the diogenes network

So 2014 is almost over, and I can’t just let it slip by without having some sort of celebration or giving some sort of commemoration, and because of that, I decided to make a list of mutuals that have made my tumblr experience this year fun and awesome! Some of them are old mutuals, some of them are new, but it doesn’t matter. I love you all equally!

I hope I didn’t miss anyone here because some of you have changed your username, and sometimes, I’m just not so thorough when it comes to listing things and checking them twice, so if I made a mistake or miss someone, please just message me right away!

Let’s start!

Indonesian sweethearts and my new partners in crime ★~(◠‿◕✿)

addigni watsonswaltz
Real life friends (´з・`)ノ⌒☆
thehiddenwonderland orchidorchidium flawlessfool hapayaa

First five mutuals omg ლ(´◉❥◉`ლ)

johnlocksirens wolfyjoederangio guysisolvedititwasgregagain i-sherlock-you thegodstiel

Tag me more in your photos please ⁽⁽(*꒪ั❥꒪ั*)⁾⁾


♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ # \(╹◡╹๑)~♪


♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ a ~ e \(╹◡╹๑)~♪

abbingtvn alenturing andewscott applevault bachelorjhw baskerveilles bbcmartinfreeman bbcsheriarty bbcsubtext bbcwatsn begravia benadlct benedidct bengagement bluecarbuncle burntsherlock byshezza charlesmagnussen clueinglooks consultingjohn covertdeductions cumbersir darlingholmes dearmycroft deducethegay dysprosum eggnoglock enarms exit-ghost

♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ f ~ j \(╹◡╹๑)~♪

fallforsherlock fanndamnedibals freebae freemanthebatch freemvns gigglesbatch hannibal-cannibal-lecter highandfunctioning his-archenemy hislastval holmesleuth hopeforjohnlock investigayting ireignadler jimmorivrty jimoriartv jmauriarty johnlawks johnlockville johnnlocked jwatsvn

♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ k ~ o \(╹◡╹๑)~♪

ladyinabowtie letsplaymvrder marriedetectives martinfreewomen merryjawnlock miss-addler moriartys moriartywasreal mvriartys mycroftologys mycroftscakeaddiction officialjohn

♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ p ~ t \(╹◡╹๑)~♪

parentlocks pitzandperverts properlock queertective reichenpach riseofwillgraham sassmycroft scienceofseduction scruffyshezza seducewatson shaggingcumberbatch shazzaholmes sherflake sherlocksblogger shezzlock sholtoe sirwatshon snowcroftholmes snowiarty the-alana-bloom the-cumber-collective themoriarty thepotterwholockian thewomvn

♪~(◔◡◔ิ)/ u ~ z \(╹◡╹๑)~♪

ughmoriarty vestwood weweremadeforeachothersherlock williamsherlockscott winterdeductions

Sorry for the kaomoji vomit, I just can’t resist!

And of course, I can’t meet most of these lovely people without the existence of The Deducing Network and The Diogenes Network! Thanks for inviting me into these two lovely networks!

Now that the list is over, I wish you all have an awesome New Year’s Eve, whether you’re spending it with your friends, with your family, or alone (just like me!), and an awesome life in 2015 too. Happy blogging until 2015!