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REQUESTED | V quickly understood it despite the oblivious message from Jumin.

Seven Nights in a Rogue’s Bed - Anna Campbell

Ashley’s Fast & Dirty Review™: my thoughts and feelings condensed for your reading pleasure because I don’t have time for that in-depth nonsense.  Will probably contain spoilers. 

  • He’s a scarred recluse looking for revenge on his enemy and cousin by way of committing adultery with his wife, while she is the sister of said wife who arrives at the creepy castle to offer herself as a martyr.
  • This story is incredible no matter which way you look at it: the arrogant ass gets brought to his knees, the sensual awakening of a virgin, a classic story of beauty loving beast, not to mention that old standby - enemies to lovers.
  • GOD their bickering and sexual innuendo is EPIC.  Literally every time they spoke to one another (which was pretty much the entire book) I was on tenterhooks, gasping for air.  Such as this little bit: “I look forward to leaving here in a week with both pride and virtue intact.”  “And I look forward to nights of untold rapture in your arms, my dear Miss Forsythe…May the best man win.”
  • “I’ll bite you too before I’m done…Eat you like a ripe peach, all juice and sweetness.  And lick my lips afterward.”  ANYWAY TAKE MY PRIDE AND MY VIRTUE JONAS I DON’T NEED THEM AFTER ALL.
  • And just the way she always mentions his hands - how soft yet strong, how competent and manly, how utterly alluring they are.  This lady LOVES his hands and Christ how I do as well.
  • “Idiot that she was, she’d discovered a taste for dark and dangerous and damaged.”  Who can blame her, haven’t we all?
  • Spoiler: She really does do him dirty (twice) and he has every right to cast her out and I LOVED that she had to grovel and beg for forgiveness.
  • The vibe of this book reminded me of Romancing the Duke by Tessa Dare, considering some of the similar elements (old castle, wounded hero, sweet yet bossy heroine, etc.), but with an entirely different plot.  Love one, I think you’ll love the other as they both have so much sexy bickering and bantering between stubborn fools so in love it hurts.
  • Also, if you enjoy the self-deprecating wounded heroes a la Alec in A Scot in the Dark, you will love Jonas. 

Five Stars

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I know Yandere Yoosung is popular but I'm curious about a yandere Seven

Wasn’t sure if this was a legit ask or not, but the idea was nice so I made a thing out of it. I made sure to post it on HALLOWEEN since yandere and all owo enjoy~


The moment he saw your face, he knew it would be dangerous.

No, not for him, but dangerous for you. Seven wasn’t going to let anything bad happen to you, and he especially wasn’t going to let himself be the cause of it. He wasn’t possesive or anything, he just wanted to know what you were doing at every moment so then he knew you were safe. Watching your every move through the camera’s lens wasn’t something he wanted, he simply had to do it so he could monitor your safety. If he saw you at all times, the beast inside would be satisfied.

He liked chatting with you, it was fun. You understood his weird jokes and went along with them, unlike the others. It was like you two had a special bond, and no one could get in between. But he didn’t like how nice you were, because then you were nice to everybody. You supported Yoosung too much with his studying, when he could obviously just do it himself or just give up and go play LOLOL. Jaehee talked to you too much about her coffee dream or Zen, couldn’t she just go make some friends on some online forum? You gave Zen too many compliments about his good looks and singing, but didn’t he get enough praises already? Jumin always got your attention with his crazy cat talk, wasn’t Seven’s love for cats alone interesting enough for you? You were too kind and too naive, you didn’t need to be everyone’s friend.

Seven knew it was wrong of him to think such things, but in the end he found reasons on why he was the best one to talk to. Yoosung would plague you with his foolish obsession and drag you down with him to a life of failure and unsuccess. Jaehee would never open a cafe, and it would just cause false hope for both of you. Zen was going to get more famous sooner or later, and if you got too close to him then his fans would surely harm you out of jealously. Jumin was rich, but he had a busy life and wouldn’t be able to be there for you at all times, and he would leave you lonely and miserable at home.

Seven would never do any of that to you.

He was the best one for you, the answer was obvious. He understood you best, he knew the most about you, and he would always be watching. But he was still dangerous, so he really couldn’t do anything directly.

That didn’t mean he couldn’t do anything about the others though.

Yoosung couldn’t be online much due to the sudden onslaught of LOLOL events and such, he was much too busy playing to chat with anyone. Jaehee was suddenly bombarded with huge amounts of work, even Jumin had to help her due to the amount. And Zen? Well, he somehow got really popular overnight and now he was getting all sorts of deals and contracts from different companies, resulting in more work for him. Now the only ones who really chatted anymore was just you and Seven.

“Everyone is so busy nowadays…” You said one day, during a phone call.

Seven did an exaggerated sigh. “Yeah, that’s too bad.” No, it was actually good. “But I will always be here to prevent you from getting lonely, since I’m the one and only Defender of Justice 707!”

You laughed, the sweet sound going straight to Seven’s heart. “You’re the greatest hero in the world!”

Seven smiled as he watched you from his screen, glad he could see your face as well as listen to your voice. “I’ll always be your hero, ____.”


The incident with Saeran threw Seven off track.

His world had turned upside down, his mind completely scattered. He couldn’t think straight anymore, and it didn’t help that he had to stay in the apartment with you. He just found out his beloved twin brother was in a messed up organization trying to bring the RFA down, and now he had to be in the same room as you 24/7 while trying to ignore your existence. It didn’t help that you kept trying to talk to him, which only made things more difficult.

The other members were aware of the situation, but they were still too busy to really do anything about it. It was okay though, Seven was the only one who needed to take care of you anyways. Despite, he felt guilty for treating you so coldly. He loved you so much, yet he couldn’t express his feelings. His heart ached every time you spoke to him, and he couldn’t keep up the act for long.

“I’m going to grab something at the convenience store.” You said to him one night, looking honestly fed up with his attitude.

This surprised Seven, and for once he actually turned away from his laptop screen. “What?”

“Convenience store, just don’t mind me and keep working.” Your spoke quickly, putting on your jacket in a haste to leave.

“It might be dangerous still, you can’t just leave.” Seven got to his feet, stepping towards you.

You sighed, not looking at him. “Why do you care now? You weren’t bothering to talk to me earlier, yet now you’re all worried when I’m not giving you attention.” You shook your head and headed for the door.

“Wait!” Seven grabbed your arm, an action that even surprised himself. “I’ll go instead, just tell me what you need to buy and I’ll get it.”

You glared at him, but he could tell you weren’t really mad. “Why are you doing this?”

Seven paused, not wanting to reveal himself. “I-I… I just want to keep you safe, alright?”

“Does that explain your attitude?” You asked.

Seven didn’t reply, despite being found out already. He wasn’t going to give in so easily even though it hurt to act this way towards you.

You stared at him for a few more seconds, before looking away. “Fine, don’t tell me.” You jerked your arm away from Seven’s grip and continued to the door.

Did you hate him now? Seven thought, watching as you swung the door open angrily and left. This was what he wanted, right? If you hated him, then he wouldn’t be a danger to you anymore. That was the correct solution, right? But it was strange, something didn’t feel right. Seven didn’t want to let you go, he wanted to be with you forever. But wasn’t that selfish? He needed a better reason to stay by your side, something that would give him an excuse to keep you to himself.

Then he realized something.

If he wasn’t there, who would protect you? Oh yes, it was perfect. He needed to stay with you so he could protect you, that was a good reason right? He could be selfish now, for a perfectly excusable reason. He needed to keep you safe from all dangers of the world, there were worse things than him out there, so it was fine. As long as he had a reason, it was okay to be possessive, right? Something changed in him at that moment, actually no, it was more like the beast inside of him had finally been released. He wasn’t going to control it anymore, he would do as he pleased. But it was okay, as long as he could protect you then it was fine. Nothing else mattered, you were the only thing he had now.

You hadn’t strayed too far from the complex when Seven found you.

He had snuck up from behind, suddenly pulling you into his arms. You had yelped in surprise, but the hand that cupped your mouth shut kept you quiet.

“It’s only me, don’t worry.” Seven whispered, releasing his grip on your face.

“S-Seven? What are you doing?”

He smiled, his heart leaping with joy as he held you tighter. “I finally realized it, ____. I was being cruel to you because I thought it would protect you from me, but now I know that I don’t need to do that anymore. I’m the one that needs to be there for you, the one that protects you, cares for you, and loves you. You don’t need anyone else, you only need me.”

You relaxed in his arms, and Seven could hear your unsteady breaths as you took in his words. “I-I’m glad you finally realized that…”

“Hey, why don’t we run away? A place where it’s just the two of us…” Seven took a deep breath, inhaling your sweet scent. “We’ll be happy and safe, no one will bother us.”

You turned around, a blush visible on your face. “We can’t just leave like that, we still have lots of unfinished business…”

“Do you mean the party? It’ll be fine~! Jumin can take care of it on his own.” Seven chuckled, seemingly reverting back to his silly self. “And the situation with Mint Eye? It’s fine as long as you don’t get hurt. Saeran… Well he isn’t the same person he used to be, so I guess you could consider him dead already. See? Everything will be fine! Now lets pack up and leave.”

You frowned, shaking your head. “No… This isn’t right. A-Are you okay? You’re acting different.”

Seven’s heart sank, the smile on his face fading. “Different? What do you mean?”

“Don’t you care about what will happen to everyone else? They’ll be worried about us, plus they might be in danger too!” You protested, though careful not to raise your voice. “And about Saeran… I think if we tried, he could be saved! You can’t just give up…. It’s just not you.”

Why were you being this way? Seven was confused. He was just trying to protect you, yet you were going against him. Did you not want him anymore? But you were so eager for his attention earlier! Why was everything going wrong? Did you perhaps fall in love with Jumin instead? Was it Zen? Yoosung? Jaehee? Heck, did you love V? No, that couldn’t be happening. You only needed Seven, so why? Why were you so unsatisfied with him? All he did was protect you, yet you had to be like this.

Darkness swirled inside him as his thoughts consumed his mind, his grip on you slowly getting tighter. No, he wasn’t going to let you go. He would always keep you safe, he would always be with you, you were going to be with him forever whether you wanted to or not. Because in the end, it was all for your safety… Right?

“S-Seven?” Your expression of concern only made him more angry.

“Why…” He started, his gaze to the floor. “Why won’t you realize it?”

“Realize what?” You asked.

Seven shook his head, avoiding eye contact with you. “I won’t bother to explain… Instead, why don’t you take a look at the sky?”

You blinked, confused at his request. “Okay?” You looked up at the night sky, noticing how dark and lightless it was. “I don’t see any-”

You couldn’t finish your sentence, a sudden white cloth being pressed to your face. You inhaled sharply out of shock, but that was a grave mistake. An arm circled around you, trapping you and restricting any movement. Your voice was muffled as you cried out in surprise, no one would be able to hear you. Your vision grew blurry, your eyes focusing on Seven’s sad smile before you finally blacked out.

When you woke up, you found yourself in an unfamiliar setting. There was rope tied around your wrists and ankles, and you laid on your side, thankfully you were on a comfy bed. You were unable to move, fear creeping into your heart as you took in your surroundings. You were in a room, that’s for sure. But you couldn’t make out anything specific due to the dim lighting, though it did look like you were in a normal bedroom. The last thing you remembered was your conversation with Seven, was he the one who did this?

“Ah~! You’re finally awake!” The familiar voice made you jump.

“S-Seven?” You whimpered. “Where am I? What’s going on?”

Seven smiled, walking over to you and sitting on the bed beside you. “We ran away like I said we would! Aren’t you excited? I know it’s a bit mean to do it by force, but you weren’t listening.” Seven pouted, it would have been cute if not for the current situation. “You were out for a while, so the drive wasn’t so bad. We’re in a hotel right now, and we’re pretty far from Seoul too. No one is aware of our whereabouts, so you don’t have to worry.”

Your eyes widened. “What? Seriously?!”

Seven laughed, the sound coming out loud and wicked. “You’re so cute, ____! Looking so shocked like that. Well I didn’t have a choice, since you were being so stubborn. I didn’t want to deal with it so I just used chloroform to knock you out. You cared too much about the others, even though you already have me!” His happy expression suddenly turned into disgust. “Why? Why do you care so much about them? They don’t know you like I do, they don’t make you laugh like I do, they don’t love you like I do! I make you the happiest, don’t I? So why do they matter so much when I’m obviously the best?” He climbed over you, hovering over your form. “I love you so much, ____. Don’t you love me too?”

Your lip trembled in fear as Seven’s gaze pierced through you, it was like that of a predator about to kill it’s prey, the situation unchangeable and the weaker one helpless. You were obviously the one about to get eaten, and nothing could be done.

“I-I do love you.” Your voice came out small, tears forming as your fear grew.

“Aw, it’s okay ____.” Seven cooed as he lovingly caressed your face, his touch causing goosebumps to raise on your skin. “You’ll be fine as long as you’re with me, so don’t think about anything else. Okay? I’m the only one you need, I won’t let you be lonely, since I’m your hero, Defender of Justice 707, isn’t that right?” His tone was that of something you couldn’t say no to.

You nodded, not wanting to upset him further.

“Good girl, you understand me now right?” Seven chuckled darkly, pressing a long kiss to your cheek. “But it’s no use if you don’t fully belong to me… If we don’t fully belong to each other.” His eyes glinted mischievously, an expression that made you shiver.

Seven’s hand crept to the hem of your shirt, his fingers lightly touching the skin underneath.

“I have to mark my territory somehow, and this is the only way.” He smiled widely as he leaned in close, his warm breath fanning over your neck. “You’ll be mine forever, and no one else will ever touch you.”

You trembled under him, unable to move as his hand continued to explore your bare skin, tracing patterns lightly. “W-Why? Why are you doing this?”

“Why?” Seven sneered, his lips curving into a sarcastic smirk. “Well isn’t it obvious?”

He shifted himself up so he could look you right in the eye.

“It’s because I’ll always be your hero, ____~.”

As you can see, Seven is the type who makes up excuses for himself so then he feels like it’s not wrong. (*゚∀゚*)

FOr some reason I always gotta make things slightly sexual liked dayum i needa chill i am a sinning pervert But I hope it is satisfactory and yandere enough, and who knows maybe I will make a sequel with actual SEX in it owo and I really want to write it too  ANYWAYS HAPPY HALLOWEEN HAVE A WONDERFUL SPOOKY TIME~! HOPE YOU ENJOYED YANDERE SEVEN! ヽ(。・ω・。)ノ

~ Admin Riri

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How do you think the rfa + v and saeran would react to mc trying to get it on while they're staying with her parents for the holidays? Like being in her childhood bedroom with no lock where her parents or other family could walk in at any moment? Would they be up to it or would they awkwardly get interrupted by her younger siblings or something? I love your blog by the way!!

Sounds like something that needs to be made into a fanart comic. Lmao. Beauty.


  • He really enjoys the tour around your house, especially when you both get to the childhood room
  • He thinks it’s like a cute time warp to when you were an adorable little girl
  • But then you get closer
  • And closer
  • And closer
  • And all the sudden he’s a blushing mess when you get suggestive
  • “Huh? H-Here? Now?!”
  • He would keep rejecting the idea, because he’s really anxious for your family to like him
  • And then he realises your door has no lock
  • So he gets even more insistent that this could go terribly wrong
  • But the innocent muffin has little to no control over his big boy wants and needs
  • So it doesn’t take long until he gives in to you, but he’s very quick about it


  • He’s just escaped to your room with you, after nearly every female in your family fangirled at his movie star beauty
  • He was really wanting your family to like him, but not quite that much?
  • He was mainly just relieved to be able to sneak away with you
  • But then you started to imply that you wanted to “get it on”
  • Zen immediately backed off, because he knew that every woman in your family that was also visiting for the holidays would be looking for him
  • He also took note you had no lock on your door
  • “MC, I’m a man. You can’t taunt my beast like this.”
  • Zen would not be up for it, not with all the risks
  • But the risks secretly made it more exciting to think about
  • He held up for a while, but eventually his beast escaped
  • Tbh some eager female relative (probably a crazy aunt) would burst in with bAD timing
  • Jumin thinks it is morally important for your family to have a good image of him
  • Not that they would have a problem with you dating one of the richest men in South Korea
  • But he enjoyed taking a house tour with you, even if he thought it to be a bit… small in his standards
  • When you showed him your childhood room, he actually thought it was rather cute
  • But then you started to distract him in rather “naughty” ways
  • As soon as he caught scent of what you were doing, Jumin had you up against your unlocked door, “scolding” you
  • “What are you thinking? Provoking me here?”
  • But you knew that that was his way of giving in
  • You two were banging in no time
  • He would probably be one of the fastest to give in to you
  • But he would deem it as “punishment” and you’d both sneak back to the family soon enough


  • Jaehee, like Jumin, of course thinks it’s of great importance to make a good impression on your family
  • She enjoys looking at your childhood room, because she feels as if it helps her know you better
  • Then, you get a little bit more serious
  • She blushes like crazy, and tries to pry you off her
  • It isn’t very easy though, since she really enjoys your guys’ “alone time”
  • “M-MC, we can’t. Not here…”
  • She’s persuaded into a steamy make out, before she is brought back to her senses
  • Jaehee isn’t an alpha male with testosterone fuelling her actions like the rest of the RFA, so she is the only one that doesn’t give in
  • She manages to persuade you for later, just as one of your siblings bursts in to announce dinnertime
  • Thank god Jaehee is a woman am I right


  • Seven really likes touring through your house, since this was the one part of the background check he couldn’t see
  • He makes jokes about the old kpop posters in your room
  • But then, when you dismiss the jokes and say something a bit more dirty, Seven nearly chokes on a Honey Buddha Chip
  • His cheeks get as red as his hair
  • Your family already thinks he’s a funny guy, and so far they have a good impression on him
  • He is much too nervous to ruin that, but of course he can barely restrain himself
  • He would probably be groaning at you to stop, because he knew that you knew he couldn’t help it
  • “MC, we can’t. I… uh…”
  • In the end he can’t hold back, and he can’t help but do as you please
  • One of your family members would probably almost catch you, but luckily Seven is quick enough


  • Your family immediately loved V, since he was such a gentle and genuine guy
  • But after being smothered in questions from numerous relatives of yours, you could see he wanted to step away from all the conversation
  • So you went up to your old room of course, to show him all your old stuff
  • But, you eventually started becoming a bit suggestive, and V started to catch your drift
  • When you became a bit more touchy, V started getting a little flustered
  • He noticed that your door didn’t have a lock, and tried to reason you out of your ideas
  • “Your family is home, MC…”
  • Even though he’s a sweetheart, he has just as much testosterone as any other male
  • He can hardly contain himself, the longer you insist
  • He eventually gives in, and prays that none of your family comes in the whole time


  • Saeran is content being guided around your house, and is pretty quiet
  • You told your family in advance about him, and his issues
  • So they were kind to him, and he felt like he fit in
  • You showed him your room, and it was cool to him to see a little piece of your childhood he missed out on
  • And when you got a little more sensual, Saeran didn’t hesitate at all to put you “in place”
  • “You really want to provoke me this way, Princess? I’ll show you who’s boss.”
  • He didn’t bat an eye to the fact that your door had no lock
  • When you want him, it’s immediate “go time” in his eyes
  • Luckily, no one walked in
  • But if anyone had, Saeran wouldn’t have cared at all
  • Nor would he have stopped, let’s be honest

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Hi! Different anon here, but you mentioned in a recent ask that you learned English from watching vids in English, so going off of that, are there any French YouTubers/content makers of any kind you recommend?? I've been learning French for years (I'm from Canada) but it gets boring sometimes so I stop practicing, so any suggestions you have would be super helpful! Hope you have a wonderful day 💕

have a good day too♥♥ and I guess it depends on what u like to watch!

so humor: cyprien, norman, le rire jaune, natoo, andy raconte, le monde à l’envers, daniil le russe, seb, lolywood

video game: joueur du grenier/bazar du grenier, let’s play: squeezie, laink & terracid (my favs tbh)

beauty: horia, sananas, sandrea, thedollbeauty, enjoyphoenix

educational: dr nozman, dc seven, dirty biology, cyrus north, tea time, e-penser

then there’s other youtubers, idk were to put them haha: absol videos, shera, didi chandouidoui, what the cut (not active anymore), slg (also not active), le roi des rats, l’actu animée, misterjday, poisson fecond, jhon rachid

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How do you thing the RFA members + V and Saeran would react to an MC who likes dirty talk and being called a slut? :)

yooooooo yasss
and here i am, somehow keeping my promise???

-he’s like
-totally into it
-bruh he’s the second god of dirty talk
-next to seven
-“you like this, don’t you you little slut? my little slut”
-d a d d y

-D A D D Y
-“you’re such a little cockslut aren’t you? you just want my dick so bad”
-y i k e s
-he’ll like full on be rough as fuck with you too
-no mercy

-ayyyeeee hi beast
-the beast is OUT
-so is his dicky
-he’s havin a gr8 time bc he knows you love being rough and can let the beast out

-she’s shook at first
-then she gets like super into it????
-heck yeah
-degrading is like her jam

-like i don’t even need to elaborate
-he’s teasing you so so so much
-“come on mc i know you love this, so just be a good little slut for me and we can have a good time”

-he’s a sweetheart and the holder of my heart
-but he can go from sweet blind guy to make me your canvas daddy in like 0.4 seconds
-yyooooo he has no shame??? callin you his and that you’re only a slut for his cock
-y e s d a d d y

-like his brother but
-with less shame
-he’s gonna humiliate you and be so extra im
-you can bet ur sweet ass he’s gonna make you call him like master or sir or some weird kinky shit

Jaime Lannister had been allowed no razor since the night he was taken in the Whispering Wood, and a shaggy beard covered his face, once so like the queen’s. Glinting gold in the lamplight, the whiskers made him look like some great yellow beast, magnificent even in chains. His unwashed hair fell to his shoulders in ropes and tangles, the clothes were rotting on his body, his face was pale and wasted … and even so, the power and the beauty of the man were still apparent.

Catelyn VII “A Clash of Kings”

unraveled (saeran x reader)

summary: saeran’s halloween costume is a little more than problematic.

rating: 13+ (mildly sexual situations, 707 name spoilers)

notes: ah. so i started writing this when i saw @riko-os​ post some mummy Saeran fanart earlier this month. It was originally meant to be longer and shorter at the same time if that makes any sense. LOL. 

Happy Halloween friends, hope you enjoy! (both the holiday and the fic LOL)

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Chocobro Movie Preference Headcanon

In collaboration with @freaky-trickster

Was supposed to be working on something else, but this happened instead.

-Loves Horror/Thriller .
-Hates the bloody stuff though.
-When ever anything causes him to jump, blames it on a bug or something.
-Absolutely hates the jump scares, he finds them humiliating when they work.
-Will pretend he’s working on opening his snack and grabbing popcorn in order to look away form the screen.
-Has a hard time sleeping the night after seeing it, but refuses to admit the movie is the reason.
-Jokes about it to hide his discomfort.

-Prefers the mysteries.
-Always figures out who the culprit is way before everyone else.
-Gets annoyed when he find it to be painfully obvious, and even more so when it surprises others.
-Others get irritated with his mumbling when he tries to figure it out himself.
-Sees them more as a challenge than full entertainment.
-Points out all the inaccuracies and mistakes, much to the others’ dismay.
-Even when it turns out to be something unexpected, he plays it off and claims that it was so obvious.

-Loves romance flicks.
-Actually enjoys them unironically.
-Tries to hide it, but gets a bit choked up at the sappy stuff.
-Unintentionally will put himself in the guy’s shoes.
-Will not watch them if they have a death in them…they are just too painful.
-Will blame any sniffing on allergies despite having none.
-Insists that he watches them for the sake of how unrealistic they are, and only got into them because Iris always wanted ot watch them.


-Gets more excited than he should with action films.
-Gawks over all the cool weaponry.
-The explosions are the best parts.
-Once the movie is over, will nag the others asking if he could have a rocket launcher or two.
-Absentmindedly will shovel popcorn, too engrossed in the film to be aware of what he’s doing.
-Will quote the movie for at least a week.
-Cannot sit still during the exciting parts.

Movies they would probably enjoy:


-Paranormal Activity

-Jeepers Creepers


-Dirty Dancing
-Forrest Gump

-The Avengers

But, they end up arguing over what to watch. Prompto is too afraid to watch horror, Ignis finds action far too unrealistic, and THE PHYSICS. Noctis can’t stay awake long enough for mystery, and none of them can understand Gladio infactuation with romance. So, they settle on something like Lord of the Rings, something they can’t possibly get through, and seen it so many times, they actually all fall asleep on it.

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Can you do HC for the RFA(+V) reacting to their MC being a soccer player? (Mainly bc I play soccer and have been hit so many times with the ball lol)

Yoosung: Literally so impressed. He’ll test their skills with a nice game of FiFa on the Playstation in return of him playing an actual soccer game with MC and losing horribly. He might run away from the ball instead of trying to make a goal.

Zen: He finds it really interesting and intriguing. It’s a hobby he’s super supportive of, since he loves activity himself and offers to help them training, as it serves him as work out as well!

Jaehee: She might not be into soccer too much, but since it’s something MC holds very dear, she is super duper supportive of their hobby and will not miss any of their games. She loves watching them play!

Jumin: I picture he’s played soccer when he was little. It wouldn’t surprise me if he was into it as a kid, so he might be able to surprise MC as he suggests they play a little round right on the spot. He doesn’t even care about getting his suit dirty, it’s whatever!

Seven: He’s a big big dork and while he immediately says he wants to see them play and makes bets and what not, he’ll be the goal keeper and duck away from any ball they kick at him. It’s very endearing tbh.

V: He probably has a few connections that could help MC get their game on point even more, through sponsoring etc, if that’s what they’d like!

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Hello, here's a strange headcanon request for the RFA squad and V... When I listen to music (mainly orchestrated) I have a habit of "conducting" with my arms along with the music. So I was thinking, MC could be a composer/conductor and when she writes or listens to music she gets really into it and starts conducting along with the music with her hands. Aka to an outsider looking in that doesn't know what any of the motions mean, she's flailing her arms around in the air lol thxs boo

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Hello! I’m just a new follower, but your HCs are SUPEEERRRR AWSSOOOMMEEE!!!!! They give me power during this week’s exams(*´ω`*) Can I have a HC request, It’ll be RFA(Include V) react to MC’s job being a professional musician? Thank you!!!

I hope you guys don’t feel offended that I attached both of your prompts together, since both of the prompts are really similar! All the best for examinations! :D It’s the last stretch now, dear students! (Unless you’re me, whose school period actually will be starting tomorrow. Oh no goodbye my holidays.)
~ Mod Ion


  • You were at one of those musicals Zen was performing and was listening to the songs he sang
  • You flinched as some of the pieces in the musical did not melodically make sense for you (Wait, did it just go decrescendo instead of going crescendo? That just killed the emotion of the song!)
  • So you decided to try recomposing the music pieces, imaging how it should be
  • The first piece you wanted to re-compose was a piano piece, where not only it was the first piece of the musical, but also possibly the worst piece in that musical because of blatantly wrong the pitch was? (It did not suit Zen at all; He was forced to sing so high for the whole piece???)
  • So you tried playing the piano in your head – Your hands were floating in the air, trying to imagine yourself playing the piano, the music playing in your mind as to how it should go
  • Zen just came back home – You did not hear him entering the living room as you were too concentrated pressing the floating keys in the air
  • For him, he thought you were being possessed, especially with your head bobbing left and right once in a while
  • “Babe, are you okay?”
  • He would shake you, causing you to snap out from your concentration
  • “Wait, those lyrics… Aren’t they the exact lyrics for the previous musical I was in?”
  • Would be so excited after you explained that you were re-composing some of the pieces since you wanted to try making them better instead
  • Would also want to sing the new pieces and agreed that the new pieces were better (and bless he would not need to strain his voice for that piano piece)
  • Best part: You were playing the piano in the musical because Zen recommended you, so you would be playing the piano for all his musicals, and he was singing for all of your pieces!


  • (I think the After Ending for Yoosung would be pretty cool with this!)
  • He was pretty frustrated with the pets going rather wild sometimes because one dog would start barking and the rest of the animals would join in creating noise and the situation would go crazy
  • You decided that you could help him out with your music talent! You have heard of music calming animals down; so why not create your own ones?
  • You pulled out your violin and started playing it
  • It was a slow tempo, which is meant to be calming and relaxing (Adagio)
  • Yoosung who was sitting around watching you play the violin (He knew about it before) immediately felt the effects and actually fell asleep while you were playing it
  • When he woke up he said it was really good!
  • Actually had recorded what you had played, gotta edit out the occasional snores from Yoosung though!
  • So when the next time you went to the hospital, you realised that Yoosung was already playing the music you made
  • For some reason, you were really enticed to play the violin again (But you did not have it with you now)
  • So instead, you closed your eyes, following the melody of the music and lifted your arms up. You imagined yourself playing the violin, pulling the strings with your bow
  • At some parts you would be dancing to the beat, moving and twirling around in joy
  • You opened your eyes when the music stopped, only to see some veterinarians in front of you with Yoosung
  • Most of them look real confused as to what you were doing
  • Yoosung, however, was clapping real hard going “THAT IS MY WIFE, THE COMPOSER OF THIS MUSIC”
  • Pretty much all of the vets being thankful for you since the situation never posed a problem ever again with your music (There would be the risk of some of them falling asleep though tbh LOL)


  • You noticed that she had been stressing out a lot, with the amount of work she had been dealing with
  • Why not use music to help her?
  • So you took time to create a music piece to make her feel less tense
  • You did not want to disturb Jaehee while she was busy, so you decided to play the grand piano in your mind
  • You were trying really hard to create a melody in your mind, but for some reason, it was just not coming through
  • So, you decided to imagine playing it, your hands on the table
  • It was an allegro, so you had a cheerful tune in your head. With that in mind, your fingers were tapping onto the table lightly with your head bobbing up and down with the beat you had
  • When she heard the rhythmic tapping in your room, she went to see what you were doing
  • You were smiling so happily as you were tapping away
  • “It’s nice to see you smiling so much.”
  • Oh. Oops, surprise was now out
  • Jaehee was already grinning at you looking less tense already
  • You still continued to create the piece while she sat close to you, both of you trying to complete both of your works
  • You managed to complete it just before Jaehee completed hers
  • Before you guys slept every night, you would play the piece just for her, so she would be able to sleep with her muscles less tensed


  • You were just really, really bored at the time
  • Why the heck not play the air guitar? (You forgot to bring your electric guitar when you moved to Jumin’s)
  • You used your phone to blast loud music, echoing inside the house
  • You were jumping up and down, grooving along with the music
  • Your hands were strumming the imaginary guitar while you were headbanging along with the music
  • B L E S S if there was heavy bass, that pretty much got your adrenaline rushing!
  • As the music was at the end, you were hopping around like nuts
  • When the music ended, you slid on the floor to the entrance, and there was a person in front of you
  • Oh shit that was Jumin how much did he see
  • Everything apparently, with the smirk on his face
  • Jumin soon learnt that you were a musician, and decided to introduce you to many famous producers with his connections
  • Pretty much had a blast (Although many times you said that you rather spent the time with him :3)


  • His birthday was coming up soon
  • You wanted a gift just for him, so you decided to use your talent as a gift for him instead
  • With your electric piano, you decided that you wanted to compose a music piece about cats
  • Except that had been done before, if you remember correctly? (More like Mod Ion wants to believe that one of PIU’s PVs is real)
  • So you wanted it to be unique from that piece, but how?
  • You decided to just play the original piece, which is a light hearted tune as you imagined kitties being bundles of joy, jumping up and down
  • Seven heard it and got really excited, thinking that you were practicing
  • “I wanna join too!”
  • It then clicked
  • A piano duet!!!
  • You decided that you would play the baseline while he would play the melody of the song
  • While you said “Next time okay?”, he pouted but agreed
  • He went away
  • You realised that he was actually going to sleep (for once???)
  • You went to the living room, using your earpiece to listen to the music piece and imagined your own one at the same time
  • How would Seven do his stuff? Probably really big and exaggerated movements, so you tried being “him” and moved along as “him”, sliding the imaginary keypads in the air and pressing them in your mind
  • Saeran got so fucking scared when he saw you when he entered the living room. He kept calling you to “snap out of it” but you were not responding, so he woke Seven up
  • “Oi is she going crazy”
  • Seven got up, became incredibly worried
  • Tripped and fell down the final flight of stairs
  • You cringed as you heard him tumbling down the stairs
  • “???”
  • Realised that you were just getting really involved with composing
  • Gdi Saeran wtf
  • Since you already completed composing the melody (you had the baseline in your mind, just not scribbled madly like the melody) you told Seven to follow him
  • You said you wanted to give him something for his birthday (no Saeyoung not that you dirty)
  • You taught Seven how to play the melody of the piano
  • You two had fun playing it (and each other. :3)


  • Okay, I don’t want to be an asshole, but uh. (//BRICKED) I’m gonna say he ain’t blind yet
  • You two were outside, just with nature, so he was just taking pictures of the scenery
  • You saw a lot of animals scurrying around so you just imagine like you were conducting for fun
  • Nature was your music, animals were your friends
  • As you close your eyes, you were so absorbed with the nature that you just naturally started to lift your arm, and conducted as if there was a band in front of you
  • The animals just stared at you for a long time, captivated with your actions
  • Wait now the animals were surrounding you
  • He took the opportunity and quickly snapped a picture of that
  • It was perfect, like one of the best shots he had taken in his life
A single (didn't happen) day, with RFA members...
  • MC: you know what? I had a strange dream last night.
  • MC: a sexual one.
  • Seven: Oh~~ Dirty MC, was I there?
  • MC: Nah, but Jumin and Zen were.
  • Zen: oooh~ tell me, tell me. What kind of dream? A Sex triangle?
  • Zen: I don't like the trust fund kid, there.
  • Zen: Omg, was he watching? Such a pervert.
  • Zen: so, How it was? You and me?
  • Zen: Or maybe the three of us? Of course you were in the middle.
  • Zen: But, why did you want that jerk? Only me is enough to satisfy you, my lady.
  • Zen: you don't have to imagine, if you want I can really show you the beast that I can be... *wink* *wink*
  • MC:
  • MC:
  • MC: You know what's the funny fact?
  • Zen: ?
  • MC: you are right, it wasn't a triangle.
  • Zen: I knew it!
  • MC: All the time was just Jumin inside you.
  • Zen:
  • Jumin:
  • Everyone:
  • Seven: Soooo... 'Does Hyun Ryu is the Uke one?'...
  • Zen: Don't fucking dare, you freaking boy!

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I wanna see zen and seven arm wrestle. And it's like completely neck and neck and the rest of the members are taking bets on who will win and everyone is drunk probably? Zen and seven don't wanna look like an idiot in front of MC so neither one lets up. It's the most intense stalemate ever until seven plays dirty and kisses zen on his cheek and while zen is completely distracted, seven slams zens fist through the fucking table. Omg I'd commission someone to draw this for real

Lmfao and Zen wouldn’t talk to him for like the longest time. He’d be so fucking salty about it and leave the chat room any time Saeyoung came in lololol. And Saeyoung’s just like “if you wanna rematch just say so” and of course Zen is like “I’m never going to be in the same room with you again you freak”