the dinosaur factory

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okay, challenge time. thoughts on sami/dean/finn. i want DETAILS.

this is…….a cursed ask peggy.

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John Cena x The dinosaur that says yee


Characters: John Cena and the dinosaur that says yee (Oro)

Setting: Knife Factory

Situation: Stuck in an elevator

“And if you look to your right you’ll see the children who are underpaid making a new type of knife that will be released in a week!”
I stand there bored as I listen to the tour guide drone on and on about knives. I mean, I don’t even care about knives that much but the advertisement was so good that I was just thought, what the hell!
I look around at the rest of the tour group and I see a few dinosaurs. Things have really changed since scientists brought back dinosaurs, except somehow they came back sort of smart and don’t eat humans. It’s been weird but I’m not one to judge.
My phone rings and everyone looks at me as my theme tune rings out through the knife factory.
It’s a damn good theme song but someone screaming “JOHN CENA” and then music playing in the middle of a tour really isn’t great.
One of the dinosaurs that looks at me weirdly catches my eye and makes me question myself until the tour guide suddenly shouts over the small group once again.

“Ok everyone we’re going to go up to the second floor now so if you just want to just get in this elevator and we can continue this tour.”
Everyone files into the elevator one by one, me and that dinosaur from earlier at the back of the line.
“Oh no” Says the tour guide “There’s no more room in here, we’ll just go up and you two can get the elevator after us, we’ll wait for you don’t worry” and just like that the elevator doors close and I’m left standing there with the dinosaur awkwardly.
No I don’t mean awkwardly, I’m John Cena for gods sake I am not awkward I am the opposite, but the dinosaur makes me rethink that.
The elevator finally comes back down and we get in. It’s dead silent until the elevator comes to sudden stop making the dinosaur almost fall to the ground.
I look around confused, what the hell is going on. I try to open the doors but it doesn’t work, even my big muscles can’t handle the stuck doors.
“I think we might be stuck” I say not quite making eye contact with the dinosaur.
“Yee” is all the dinosaur says in response.
I try calling out for help but no one hears us, and of course my phone goes dead just as I need it. Great.
“What should we do?” I ask but the dinosaur just looks down and shakes his head. I sigh and decide to just go for it. “So if we’re going to be stuck in an elevator I should at least know your name.” I say hesitantly.
“Oro” He says quiet enough so I just hear it but loud enough for me to realise he has an accent of some sort.
“That’s a nice name”
“Yee” Oro says once again looking into my eyes. Damn he has nice eyes.
“Well I’m John- J-John Cena.” I say feeling my face go a little red from stuttering.
I have no idea what’s going on, why do I feel this way? This intense emotion? What is it? It must be…looooooooooathing hatred. Yeah that’s it.
I suddenly hear the tour guide try to shout to us telling us there’s help on the way.
Oh thank god I don’t have to spend more time stuck in this elevator with Oro.
Twenty minutes go past and we say nothing to each and I still can’t seem to look directly at his face.
I suddenly feel the elevator move and I feel a lot relief but also regret that I barely got to speak with Oro.
I quickly get out a pen and paper and write my number on it and hand it to Oro.
“Call me” I say winking and quickly walking out of the fixed elevator my face fully red.
Jesus Cena, get your act together.

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