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“His Wedding” Part 6

Summary: Modern-Day (AU) Bucky and you are exes. He moved on but you couldn’t since you both are still friends, he asks you for a favor - a ridiculous one. You reluctantly agree, not thinking of the future consequences you’ll have to face. You just hope everything will be fine. But it doesn’t always work out, does it?


Word Count: 2085

Warnings: none

Author’s Note: repost, with a lil’ editing! taglist is open! also, this isnt my best writing, sorry :/

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The sunlight peeking through the blinds is the reason I wake up with a moan. My palms instantly cover my eyes, as I pinch them shut. As I start to stir around my surroundings, I am welcomed with a blinding pain in my head. My throat feels itchy and I have this instant urge to throw up.  

Hangover’s a bitch.

I push the white sheets away from my chest and lift myself on my elbows, trying to look at my surroundings and recognize the place, but I can’t.

“Holy shit,” I mumble, my voice hoarse and the taste on my tongue, bitter because of alcohol. The sound of pages being flipped, and someone slurping on something beside me told me that I am not the only one in this room. My head is still bursting and the last thing I want to know is if I had a one night stand with a stranger.

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Zombiezuku, Ch.1

Because I’m secretly a sucker for those Izuku-has-a-Quirk fics

People are born unequal. Izuku knows this.

Sometimes he’s bitter over it. But All Might always smiles on the screen of the computer, and it makes Izuku feel like everything will be all right. So he can smile, too.

“You don’t even have a Quirk!” Kacchan shouts, and his friends (Izuku’s friends, once upon a time) laugh obnoxiously, Kacchan basking in their admiration.

“B-but the doctor s-said-“ Izuku begins, voice wobbly, snot and tears muffling it, “-My toe joint is f-fine so-“

“You’re just quirkless trash!” Friend-on-the-right shouts, and immediately looks to Kacchan for approval but only gets a menacing scowl. It doesn’t stop him from adding, “Even if you got a Quirk, if it doesn’t show, then it’s worthless! You’ll never reach our level!”

Izuku winces. Bad choice of words there. Poor Friend-on-the-right.

“Hah?” Kacchan growls, as Izuku knew would happen. “Ya think you’re on my level?! You’re just a fucking extra!” Explosions go off on his palms, loud and scary and bright, and so so beautiful. Izuku could watch Kacchan use his Quirk forever.

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No Escape

Genre: Apocalypse Au / Future Fluff / Future Angst / Future Smut

Pairing: Jungkook x Reader

Word Count: 2,140

Warnings: Mentions of dead bodies and blood, gory 

“Find some food Y/n. Find shelter and water. If you see anyone that’s not dead, don’t approach them. Don’t trust anyone.”

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Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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Stolen Heart: Part 4

AN: This is the last part. Just some fluffy goodness. And with this I mark the series Complete.

Words: 505

Part One, Part Two, Part Three

You listen to the conversation through the open window. “I honestly don’t get the appeal.”

          Damian just scoffs, “That’s no surprise Todd. This life isn’t for everyone.”

          Tim just laughs, “Says the guy dressed like Andy Griffith? You should have named your kid Opie.”          

          You smile to yourself before moving back to the kitchen table. You smile at the woman sitting there. “You ready to pull your hair out yet?”

          Selina just smirks, “You’re crazy. You do realize that, right?”

          You shrug, “For wanting a normal life?”

          She shakes her head, “No. For actually marrying Bruce Wayne’s demon spawn.”

          You just stare at her, “You married his father.”

          She stares right back at you, “I got lonely without you around.”

          You lean back into your chair, “And now you’re a combination aunt/ grandmother.”

          “Don’t call me the G-word.” She simply hisses, and you can’t help but laugh.

The two of you go silent for a few minutes. You listen to the guys talking outside, and then you say, “I’m glad you guys came.”

Selina smiles, “It was about time we met the kid. I have seven years of spoiling to catch up on.”

You smile as the sound of footsteps pounds up the stairs of the porch. Gideon comes barreling in a moment later. He’s covered in dirt, and there’s a gap in his smile from losing his first tooth recently. Before he can head into the den and collapse on your couch you yell, “Don’t you sit on my couch covered in dirt. Shower first.”

There’s a groan, before you hear him trudge up the stairs. Turning back to look at your sister you find her smirking at you. “What?”

She leans back in her chair, “Nothing … June Cleaver.”

You scowl, “Not cool.”

Her smirk just widens. “You’re in a dress.”

“It’s a sun dress. It’s too hot out for pants.”

“You’re in an apron.”

“I’m cooking!”

“You have a cake in the oven.”

You throw your hands in the air, “It’s my kid’s birthday!”  

The two of you end up bickering until it’s time for cake. It’s a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting. And as your family surrounds you; Damian’s father, brothers and butler, and your sister, you can’t help but think that things will never be completely normal. And as Damian’s arm wraps around your shoulders, and your six-year-old turns into a seven-year-old by blowing out some candles; you can’t help but feel like that’s okay.

As Bruce cuts the cake Dick asks, “So nephew, what did you wish for?”

More than a little interested you turn to Gideon. He’s never been one to share his wishes. But looking at his uncle he says, “The same thing I wish for every year, a little brother.”

You choke on your water, as all eyes turn to you. And one look at Damian’s smirking face makes you want to punch him. But before you can say anything Damian simply says, “Done.”

You really do punch him for that one.

Hwarang :: Sam Maek Jong x Reader :: Part II

Thanks to everyone who waited and sent me nice encouraging messages! :) I felt bad for making you all wait so I made sure this chapter was extra long! 6505 words for you! I hope you enjoy :) 

Read Part 1 here!

The sun seeps through the translucent film of the screen walls, it was warm. Really, really warm. I opened my eyes and I realized that the heat was not only radiating off the rising sun but also from Ji Dwi who was cuddled at my side. His arm was folded under my head, serving as a pillow while his other arm was wrapped around my waist holding me close to his body. I could feel the blood rushing to my cheeks at his close proximity, his chin rested on top of my head while mine was nestled into his neck. He was so warm and cuddly…if only I could see his cute sleeping face. Carefully and very slowly I peel myself away to get a peep but instead I received a surprise when his grip tightened and pulled me closer into his chest. “Just stay for a moment longer,” he mumbles into my hair. I smile into the collar of his hanbok, “I wasn’t leaving. I just wanted to see your face.” At that he shifts lower so that we were face to face. Being so close I could admire how perfect his face really was. From his long lashes, perfectly round almond eyes, sharp sculpted jaw and shaped eyebrows. “Wow,” I breathed out loud which he smirks at, “What’s wrong? First time seeing a handsome man?” I roll my eyes, quickly turning over so that he faced my back. His breath fans across my neck as he chuckled, “I’m just teasing.” “No, you’re just annoying,” I correct as his arms found their way around my form again, pulling me back towards him, “And really cuddly” I muse allowing him to nuzzle his nose against my ear. “We should get up. It won’t be long before the intensive training starts to prepare you for that stupid…really stupid unnecessary spar in a weeks time,” I explain but it falls on deaf ears since he made no effort to pull away. “Ji Dwi!” I whine with a laugh trying to sit up but the man-child was not having it as he playfully flops on top of me. “G-Get off! Stop!” I scream with giggles in between the kisses he placed on my face and along my neck. Let’s just say it was a very compromising position to get caught in when the wooden door flew open to reveal a very alarmed and ‘ready to kill a man’ aura radiating off of Seyeo. Besides the embarrassing situation it was funny to see his shocked face with his sword ready in his hand when he realized what he interrupted. “I told you it was time to get up,” I teasingly scold Ji Dwi which he replies with a small smile. He rolls off of me and into a seated position then he proceeded to stare intensively at Seyeo, almost impatiently waiting for him to leave. “Seyeo, you are going to catch flies if you don’t close your mouth,” I casually say with a stretch. To my surprise, he doesn’t even reply or say a sarcastic remark before turning on his heel and hastily running off to god knows where. “Now where were we…” Ji Dwi hums, gently pushing me back onto the floor. “Hmmm…waking up to go to practice?” I suggest which he immediately tuts at, “Then what?” I smile knowingly as he lowers his face towards mine, planting a firm and sweet kiss onto my forehead. He pulls back slightly and looks up with knotted brows as if in deep thought, “I can’t seem to remember.” “Wow…such a dork. Just kiss me properly,” impatiently I cup his cheeks to pull him forwards. “Okay,” he agrees planting a kiss onto my nose. “Not there.” “Over here?” he inquires placing one onto my cheek. “No!” I laugh squishing his cheeks. “How about here?” he tries again with my other cheek. “Ji Dwi!” “One more try?” he chuckles, finally placing a firm one onto my lips. I laugh hugging his neck tightly, “I wish we could wake up every morning like this.” He nods in agreement, “I’m sure I can do something to make that happen.” “Then I’ll look forward to it! But let’s get you to practice now, okay?”


I join beside Seyeo who was watching the Hwarang set up for their sword practice. “So this is where you ran off to,” I tease taking a seat closely beside him. The male rolls his eyes and pulls out a parchment of crispy rice from his hanbok. “I wanted to surprise you with your favourite but I guess you surprised me instead. You know you could’ve told me so I wouldn’t have barged in like that!” I burst out laughing, realizing how embarrassed he was about the whole over deal, “You know we didn’t do anything right?” He breathes out almost in relief, not before quickly snapping a, “Yeah you better haven’t done anything!” I groan at his brotherly protectiveness, but all was forgotten when I remembered the crispy rice in my lap. Which I happily and quickly ate. Taking my last bite the Hwarang finally started their more intensiveness training in preparation to the fight taking place next week. Seyeo whistled beside me, “Wew, look at your man go!” I look up to find Ji Dwi showing off some really impressive moves, “Oh shut up you!” “Oh, he’s looking his way!” Seyeo exclaims excitedly and with no shame started waving at Ji Dwi which caused the corner of his lips to pull up. Not missing a beat Ji Dwi flashes me a wink before focusing on his sparring partner. “Oh what a cutie,” Seyeo sighs mockingly which I easily ignored since growing up with this annoying child that seemed to be the best option to shut him up. Observing the Hwarang carefully it was obvious as to who were the most skilled of the group, and much to my dismay I could easily tell that the sweet younger member, Han Sung, struggled to keep up. He wasn’t particularly horrible, he just needed a bit more practice. It was difficult to watch his sword constantly fly out of his grip since in a real situation that would’ve meant that he died…at least seven times in the last fifteen minutes. I couldn’t possibly watch him get killed at the sparring event, sending him with his current skills would just be suicide. So by the end of practice I thought of a solution to help Han Sung out, and importantly not to accidently hurt his feelings.

As the males started to put away their swords on their respective racks I walk towards Han Sung who sat defeated on the dirt ground. He was panting and out of breath but what took me back were the tears that started to well in his eyes. “Han Sung, you did great today!” I smile patting his head gently. He looks up with a pout, “Really?” I hum in agreement, “Of course! I was actually wondering if you could show me a few moves.” He blinks in confusion, “But you are already so good. I saw you the other day beating the other Princess and Ji Dwi.” He had me there, I guess I should give him a little more credit for being sharp when he wanted to. After a short moment of silence I nervously scratch at my temple, “But there’s always room for improvement right Han Sung?” Which to that he nods with his usual bright large smile. I nod contently, “Now that’s the spirit! Come on teach me something!”

Sam Maek POV

After practice I was looking forward to spend some time with (Y/n) seeing that we had the day off to relax. Apparently, it was part of the new practice regimen, practice intensively for three hours straight and rest for the remainder of the day. However, she seemed to be occupied. After putting away my practice sword I walked towards her usual observing spot but only her personal care taker was there. I follow Seok Hyeon’s line of vision to see (Y/n) gently patting Han Sung’s head. “What’s she doing?” I ask curiously plopping down beside Seok Hyeon. He cocks his head a bit in acknowledgement of my presence and explained, “(Y/n) couldn’t stand watching Han Sung fight like that. She knows he’s going to get hurt or worse, killed, at the spar so she’s trying to help him practice. Obviously without being obvious that he sucks.” I chuckle at the situation, that was something she would do, “So even when the situation is so dire she’s scared to hurt his feelings?” Seok Hyeon laughed with a scoff, “Yeah, so she’s using the excuse of asking him if he could show her some of his awesome moves.” I watch her and I found myself smiling like usual. From the way she watches Han Sung lovingly, the elegant sword movements, how she tenderly held Han Sung’s arms to help him get in proper position…it was all so perfect. She is definitely the Queen every Kingdom was waiting for. “Hmm…you are staring intensively are you jealous of the boy?” Seok Hyeon mused and I chuckle at that, “What? No of course not.” “That’s good. She already made up her mind that she wont be marrying the King so if that doesn’t prove her loyalty to you then I don’t know what will.” For once I broke my gaze from (Y/n) to look at Seok Hyeon with evident shock, “She said that?” To which he nodded at, staring intensively into my own eyes, “She told me that after her fourth encounter with you. She is extremely fond of you. You know if you end up hurting her I will kill you.” I chuckle at his threat, “I wouldn’t dream of hurting her, ever.” “I’m serious. I will kill you…excruciatingly slowly and painfully. Like I will skin you piece by piece,” Seok Hyeon explains never breaking eye contact. I was glad that (Y/n) has someone like him to watch over her, she was strong and smart but it put me at ease knowing that there will always be Seok Hyeon closely beside her to protect her if I wasn’t there. If she ever needed protecting that is, everyone here knows she’s deadly with her bare hands, let alone with a blade. Well maybe everyone but Han Sung as I could see how excited he was on the field to show (Y/n) some of his moves. “Look (Y/n)! I will teach you this move next!” The young Hwarang will exclaim before presenting some very off technique slash, which would then follow a, “Oh what if we did this instead? I think it would be much cooler!” (Y/n) would add just as excitedly. Call me blinded by love but she was absolutely perfect no matter what light you shine on her there was no imperfection to be seen. I didn’t even realize that they stopped sparring until the Princess started walking towards me. No wait towards Seok Hyeon. I wasn’t upset or anything. “Seyeo! Do you mind if you could go get Han Sung some jerky from town for doing so great?” She asks with a hand on Seok Hyeon’s shoulder, which he immediately accepts and gets up. Now that he was gone I look up from my seated position to see her smiling at me, “What’s up with your face?” “W-What’s wrong with my face?” I nervously ask attempting to cover it with my long sleeves which caused her to giggle and pull my hand away. “You look bothered, Ji Dwi.” Which I immediately reply with, “Why does he have a cute nickname?” (Y/n) snorts and slaps me upside the head, “Don’t be like that…my King~” she sings planting a soft kiss onto my cheek. I could hear my blood pumping in my ears and my heart skipping a beat at what she just called me. I couldn’t even reply as she quickly gets up and returns to help with Han Sung’s training. If only she knew the weight of her words.

Normal POV

Now knowing Han Sung’s strengths it was easy to help him hone into techniques that he could naturally execute. To be very honest I was just as out of breath as he was, “Do you want to take a break Han Sung?” He excitedly shakes his head with a gigantic grin plastered on his face, “No I’m having so much fun! We can take a break once Seok Hyeon is back with the jerky!” I return his smile genuinely happy that he was finally getting into the spirit of sword fighting and finding his confidence, “Okay, that sounds like a plan!”

Practice ensued for probably half an hour more before Seyeo returned with a large parchment of jerky, probably enough to fill up the entire Hwarang. Sitting under the shade of a tree I asked Han Sung to start unpacking the food while I went to invite Ji Dwi over to join us. To my surprise he had plans, “Sorry, I have to go see someone. But I will see you in the evening okay?” I frown but nodded nonetheless, “Okay…sorry that I didn’t get to spend more time with you on your day off.” He chuckles at that and combs my hair back with his long slender fingers, “Don’t be sorry. You were working hard with Han Sung. Enjoy the rest of your day, I’ll see you tonight.” Reluctantly I pull away from his embrace to allow him to go on about his day, “Bye be safe, okay?” To which he nodded with that charming smile. By the time I made it back to Han Sung he was already happily enjoying his share of jerky. I plop down beside him in the shade, safe away from the blazing afternoon sun. It was a nice comfortable silence that enveloped us, so I was quite taken aback when Han Sung spoke up suddenly. “Thank you for helping me,” he shyly smiles scratching his cheek, “I know you were just trying to help me and it makes me really happy.” It’s not even an understatement if I said that my heart just about exploded. “Han Sung…it’s no problem at all. I wanted to help you. I don’t like seeing you upset over something so trivial like sword fighting.” He pulls a funny face, something between a pout and a smile, “Can I tell you a secret?” I quietly nod and he sighs, nibbling on his jerky. “I wished I was born a half blood instead of my brother.” My heart swells up at his confession, “May you tell me the reason why?” “He’s great at everything unlike me…but he isn’t allowed to do anything because of his blood. While I have the blood but I’m useless I can’t do anything right. Maybe if he was the true blood our family’s lineage wouldn’t disappear. God knows it’s going to end with me.” “Oi! You aren’t allowed to speak of yourself like that!” I scolded with a frown, “You will succeed if you keep trying hard and so will your brother! I promise, once I take my throne I will remove all hierarchy and allow anyone to work at the palace as long as they are passionate and hard working. Please continue to try your hardest with your brother, the time will come very soon.” Han Sung’s face lights up, “Wow so cool!” I laugh and pat his head gently, “No…it’s the right thing to do and about time. Blood shouldn’t decipher what an individual can or cannot do. Their actions should be accounted not something that no one has control over, like blood lineage.” He male hums with a closed eye smile, “I can’t wait for you to rule then. Serving you would be really fun with my brother, (Y/n).” I tut at that, “Silly, you won’t be serving me. We are equals, friends even. I just wish for everyone to work along side one another…no serving of any sorts.” “Ji Dwi is very lucky to have you love him (Y/n),” Han Sung suddenly states changing the topic. “J-Ji Dwi?” He hums with a nod in approval, “Although the King would miss out on someone like you, you make Ji Dwi very happy and he’s usually like a rock.” I laugh at that, “Like a rock?” Han Sung nods and joins in with the laughter. “I’m glad you are feeling better, Han Sung. Shall we continue to train for the days coming?” The male nods happily, “I would love that!” “Alright then. Just on one condition, always try your best.” With that we sealed our deal with our pinkies.

Sam Maek POV

Even though it was tempting to stay with (Y/n) and Han Sung I couldn’t ignore the nagging feeling I had that I needed to talk to my mother. Although our talks usually end up fruitless I still found myself trying to reason with her anyways. I walk into the empty throne room to see her perched on her throne…my throne. “Sam Maek, what are you doing here?” she asks surprised at my random visit, “It’s still light outside someone can see you.” “Mother, I wasn’t happy with you trying to marry me off to one of the Princesses, but I made my decision,” I say ignoring her previous inquiries. Mother chuckles softly covering her mouth, “Oh Sam Maek…” she coos getting up from her seat. She started talking again once she walked up to me, “You never had a choice as to whom you were going to marry.” She says with knotted eyebrows but I knew her enough to know that there was no concern behind her actions. “Then why did you bring Princess (Y/n) here if you wanted me to marry my sister.” She smiles shaking her head, “I honestly thought she would just make Princess Sook Myung look even better, besides a friendship to guarantee an alliance with Goguryeo is intelligent. I’m surprised that you could take a liking to someone like Princess (Y/n).” My blood started to boil but I knew I had to keep my anger at bay, “Emotions aside, marrying Princess (Y/n) makes perfect sense. It creates a stronger alliance with the Kingdom of Goguryeo. Your narrow minded decisions has lead Silla to being the smallest of the three Kingdoms.” Mother furrows her eyebrows and reaches out a hand to cup my cheek, “Get rid of such silly thoughts regarding Princess (Y/n). It’s not going to happen. You are to marry Princess Sook Myung and it’s not up for discussion.” I turn my head away from her touch, it felt toxic, “For my entire life I obeyed your every order, however this time I cannot follow through of what you ask of me. You can send me away again, isolate me, deprive me of my throne, but you will not take her away from me.”

The walk back to the Hwarang house took longer than it should have, maybe because I took my time thinking about the event that just unfolded. The talks with Mother were usually like this but I felt uneasy that I told her so much about my feelings. She was controlling and consumed by fear which makes the most dangerous of people. “I missed you!” The sweet voice I learned to love called out. I look up from the ground to see a small blur running towards me, instantaneously engulfing me into a bone crushing hug. “I know you were only gone for only a few hours but I missed you already…can we go to Okta together? A bunch of the Hwarang are going!” she grins up at me excitedly. I gaze into her large round eyes and I found myself smiling as well, “I will accompany you anywhere, but I think it’s better if we stay inside tonight if that’s alright with you.” Without further questioning she nods contently and pulls me along to the small pond located at the back of the Hwarang house. I lower myself and sat down on the rocky surface beside the water, “Come here,” I softly coo pulling her into my lap. She quietly snuggles herself into my hanbok and rests her cheek against my shoulder.

Normal POV

Being so cozy and warm I started to drift off, but the nagging feeling regarding how strangely Ji Dwi was acting tugged at the back of my mind. “You know if something is bothering you Ji Dwi, you can tell me. I’m here to listen.” He momentarily remains silent threading his slender fingers through my locks, it took a few seconds of silence before he collected his thoughts and found his words, “I’m alright…just promise me one thing, okay?” I lift my face away from his neck to clearly into his face, it was obvious that something was tugging at the back of his head as well, “That really depends on the promise. If I can’t keep it I won’t lie to you.” He chuckles at that, “What I ask of you is quite simple, I wish for you to stay on Hwarang property. If you leave I will personally accompany you. That’s all I ask.” His proposal was strange indeed. It wasn’t something he would usually say, especially since he clearly knows how capable I am of protecting myself. “I have to be accompanied by you? Not even Seok Hyeon?” I inquire causing Ji Dwi to immediately nod his head, “I know you are capable of protecting yourself but I need you to do this for me. Please.” I silently nod, wrapping my arms around his now relaxed form, “Thank you (Y/n).” He strokes my back in slow circles, relaxing me enough to doze off.

I lost count of time, only realizing that it’s evening when the sun started to set into the horizon. Pulling back from Ji Dwi I stretch popping multiple joints, and I groan contently at the shift of tight muscles in my back. “Sorry I fell asleep,” I groggily chuckle getting off his probably now numb lap. Ji Dwi softly smiles, “That’s alright. I don’t mind being your pillow if that means that you are well rested.” I scoff with a shy smile in response, “No matter how sweet that was it was also excruciatingly cheesy.” Holding out my hand Ji Dwi takes it and pulls himself up and I was definitely correct about his legs being numb. The next second I knew we were both tumbling into the pond screaming, although the screaming didn’t last long as loud hearty laughter took over almost instantly. “You should’ve seen your face!” I exclaim pinching his cheek between by thumb and index. A mischievous glint sparkled in his chocolate brown eyes, before I could warn him not to he scooped water into his hands and splashed my face with it. “Bleh! Don’t you guys clean your bloody laundry with this water?” I spat but it was fruitless as he ignored my complaint and legitimately showered me. “Oh you’re on!” I growl tackling him into the pond where he slips and ended up pulling me along with him. “I’m soaking wet thanks to you!” I frown, “I just took a shower a few hours ago too…” “Come then let’s go take one together,” he winks cheekily causing a loud gasp to leave my wide hanging jaw, “Aish! Ji Dwi ah you can’t just say those things!” I stutter evidently flustered by his dirty teasing. He chuckles softly, caressing my cheek with the pad of his thumb, “You are so innocent it’s adorable.” “What? No!” I shake my head vigorously, “It’s all your fault for thinking such impure thoughts!” Throwing the blame onto him I cover my flushed face with the now wet sleeves of my hanbok. “Well we are going to get married no? Won’t we do so eventually? I’m just suggesting a head start,” he smiles innocently and I shake my head with a tut, “Please say you are joking!” Ji Dwi chuckles and leans forward, planting a soft warm kiss onto my forehead, “I’m just teasing. You are so easily flustered it’s quite precious.” I shake my head stubbornly never once breaking the intensive eye contact from him, “I’m not easily flustered! I am a proper Princess who is aloof and wears a face of unchanging stone!” “That sounds like something you can read from a scroll in etiquette lessons given from your mother or nanny.” “Well…you’re not wrong,” I burst out laughing and it was music to my ears when he joined in.


After taking a shower, alone, I must add. I snuggle into my mattress with Ji Dwi closely beside me. “Are you really going to stay the night with me?” I ask hopefully which he nods in confirmation, “You mentioned this earlier on the day that you wanted to wake up every morning like this.” I nod contently holding him close to my body as did he to mine. “Can you tell me stories about yourself so I can fall asleep listening to your voice?” I ask closing eyes. His index finger drew circles into my shoulder blade while he pondered, “There’s nothing really interesting about me. How about I tell you about my favourite story that I heard growing up?” Without opening my eyes I nod and snuggled closer into his chest so that my ear was pressed against his chest, so close that I could hear his even breathes and the strong beat of his heart.  

There was once a boy who was born with powers. Powers that allowed him to do whatever he wanted and everyone had to listen to him. His mom didn’t want him because of that so she sent him very far away where his powers couldn’t touch her. Growing up he never knew love or where he belonged as he never had a home. One day he finally decided to embrace his powers and return home. When he went home he finally met the girl that showed him what love meant. Even though he kept his powers hidden he ended up getting many killed just by getting near them, so he’s terrified that he will hurt her one day. Despite the paranoia he opened his heart to her much against his mother’s wishes. He finally found happiness and he was terrified.


Throughout the story I could feel his heartbeat quicken and in all honesty it made me curious, “Was that by any chance a real story?” I quietly ask and he shook his head with a light chuckle, “Of course not. It’s just a story I heard growing up.” I nod thoughtfully and in relief, “That’s good…I don’t know what I would do if that was really happening to someone. That’s so sad.” “What would you do if it was true?” Humming in deep thought I tightened my hold on him, “I would hug him sooo tightly!” Ji Dwi hugs me just as tightly, “You have a good heart.” For all my life I always heard that from others but I never really understood what made me different from the rest, “No I’m only human…I don’t understand why people always tell me that. Doesn’t it make sense though? Why treat someone poorly based on circumstances that they were born with. They can’t help it!” Ji Dwi pats my head in a soothing manner attempting to calm me down, I don’t understand why my emotions were bursting left and right I was usually pretty good at holding it in. Maybe the talk with Han Sung earlier made me feel more defensive about the topic. “Having a good heart should be the norm but it isn’t. That is why you are praised (Y/n). We need more people like you in this world. Especially those who will be leaders,” he explains warmly caressing my (h/c) locks, his voice cracks, “I need people like you in this world.”

“I shall make a promise with you like I did with Han Sung, once I take my throne I will make it all right. I’m going to destroy the True Bone hierarchy, it’s only good for dividing people within a Kingdom and we don’t need that when true success is where everyone is equal,” taking a deep breath I continued, “Does that sound promising?” Ji Dwi never gave me a verbal response but the sealing of our lips meant much more than a ‘yes’. “How can you just break away from traditions so easily? Don’t you fear the results in doing so?” He questions showing his genuine concern but peaking interest to my proposal. “There is nothing more to fear than the injustice that is ruling our every action and thought. I will take the risk of being hated and threatened to make my Kingdom right.” Ji Dwi nods satisfied with my answer, “Very well, then I’ll be there with you every step of the way to make that happen.” “Then I cannot be anymore sure that everything will work out with you by my side!”

I wasn’t sure when I accidently drifted to sleep but when I opened my eyes it was already bright out. That was strange that I ended up sleeping until this late, the sun was already high up in the sky. What was even stranger was that Ji Dwi didn’t wake me up…and importantly Seyeo who never let me sleep past two hours after sun rise. Over sleeping I was groggy but I needed to get ready to help Han Sung with sword fighting, and hopefully be able to get a quick meal in before that. Throwing on a navy blue hanbok and some gold accented embellishments I quickly left my single room, no matter how much I didn’t want to admit it I wanted to dress better to impress Ji Dwi even though it was silly. He would never care about such materialistic factors but nonetheless it made me happy to wear nicer clothes once in a while. Running into the dinning hall I quickly grab a steamed bun before joining the last few minutes of the intensive sword training. My eyes caught Ji Dwi glancing over to me so I waved gleefully at him which he responded with a small smile and a nod. When they ended I quickly joined Han Sung to keep up with my promise. What I didn’t expect was his dramatic pouty face, and that he didn’t voice his problems immediately. “W-What’s wrong Han Sung?” I nervously ask dipping my head to get a better view of his face. He whines with scrunched up features, “You weren’t here to watch me at practice! I was so good!” I laugh whole heartedly in relief that he wasn’t upset over something serious, “I’m sorry Han Sung, I slept in. I’ll watch you tomorrow okay? I promise.” He raises a brow and holds out his pinky finger, “Promise?” “Promise.”

After practice Han Sung mentioned jerky and that’s when I realized that I haven’t seen Seyeo all morning. Which was very odd since he was usually always by my side unless I was with Ji Dwi. Slightly concerned was an understatement I searched the entire Hwarang house for my best friend to no luck. Even asking around no one had a clue to where he went. Sighing in defeat I returned back to my temporary room to collect my thoughts that were spewing with, very unlikely, but worse case scenarios regarding the mysterious disappearance of Seyeo.

Plopping down by the small table I noticed a small envelop on the usually empty surface. Cautiously I opened the envelop to reveal a folded note that held two sentences that immediately caused my blood to run ice cold. If you want him back in one piece go to the Inn. Fear not, every hour you make me wait I will send a piece of him back to you so you won’t be lonely. I couldn’t hear my surroundings as my quickening pulse drowned out any sound in my ears. Scrunching the note I threw it back onto the table along with all the accessories I wore. I was going in for a fight regardless of this person’s intentions, there would be no room for treaty after having the nerve to send me such a letter. Strapping on two swords at my hip I didn’t waste any time dashing out of the Hwarang house. There was a nagging at the back of my brain saying that I should’ve told someone, someone like Ji Dwi but I didn’t have time to dwell on it as I already weaved my way through half of the capital nearing the Inn. Out of breath I made it to the entrance, it was hard to calm down as anxiety took over. What a waited for me on the other side of the paper wall? I just prayed that Seyeo was in one piece and alive. Taking deep breaths I wrap my hand around the hilt of one of my swords and it instantly evened out my ragged breaths. With both swords in hand I slammed the door open with the hilt of my sword stepping in and I saw red, literally. A ceramic pot collided with my temple and blood quickly bled down into my vision. With my impaired I blindly waved my sword, allowing me to slash my assaulter’s arm. It was hard to process anything with a blurring vision but I could make out a bounded Seyeo on the ground. “Let him go,” I order pointing my sword at the man who stood behind him as he drew his sword and held it against Seyeo’s throat. “Drop your weapon or I’ll drop his head,” he hisses. I was reluctant to, of course, I was a fighter and I wasn’t one to be cornered helpless. But I instantly dropped my swords when Seyeo winced when the blade at his neck dug into his skin. Instantly I was shoved into the ground by the man I attacked earlier, successfully smacking my injured forehead into the ground. I held back my scream and took deep breaths, I had to collect myself, if I let fear consume me now I would be useless to Seyeo. With my cheek pressed against the ground I steal a glance at him and I was relieved that he wasn’t missing any body parts. Our eyes lock momentarily and he whispers, “You shouldn’t have came.” “And you shouldn’t have gotten kidnapped you idiot,” I spat back. We could’ve continued to bicker for another ten years but we both fell silent when the sliding door opened.

Biting my lip I raise my head and sat up straight, trying my best to ignore the plitter platter of blood droplets on the hardwood ground that continuously oozed out of my head. “Sorry I had to do that, I know it would be hard to keep you still if you didn’t suffer a serious injury,” a familiar voice coos. A soft hand lifted my chin and there was the Queen in all her glory. “What’s the meaning of this?” I ask evenly and she smiles her usual smile that never reaches her eyes. “My son wants to marry you and I can’t have that. He insists that he will follow you to the end of the world so the only way I could think of to solve this issue is to remove you, completely.” I scoff with a light chuckle, “That is absurd, I never met the man.” The Queen tilts my head side to side which really didn’t help with my pounding headache, “I really don’t see what he sees in you Princess…no Queen (Y/n).” I smack her hand away and instantly I felt cold steel against my neck, “And I demand you to let me and my servant go.” It was the Queens turn to laugh, “That’s where I have the upper hand. He’s not your servant, he’s like a brother to you,” she waves her hand and one of the men swung his sword towards Seyeo’s neck. I scream and grasp onto her hands, “No please! I’ll do anything. Just kill me he has nothing to do with this. Send him back home, he won’t tell anyone about this. He will say that I got sick and passed…just…don’t hurt him.” The sword never met with Seyeo’s neck and hot tears streamed down my face in relief, I could see him in my peripheral and he was shaking his head begging for me to just leave him. I close my eyes so I couldn’t see his tears, I never seen him cry before and I didn’t want to now. “I offer you my head, hang it up wherever you please. Just promise me that you won’t hurt him.” The Queen smiles, “Of course, I’m understanding. Just be good for me and I won’t hurt him. But I warn you, pull anything and his head will hit the floor faster than you can beg.” Gazing at her unwavering face I nod and sit up confidently, “I understand.” “However,” she starts, “Since you caused me so much trouble I won’t kill you so easily.” I silently stare into her eyes as she tugged at my hanbok causing the fabric to slide off my shoulders, “My son always listens to me, and it upsets me that he will ignore my orders for someone like you.” I grasp the fabric against my chest to keep it closed, trying to save the little dignity I had left. Seyeo pleads for the Queen to stop when she held a whip in her hand. “Please your Majesty, can he leave the room before we start?” Without an answer she flicks the whip, surprising me when the skin on my back split. I squeeze my eyes shut, biting my lip. Not allowing me to catch a breath she threw back her whip and slashed again. I grit my teeth, refusing to show weakness, refusing to cry or scream. By the sixth slash I felt light headed, by the tenth I started to shake but I still refused cower away. She stops for a moment, “Why aren’t you afraid?” Sitting up right once more I try to speak evenly, “I don’t fear death, the only fear I have is to see people like you rule.” I say lifting my head and turning slightly so that I could see her fuming face, I smirk at her, unwavering as she brought her whip down once more. Out of anger she grabs the discarded sword from the ground and brings it over her head. Spitting out the blood that collected in my throat I smirk up at her once more, “People who live in fear are the most dangerous. And you are the perfect example of that your Majesty. I feel sorry for Silla and it’s faceless King.”

She lowers the blade and I finally allowed fear to consume me, I closed my eyes.

Metal clacked against metal, the final blow never came.


Read part 3 the final part here!

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Omg that story of Betty dressing differently and Juggie being 'distracted' is amazing. I loved how he was protecting her while being completely turn on. Do you think you can continue it? It was really good.

Okay here it is guys, thank you so much for reading my work.


Jughead was stuck to Betty’s side like glue, not that she minded, she appreciated his concern and thought it was adorable when he would shoot warning glares at her interested peers.

Sitting down at the lunch table with the group, jughead made sure he was directly across from her, scanning the Area for any potential threats.

Okay not so much threats, more like football players, basketball players, soccer players, and the occasional band geek, who thought it was a good idea to stare at the beautiful blonde as she walked down the halls.

“Very Britney Spears, Circa “hit me baby one more time” I’m obsessed with this look B.“ Veronica admired from her seat beside Betty.

Kevin nodded

"You should totally wear your hair down more, I don’t know how many times I have to tell you this.”

Even Cheryl smiled appreciatively
“ it’s totally cliche, good girl gone bad, but it somehow works for you.”

Jughead rolled his eyes, grumpily taking a bite of his sandwich, casting his eyes over to Archie he felt his shoulders tense

He was staring, practically drooling, not saying a word.

Betty wiggled a little under his gaze, obviously uncomfortable.

Veronica laughed

“Put your tongue back into your mouth boy.”

Archie immediately snapped his mouth shut, shaking his head to clear, the obviously inappropriate, thoughts he was having.

“Uh yeah, sorry, no it’s just, you look really great Betty, like really great.” He rambled, shooting her his all American charming smile.

Jughead cut him off

“Betty always looks great.”

All eyes snapped to him at the table.

Looking down quickly he mumbled

“I just mean, a short skirt and some high shoes, don’t make her look all that different.”

Betty blushed, smiling and reaching for her apple.

Kevin, Veronica and Cheryl shared a smile.

Half way through lunch, Jughead had caught Archie staring at Betty so much he thought he was gonna have to punch his best friend in the face.

To his right Cheryl, cheryl gasped

“Oh my god Betty you have got to try this tiramisu my nanny made, it’s heaven.”

Betty reached over dipping her spoon in the dessert, bringing it up to her mouth.

Jugheads eyes followed that spoon the whole way.

Betty’s eyes lit up and she moaned appreciatively

“Your right Cheryl, this is heaven.” She said popping the spoon back in her mouth and sucking the rest off.

Archie was practically peeing his pants and panting.

Suddenly before he even realized what he was doing, Jughead had swatted the plastic spoon from Betty’s mouth and it was now laying on the dirt.

Her eyes were wide and surprised, while Kevin and Veronica cracked up, tears spilling down Kevin’s face.

“Sorry there was …. a bug.” He shrugged, rubbing his neck before going back to his meal.

Fortunately for him, lunch ended shortly after, as he walked Betty to class, she turned to him.

“Okay so I’m putting my plan in action after this period, I’ll be in the locker room with all of Jason’s buddies, I’ll see you then, and remember don’t come out unless it really looks sketchy.”

He nodded rolling his eyes, lingering on her legs as she walked into the classroom.

Shaking his head and quickly looking away, he was such a perv.


Standing behind the lockers, his fists clenched he knew it was not gonna be easy to stay back here.

The whistling and cat calling weren’t so bad, but when moose mason reached out and smacked Betty’s butt, he thought he was gonna lose it.

Of course Betty fixed him with her very best “touch me again and I’ll rip your face off, glare” but that didn’t really do anything to ease his nerves.

She was currently talking to Chuck Clayton
His very own personal tormentor.

“Why do you wanna know about Jason, gorgeous? Why don’t you take interest in someone who’s very much… alive?” He smirked

He could see Betty trying not to cringe as she nodded slowly
“ of course, i’m just curious, it was all so sudden.” She put on her very best pouty face, the one that got Jughead every time.

Chuck seemed to ease back a little bit, taking a defensive stance

“Blossom was a loser, the only thing he was good for was winning us games, he had no balls, he was a pansy.” Clearly Chuck was pissed but he quickly shook himself out of it.

“Not like me baby, I can show you just how many balls I have.” He reached for Betty pulling her into him as she wiggled to get free

“Chuck, this isn’t why I came here.”

Chuck ran a hand down her back

“Oh baby we all know why you came here, you want a ride on the chuck wagon ” his mouth went for hers and jughead finally had enough.


He emerged from behind the lockers

Chuck pulled away from Betty

“ what are you doing here Donnie Darko? Came to catch the guys changing?”

Jughead shook his head moving to stand in front of Chuck , pushing Betty behind him

“She said no, leave her alone.”

Now Chuck was pissed, laughing angrily he shoved Jughead back

“What’s up? You’ve got a thing for blonde whores? I should’ve given you a go at Polly, maybe then you wouldn’t be such a freak.”

Jughead was on top of Chuck in seconds flat, the two of them beating on and punching each other as Betty screamed for help.

Coach Clayton came running in as soon as he heard the feminine screams.

“What the hell! Enough! get off of each other!”

Chuck looked up at his father and quickly dropped Jughead, chucks nose bleeding and his cheek swelling, Jughead was nursing a pretty nasty shiner as well.

Coach grabbed Chuck by the back of his shirt hauling him into the wall, he turned to jughead.

“I won’t go to weatherby about this as long as it never happens again. Are we clear?”

Jughead rolled his eyes, Betty clinging to his arm. Clearly coach Clayton didn’t want his Own son to get in any trouble.

“Crystal” Jughead ground out as Betty pulled him away and back into their office.

After about three minutes of silence and Betty holding the ice pack to his face, she spoke up.

“Thank you juggie, you didn’t have to do that, I would’ve been fine.” She spoke softly

“I would do anything for you Betty.” He responded, his face inches away from hers.

“Jughead” she whispered staring into his eyes

“Betty” he whispered back.

Suddenly he was clutching the back of her head and her hands were buried in his hair, his beanie flying off, there lips moving against one another’s.

It felt like home.

Pulling away Betty giggled

“ your eye!”

He smiled goofily

“ what eye?”

She laughed and he went to follow, but quickly realized, yeah his eye actually did hurt. Really bad.

Betty smiled, noticing his wince and placing the ice pack back on his eye

“Betty” he said questioningly

“Hmm?” she hummed

“Can you maybe go back to wearing sweaters”

She laughed so loud he was certain they could hear her all the way at pops.

Glowing End of the Stick

aka I love @careamorran‘s meta!Jason and gardenhoe!Tim world where instead of being dead Jason glows green and chats with plants. And she was wonderful enough to let me take a stab at writing some based off her super cool idea. 

More to come, but as a teaser and starting point… 

“What did you just do?” Jason swallowed and squeezed his eyelids, blocking out any trace of sunlight for half a second before letting go of the tether to the plant life around them. A shiver ran down his back as he settled into the isolation of his own skin.

“Intel, babe,” he responded. Jason stood and brushed the dirt off his hands and onto his pants before shoving his gloves back on. The soft leather stuck to his skin slightly in the humidity. When he looked up he found himself swallowing again as he was on the receiving end of Tim’s intensity. He had forgotten how scary the guy could look just standing still and watching. It was unnerving. “East side, c’mon.”

Jason started off left, ducking around and under leafy branches. He was careful about his boot placement. He knew his guns were basically useless here, so he kept them holstered but left the clips undone just in case. Hopefully this would stay a search and… rescue? Chat? He wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when they found her. Roy hadn’t really given him a briefing after the all-distress.

“What did you do back there?” Tim’s voice was just behind him. Honestly, his was silent enough Jason a little surprised but he had long ago suppressed that startle response. It didn’t look good in their professional circles. “Hood, what did you do?”

“Heard ya’ the first time,” he let the branch snap back, hopefully thwacking Tim, although there was no follow-up thud or sound of irritation.

“Then answer,” Tim said. “Your eyes just started glowing, then little… cracks or vines in your skin, and then the tree you seemed to be having an intimate moment with. So, I think I need to know why for this mission to make sense.”

Which. Was actually pretty fair. Jason did drag him into the rainforest to hunt down a powerful alien in an angry mood and then use his own powers with no explanation. That was a lot of unknown variables for his own personal control freak. Anyone else in the family would have hit their breaking point before leaving the house much less a full day into their tropical vacation.

“Hood,” Tim was still going. Tenacious. “It looked like you had m-”

The smaller hero, the only objectively true hero in the present company, was cut off when Jason tightened a hand over his mouth. He tapped the fingers of his free hand on Tim’s ear. He could almost hear the gears click into place as Tim pushed something at his wrist before nodding.


“No, Jay,” which was reassurance enough since Tim was a stickler for the no-names-in-the-field rule. “I’m just an idiot. It wasn’t connected before but it’s totally down now.”

“Even to B?” Tim snorted which, yeah okay, he did have an entire computer network separate from Bruce. Jason sighed and swallowed, gaze focusing in on the bromeliad in front of him. “Okay, well, it all kind of… back when I came to life. Apparently, in between physically coming back from the dead and Talia dunkin’ me in the Lazarus Pit I was just wanderin’ the streets the Gotham as a mindless husk. Which, as you well know, isn’ exactly the safest position to be in. Luckily - God put that face away, I’m fine - luckily, Ivy found me. And rather than let me wander zombie-style through the alleyways she took me in. For…  quite a while. I was sort-of-alive a lot longer than I originally thought. Or, B thought.”

“At least Ivy took care of you. That’s good,” Jason looked up to see Tim’s awkward half-smile thing happening. He must have paused longer than he realized. “But I still don’t get the leap between being all glowy and living with Pamela. Harley and Selina seem fine. Or, at least normal. For them.”

“Yeah, well, story ain’t over,” Tim arched a brow and Jason shrugged. “Pam spent a while tryin’ to get through to me. But nothin’ worked so she figured it, I, couldn’t get any worse. Which was pretty true, I mean husk-zombie is no way to go through a second life. So, she tried her own plant-meta powers. Which didn’t really do anything, or so she thought. After the Pit, when I became me again albeit the extra angry aggressive edition, somehow they showed up.”

“What does that mean?”

“I… I’m not Ivy,” Jason said as he turned around and started walking again. “I can kinda communicate… like, listen in, on plants. I can’t grow the kind of new, cool, and scary types she does..”

“Is-” Jason turned when Tim’s voice choked but he seemed find beside a little pink. “Um, do you always glow like that then?”

“Yeah, when I’m using ‘em.”

“Ah, yeah, ‘kay,” Jason glanced back again to see Tim glancing around and following. Maybe he was freaked out by it? The silence stretched as they made their way East - Jason graciously holding the branches aside for Tim. Because he was only part asshole. When they reached a ring of trees with purple flowers stretching between them Jason stopped.

“Okay, babe,” he looked down at Tim and tried to ignore the swooping as the pale blue gaze snapped to his. “I gotta… commune with the plants again so if it freaks you out, which makes sense-”

“It doesn’t freak me out,” Jason watched as Tim drew his eyebrows together and pressed his lips together.

“Out with it then. You’ve been all quiet and pink since I used the power last time. It’s really fine if it makes you uncomfortable but I gotta use it to find Kori so you can go stand over there if that’s the case.”

Tim blinked up at him for a second before taking a step closer, “actually, I was thinking you look pretty hot all glowy like that.”

Jason had been gone for a month. So when he showed up on his boyfriend’s doorstep and asked him to come on a trek through the rainforest to find his ex-girlfriend he wasn’t totally sure how that was going to go over. Add in the revelation that he had been withholding superpowers for their years of partnership and friendship and five months of dating and he had been pretty sure that things were headed in a downward spiral. As per usual, his fault.

This, Tim smiling up at him with slivers of blue around dark dilated pupils, was a very different reaction.

Not that Jason was complaining.

“Oh,” he swallowed. “Yeah?”

“Yeah,” Tim leaned up, hovering just millimeters away and Jason thought about saying something about the rush they were in but it had been a month and he was only a metahuman. He slid his gloves along the bandoliers crossing Tim’s chest and pulled the smaller man the heartbeat closer to press their lips together. A second later, just long enough for Jason to get the picture that Tim really wasn’t lying about the whole ‘glowy is hot’ and ‘I missed you’ unspoken vibe, they parted. Jason pressed his forehead down against Tim’s, sighing as the tension that had been snaking around his ribs since he first knelt at the tree an hour ago melted away.

“Okay, go talk to the plants and ask where she went.”

“I’m a meta, not a fucking fairy, Tim,” Jason sassed as he tugged his glove off and briefly debated throwing it at his smirking sweet smartass of a boyfriend. “I don’t ‘talk to plants’.”


Cute little fall sickfic! Words: 1.6k

“You don’t have to do this, you know,” Keith reminded his boyfriend. “I can watch your siblings for the day if you want to go home. I don’t mind.” Lance shook his head, stifling a sneeze into the crook of his elbow.

“It’s fine,” he responded, his voice nearly gone from the constant coughing of the past three days. “Besides, my siblings are little monsters. They’d eat you alive.” He gave a violent shiver and Keith’s worried hand flew to his forehead.

“You’re warm,” he muttered, frowning. “Are you sure you don’t want to go back to your house? It’s October, after all, and it’ll get colder soon.”

“I’m fine, honestly,” Lance promised. “They’ll get bored by six, and then we can go home. Come on, we should go over to the pumpkin patch. That’s where they are.” The fall festival was bustling with life, kids running around wildly and dragging their parents along with them. The five other Mcclain kids were in the pumpkin patch, running through the rows of huge orange circles. Lance smiled for a brief second before a shiver ran through his body, making his pull up the hood of his sweatshirt and burrow deep into it. Keith glanced over and, seeing his boyfriend cocooned in the mass of fabric pulled him closer, wrapping his arm around Lance’s waist.

“If you want to leave just say the word and we can go,” Keith promised. Lance nodded, fighting back another shiver. He knew full well that Keith was a worrier but there was nothing to worry about, at least in Lance’s eyes.

The five other Mcclain kids ran up to the duo, ranging in ages from five to twelve. The youngest, Maria, held Billy, the oldest hand while Tamara, Jeremy and Oliver trailed behind them.

“Maria wanted to stay with you,” Billy announced, passing Maria’s hand over to Lance.

“We’re going to jump in the hay pile!” Tamara yelled behind her as the four other Mcclain children sprinted away.

“You look pale,” Maria pointed out, patting Lance’s cheek as Keith bent to pick her up. “And why are you so warm?” Keith sent an accusatory glare at Lance but he dodged it, offering a wide smile to Maria.

“Just a little cold Maria, I’ll be fine,” Lance assured her. “Do you want me to go get you a donut?”

“Yes!” Maria exclaimed.

“Keith, will you stay here with her?” Lance asked. Keith nodded, allowing Lance to slip away.


The small little cafe was warm but it did nothing to stop the chill that was racing through Lance’s veins. Immediately he wrapped his arms across eachother, shrinking back into his sweatshirt. Looking around at the other customers he could see that none of them were cold, some even slipping off their light fall jackets. Lance didn’t understand those people. He grabbed a pumpkin donut from the shelf, slipping it into a bag with trembling fingers. He stood in line, avoiding the stares from the people who were wondering why this boy was wrapped in such a thick sweatshirt, and why he looked so pale. He reached the front of the line and was immediately met with a pitying stare from a woman who reminded him strongly of every single stereotypical grandmother.

“Are you feeling well?” she asked as she rang up the donut. Lance, although he didn’t see the point in lying to the woman but also didn’t want to talk, gave a small, halfhearted shrug. He could feel her eyes tracing over his face and glanced away instinctively. “Chicken noodle soup,” she advised, handing his the bag. “You’ll feel better, and it’ll warm you up. You look like you could use some warming up.”

“Thank you, ma’am,” Lance said, his voice thick with congestion. He walked out of the store as fast as he could, wanting to avoid any more awkward interactions.

“Poor boy,” sighed the old woman, shaking her head as she watched Lance exit the shop.


“You’re back!” cried Maria, latching onto Lance’s legs as he arrived back where his boyfriend and sister were. Maria didn’t weigh much but Lance still stumbled when she held onto his legs. He would have fallen over but he felt a soft hand on his back and he glanced back to see Keith’s worried face, supporting his body. “Did you get the donut?”

“Here you go,” Lance sighed, handing over the donut. Maria squealed with joy, peeking inside the bag.

“I’m going back over with the others,” she announced, jumping over to the other four Mcclain kids, who were running around in the hay pile.

“Come on,” Keith said gently, grabbing Lance’s hand. “I found a nice place we can sit down.” Keith led Lance to a shady tree, the trunk wide enough and perfectly bent so that it comfortably supported the bodies of two teenage boys. Lance immediately sunk to the ground, slumping over and resting his head on Keith’s shoulder. Keith wrapped his arm around Lance’s shoulders, his fingers wandering to Lance’s forehead to check his temperature. Keith frowned at the heat he felt and glanced down at his boyfriend’s face, pale save the flush coloring his cheeks. “Are you ready to go home?” he frowned.

“It’s a cold, Keith, I’ll live,” Lance promised, slipping a travel pack of tissues from his sweatshirt pocket. He blew his nose, sniffling a tiny bit when he was finished. He slipped the tissues back into his pocket, the end sticking out just a fraction of an inch, just enough so that Keith could still see the blue plastic. Lance still held onto the tissue, occasionally wiping his cherry red nose with the soft white paper. Keith tossed another glance at his sick boyfriend, biting his lip.

“Hang on a second, okay? I’ll be back soon,” he promised. Lance gave a half hearted nod, almost too exhausted to hear what Keith was saying. Keith stood up, brushed the dirt off of his pants and walked away.


He returned five minutes later with a steaming cup of apple cider in his hand. Sitting down he handed it to Lance who took it readily, happy for the warmth it added to his steaming body. “Drink,” Keith instructed. “If you’re staying here you’re staying warm, and you’re doing everything I say, or I’m getting your siblings and we’re leaving. Got it?”

“Will do, doc,” Lance chuckled. He began coughing and Keith rested a hand on top of Lance’s until he stopped.

“Here, take this too,” Keith offered, slipping his simple black hat from his head and sliding it onto Lance’s. Lance gave a nod of approval, setting down his partially finished cup of hot apple cider as his eyelids fluttered. His head dropped against Keith’s shoulder and not even a minute later Keith could hear quiet snoring coming from his boyfriend. Keith smiled contentedly as his boyfriend slept, happy with the autumn trees around him and the feeling of his boyfriend’s head on his shoulder.


About half an hour later Lance was awoken by what sounded like chanting. He cracked open his eyes to see his siblings marching toward him, repeating hay ride over and over again. He stretched, picking up his apple cider which was thankfully still warm.

“Looks like we’ve got company,” Keith sighed, standing up and offering Lance a hand. The five Mcclain children stopped in front of Lance and Keith, staring up at the two with huge, imploring eyes.

“Will you take us on a hayride?” Maria begged, giving Lance the pouty lip.

“It’s up to you, Lance,” Keith said. “You feeling up to it?” Lance smiled, ignoring the more frequent shivers making their way through his body.

“Yeah, of course, but we’re going to go after that. Is that alright?” A chorus of yesses came from the children and they dragged Keith and Lance across the field to a small, rickety wooden cart covered in hay attached to a horse that looked even more exhausted than Lance.

“How much?” Lance asked, taking out his wallet.

“Twenty for the group, a real bargain,” said the chipper looking man in the cart. Lance forked over a twenty and the six Mcclains plus Keith climbed into the cart. The kids sat on opposite sides while Lance and Keith took the seat closest to the driver. Lance pulled Keith’s hat over his ears and stuck his hands in his pocket.

“You’re taking a nap once we get back to your house,” Keith instructed. “And I’m driving home.” Lance, too tired to argue, nodded. Once again he found his head on Keith’s shoulder, looking out into the sky, the setting sun bathing the sky in pinks and purples. They rode down an old, bumpy road, Lance resting his head on Keith’s shoulder. Sure, he was sick, but in the hay ride, with his siblings laughing with enjoyment and his head on his boyfriend’s shoulder, he was content.


Lance felt someone shaking his shoulder as blinked open his eyes, hovering over his face. “Lance, come on, we’re going.” Again he offered Lance his hand and Lance pulled himself up, leaning on Keith as he lead Lance through the fields and to the parking lot, the five other Mcclain kids running and skipping ahead of them. “Remember, I’m driving,” Keith reminded Lance as Lance slipped into the passenger seat. Keith climbed into the front and the low rumble of the engine made Lance’s eyes want to close. In the back sat the five children in the two back rows, yelling and screaming but the noise did nothing to assuage Lance’s exhaustion. “Get some rest,” Keith said gently. “You need it, and I’ll feel better if you sleep.” Lance gave a sleepy nod, pulling his sleeves over his hands and his hood lower over his face. Before pulling out Keith gave Lance a soft kiss on his cheek. He pulled the car out of the parking lot and Lance fell asleep against the gently vibrating window of the car zooming down the highway.

Lightning: a Young Remus Lupin x Reader Imagine

Requested: no

In this imagine, the reader has just suffered the final blow in an almost three year stint of unrequited love following a damaging relationship. When the boy she’s been chasing chooses someone else, she is left heartbroken in the library where and old friend finds her. Remus knows a thing or two about pain, as well as the best way to heal wounds both visible and hidden. The weather is electric, and just like lightning both are caught off guard when sparks fly.

Warnings: tons of fluff, serious topic (hints at previous abusive relationship)

Y/N - your name
Y/L/N - your last name
~~~ - used to show passage of time

Word count: 2,821


Wax slowly drips down the side of my candle as the night deepens. It’s blurry, like everything else, from the water pooling in my eyes. He was with her again. The same girl who broke his heart twice, and just like that I go from sweet whispers to banishment. For three years I’ve let him do this, and sadly I don’t see it stopping. Love does crazy things like that.

Outside the darkened glass of the library wind is beginning to howl. Of all the nights to lose him again it had to be this one. I close the book on the table in front of me, pushing it away so that I can rest my elbow on the ink-stained wood. The tip of my finger begins to burn as I dip it into the liquid wax. It quickly cools, hardening into a shell that I crack off to reveal pink skin. What I wouldn’t give to start over.

My shirt-sleeves wipe at my cheeks even though it is futile. This is my fault, all my fault, somehow.

At the other end of the library the ancient door creaks open. I blow out my candle, and slide onto the floor. Soft humming accompanies the honey glow of a lamp bobbing through the stacks. No professor would do that.

“Y/N?” A familiar figure steps around the corner. “What are you doing here this late?”

Brushing dirt from my pants I reply. “I- I could ask you the same.”

Remus walks over and relights my lamp, together they banish all traces of dark around the table. One glance at my face and he engulfs me in a hug. “Hey, come here.” I allow myself to be buried in his chest and a sense of safety seeps into my bones. When I finally stop crying he releases me. With one arm around me, he uses the other to grab my book and begins guiding me towards the exit.

“Let’s go back to my common room, eh? Much warmer there, no need for you to catch a cold.”

After stepping through the portrait, a room full of deep reds greets me by the dying embers of a now sleeping fire. Remus places my book down on a coffee table and begins stoking the flames back to life. Soon crackling warmth fills the room. A soft woven blanket is draped over my shoulders as I sink into a cushion.

“Dreary night out.” He states the obvious as he produces two cups of tea from the set that is always on a table in the corner. He sits cross-legged across from me on the couch, propping against the other hand-rest as I do the same.

“Yeah.” Thunder rolls, rattling the windows as lightning strikes again to accent the boom. “I never liked storms much.”

“It always helps to have someone there when they get particularly nasty.”

I nod in agreement, sipping at my cup of tea, savoring the flavor and tracing the warmth as it journeys to my belly.

A glance upwards reveals Remus watching me carefully, waiting. It’s one of the many things I love about him. He is curious, but he will never push or pry.

“It’s stupid really.” My eyes fixate on the dark liquid in my cup.

“I promise it isn’t stupid whatever it is. You’re a very smart girl Y/N, and sensible too.” His voice is rich and smooth.

“Just a boy, or lack thereof.” He gestures for me to go on. “I’ve spent three years waiting on him to finally make it official. We get so close and then he just chooses someone else and leaves me again and I can’t even say he left because he was never really with me but he was and then he’s gone and it’s not right for me to miss something that wasn’t ever mine in the first place.” The words tumble out, sentences stringing together into one. Frustration causes them to race out in a jumble and suddenly everything I felt but couldn’t say is in the air between us.

“Unrequited love, that is far from nothing.”

“That isn’t the worst part.” Another clap of thunder peals through the air. I clench my eyes shut. “I loved him even when I was with my ex and he’s the only reason I had the strength to leave.”

“What do you mean?” Concern is rippling through his green eyes.

“Remember how I made sure to stick around Sirius for a few weeks after I left Jeremy?”

“I believe so.” Remus squints in concentration.

“It was because I needed protection. It was a really bad situation.”

“Did he-” Remus sets his tea on the table and scoots closer to me, reaching his hand out tenderly before thinking better of it.

“He never laid a finger on me but he threatened to. And when he was angry.” I shiver at the memory. “He kept me from everything I loved and I was only with him to try and move past-”

“You don’t have to say anything else.”

“I know, I just- What am I going to do?”

“You are going to show them both what an amazing girl you are. It’s okay to want someone, but you don’t need either of them and from the sound of it they don’t deserve you.”

I debate my next question. “Can I tell you something else?”


“I regret being anywhere near Jeremy. Just the thought of his hands around my waist makes me cringe. When he kissed me it was always like he was hungry, like he wanted to consume me, and his hands were always wandering uninvited. It makes me feel dirty.”

The silence between us is tangible until Remus breaks it. “It’s not your fault that he was reaching for something else and found you instead. You deserve so much more than that. You deserve more than someone who uses you to replace boredom or as a place for their hands to roam without permission.” He stops himself, but the way he is running his hand through his hair tells me that there is so much more he wants to say.

Outside the storm intensifies, and feeling ever smaller in it’s presence I can’t help but shake after each lightning strike.

“I just don’t understand why it hurts so much. I don’t understand why he always chooses people I can’t compete with.

"There is no competition, Y/N.” Remus whispers. Tears fill my eyes when I realize that my fears are reality.

“Why does love feel like pain?” His figure is blurry.

“Love only hurts when it is real.” He brushes my hair out of my eyes and I notice his expression. There’s a somberness there, an honesty that can only come from experience. The gesture is so tender, so raw that something stirs in my chest. Remus, my oldest friend here at school, the kindest, strongest person I know. He’s here, inches away and nothing else really seems to matter.

Suddenly seeming to remember something, he stands and bounds quietly up the stairs to his dorm. “One moment.”

I can’t help but smile to myself at the way his light brown hair is slightly disgruntled from a long night of wracking his brain. Still open on the coffee table are various textbooks from class, each with more notes scrawled in the margins than the next. He’s always so attentive, so careful with his words. Every mark on the pages is intentional, making the most of the space. Puns litter the notes, his humor momentarily lightening the dullest of subjects. He is the same way in conversation, words selected for impact, a game of chess that you never realize you are playing, a game that you are almost happy to lose because he will never point it out.

“Admiring my notes?” He asks, sliding back onto the couch as rain pelts the windows. “I do apologize for the disorganization. I truly do try but things always end up jumbled. It drives Evans up the wall.”

“Oh no- no. They are perfect really. I was just looking to see what you had been working on. That transfiguration paper is a doozy.”

“Challenging, but nothing that can’t be put off until last minute. Take this, it makes everything better.” I hear the snap of a chocolate bar in the middle of his words.

“Thanks.” I take it from him carefully, trying to ignore the momentary brushing of our fingers or how they linger a bit longer than necessary.

“You know if you want some help with it I’d be more than happy to assist you.” He offers.

Glancing over at him, I can’t ignore the feeling tugging at my chest. “I think I’d like that.”

We nibble away in silence as the clock on the mantle ticks steadily. It’s nearly 2:30.

“Looks like the storm is finally calming do-” A bright flash of light illuminates the tower before the castle is shaken by the roaring sky. “I stand corrected.” Remus says matter of factly, looking at his still rattling cup of tea bemused.

He pours us both another steaming cupfull as I pull my blanket closer. “Hey Rem?”

“Right- there you are.” He passes me my cup and saucer before giving me his undivided attention.

“Thank you for everything tonight.”

“Oh it’s nothing.” He sips his tea and begins to shuffle through his papers, far too modest for his own good.

“No,” I reach out to stop his hands from rifling through another stack and his eyes meet mine. “I mean it.”

In the firelight his scars cast tiny shadows over his exposed skin. Rumors have flown about them for years, some believing he gets in knife fights, others speculating that he tries to tame dragons. I’m one of the few who knows where they really come from, but no matter their source, they show he has survived terrible things and there is a beauty in that much deeper than the superficial so many people chase.

He catches me staring and shakes his head, light glinting in his eyes as a smile ghosts his lips. “It’s getting late. You should get some rest.”

“So should you.” I reply.

“Let’s see what you were reading earlier, shall we?” He leans back, propping his feet on top of his papers, my book in hand.

Outside the wind howls, a tortured sound in the night causing me to shiver. Remus notices. “Lay down.” He pats the open space between us. “It’s loud but it can’t hurt you and I swear I won’t either. You’re safe here.”

He opens the book to the page I had marked and begins reading aloud. Following his suggestion I rest my head on the cushion beside him and adjust my blanket. His voice is soothing, pushing the sounds of the storm far into the background as the fireplace pops and crackles with the rise and fall of his words.

The edges of the room begin to blur, my eyelids soon sliding downward like shades as the clock strikes 3. I hear the book close softly, and in the moments before I lose conciousness fingers gently brush through my hair. “Goodnight.”

There is a warm thumping and I’m not sure why my heartbeat is so loud in my ear or why my pillow has suddenly begun to rise and fall on its own. My eyes open slowly, wishing for five more minutes of sleep. Someone must have left the window open because light- I bolt upright.

“Morning.” Remus yawns. Right, Remus. Last night comes flooding back to me and I realize that sometime in the night I must have curled up on his chest.

“Morning.” I wipe the sleep from my eyes and reach my arms towards the ceiling.

“You woke with a start, are you okay?”

“Hmm? Oh, I’m okay. It just took me a moment to remember where I was.” He nods, hair taking on a life of its own. “Thanks again for-” I’m interrupted by a slow clap.

“Well done, Rem. I didn’t think you had it in you.”

“I agree with Sirius. This is a miracle, he finally fell asleep with something other than a textbook.”

“Knock it off guys.” Remus rubs the back of his neck nervously as he stands up.

The two boys begin laughing. “Not a chance.”

“Where is Peter?”

“He’s back down at breakfast.” James replies.

“We were about to go back down there, but we had to get some glue for … we will tell you later.” Sirius says after a firm kick on the ankle from Potter.

Remus looks at them both blankly and they fail to get his message. “Well Y/N and I will be down shortly. You can fill me in then. We have to pack up our things for class.”

“Later Lupin, just make sure you button your shirt up the right way after. People would realize you were-

"JAMES!” I shout.

“Never heard of a joke Y/L/N? Merlin! Calm down.” He hits Sirius on the shoulder and heads toward the exit. Sirius offers Remus a knowing wink before smirking at me flirtatiously and following James out.

“I apologize for them. They are nightmares, really, but they mean well at heart.”

“Friends exist for the sole purpose of embarrassment. Just when you think they’ve said it all they say something more shocking.” We finish stacking his papers and he asks me to follow him.

The stairs to his dorm are solid slabs of stone that contrast the wooden floorboards when the door swings open. The beds are all identical except for an extra blanket here or there. What makes them different are the trunks at the end of each one. Remus stops at one hewn from oak and stained the color of soil after a rainstorm. Sitting on his bed I can only see his shoulders and back moving as he digs through it.

“Here we are.” He stands up with a tan sweater in hand. “There isn’t time for you to change, so you can borrow this until you get the chance.”

“Thanks Rem.” I shimmy it over my head gratefully. “What about you?”

“I’ll change and meet you downstairs in a minute.” He says as I struggle to pull off yesterday’s shirt under the sweater. It takes a moment before I realize he is still watching, amused.


“Oh nothing, nothing.” He laughs, eyes alight. “Just watching you struggle. If you need me to I can step out and you can change since that doesn’t seem to be working too well for you.”

“Oh shut up!” I scoff, pulling the now unbuttoned blazer out through the top of the sweater victorious. “Did you actually doubt me Lupin?” The smirk forms on my lips without warning.

“Not for one moment.” The softness in his voice implies a larger meaning.

“So are you kicking me out now?” I ask, a small part of me secretly hoping he will say no.

“Yeah, I’ll meet you downstairs after I change.”

“Okay.” As I pull the door closed behind me I realize that I have not thought of anyone but Remus since waking.

A few minutes later he walks down the stairs, pausing at the bottom. The corner of his mouth turns up almost imperceptably and he studies the carpet as he makes his way over.


“It’s nothing.”

“No. What is it?” I tug at his sleeve.

His eyes briefly make contact with mine before scanning the empty room to avoid my gaze. “You’re wearing my sweater.”

“Well yeah.” I state the obvious. “It smells really nice by the way, like ground coffee and sprigs of mint.” I can’t believe I actually just said that.

“It suits you.” He declares before hurriedly changing the subject. “Ready to go?”

“I think so.”

“We don’t have time for breakfast so whatever you have first is where you need to go.” He pauses when we exit the common-room. “You don’t have any textbooks.”

“They are in my dorm. It’s okay, I’ll just be late.”

“What is first? History of Magic, right? I think I pass you leaving there.” Something about his tone tells me that he knows this is fact.

“It is.”

“Here.” He hands me his textbook and some parchment. “Just give it back when you pass me.”

“Thank you so much.” I wrap my arms around him in an attempt to express my gratitude before leaving.

“It’s nothing.” He smiles, a slight blush tinging the tips of his ears the color of sunrise.

When we part at the bottom of the stairs, I walk a few yards before looking back over my shoulder. A burning flush floods my cheeks when Remus does the same. Grinning, he looks down and continues on his way, hand brushing through the back of his hair with a new confidence in his walk.

Thank you so much for reading. Remember that you are beautiful and wonderful and valid. Keep your head up and just keep swimming. :)

Much love,
Aria ❤️

Petunia (Luke Hemmings Imagine)

You can find my masterlist here.

Requests are open!

A/N: This was based on this request. I absolutely love this! I need a dog and a Luke :(

Trigger warnings: none


Today was more of a lazy day for you and Luke. You were both laying on your bed in the afternoon, looking at the ceiling. After a few minutes, Luke turned to look at you without your knowing. You feel a finger poke your side and you smile. “What are you thinking about?” Luke asks you.

Turning on your side to face him, you smile again and say, “Remember when we met?”

A smile instantly came to his face as you both recalled that day.

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Ffxv more drabbles

Another one when thinking of Prompto. You know it bothers me that Brotherhood didnt have Promptos freckles. Since theyre such a part of him. I almost refuse to accept something that doesnt have Proms freckles. Its also why I hate his playarts figure.

Promptos freckles must be protected!


“Shit! Shit shit shit!”

As he yelled out, Prompto dropped down to his knees, his gun flickering out of sight. This was not the time for this.

Not when they were in the middle of a battle.

“Hey Prom! What’s the matter? Drop something? Can it wait?” Gladio said it almost conversationally, but with a hint of snark. Above them a bird swooped down on them and it was only thanks to Nocts magnificent warping skills that the bird was cut down and not digging its talons in the kneeling blond’s head.

“Prompto this really isn’t the time!” Nocts voice was less easy going, more exasperated. Really in fights like this, aside from his warping and Ignis’ magic, Promptos gunfire was a key in the battle going swimmingly. Gladio had his shield out to act as the defense, considering his great sword couldn’t even hit these birds unless they managed to get stunned.

Which is why Ignis’ fingers were crackling with the lightning magic stone he was on the verge of releasing into the fray. But he wouldn’t when Prompto was on his knees digging in the grass like that.

“Guys I just…! I can't…! Fuck it! Nevermind let’s do this!” and the blond jumped back up, wiping the grass and dirt off his cargo pants and he whipped his gun back out and Noct sighed a ‘good, finally.’

After that the battle ended smoothly. Gladio ran his sword through the last stunned bird, counting their blessings.

“What happened back there Prom?”

The blond squeaked, his face flushed. “I… Uh. I lost a contact.”


“I could feel it shifting when that bird knocked me over before… And then before I knew it I felt it fall out and… and so I tried to find it before someone stepped on it!”

“If it fell in the dirt you wouldn’t want to put it back in your eye though would you?” Noct always sounded so level headed and reasonable. He clapped his hand on his friends back. “C’mon. You have another pair right?”

“Yeah but… those were supposed to last me the rest of the month…”

“These things happen,” Ignis consoled. “Let’s get back to the car. Until we reach a rest station, do you need your glasses?”

Prompto rubbed the back of his head. “Yeah my glasses are in my bag in the car…”

“You wear glasses?” Gladio felt dumbfounded. Was he the only one who didn’t know Prompto wore glasses?

The other three just stared at the larger man as if he grew another head.

Prompto whined. “Ugh lets just go back! My eyes are killing me!”

They trudged back through the high grass to their convertible sitting in the empty parking lot. Making sure the road was empty, Prompto ran across the street to grab his bag out of the front passenger seat. Ignis offered him some hand sanitizer out of his own bag when Prompto went to use his dirty hands to remove his other contact from his other eye. Prompto laughed awkwardly and thanked the man.

Gladio stood beside Noct as the two blonds fussed about and Prompto found the small plastic case deep in his bag that most likely held his glasses. Gladio always assumed that it was for his sunglasses…

“Has he always worn glasses?”

Noct snorted. “He used to, when we were younger. By the time we were in high school though he started wearing contacts.”

“Oh?” Gladio was interested in hearing the story.

“Yeah. Something about it easier for when he runs. And he can feel more connected to his camera without his glasses in the way.” The dark haired youth nodded. “I get it. Glasses sliding down my nose all the time would drive me crazy. I don’t know how Specs does it.”

Gladio glanced back over at the two men by the car and saw Prompto with thin gold frameless glasses propped on his nose. He was laughing at something Ignis had said and his flushed cheeks stood out even more in the light, his freckles more pronounced.

“He looks like such an adorable nerd doesn’t he?” the snark was palpable in Nocts voice as he teased. Gladio sent him a glare but didn’t say anything. Denying it would only make the prince tease more. He knew that.

“Let’s get back to town so we can turn in that hunt.”


Noct is a little shit and I love it.

“Tooth and Claw”

Haven’t written much Phandom stuff lately, so I thought I’d try something for this year’s Ectober. This one’s for October 26th: TEETH

It was probably a bad sign how long it took for Tucker to figure out which of the tech in his bag was beeping. Had to crouch over it on the sidewalk sifting through a tablet, an old phone, his backup battery charger, two different generations of game boys, his backup-backup charger; Sam always warned him he was slowly sliding down a slippery silicon slope into pseudo-hoarding.

He found the culprit near the bottom of the bag: a Fenton ecto-scope tangled up in some old  cables for a model of PDA he…didn’t actually own anymore. Sam must never know. 

It was a cobbled-together monster made from grave-robbing radio-shacks and amateur soldering kits. Taking it out of the bag only made it vibrate and beep more urgently. The scope took some finagling with a few stuck knobs and dials before the static on screen resolved into something informative: the pixelated silhouettes of trees and a cold-spot slithering past them in toxic, neon green.

Tucker lowered the scope and squinted down the block. The park was that way. Damn. Rustling through his pockets, he pulled out his main phone and pinged Danny on the secure messenger app they’d set up for Phantom stuff- because it wasn’t paranoia when the government really was hunting you down.


You: Code Green in the park
You: class idk whatever the hell AW SHIT THAT’S BIG is
Danny: ok I can be there in 8
Danny: keep your head down till I get there

Tucker typed back ‘You know me,’ and added a scardey-faced emoticon. 

Danny: :/
You: I choose to interpret that as loving concern for my safety

You: don’t text and fly have you learned nothing from the billboard incident
You: such a bad role model
You: Thing of the kids
You: *think
You: Plz hurry

Tucker pocketed his phone before Danny remember the talk-to-text feature. Or if Sam logged on. Like he needed their reminders not to try stuff solo. He was fully capable on standing on a streetcorner like a good sidekick and wait for the big kids to come and-

A scream cut through the night, echoes elongating on concrete and broken asphalt. 

From the park.

When the monster-ghost was. 

Tucker groaned. “Aw hell,” and ran down the street towards it. 

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Hey gorgeous 😉 If you’re taking vikings requests, i have one for ubbe x reader where she is a sheild-maiden and also their childhood friend and like margrethe she slept with sigrud and hvitserk but actually is in love with ubbe and one night all the brothers teas them both and after some time she confesses her love for him when they’re alone and turns out that he feels the same way and maybe you could put some smut at the end 🙂 Also you’re amazing writer and an amazing person as well 😗😊


You were panting by the time you and Ubbe came back from the forest. Your hair stuck to your face, sweat glistening your skin. Ubbe looked worse, which seemed impossible to you since the man was nothing but attractive in every sense of the word.

His braid laid down his back, dirt on his face, sweat running from his forehead. You barreled into the palace with Ubbe right on your heels. You turned coming face to face wth the other Ragnarsson’s, Bjorn, Hvitserk, Sigurd, and Ivar.

You felt your stomach flip when you laid eyes on Hvitserk and Sigurd. You had slept with them before; when you had been dating Sigurd for a long time, and when you had ran to Hvitserk to heal your pain after you had saw Ubbe with Margarethe. You mentally kicked yourself for coming.

“Hello, y/n,” Hvitserk smirked. “Rough day?”

“Hello, Hvitserk, Sigurd, Ivar, Bjorn,” you mumbled. “Training ran long. I thought I could bring Ubbe back to you.”

You glanced at Ubbe, his glare solid. He looked as tired as you felt. He looked as annoyed as you were going to be after you left.

“Interesting day in the forest?” Sigurd asked. Ivar gave a dastardly smile.

“If you call me beating Ubbe at throwing axes interesting, then yeah. It was pretty interesting. Where are you getting at, Sigurd?”

“Alone, with Ubbe, in a dark, quiet forest. No one but yourselves. I’m sure a lot of things could happen,” Perked Hvitserk. “It did with us, remember?”

You face flushed a dark pink as Ubbe rolled his eyes, giving a frustrated sigh. “I seem to recall something of the same events taking place,” Sigurd said slowly. “Don’t you?”

Bjorn looked at Ubbe, his jaw was set firmly as he knew they were only talking about their experiences wth you to upset him. Bjorn knew his feelings toward you.

“Careful, Hvitserk, Sigurd,” Bjorn said, looking at you. “Don’t upset the shield maiden. Also, Ubbe and Y/N have been friends since childhood and it’s normal for them to be friends and train together. Her past may have included you, but her future is no concern of yours.”

You smiled softly as Bjorn, he had always stuck up for you. “So,” Ivar said.

Here we go.

“That was a nice statement, Bjorn. You must know Y/N pretty well. When did you sleep with her?”

“I havent slept with Bjorn,” you argued.

“Right, and you haven’t messed around with Hvitserk and Sigurd. Come on, just admit you have slept with Bjorn.”

“Ivar-” Bjorn began.

“Ivar, no matter what you’re tiny, arrogant, twisted mind like to believe, I have never slept with Bjorn. I slept with Sigurd because we were together and it felt right. I slept with Hvitserk because I wasn’t thinking. Never have I slept with Bjorn. Please forgive me for not marking you off my list of who to sleep with, Ivar.”

You glanced around at the amused and shocked faces that surrounded you. “I have to go. See you around, Ubbe. Good day, Bjorn.”

Ubbe nodded, his eyes set solid with a certain fire to them. Bjorn squeezed your hand as you passed. “Y/N.”

You rushed straight home, not hearing the goblet that Ubbe had thrown toward his brothers, cursing them for embarrassing you in such a way. You sat on your pile of furs, your naked body snuggled against them, trying to keep warm. Then, there came a knock at the door.

Who in the world?

You wrapped a fur around your body, walking to the door. You opened it to find Ubbe. His eyes trailed down your fur clad body. He immediately snapped his eyes back to yours.

“Forgive me for coming to late. I wanted to check on you since my brothers were so rude.”

You nodded. “I’m okay. Ubbe, I have never slept with Bjorn.”

He felt his lips turn up. “I know. I know. Just Sigurd and Hvitserk. Why them?”

You froze. Is he serious? Will you honestly have to explain why you slept with Hvitserk?

“I dated Sigurd. We both felt it was time to take that step and become one, but we became more divided after that.”

“And Hvitserk?” Ubbe pushed. You let your eyes trail to the floor. You grimaced.

“Y/N, why did you really sleep wth Hvitserk?” His voice was soft, as if he knew why. He just wanted to hear it from you.

“It was after I first saw you with Margarethe. I ran to Sigurd but he was occupied with a slave, so I found Hvitserk. He said he could make me forget about it. I slept with him, only thinking about you,” you gathered a breath, wishing the sky would just fall on you. “I’ve loved you for a long time, Ubbe. Such a long time. If you were with Margarethe, or another shield maiden or Slave, I would love you with so much passion that my heart would ache when I saw you.”

“So you,” he said slowly, stepping in. “Slept with Hvitserk…”

You too a step back as he came forward again. “Because you’re in love with me.”

You nodded, wishing the conversation could end. “Well, sheildmaiden, it seems as though I am in love with you as well.”

His hands went to yours, taking them away from the fur, and pulled it to the floor. Your naked body was no on display for him.

“I-,” he began. “I have always loved you. So did Sigurd, so did Hvitserk, so did Bjorn at one time. I’m not sure how my love for you could be any different from theirs, but if you allow me, I can show you.”

You felt your breathe hitch as you looked into his eyes. How you desperately craved this man, but you could honestly sleep with him after you had been with his brothers?

“I’ll make sure that you are not talked about. I will also make sure that you will be mine until the gods decide to take us from each other. I won’t let my brothers torture you, tease you. I won’t let anyone hurt you if you would just let me have you like we have both so desperately wanted.”

That’s when you felt courage bubble up in your chest. You grabbed his shoulders, hoisting yourself up onto his waist, taking his mouth in yours. Ubbe wrapped his arms around you, holding you close to him. His tongue teased your mouth, he wanted to taste you.

Ubbe could feel the fire in his stomach, he had wanted this for so long. When he heard you were with Sigurd, he felt betrayed by his brother although he didn’t know his feeling toward you. You could feel your core pulse against him, making him moan into your mouth.

He walked you over to the furs that lay in the floor. Instantly, sucking your neck, kneeding your naked body with his long fingers. You whimpered at his actions, wanting him to take you.

Ubbe kisses down your body, down the valley of your chest, kissing the top of your breasts, licking the underside, moving toward your navel. You jerked at the tickling sensation causing him to chuckle. He gently sucked the skin, moving further down to where you so craved him.

You moaned as he sucked harder, moving past your folds, to your legs. Pulling back, he slipped off his tunic, completely bare. You licked your lips, wishing he would hurry. He smirked at you. He grabbed your foot giving it a gentle message, kissing your ankle, your calf, your knee, before finally kissing your inner thigh. You jerked your hips.

He smiled. “You’re in such a hurry.”

“I’ve wanted you for years. I think I have the right to be,” you growled.

“I’ve wanted you. I think I have the right to go slow and savor you. Calm down. I’ll go faster in a second.” With that he worked on the other leg, kissing and sucking every inch of it before finally plunging between your legs, lapping at your folds.

You yelped and squirmed at the sudden sensation, he helps your hips down. His tongue began going faster, his lips sucking your folds, lapping at your juices as you felt that knot in your stomach begin to form.

“Ubbe,” you moaned, grabbing his hair. He began going faster, you began seeing stars. What type of pleasure he was giving you was unbeknownst to you. You were panting, sweating, moaning, wanting to see your cum on him.

You legs began to tremble as he stuck in his finger and began thrusting along with help from his tongue. You whimpered, moaned, as your body shuddered with the high that was coming. You felt the knot snap, your juices coating his tongue and finger, you moaned filling his ears. He thrusted his fingers a few more times, making sure he emptied you completely.

“Oh, Ubbe,” you whispered. He smirked at you, his eyes blown wide with lust. His licked his lips.

“I’m not finished, love.”

That’s when he spread your weak and trembling legs, settling himself between you. He pumped himself a few times before sliding into you. You sighed. This is what you so desperately wanted from him.

All that was filled in the room was the sounds of both your moans and skin on skin. The pleasure that ran through your body was nothing that you had ever experienced. Ubbe breath tickled your neck as he pounded into your harder. Your skin slapped together, both of you panting and moaning at the pleasure.

Your core was nothing but liquid heat, you were close to coming. You latching onto Ubbe, holding him closer.

“Ubbe,” you moaned. “I’m going to-”

The knot snapped again, the tremors throughout your body harder than the first. You held his body to yours as he rode out his high. You were limp and tired but Ubbe hasn’t came up, so he flipped you over to where you’d straddled his hips.

Ubbe grabbed your waist, moving you up and down. You moaned each time your hips came in contact with his. You placed your hands on his chest, moving them around his neck as he leaned up to be chest to chest with you.

You laid against his shoulder, the pleasure still high. You whimpered, feeling him twitch beneath you. Seconds later, along with a deep moan, he filled his seed within you. Panting, you rolled off of him, laying in the crook of his arm.

“You’re going to be the death of me, Ubbe,” you whispered.

He ran his fingers through your hair, pulling a fur over you both. “Mm, you are amazing, my love.”

“Purely amazing.”


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REQUEST: Hi I was wondering if I could request something about the reader knowing Four before Dauntless and they both go to Dauntless and become friends through training. Then when Tris comes she’s put off by our friendship? Or somethings along those lines??

FANDOM: Tobias Eaton [Divergent]


TAGS: none

I always did my chores as if it was a no brainer. The next thing I knew I would be doing everyone else’s work along with the help of Tobias. That’s the thing about Abnegation and I’m glad I didn’t have to wear those dull, grey uniforms no more. 

Yes, Tobias Eaton and I used to be Abnegation. We used to be the bottom of the popularity scale while Candor and Dauntless stepped over us like doormats. Yet here we are, intimidating the hell out of initiates who would cry for their mommies.

On a sunny morning of an unknown month we couldn’t keep track off, I sat by myself in the big, rusty training room. Everyone was eating their breakfast- it was 8:00 AM. I already sneaked in the kitchen to fetch me a sandwich and a bottled water and an extra sandwich and bottle for no other but Tobias- who is still not here yet. Where was he?

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arirashkae  asked:

Fluff prompt: “If you would have just kissed them, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on traintracks about to be smushed like bugs!”

This prompt was so unique it totally threw me for a loop at first, but writing it was so much fun! Thank you!!

Train Tracks

Read on Ao3

Pairings: pre-tuckington

Grif turns his head to shoot Wash a side-eyed glare. “If you’d just fucking kissed him when you were supposed to, we wouldn’t be in this mess! Now we’re tied up on train tracks about to be smushed like bugs!”
Wash blinks. Then,

Or, Wash and Grif find themselves in a bind, and Wash really doesn’t have time for this conversation.

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Day two of leggings as pants….remember when I was so anti leggings as pants??!! The weight loss life changes you in more than one way. Hahaha

But the reason behind this picture is actually  for you to look at my cute sweater!

I bought it last year when Aeropostal was going out of business, which apparently they didn’t end up going out of business but hey they were selling their stuff for dirt cheap. Well I never got around to wearing it, in fact it still had the tag on it. LoL

Much comfiness!

I think one of my favorite things about weight loss is being able to wear a sweater all day without sweating to death.

your prayer came to me on a clear night
newborn desperation on the tongue of a foolish human but
you were just one in seven and a half billion
alive at least
and angels are so busy fulfilling far more important miracles
than the one you prayed for
so I did not answer
I was a scornful angel though
perhaps why I fell
and what the others never told me was that when you fall
your wings burn on your back for days
long after you’ve hit the earth
you’re huddled in the dirt
praying for the end as they smoke with no mercy
until finally the sparks die off
and leave you panting for oxygen you have never needed before
my brothers and sisters were gone
cast me out to wallow at the feet of humans
minuscule of worth
and so not only did I breathe for the first time
but I cried as well
feeling the aching void where my wings once were
now I was
you saw me on the ground
caked in dirt and shame
and rushed over with quick feet
such a small being of a value I could not place
but I looked up at you nonetheless and said
your hands were warm as you helped me up
and suddenly that void on my back
whistled out of me with a breath
soft and easy
so I stopped looking for your value and instead
let a warmth envelop my being
like none an angel had ever gifted me
and next time I heard a desperate prayer
of an unimportant one
I held out my hand

Miriam K, fallen angel

@fallenpoets requested: “Hiya Dearie, I simply adore your poems ( and your aesthetic choices ^) and I’d love for you to write a poem for me. Preferably about a really sad Angel :(((( ~deAngelo”

pastry prince | wen junhui

sorry for the lack of activity from me because I’ve been writing but not posting it ?? oh well I’m really into the prince AU and I’m gonna post a soulmate AU soon which I’m excited for. If you guys do like the prince AU’s could you leave something in our ask box for a member you want next? That would be great.

- cheonsa


Wen Junhui, a fairly well known prince across the lands. With his charm, good looks, and his ability to run a kingdom makes all the men and women swoon over him. Like any other prince in the nearby kingdoms he can be quite oblivious about people and his surroundings, but it wasn’t entirely his fault. As it drew closer to his coronation day for when he becomes the king he has been stressed with his duties he must fulfill. At times he is perceived as harsh and cold only because of his feeling of being overwhelmed.

As a child and even now he enjoys either being outside, resting, or eating to feel less overwhelmed. Often times he would ask the bakers in the royal kitchen to make him pastries and they comply because even the staff doesn’t like seeing Jun overwhelmed and it was also their job to do so.

He sat at a desk in one of the empty rooms and his hand started to ache after countless hours of writing. Prince Jun rested an elbow in the desk as he leaned his hand on his palm. A loud sigh escaped his mouth as his head slipped from his palm and hit the desk with his forehead.

“Are you alright, Your Highness?” Startled from the sudden voice he quickly stood to his feet and looked at the door way.

You stood there with a concerned look as you held proper posture. By the way you were heavily breathing he assumed you ran to him, which was what you did. Jun’s eyes grew unnoticeably wide as he saw your figure. He had never seen you around the palace before and and this was your first encounter with the prince. You slightly bow and return to your normal posture. “Is there anything I could help you with, Your Highness?” You asked a second time.

At this moment he had a million thoughts that rushed to his head that all pertained to you. He was curious to who you were, why he hadn’t seen you before, and how could one being be so stunning. “W-what’s your name?” Jun blurted out without answering your question.

“Y/N. My name is Y/N.” You replied in a proper tone. He takes a few quick seconds to scan your figure to understand what was your occupation in the palace. The first thing he assumed was that you were one of the bakers that worked in the royal kitchen. Jun sat in his chair and turned his attention to his work.

“Prepare a batch of muffins and bring them to me once finished.” He commanded in a lower tone than the tone that asked you for your name. You raised your eyebrows and blinked your eyes multiple times.

“Pardon me, sir?” You responded. Jun realized the harshness of his command and turns to face you.

“I didn’t mean to sound like a brat. You’re one of the royal bakers and usually different foods help with relieving stress so I wanted to ask if you could please make-” You interrupted him mid-sentence with a bow.

“That shouldn’t be a problem. I’ll make them now.” You escorted yourself out of the room, but his eyes followed you with each step you took. To simply put it; he was mesmerized. With each word that you spoke to the way you had proper etiquette made you stand out from other royal staff members and even other men and women in the kingdom. Jun continued to stare at the doorway awaiting your arrival and neglecting his work.

As for you, your feet were walking at a quick pace towards the kitchen and ordered the chefs to make what the prince requested. Without a moment to spare the other bakers in the kitchen prepared and made at a rapid pace. Once finished you returned to where Jun was and entered the room. His eyes averted their gaze as you entered the room, once again focusing on the work he had.

Everyday after that encounter he always asked for you to bake him something whether it be small pastries for when he’s working on something stressful or a small plate of cookies when he tends to his private garden. Jun would use it as an excuse to see you as often as he could. Whenever you walked in the doors his mood would immediately brighten and you could see it, but never questioned it.

Jun would try to convince you to stay with him and enjoy the cakes or cookies you would bring. Many times you’re too busy with other duties in the castle, but the times you did stay with him made Jun the happiest. The two of you, without other staff members knowing, would just talk for hours about the smallest things. He would say the most funniest and weirdest things just to see you laugh and for you to stay a bit longer.

This lasted everyday for weeks, even months and it made him the happiest person in the world. Then out of the blue you stopped coming. You didn’t bring him the pastries he wanted and he could see the face that made his day better. Everyday he wondered where you could have gone.

‘Did Y/N get fired?’

‘Is Y/N just busy baking for the castle?’

‘Does Y/N not want to see me anymore?’

A million thoughts ran through his head. He was worried that you didn’t like him and didn’t want to see him or that you were kicked out of the castle. So many scenarios came to his head throughout the day to the point where it was affecting how he slept. He couldn’t take it anymore and decided to go search for you.

The handsome prince ran to each room searching high and low for any trace of you. He looked in the library and the private gardens where the two of you would talk for hours. As he sprinted down the hallway he ran into one of the chefs of the castle who was startled at first.

“You know all the people who work in the kitchen, right?” Jun asked the chef feeling out of breath.

The chef nodded his head. “Yes I do, your majesty.”

Jun sighed in relief. “Then do you know Y/N, one of the bakers?” The chef tilted his head in confusion. Jun described everything about you; the way you dress, your physical appearance, and your wonderful personality. He would ramble on about you and the chef found it amusing yet charming.

“I think you are mistaken.” The chef interrupted him. The prince stared at him in a confused way because of his bold statement. “Y/N isn’t a baker here in the castle. Try near the armory.”

The prince stared at the chef blankly and processed what he heard. He bowed slightly and sprinted to where he suggested; the armory. Jun ran out of the front of the castle and slowed down his pace as he approached the armory. The sound of grunting and swords clashing together was all around. He turned the corner and his eyes widened.

The first thing he laid his eyes was you. The image of you with messy hair and dirt covered pants was all he saw, as well as the silver sword that was in your hand. You were practicing sword techniques with one of the other royal guards in preparation for a battle.

A smiled appeared on his face when he finally saw you after months without contact. The prince approached you, but kept his head down so not many others would recognize him. Your practice session ended and he quickly made his way to you. Just as you were about to leave he reached out to your arm and pulled you away.

You were confused to who was dragging you until you realized it was the prince. You followed his quick pace around the corner of the armory where no one else saw the two of you. Once he let go of your arm you were about to ask what was wrong with him, but you didn’t have the chance.

Your thoughts were interrupted by Jun cupping your face with his hands and kissed you softly on the lips. You stayed neutral, though inside you felt like melting where you stood. You kissed him back slightly enjoying this brief, but sweet moment.

Jun pulled away and grabbed a hold of both of your shoulders, looking you in the eye. “Where the hell have you been, Y/N?” He asked worryingly. “Out of the blue you stopped showing up and I couldn’t find you anywhere. I thought you were fired, or you just didn’t want to see me.”

You sighed and looked down. “I’m sorry that I left without saying anything. I had other duties that I needed to focus on-”

“And why did you lie about being a baker?” You stood there frozen for a moment and tried to avoid eye contact. “I know that you aren’t a baker. Who are you?”

You sighed and look back at Jun. “Yes, you are right. I’m not one of the royal bakers, but I was surprised that you didn’t know who I was.” Jun tilted his head in confusion and blinked his eyes a couple times. “I’m one of the two marshals in your kingdom’s military.” Jun’s eyes grew wide as he stared at you confused.

“So why didnt you tell me? Why did you come everyday with pastries even if you weren’t a baker?”

Your sad expression quickly turned to a soft smile. “You assumed I was one the first time I met you and I was going to correct you, but you looked so stressed that I just followed along. I saw how happy you were every time I brought a muffin or cookies or a small cake, and it made me happy as well.” The prince looked at you with a soft expression.

Jun stared at you for another moment and pulled you close to his chest. “You don’t understand, Y/N. I was so worried. I was concerned if you were fired. I was nervous that you were purposefully avoiding me. Don’t go again, please.”

You nodded again and wrapped your arms around the prince. “I promise. I’m not going to leave you.”