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“Troop Leader” Part 4

Summary: How will your father react when James Buchanan Barnes is the one to mend your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: papa tony, fluff

Word Count: 1175

A/N: cliffhangers baby! taglists are open!

Troop Leader Masterlist

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You didn’t sleep at all. The bed might have felt like clouds, but your thoughts are what kept you awake.

Would she be there? Would he be there? What if he moved her in right after you left. What if he threw away your things? You couldn’t stop thinking about the possible ‘what ifs’ that were going to come with tomorrow. It weighed on your conscious like a brick.

You were beginning to feel the heartbreak again, so you got out of bed. It was 4:30 in the morning and you knew exactly where you were going to go. The roof had been your solace ever since you were a little girl. You did your best thinking under the stars and moon. It calmed you. You felt all your worries wash away with the sounds of the city. It was safe.

You pulled on your comfy boots and brought a blanket with you. Your first stop was the kitchen. Of course, you were going to get a tub of ice cream. It was ritualistic after a break-up. You dragged your cocooned self into the elevator and clicked the button to the roof. It was cold when you arrived, and you were glad you brought the fluffiest blanket you owned (or Tony owned).

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Missing My Voice (Tony X Fem!Reader, Peter x Fem!Reader)

Characters: Tony X Daughter!Reader, Peter X Fem!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Avengers

Warnings: Blood, surgery, needles, injury

Request: OK, so I have another request (If you don’t mind, of course)! So can you do a Tony x Reader (adopted daughter/father relationship)/ Peter x Reader (boyfriend/girlfriend relationship) where the reader loves to sing and play the guitar and a ton of other instruments but goes mute during a mission (due to an injury), and how it impacts Peter and Tony? And can Tony like, go to a ton of doctors and stuff to try and find a solution? Whether he does or doesn’t is up to you. Thanks in advance!

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Tony was walking down the hall to your room to tell you, his daughter, and your boyfriend, Peter, dinner was ready. When he got close enough, he heard your guitar and a bit closer, he heard your voice singing along, which brought a smile to his face.

You had loved the art of music since you were a baby. Before you could walk or talk, you always smiled and giggled when your dad put music on. When you could walk you would dance and when you could talk, you would try and sing along. By the time you were 3 you had tried making your own songs, which your dad proudly recorded you singing. You got excited to go see musicals and to go to choir practice, as well as band practice. You had learned the guitar by age 5, and you kept learning new instruments for fun; the trumpet, harp, drums, piano… but your strong point was always your old guitar and your voice. You had sung and played in public, and several record deals wanted you, but your dad told them to come back when you’ve finished school. He didn’t want you to get too overwhelmed and lose your love for music.

He knocked and opened the door, and you stopped and looked up at your dad. Peter was sat watching you, and he turned as well. “Come on you two, dinners ready.” He announced. You got up and followed your dad to the dining room.

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Supernatural Preference- How your dad reacts when you bring your boyfriend for dinner


Dean just tries be as intimidating as possible, playing with his gun when you first walk in, taking long scary steps, the whole thing.
“Dad we’re here.” You shout as you walk in with you boyfriend, only to find your dad cleaning his gun.
“Dad what are you doing!” You yell at him.
“What cleaning the gun, it’s gotta be done some time.” He says as he walks over to the two of you, staring your boyfriend down.


Michael would try and play nice but would also ask your boyfriend questions to see if theres anything wrong with him, but is pleasantly surprised with how perfect your boyfriend is.
“So Tony, what is it you do again?” Michael asks testing him.
“Oh, I actually help manage my brothers band and I also cook for the Mexican restaurant down the road. I mean works work and I hope to be going to law school soon, and that won’t pay for itself.” He tells your dad being his usual nice self.
“I see.” Michael simply says staring at him for a bit. 


Gadreel tries to be as intimidating as possible during the whole night, from introduction to saying goodbye.
“Hello sir, it’s nice to finally meet you. My names Michael” You boyfriend says extending his hand as your father walks in the room.
“Ah ha. This way to the dining room.” You dad says, giving Michael a bit of a stare down as you all walk to the dining room.


Sam acts a bit mean but not too openly, almost in kill him with kindness and sarcasm way. So when you pull him aside to talk to him, he does really well in pretending he doesn’t know whats wrong.
“Sam can I speak with you in the other room?” You ask your brother as you both leave the room.

Royals Pt. 8 (Michael)


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|| in which you are royalty but michael is not|| 



You woke up to soft moonlight streaming in through your window. You reached up to rub the sleep out of your eyes, but realised it was futile. Your eyes were already shutting closed as soon as your legs swung off the bed. You found your head drooping back to the pillow and immediately straightened up again as  you let out a massive yawn.

Was this side effects of the pregnancy? You immediately reached down and patted your stomach protectively.

Everything was so new and unexpected to you. You still couldn’t decide whether you were happy or not to have Michael’s child. On one hand, you loved him, you loved him so much and you imagined a future together anyway , but that never changed  the fact that you were both still so young.. and reckless.

You stood up to head to the bathroom to wash your face.    You immediately felt rejuvenated as soon as the cold water touched your  skin,making you feel refreshed and  more alert. You assumed that it would be almost dinner time at this point, and a servant would probably call you down for dinner.

You stripped off your old dress and immediately went to the closet, skimming through all the different colors before  deciding on a black one, dark enough to reflect your mood.

You went into the bathroom to change again when you felt it. The unmistakable cramping you knew so well.

A soft groan escapes your lips as you hold your stomach and collapse on the bathroom floor. Your knees hit the cold wooden  tiles  and you lean your head against the bathroom wall as you try to steady your  breathing.

You feel another surge of pain shoot up your body  like a hot hand clenching around you and you felt  silent tears prickling the back of your eyes as you tried to compose yourself.

It couldn’t be. The sensation was so familiar yet you could hardly accept it.

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Written by: spencerreidsmiles

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! @sarahcrystalheart requested a Thanksgiving fic, so here it is! I hope all of your Thanksgivings were just as good as the Reader and Spencer’s. 

Please leave feedback, requests, asks, or submissions! 


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So when ur done with ur break, u can do the story I requested? The story about SITS? The guy's reaction when they found out MC is the daughter of someone powerful? Like a mob boss, president, multi-billionaire CEO, and etc. U can do that after ur break and business trip. Anyways, have a safe trip. May God bless you.

I give in to your presistent request and not wanting to disappoint you. And thanks for your kind words. This will be the final request and I will take a break. Hope this is turn out okay for you.


A limousine stops at the side of the road when you out on a date with your guy. The door open and the driver greeted you. He said that your dad needs to see you and meet your boyfriend. Your boyfriend was shocked and gives you a blank look. You can only grin at him and pushed him into the car.

“You are rich? And who is your dad?” You guy asked in surprised.

Kyohei Rikudoh

“He is just no body, but you know the president of Japan, Mr Hishikura.” You tried to reply as casual as possible.

“President? Seriously? And you called that no body? You are not joking, are you?” Kyohei asked in shocked.

The car stop at the president house before you can explain further. Your butler showed you to the living room where your dad is waiting for you and you greeted your dad. Kyohei also bow to show his respect.

“The dinner will be ready soon. Let’s have a chat first.” Your dad said coldly and asked both of you to be seated. “Are you serious with my daughter?” Your dad asked directly.

“I am and truly love your daughter. I am not letting her go even if it causes my life. Time will prove my love for her.” Kyohei replied calmly and firmly.

Your dad seems satisfy with his answer and soon the dinner start. Kyohei remains calmly and manage to pass your dad tests after tests. Soon both of you are on the way home.

“Has your dad accepted me?” Kyohei asked nervously.

“You did a good job.” You smiles and give him a kiss on his lips.

Iori Enjo

“Well… How to put it? My dad is Mr Ichinomiya, the CEO of Tres Spades.” You replied nervously.

“What?” Iori exclaimed. The car pulls outside the hotel before Iori can question you further. Both of you are lead to the private room where your dad is waiting for you.

“Dad, this is..” You tried to introduce Iori but your dad cut you off.

“Your family own the Entsudoh. So you come from a reputable family as well. I just go straight to the point. Are you toying with my daughter’s heart? I can give you a sum of money if this is what you want.” Your dad asked coldly.

“My loves for your daughter are words which can’t describe. She is already part of my life and I no longer can live without her. Moreover, I do not know her status until now.” Iori replied calmly.

Your dad nodded at his remarks and soon dinner is served. There is few conversation during dinner but at least you see no sign that your dad object your relationship with Iori. Once dinner over, your driver drop both of you at Iori’s apartment.

“You are so cool just now.” You exclaimed happily.

“Of course, who do you think I am? However, you got to be punished for hiding your identity.” Iori smirked and pulls you in to the building.

Kota Igarashi

“Well, he is the chief head of the police force, Mr Kishi.” You replied calmly.

“Can you repeat again?” Kota asked in unbelievable tone. That is when the car stops at a fancy restaurant.

Your dad was not here yet when both of you arrived. You can see Kota breaking out cold sweat as time goes by. Suddenly the door open and your dad walked in. Kota immediately stands up and even bumps into the table in front of him.

“You don’t have to be so nervous. I just want to be sure that my precious daughter is not dating a crook.” Your dad joked.

“I am not playing your daughter feeling. I am really serious about her.” Kota tried to explain upon hearing what your dad said.

“I can see that. Let’s just have dinner.” Your dad said calmly. Soon dinner begins but your dad suddenly question Kota nonstop, as if he is a criminal. Kota tried his best to answer your dad entire questions. Your dad asked finally,“ Are you sure that you are not acting in front of me?”

“I am serious.” Kota declared and your dad suddenly breaks into smiles.

“Your eyes tell me that you are telling the truth.” Your dad smiles and the rest of the night turn out very lovely.

Kota still very nervous when both of you are on the way home. “Did I over doing it tonight?” Kota asked nervously.

“You did great.” You smiles and embrace him.

Nagito Aoshima

“Can you promise to remain calm after hearing what I say?” You said nervously. Nagito nods and you take a deep breathe. “My dad is Mr Oh, the mob boss of Ice Dragons.” You continue while observing Nagito expression.

“You are joking, right?” Nagito laughed it off but his smiles soon turn bitter once he saw your serious face.

Nagito basically jump from seat, the moment the car reaches your house. The house was heavily guarded by the Ice Dragons staffs and Nagito break into cold sweat. Both of you are lead to the dining area where your dad is there waiting for you. You greeted him and Nagito bow to your father.

“I am Nagito and I am dating your daughter seriously.” Nagito speak up the moment he saw your dad.

“Do not be so formal. It is just a dinner” Your dad replied calmly.

For the first time, Nagito did not joke around and chose his words carefully. Somehow the dinner is not as tense as what you thought.

“So will you leave my daughter after knowing who I am?” Your dad suddenly asked.

“No way! I love her no matter who she is.” Nagito declared firmly and your dad nods his head, faint smiles can be seen.

Soon both of you leave the house and Nagito immediately embraced you. “I thought I will never make it out alive but your dad seems different from the mob boss I thought should be.” He heaved a sigh of relief. You are happy that Nagito accept who you are.

Takashi Ninagawa

“Err… Well… My dad is the world famous artist, Mr Kisaki. It is just a dinner. So tried to act normal like usual.” You tried to reply calmly.

Takashi remains silence throughout the whole journey and you wonder if the dinner will turn out well. You hold his hands to calm him down. Soon you arrived at the restaurant and your dad is already waiting for both of you. Takashi bows to your father before taking a seat. Then the silent continue.

“So, may I know what you know about art?” Your dad asked, flashing his lovely smiles as usual.

“To be honest, I know nothing about the art that you experience. The music is the only art I know and your daughter is my inspiration.” Takashi straightens up and replied. Your dad simply smiles and the dinner continue. At the least the mood is less tense than earlier. He even instructed the driver to drop both of you home.

The moment the car drive off, Takashi hugs you tightly, as if his legs suddenly gotten weak. “I never had been so nervous in my life. You better tell me what else you still hid from me.” Takashi voice trembles, as he speaks.

Ryo Chibana

“Oh, he is just the famous doctor, Mr Foster. He is pretty easy to get along. Just be your normal self, okay?” You tried to act cheerfully but you can see Ryo’s face turn pale.

“How am I to be calm after hearing who is your dad?” Ryo mutters.

The moment you steps into your house, you give your dad a hug. Ryo bow politely but your dad give him a hug to welcome him. His friendly action makes Ryo surprise. He even has a friendly conversation with Ryo during the whole dinner.

“So I heard that you cook?” Your dad voice sudden turns serious.

Ryo immediately sit up straight and bow slightly. “Yes, I did. I make sure it is a proper meal with nutrition and your daughter health is well taken care of.” Ryo replied nervously.

Your dad smiles and the friendly conversation continue. He even gets ready a bedroom for both of you since it was so late.

“I better get more nutrition cook books tomorrow. I promise your dad to look after you. By the way, will your dad operate on me if I did a bad job in taking of you? No, I can’t fail.” Ryo mutters nervously and you can’t help but grins.

See, we never went out to eat when I was a kid. So I always had this fascination with chefs and fine dining. My dad actually loves to cook… Of course he taught me to measure by eye. Seasoning to taste, all that stuff.

Kai Parker

So I was making some gifs and I was rewatching the “Table for three” scene at the Grill. And for the first time I actually tried to listen really carefully from the very start. Kai is yapping and yapping and it starts kinda hushed and then it gets louder and louder, so it’s easy to miss what he says at the beginning. I never realised what he actually said there. I can’t believe I never listened to this entire monologue before. I find it very interesting and surprising. It tells us something about Kai and his relationship with his father. And there were some good memories there apparently. And Kai’s whole thing for food came from his father. WOW.

Am I the only one who just noticed that? I kinda feel a little stupid. I think I’m this Kai Parker expert, but I still keep discovering new things about him. *mind blown*

My old home.

gamonsfanclub submitted:

Most of this story happened when I was too young to really remember it, but both of my parents have told me it, and I know my dad’s not one for making up stories, or believing in the paranormal for that matter. Basically my mum and dad bought their first house together after they got married, and it was just after they’d moved in that weird stuff started to happen. Mum heard whispering in their bedroom, like two people were having a whispered argument. She couldn’t understand what they were saying, but she felt like she shouldn’t wake my dad to let him know what she was hearing. She felt like she shouldn’t draw attention to herself.

a few weeks later, they both came downstairs to see the backdoor wide open and the keys missing. After the sink became blocked, dad took the U bend out to fix it and found the keys there. Dad was in the kitchen the one night and saw someone run past the window, but they left no prints in the snow.

Then I was born. The dog that we had wouldn’t leave me alone. she used to sleep under my crib until my parents came to bed, and used to follow me around the house once I became mobile. she also used to bark and growl at the metering cupboard in the dining room. Dad always felt like he was being watched, although mum didn’t have this experience. Dad said it was almost like someone had this massive desire to hurt him, but they couldn’t, he said he could almost feel their  need to do it. He had a similar experience in his childhood home, when he held a door shut for over an hour cause he felt like someone on the other side wanted to harm him.

Our belongings used to vanish and turn up in the garden. One of my earliest memories in that house is standing on a stool at the sink to brush my teeth (I don’t know how old I was, but very young I imagine) and watching someone in the mirror walking along the landing, pacing around. I thought it was my dad, cause he always brushed my teeth for me until I was about 5, but I called for him and it didn’t answer, but disappeared. As I got older I thought perhaps I’d dreamt it, but after I was told about my house, I’m thinking not. I remember having nightmares in the house that someone was chasing me, and dad had dreams about something trying to break into my room to hurt me.

It kinda came to an end when dad was in the shower, and saw someone stood at the end of the bath. He asked them to leave us alone, and they vanished. Dad got a priest to come in and bless the house and afterwards it all stopped. When we decorated a few months afterwards, we found markings burned into the floor under the carpets, and on the walls, and also in the shed at the bottom of the garden. we think someone had been messing with a Ouija board but we can’t be too sure. I can’t physically walk past that house anymore, I feel the need to vomit every time I do. I almost feel like I’m being smothered. An older lady lives there now, and we’ve not heard anything from her about it, so I assume it’s all stopped now.

Fuck Yeah Nightmares Mod Fey: I’m glad you’re out of that situation! 8/10 for scares and thank you for sharing!

BOY WITH HORMONE [Kim Taehyung x Reader] (ft. Jimin) Pt.3

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 5.5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 8.5 | 9 | 10 | 10.5 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 13.5 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 | 23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 |28 | 29 | 30

Genre: angst

Length: not telling you :p

Summary: You and taehyung are childhood friends, but things happened to Taehyung and changed him. You get to be his classmate in High School, but he end up embarrassing you in front of the class, and this end up you being bullied. HS ended and now you’re in college. Will you finally be free from the bullies?

Warning: Trigger warning(bullying) and Bad words

Part 3/?

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omg how about the hale family moving to a house next to stiles while they rebuild after the fire and kid!stiles is really into secret codes and being a detective so he writes a coded letter and leaves it in the porch and derek going for a sad stroll sees it and spends a few days decoding and then answers back and so on until one night stiles catches him and instead of being mad he's impressed of the amount of work his always frowning neighbor put in it to make him happy and they become bffs

It’s a tiny bit different, hope you don’t mind.

The news of the giant house fire that swallowed a quarter of the forest by the outskirts of Beacon Hills was everywhere in the small town. It was all anyone could talk about, all that filled the pages, front and middle, of the newspapers, and, although tragic, it was the most interesting thing that had happened in this small and boring town since the deputy station managed to catch the group of criminals that had been terrorizing the town a couple years back.

Stiles, 13 years old and curious, had been trying to get to know as much about the fire as he could. From the women he passed on his way home from school, the women who gossiped loudly about everything, including the fire, to the conversations his dad had on the phone and the case files laid out on the dining table at home.

His dad, being the sheriff, had been put on the case of the Hale house fire immediately, and Stiles had only been able to gather a few things from his (not so) subtle investigation.

The fire hadn’t been an accident. Most of the family members had been trapped in the house when it had been lit up in flames, but they had all made it out of there alive, thanks to the Beacon Hills Fire Department that had been quick to respond. The Hales were put under protection in a safe house just outside of town while the police caught the arsonist. Kate Argent was her name. She wasn’t working alone.

And now that she was put behind bars, the Hales were moving into a new house. A house that had been empty for years since the Rogers’ moved out several years ago. A house that just happened to be right next to Stiles’.

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Request: Can I request a Christmas oneshot? The reader and Steve are really good friends, and he chooses to spend Christmas with the reader and her grandmother/father or mom/dad since the reader doesn’t have any family besides them? And they have good times and it’s fluffy and Steve only starts to realize he might have feelings for the reader? And the reader’s one family member teases her about her and Steve being close friends? You’re wonderful and your blog is one of my favorites :)

A/N: Thank you oh my gosh things like this always make me smile! ;D Some of these parents comments made me cringe just writing them so good luck reading them mwhaha. Also I’m British so I apologise for mum and mother but you know I’m practically T-hiddys twin. 

“You have no idea how much this means to me, thank you so much,” you rang the door to your parents house as you thanked Steve. The kind soul had offered to spend Christmas with you since your family was broken and your mother and father were the only people you had.

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Once in a Lifetime - Oneshot

Chris Evans/Reader

A little scenario that wouldn’t leave my head after a discussion with annedeadly after she described her dream of me getting married to Chris, and obviously I can wish, right?! Very fluffy and snuggly and no smut at all, which makes a change! Enjoy.


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KBTBB guys celebrating their kid’s birthday

“Why do you want this for your birthday?”
There was a major debate in the household about this, but eventually Katsumi had convinced both of you that it was time. You had on your ear protection, watching quite nervously from the side as your husband instructed your ten year old daughter how to shoot a pistol. Soryu’s stern face was tenser than usual as he states and restates every safety rule, worry flickering in the depth of his eyes like minnows in a pond. Katsumi attentively soaks up his instructions, and Soryu puts his arms around his daughter and put his large hands over her small ones, helping her line up her shot.
The scent of combustion fills the air, a scent you had grown rather accustomed to after spending so many years at Soryu’s side. You watched your family lovingly now, feeling the powerful affection swirl inside your heart.
Katsumi fired a few more shots until her magazine ran dry, and Soryu lifted her up easily to let her press the button to bring the target forward.
“Mommy!” She pulled down the target from the machine and ran over to you, holding it out for you to see. Your daughter quivered on the spot with excitement. “I hit it!”
“You did better than your mommy on her first try. Right, ___________?” Soryu smiled at you as he brushed your cheek with a finger and kissed you lightly.
“I would prefer you not bring that up.” You laugh and swat at him. “It’s really good for a first time, Katsumi.”
She happily looked up at her father, whose characteristically cool face broke into a warm smile. He strokes her hair adoringly and reaches into his back pocket.
“You seemed to want to shoot a lot. Here’s my birthday present to you.” Soryu handed her the pistol. “It doesn’t have a magazine, because you’re still young, but I promise I’ll make time for you and bring rounds with me whenever we come downs.”
“You’ll come down to the range with me?” Katsumi takes the pistol in her small hands, holding it like a holy relic. Her face shone. “Daddy, you’ll teach me?”
She threw her arms around his waist and squeezed hard. You stifled a giggle at your husband’s surprise, and his expression melts into warm love as he embraces his daughter.

You yelp as strong arms wrap around your waist and lift you up, apron and all, carrying you out of the kitchen.
Your husband laughs and sets you down in the dining room. Your daughter giggled at the doorway.
“Wait here, Koro.” Ota whispers against your ear, and kisses you on the cheek. “Come on, Ayaka!” He calls out to his daughter. She slips her little and into his. “Now that the little cramped kitchen is clear, let’s decorate your birthday cake!” He scoops up the girl into his arms and her tinkling laugh rings out in the apartment. Your heart swells.
“Ota, do you want the apron?”
“No, we’re fine!” He winks at you over his shoulder and you sit down on the couch and wait with a book. “No peeking!”
It was taking a surprisingly long time, and you got curious. Tiptoeing to the kitchen, you peer inside. You could see Ayaka kneeling on the countertop, holding an icing bag. Ota was steadying her hands.
“Mhm, just like that. Slowly, slowly, I’ll turn the plate for you- Ah, there we go.” His voice rippled warmly, a soothing, adoring tone as he speaks to his daughter. A hint of pride shone through in his voice. Ayaka looked like she was really enjoying herself as she did her best on the frosting, and Ota passed her the sprinkles which she scattered across the top with a grand wave of her hand.
“Can we do more swirls?” She asked brightly.
“Of course.” Ota chuckled. “You want to try a rose swirl?”
“Okay!” She exclaimed and he takes her hands again, starting to explain how to apply strength to the icing bag to curl a rose onto her cake. You stand there, captivated by the scene that made all the tenderness in you fill your heart.
Suddenly, you heart your daughter laugh.
“Mommy’s peeking!”
“Oh no!” Ota gives a mock gasp and comes over to you. “Bad mommy, didn’t we say not to peek at Ayaka’s unfinished work? Tsk tsk.” He kisses your forehead and smirks down at you when Ayaka couldn’t see him. “Bad Koro.” The faint whisper tickled your ear and heart. “Go on, sit down and rest. We’re almost done, okay?” Ota kisses your head again and turns to go back to your daughter. “Alrighty, Ayaka, let’s try that rose swirl!”

A huge, fantastic cake sat in the middle of the dining table. Your husband was helping your daughter place candles onto her brother’s cake, and you were busy in the kitchen, making a few last dishes for the occasion. Your son was sitting at the table, wearing a smug grin on his face as he watched everyone bustle around for him. Just like his father.
You hear your son yelp scoldingly and you peer out of the kitchen. Your daughter was helping Eisuke line sugar cubes onto the ice themed cake, and you assumed she had snuck one into her mouth.
“Blood sugar.” She giggled and shrugged at her older brother.
Hideo pouted.
“Always that excuse.” He huffed and crossed his arms.
“Hideo, be generous.” Eisuke chuckled and ruffled his son’s hair with a spare hand. “Let your sister have a couple. We have so many!”
“Awwww, don’t be like that, big brother!” Suzu said in her sweet voice as she flops down on his lap, holding out a sugar cube to him. “Here. Ahhhhhh~”
Frowning, Hideo accepted her peace offering and she hugged him around the neck. He grins and pets his sister’s head.
“Generous?” You smile as you place two dishes of your son’s favourite food onto the table. “What a pleasant surprise, hearing that from you, Eisuke.”
He grins and pulls you closer at the waist.
“Well, you were the one who said I had to raise our kids well.” He glanced lovingly at his children, laughing as they munched sugar cubes off of the cake. “Don’t you think they’re excellently bred and raised?” He leans in to kiss your cheek and your heart warms sweetly.
“Mhm. Mhm.” Eisuke kisses your smile and pulls away.
“Come on, you two, time for dinner!” He calls out to his children and you watch the scene with absolute contentment.

He cursed as he came through the door, and you look up worriedly as you take his jacket for him.
“What’s the matter?”
“I forgot to go pick up Tamotsu’s cake.” He quickly took his jacket back from you. “I’ll be right back. Give me like twenty minutes. Tell Tamo that dad’s sorry!” With that, he hurried out the door in a rare rush that he hardly ever exhibited.
“Dad forgot the cake huh?” Your son comes up beside you with a lopsided grin he mirrored from his father’s face and you hug his small shoulders.
“He’s going to be right back.”
“I got lost.” Mamoru ran a hand through his hair in embarrassment as he returned with the cake box an hour and a half later.
“It’s alright.” You comfort as you take the cakebox from him and start setting out reheated dinner. “Tamotsu and I had a great time chatting, right?” Your son flashed you a thumbs up from where he was sitting at the dining table.
“Come on, dad, lets eat.” He beckoned to the two of you. “I’m so hungry!”
“Sorry, kid.” Mamoru patted his son’s head and the boy shrugged with an amused look.
“It’s kay, dad. At least you tried.”
The three of you speed through dinner with aching stomachs, and you light up the candles on the cake.
“Blow ‘em out.” Mamoru chuckled fondly as he watched his son.
“Wait, dad, I’m gonna make a wish.” Tamotsu quickly clasped his hands together and closed his eyes.
“Seriously? You believe in that stuf-“ You cut your husband off with a glare.
“Let Tamo believe what he wants to.”
“Fine, fine.” He laughs and leans back in his chair, gazing at his child with pride. “What did you wish for, kid?”
“Guess.” Tamotsu grins and leans back in the exact same fashion. He raises an eyebrow amusingly at his father, and both laugh.

Your husband bursts through the apartment door with a grand flourish, a wide grin on his face and a few bags in his hands. Hisashi jumps to his feet and runs over to his father, and takes a bag to help carry things in. Your son places the bag carefully on the kitchen counter and runs back out. As you were sorting things in the kitchen to prepare for dinner, you hear Hisashi’s eager voice ring through the house.
“Dad! Dad! LOOK!”
In your mind’s eye, you see him bouncing around his father, showing off another magic trick he just practiced. You chuckle to yourself and placed tempera shrimp onto a plate of wax paper.
“Let’s see it, kiddo!” Baba grins and lifts his son into his lap. “Wow, you’re getting so heavy!”
“I’m not!” Hisashi exclaims and his father ruffles his tawny hair.
“Okay, okay.” Baba chuckles.
“Dad, stay still!”
Hisashi reached into your husband’s long hair and pulled out a quarter.
“Look dad!”
“Wow, I really need a haircut, huh? Hey honey, I need a haircut! Hisashi’s pulling money out of my hair!” Baba calls out to you with a voice of fond amusement, and you giggle as you come into the dining room with dinner. He turns back to his son with a smile.
“Okay, now look what dad can do!”
He reaches past Hisashi into one of the bags that he had brought back, rummaged a little, and drew out a trio of tickets.
“Happy birthday, kiddo!”
“Magic show tickets! Mom! Magic show!” He scrabbled to lean over and show you, and almost toppled off his father’s lap. Baba grabs his son’s waist and steadies him. “Thank you, dad! How did you know I wanted to see this?”
Baba meets your gaze happily, and winks.

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Hi Guys! Here is Part 2 of 2nd Date Reimagining I hope you like it! :)

Part 1

2nd Date Reimagining Part 2

As Rae walked to Finns she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous as she was remembering the events that had taken place the night before. After Finn had caught up to her and she playfully scolded him on the reasoning why Spaceman was an annoying song and him declaring that it was now their song, they started a music war, with the gang giving them marks out of ten on the songs they chose, the loser having to take a shot, they were tied, both equally drunk and playfully swatting and hugging each other all night.

It was time for the last song and Rae made her way over to the juke box stumbling some as she was reaching to balance she found her hand on someone’s shoulder, she looked up and immediately apologized.

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Hannibal finished texting Clarice that he was alive and safe at home. He hadn’t realized so many people would be so upset by his leaving. He’d thought his family relationships were dependent on his relationship with his dad. Abuela was Abuela because she was Dad’s mother. Tio Raoul was Tio because he was Dad’s brother. If his dad decided he didn’t want him, Hannibal had assumed the rest of the family would follow suit.

He slunk into the dining room where Dad was seated and Mary was setting out dinner.