the dinos

AL1: Performance Unit’s messages to each other


THE8 — Let’s exercise diligently together. You have to look cool for our fans kekeke (even though you’re already cool!) Thank you for always listening to what I have to say~ I’m so happy I have someone like hyung by my side~ Let’s stay together even in the future~

JUN — Cute and cool Prince Hoshi~ You know I’ll always love you, right?^_^ kekeke I’ll work harder~ Fighting together^ㅇ^

DINO  Aigoo Hoshi-ssi~!! Brother! I think hyung knows my heart..^^ Soonyoung-ie hyung who’s like my real hyung, I love you ><


DINO — Our Performance Team’s flower boy Jun-hyung~~>< Thank you for always staying by our side!! Though I can’t say it normally.. Thank you I love you^^ It’s true^^

HOSHI — Jjuni Jjuni always take care of yourself and let’s healthily do these promotions well >_< Because you’re here Performance Team is unshakeable. Thank you kind Jjuni♥

THE8  Let’s do fighting together~ Thank you for telling me when you feel down~ I’ll always listen to you^_^ Let’s continue together!!


HOSHI — I feel like I really gain strength and that our choreography comes out beautifully thanks to our The8. You’re also adapting well since coming to South Korea and and that’s so good to see. Also stop becoming cool now! Cool dude, let’s continue together for a long time

DINO — The8~!! Because of hyung’s presence it feels like the atmosphere got a lot better>< Us four, thirteen, let’s be together forever, woaini~♥♥ (t/n: woaini means I love you in Chinese)

JUN — The8!! You have to eat more food more more more!! Since you do many dangerous moves always take care of your health and let’s go eat delicious Chinese food gogogo


JUN — Dino~ Dino~ Our Dino-yah~ Dino who always works the hardest and has the most worries~ Since you already dance so well, have confidence always. Together let’s fightingtingtingting!!

HOSHI — Our maknae~>_< You have no idea how reassured I feel because of you. Thank you for following this lacking hyung well, let’s work hard in the future and surprise the world! Fighting♥

THE8 You’re really cool!! Don’t overthink things~ If you feel down, definitely talk to me~ No matter what happens you have 12 hyungs by your side, so don’t be scared. Fighting!!

source: MooooocciR
credit: jina + erin @ fyperformanceunit
© credit if taken out!

kindergarten!au with Seventeen

part 1 | part 2

Lee Seokmin / DK
-remembers everyone’s birthdays
-sings his classmate “happy birthday” when it’s their special day
-sings himself a lullaby before going to sleep in naptime but ends up singing in his sleep too
-still falls for all of jeonghan’s jokes

 Kim Mingyu
-has an imaginary friend named bongbong
-is the messiest but cleans up his messes right away
-another fingerpainting enthusiast
-art is his favorite subject and is surprisingly good at it
-tosun caretaker #2
-manages to always accidentally step on legos during playtime 

Xu Minghao / The8
-loves the sandbox the most but if you disturb him/knock down his sandcastles he’ll kick sand in your face
-pushes people down the slide
-everyone is afraid when he’s the “it” during tag
-the kid whose parents are called by his teacher often because of delinquent behavior
-already a skipping rope genius

 Boo Seungkwan
-bossy and sassy
-the teacher’s pet
-always recites even if he’s wrong
-tells everyone to fix their toys and clean up their messes
-stamp enthusiast
-picks flowers and gives them to the teacher

 Choi Hansol / Vernon
-another shy kid
-has an affinity with bugs he catches in the kindergarten yard
-practices talking with his classmates by talking to his bugs
-splashes in all puddles big or small
-chews his pencils 

Lee Chan / Dino
-doesn’t go anywhere without his stuffed toy dinosaur
-scared of the dark
-animal cracker enthusiast
-brings sweets but doesn’t share
-still sucks his thumb