the dirt at the end of the pants

Date Diary - Our First Date

Jensen: Our first date? Hell yeah I remember that! I think it went pretty great, don’t you think babe?

Reader: Are we talking about the same first date here? Because all I remember is how your car died on the middle of the highway and how I had to push it until the motor started running again!

Jensen: Right… that part wasn’t so great. But I remember you looking very attractive shoving my car… not scared of the dirt and all…

You loved the indoor rock climbing though, right! We laughed a lot that afternoon!

Reader: Well I don’t know about you, but I laughed because your pants ripped!

Jensen: *Doubling over with laughter* Damn, I forgot about that!

Reader: It was a disastrous date, really. But in the end, I still went on a second date with him… and on a third… and so on…

Jensen: How couldn’t you. I mean, look at me! I’m awesome!

Reader: Gotta give you that one hon. I think that, if you are with the right person, it doesn’t matter what you do on a date or what happens, because if you like each other, you’ll have a good time anyways!

Jensen: Aw that was so nice…

Reader: Right? I can be nice if I want to…

Jensen: Yeah, it must’ve been hard though, right?

Reader: Shut up or I’ll tell them what kind of underwear you were wearing that day…

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Sneaking Behind Doors - Robron One Shot

Liv tries to get dirt on Robert but ends up playing matchmaker instead

Liv repeatedly kicked the stupid sofa in the living room at Robert’s house as she stubbed her toe.  She bit her lip from swearing too loudly.  After all, she was technically breaking in to Robert flipping Sugden’s place.  The man that couldn’t stop making heart eyes at her brother.  He was so obvious.  Acting like he was Aaron’s best mate when everyone in a five mile radius could see that he just wanted in Aaron’s pants.

Well she wasn’t going to let him.  Aaron had her protecting him from people like that.

Liv wasn’t stupid.  She’d been checking him out.  Sugden had a past.  And according to Aaron’s mam and uncle Cain, Robert had been engaged to a woman when he was carrying on with Aaron.  Her big brother didn’t need someone like that around him.

She just needed some more dirt on him.

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Don’t Go

Trying to work myself back into writing by finishing up a piece that’s been sitting in my WIP folder for a while.

This is my take on the balcony kiss for Solas and Isii.

Isii stopped to catch her breath as she reached the top of the stairs, panting softly as she stretched her neck and shoulders. She wouldn’t admit it in the training yard, but Cullen had presented more of a challenge than she’d been expecting. She was beginning to think she’d overestimated her abilities when she initially asked for his help. She was competent with a blade, but apparently not good enough when facing an opponent equipped with a shield and full armor. Using magic, she’d have him flat on his back within seconds. Without it, she ended up hitting the dirt more times than she’d care to admit.

It made matters worse that she was pretty sure he was holding back.

But that was the point of this whole exercise. Corypheus had turned the Templars against her. She needed to know she could handle herself in a fight if her magic was neutralized.  

She began to unwind the long cloth that bound her chest and stomach, twisted and knotted in the Dalish style to support her during training. She tossed it on her bed, starting to loosen her breeches when she heard the knock at the door. She cursed softly under her breath, trying to quickly shimmy the clothing off of her hips. She’d asked one of the servants to have a bath prepared for her, but she didn’t expect them to be ready so soon. “Just a moment!” she shouted, freeing her legs before reaching for her robe. She slipped the garment around herself as she padded down the stairs, tying it hastily before opening the door.

Solas stared back at her curiously.

“Oh,” she said in surprise, chuckling as she tightened the tie on her robe. “Well, you’re certainly not the bathing tub I was expecting.” She offered a smile, leaning her shoulder against the doorframe. “What can I help you with?”  

“Inquisitor,” he began politely with a nod of his head, “I was…” He paused suddenly, his words fleeing as he frowned, his eyes cast aside. Her brow furrowed as she tilted her head.

“Something wrong, falon?”

“No.” His denial came quickly, but it wasn’t convincing. There was something in his posture - the angle of his shoulders, how his hands were balling into loose fists at his sides. It was subtle, but she could tell he was agitated. He looked concerned. “My apologies,” he said, continuing to look away, “I did not realize you would be.… Now is not a good time.” He nodded again, seemingly satisfied by that conclusion as he took a step back. “We will speak later.”

“Hey.” She caught his arm, offering him a reassuring smile. “If you need to talk to me Solas, then let’s talk.” She let go of his sleeve, holding the door open for him. “Come in.”

He appeared hesitant but nodded again, wordlessly walking past her. She closed the door, following as he ascended the stairs and paced onto her balcony. The light breeze pulled at her robe and she closed it tighter around herself, self-consciously crossing her arms over her chest as the thin fabric did little to keep the cool air from chilling her skin. She watched as Solas paused for a moment, looking out over the horizon, the sun beginning to slowly sink behind the mountains beyond.

“Want to tell me what this is about?”

“What were you like?” he asked, his eyes shifting to settle on her. “Before the anchor?” His words did not appear to come easily, as if he wasn’t certain how to phrase what he wanted to ask. “Has it affected you? Changed you in any way? Your mind, your morals, your…spirit?”

“What kind of a question is that?” She laughed, but it faded quickly when she saw his discomfort. There was no doubting he was serious.

“Please… I would have your answer.”

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okay, can I just say something? sex is not love. sex is sex. Love though, oh my lord, that’s really something else. if he really loves you, like wicked, hard love, his hands won’t be up in your bra straps looking for your heart– because he’ll know your heart doesn’t live there. his hands will be digging with yours in the dirt of what it means to be alive and human and real, digging down into the knee-deep stardust saying “i think this is where we came from”. because your heart lives in your eyes, your words. the way you move, the way you spend your time, the things you value, the things that make you cry, all those little things that you do every day without even noticing. love doesn’t end if it can’t get into your pants. if its all about how far he can get you to take your body? no that’s not love. can we please stop teaching our girls that the climax of love is being pushed backwards into a bed? because we’re wrecking the word like we’re wrecking ourselves. love is a big, explosive word that people have fought and bled for, died for, braved the hurricane for. its loud and expansive, and if its true– really, honestly true? you won’t even need hands to experience it. 

Baby- No paring


Could you do an SPN imagine where the reader tries to steal Baby?? O_O

I read this request very wrong at first but when I understood I thought it was a beautiful request.

“Sleep tight” Dean whispered kissing the bonnet of the impala. “You love that car too much.” Sam grunted slamming the passenger side of the car.

“Hey! You can’t slam the door like that; she’s a woman Sammy you’ve got to treat her right. “He ran his hand over the cooling metal and followed Sam inside.


Dean jumped up in the night hearing the revving of the engine of the Impala that he knew too well and was sweet music to his ears but not when it wasn’t him starting it.

He ran outside in only his boxers and dressing gown and his eyes widened when he saw the car driving down the dirt track. “No…NO!”

He tried to chase the car and ended up hunched over and panting. “SAM! SOMEONE STOLE THE CAR!”

As you drive off your hand runs along the steering wheel and look in a box of cassette tapes on the floor. The car was a beautiful drive and made a large smile fill your face. You knew where he lived so you could give it back after the hunt you were on.

And what a nice car it was. It was a classic, sleek and gorgeous, all glossy metal and soft leather, and it practically purred as you pressed down on the gas pedal. It was well taken care of, and you were suddenly curious to know more about the man who owned it.


It was late the next day and Dean was still having a mental break down about his car going missing. “I’m going to call the police!” he announced standing up and grabbing the phone but Sam snatched it out of his hand.

“No it will ruin our case”

“There isn’t going to be a case anymore if I haven’t got my baby!”

The noise of a car door closing filled Deans ears, the brothers stormed out, well Dean stormed and Sam followed.

The two men walked towards you, the shorter one looking almost lethal as he charged toward you. “Keys. Now.” His voice was low and restrained.

Tossing the keys in his direction, you shrugged. “I brought her back didn’t i?”

“You son of a bitch” he hissed but you could hear a chuckle in his tone.