deserved to disappear for their technological hubris.
  • regular brain: the dwemer acheived much, the world would be better off with them in it.
  • glowing brain: the dwemer deserved to die for their enslavement of the snow elves.

In Blackreach if you shout at “The Sun” lantern, you will set off an alarm that will summon Vulthuryol. He survived The Blades last slaying of all the dragons by hiding underground. It’s also possible he was friends with the Dwemer before they disappeared…since he has a dinner bell.  He eventually lands, and it’s easiest to fight him then, so don’t bother getting out your spells or bow. You can’t tame him using bend will (shucks), and his name means Dark-Overlord-Fire.


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Morrowind: This dagger, Keening, is a Profane Tool of Kagrenac. You need it to defeat the Big Bad Villain. You need to go on a great quest to acquire it. It’s the most powerful blade in the game. If you attempt to wield it without wearing a specific gauntlet of great power, you will die quickly and horribly. Misuse of this blade may have caused the disappearance of all the Dwemer (except that ONE guy but whatever).

Skyrim: lol this wizard bought it on ebay and dropped it when it made him vanish. all yours, no repercussions, have fun. it’s a decent blade, I guess.

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whats the lore on dwemer robotics competitions

Occasionally dwemer (Sotha Sil was an honorary guest) fought using robots, Kagrenac was supreme champion with The Numidium, however at the last minute Sotha Sil challenged them with his Imperfect, and then the dwemer disappeared so we’ll never know how that would have turned out.

Perhaps tired of moving from one attempt at Orsinium to another, or perhaps admiring the unmatched metalcraft of the Dwemer, some Orsimer have chosen to rebuild and resettle the ancient strongholds of the Dwarves that dot the Dragontail Mountains. Many have adapted centurion parts into armor, and some have even taken to wearing their hair and beard in a Dwemeri fashion, leading superstitious locals to believe that the Dwemer never really disappeared, but were instead turned into Orcs as punishment for questioning the Divines.

(Illustration: This man, who identified himself only as Gro-Shada, was the gate guard at the citadel called Bthukhrad.)