the dirty hit

The 1975 are fucking up...

It’s breaking my heart to see the tweets and posts from people I follow dragging the band and saying their feelings towards the band and their music is changing because of the seriously mishandled series of events that have occurred this week.

I’m an American. So this hasn’t affected me like it has a lot of you but that doesn’t mean I don’t get it and I’m not mad for you.

First, the pop up stores, while a wonderful idea, ended up being divisive and total bull shit. Not all merch (like the jackets) being available in all the stores created a sense of elitism and unfairness and upset a lot of people. The Loving Someone hoodie was a beautiful idea….but the LGBTQ community didn’t benefit from it’s sale, a bunch of het cis males did. And I get the anger there. They threw it together too fast, with little thought and it ended up making them look like they just wanted more of our money. When in reality, I truly feel like they try and keep putting things out for us because they want us to constantly feel rewarded by them. Not realizing that we’d much rather them take their time to really come up with a fair and meaningful product or idea then to just keep throwing out these half thought out and executed plans that end up disappointing more than exciting. It’s not that hard, have a limited number of jackets? Then spread them out amongst the stores. Don’t put them ALL in the London pop up and not send any anywhere else. That’s crap and poor planning.

The Christmas song being hyped was a big mistake. They shouldn’t have said a word about that unless it was finished. The She’s American video being hyped, and even snippets released, but all we got was a tweet reply to someone from Jamie that it wasn’t going to be released with no explanation. Same with the Christmas song, no explanation. Then Euro tour cancelled with a bull shit half assed apology and explanation that everyone saw right through. And now the Loving Someone video that could have been something really meaningful and wonderful….and it’s just the O2 Performance we’ve all already seen. You’re disappointed. I’m disappointed.

But here’s things we have to remember…

The band themselves DO NOT plan their schedule. Matty half the time doesn’t know where the fuck he’s going to be the next day. They rely on Jamie for this massively. He hasn’t just failed us with this. He’s failed the band. He was stupid and threw together tours without thinking because they think they have to constantly keep going. If he’d stopped for a minute to look at their ticket sales history, and sales numbers in the Euro places they were going to then he would have KNOWN that trying to book them in arenas wasn’t going to make them any profit and they’d probably end up owing venues, promoters etc money to make up for the poor sales. He would have KNOWN what they could sell there and what they couldn’t. It’s his job to know that. He also, would have seen that it falls during awards season….and if he had even the slightest feeling like they were going to be nominated for awards, then he shouldn’t have booked them anywhere. The entire Euro tour was poorly thought out and executed and is a HUGE embarrassment and mistake on Jamie’s end. Not the bands. Yes, the band probably had final say when it came to officially cancelling but Jamie didn’t really put them in a position where they could say anything other than to cancel. The announcement of the US tour not even an hour later was extremely bad planning. The rescheduled dates being nearly 6 months later was extremely bad planning. Jamie saying it’s The Brits but then rescheduling them in much smaller venues was honestly, just taking the fans for idiots and like they wouldn’t notice. Just because the majority of the fanbase is teenagers doesn’t mean they’re stupid.

I know you feel like the bands social media is almost all promo but at this point those tweets and IG posts are not coming from them but from their team. The guys aren’t very active on their social medias in general so that’s why it looks like that. Yes it’s annoying….but it’s also their jobs. If they don’t promote themselves who will? I think it’s made into a bigger deal than it should be.

The Loving Someone video was just the icing on the already disappointing cake this week has been. It’s been hyped and promised for weeks and could have really been a beautiful and moving outlet for them to really express how meaningful that song is to a lot of people. What we got was a performance video we’ve all already seen. It’s a missed opportunity and a big fail. I don’t know if they didn’t have the time or the budget to make an actual video. I don’t know. I just know it was a massive disappointment on top of a string of disappointments.

Jamie isn’t qualified to handle a band with this large of a fanbase and this serious of a schedule. He doesn’t need to go, because he truly does love this band. But they need a PR team and Jamie needs to be under the umbrella of a bigger management team that can advise him and take over when necessary. Because his massive mistakes and half-assed thinking is greatly affecting the fanbase and the reputation this band has worked tirelessly to build.

This is where I have to be a “Matty stan” and defend some things because I’m seeing a lot of people coming for Matty and saying he doesn’t care about the fans and he’s just money hungry. Saying he shreds fans who get tattoos or travel to see them etc. We all know how Matty has ALWAYS been. If he wouldn’t do it, he doesn’t get it. He’s always thought his fans were a bunch of weirdos but he’s never stopped appreciating and loving them. He wouldn’t get a tattoo for his favorite band so he doesn’t get why anyone else would. He wouldn’t travel across the world for a concert so he doesn’t get why anyone else would. It also stems from Matty’s DEEP self-loathing and wondering how the hell people care this much. But he has never stopped caring for all of us and I can’t sit here and watch people say he has. He cares almost too much at times to the point where it’s affected his health. Look at the way he looks at you when he’s on that stage. Look at the way he speaks to you and connects with you. Yes, he’s created a boundary between him and fans lately but he HAD to. He was giving too much and it resulted in him having nothing left to give to even himself. Artists HAVE to create boundaries between themselves and fans otherwise they’re going to burn out. You have to accept that. When he’s been tweeted about ridiculous pricing on merch, has he not then taken care of it so that the prices are lower the next shows? Has he not made sure to give extremely intimate moments to fans he knows have given so much to this band? He loves us too much most of the time. We are so lucky to have a front man who connects with his fans the way he does. Matty can’t be fake to save is life so when he thinks something is strange, he says it. He’s not trying to shame you…he just doesn’t get why people do it. But he doesn’t have to.

Last, try and remember what is the bands fault and what is their managements fault and don’t come for the band over things like their schedule and shit Jamie has said and done that have fallen apart. Hopefully lessons have been learned from this huge mistake and it’s never made again. It makes sense it’s left a bad taste in a lot of peoples mouths. I’m sure the band isn’t happy about all this either. Sometimes shit happens and there has to be some room for error. They’re not always going to be perfect but they work SO hard. They tour more than any band I’ve ever seen because they love us and want to be in rooms with us. If they didn’t love us, they wouldn’t do that.

Be mad. Be sad. Be disappointed. Let Jamie and Dirty Hit know how you feel. But don’t forget how much THE BAND loves us.

Regardless of your opinion on either team. Regardless of your opinion on hitting in hockey and whether or not it has a place.

If you’re seriously suggesting an eighteen-year-old kid somehow DESERVED an injury because of his “attitude” or because he wasn’t being responsible enough, you’re just…not a very nice person.

Rookies like Laine and McDavid deserve to be able to play their full seasons, without getting taken out by unnecessary and completely preventable hits.

so we’ve talked about what kind of friend Derek Nurse is, what kind of boyfriend he is, what kind of poet, what kind of New Yorker, and what kind of hipster. Now talk to me about what kind of hockey player he is.

Is he a stay-at-home kind of defenseman? An offensive type? Or two-way? Does he rely on his size (let us not forget he is a big boy) or play with more finesse? Does he play clean or sometimes give a borderline-dirty hit in defense of teammates? tell me