the dirty lew

Shu Headcanon (Horror Film Edition)

The room was dark, the only light was coming from the tv. It was loud and you hugged the pillow closer.
The tv screamed and you jump a little.
Shu chuckled beside you pulling you close to him.
‘You’re not scared are you woman?’ He teased.
You didn’t say a word, but hid your face in his neck.
He knew you hated these types of films. But sometimes it’s all he’d agree to watch with you.
'Shu? Cant we watch something else?!’ You beg.
'But he’s about to chase her with the chainsaw..’
'Shu!’ You hit him with the pillow. 'I can’t keep watching this! I won’t sleep at all!’
He laughed again and pulled you into his lap.
The Tv screams again and sickening sounds of blood and God knows what else happens.
'Shu!!!’ You beg again, your hands over your ears.
Shu’s eyes flicker from the film to your face and sadly back to the TV.
You hide in his neck again. You felt fingers slowly caress your back and down your ass.
It was nice and distracting.
His realises this and continues to tease you, until you moan a little.
His fingers oh so slowly touch your core you reward him with a louder groan.
'Dirty girl…’ He whispers.
Right now you thought nothing but sheer bliss as his fingers slipped into your panties. You couldn’t hear the movie, just the heavy excited breathing of him as his fingers felt your wetness.
What’s more was that you were in the Tv room and anyone could walk in and find you.
'Shu..’ you plead. 'More~’
You find yourself grinding against his fingers.
His eyes never leave the Tv but at last he gives in and slips two inside you.
You gasp and nibble his neck, annoyed he was still watching the film and not you.
You whimper when his fingers stop.
That’s it!
You move yourself on his fingers and ride them hard. Moaning loudly as you battle wave after wave of pleasure.
'Fuck…’ Shu groans as he watches you. 'Dirty Lewed woman..’
You bite his neck to punish him and keep your hips moving fast.
He bends his fingers so they hit your g-spot.
'Shu!!’ You groan loud and hold onto the back of the sofa for support.
Your nails dig into the material as you cum.
You rest against him, trying to catch your breath.
'You wonder why I choose these kind of movies..,’ Shu smirks.
Whatever game he was playing. He looked as if he had won.
The door opened and Ayato came in.
'What film were you watching?! It’s loud!!’ He asked looking at the TV, not reading the room at all…

Shu Headcanon (Lewed Woman Edition)

Ahh.. Those famous words..

Shu mainly uses this sexually.
‘Dirty girl.. What does she think she’s up to now?’
'Damn that skirts too short, I can see her panties’
'Ahh.. Her moans are desperate.. She really must want me..’
'Asking for my fangs? Dirty lewed woman. I’ll give her more than that’