the dirty wolveriner


“Well, (Y/N), I guess I know what I’m havin’ for dessert tonight…”

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Dirty Laundry

Characters: Wolverine x Reader

Song: Dirty Laundry – All Time Low

Words: 600+

A/N: You know the drill; listen to the song while reading.

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Her closet’s such a mess filled up with all the skeletons she’s kept nobody’s perfect I confess but she’s perfect enough without ever dressing up yeah.

Dirty laundry is piling in her room she’s got her secrets yea I got mine too I don’t care about what you did only care about what we do Dirty laundry looks good on you.

The professor had given Logan her file; he was flipping through the pages. Several facial expressions were seen as he turned a page. The pictures were even worse, pictures of the dead bodies from all of her innocent victims.

Logan knew very well that she hadn’t been aware of what she was doing, at that point, the government had brainwashed her and used her for her powers to manipulate shadows that could be used to strangle people. 

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