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Finally finished my Pta Tale compilation comic dub. Sorry that some of the comics are blurry.

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"If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say" video transcript

Mod Note:

There are two Latin@ speakers in this and multiple White people. I’ve assigned numbers to everyone to make things easier. To cut down on length, I will note here that after every question/comment, the White people look uncomfortable and upset. As always, square brackets indicate descriptions, gestures, and on-screen text.


[One Latin@ person and one White person walking towards each other on the street. They bump into each other]

White person #1: Hey, watch where you’re going!

Latin@ person one: Ey, estas en California, güey, aprende a hablar español! [mutters] Cabrón!

[Translation on screen: Hey, you’re in California, learn to speak Spanish.]

[BuzzFeed presents

If Latinos Said The Stuff White People Say]

[Two people sitting on a couch. One is White, and one is Latin@]

Latin@ person two: My nanny was White, so I totally get it. Like, I feel like I’m part White because of my nanny.

[In the workplace, Latin@ person one is talking to White person #3, who is wearing a green zip up sweater]

Latin@ person one: Um, so I get that you’re a proud White person, but you need to tone down your attire just a notch. This is a corporate office. This isn’t a Blink-182 concert.

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anonymous asked:

Just out of curiosity, is there any particular reason you prefer the term disablist over ableist? I've always used ableist and was just wondering if it was oppressive in any way.

I’ve heard people express a preference for “disablism” because it’s clearer who is being discriminated against, and because they believe “ableism” suggests being disabled due to a lack of ability (medical model of disability) rather than disabled by barriers that prevent full participation in society (social model of disability). Both terms are still totally acceptable (ableism is more common in the US), but that’s why I’ve personally switched over.

- Mod D.

anonymous asked:

Kill all terfs 2K15

Really kill all transmisogynists 2k15.

All of them. Call fire down upon them. Star pact mages drawing hot purple plasma and dense crushed rock from space to burn and crush them into nothing, leaving only craters. 

High priority given to dropping even bigger starfalls onto transmisogynists who are also racists, disablist and so on. If they’re cops, drop a literal fucking diamond neutron star on them to drive their remains beneath the magma mantle of this earth and leave a mini volcano behind.

truthnotglory  asked:

So is being fat okay or being obese? Some people interchange those but that's just not correct.

This answer is not for this person (looking thru their blog, I feel pretty confident that this is a troll question)– but it is for all the people who have misconceptions about this, or want to separate fat from REALLY fat.

I just wrote a blog post about this– 

Being fat is ok. Being “obese” is ok. Being chubby is ok. Being extra super size fat as hell is ok too. 

There is not a separate category for “obese”. People like to pretend there is, but that’s not really a thing. 

“Obese” is a medical term for someone over a specific BMI. 

BMI is a discredited and outdated way to determine health- originally meant as a way to measure weight over large populations and not for individuals. We live in a world where your actual health can be determined by any number of accurate measures– lab tests, X-rays, MRIs, etc.

So using something that was developed by a mathematician (not a doctor) in the 1830s for “social physics” (not really a thing), seems like the worst sort of magical thinking– like slapping leeches on your broken leg b/c that’s what they did in the Middle Ages. 

There is also the consideration that discrimination in the medical field against fat people is rampant, so I do not accept their labeling of a group of people as “sick” simply for what we look like. 

That is bigotry and discrimination, similar to the way that non-hetero attraction was medicalized and turned into a mental illness in the 20th century. 

“Obese” is a word that exists to discriminate. You can’t separate the “good” fat people from the “bad” fat people.  Using someone’s personal health in this way- as a sign of their moral decay- is gross and disablist and fatphobic. 

There is no distinction. There is no “too fat”. 

Stop trying to de-radicalize fat activism to fit into your narrow idea of what kind of body is acceptable and who gets to count as a person.

I reject this. I repudiate it. 

This kind of respectability politics is not welcome here. We will make it right for everyone- and we never NEVER leave out the fattest people or the disabled fat people. 

What do we mean when we say “health”.

Hi, everyone! I’ve been getting a number of reblogs lately that are basically along the lines of- It’s ok to be fat, but only if you’re healthy.

Let’s talk about why this response is misguided and actually harmful.

For one thing, what do we mean when we say “healthy”? A lot of people mean “not fat” when they say healthy. A lot of people seem to mean only people who can perform certain athletic feats, or people who don’t have chronic illnesses. 

Why is this a bad thing? When we elevate the idea of “health” to something that everyone _must_ have- what does that mean for people who can’t meet those standards? 

Our culture treats people who are “unhealthy” as lesser people. This includes disabled people, the chronically ill, and people with mental illnesses. 

When you say everyone has to be “healthy”, this is disablist, meaning it excludes and discriminates against disabled people. 

This idea especially discriminates against fat disabled people.

The second thing is how this idea puts additional conditions on fat people to be treated like equal human beings that are not required of thin people. 

What happens when the formerly “healthy” fat person does get sick? Over the long term, everyone gets sick. Everyone gets old. Everyone dies. 

Is it ok for thin people to be ill, but not fat people?   

This discriminates against fat people. It’s not ok, and this acct does NOT endorse it. 

It’s ok to be fat, not matter what your health status.