the digital dozen

Lazy Sunday- 10 Years

2015 is the 10 year anniversary of the SNL digital short.

10 years.

Lazy Sunday was the first. The iconic video was shot in days, on a low-quality borrowed camera. The group spend the night before the show editing it for broadcast, and freaking out.

Lazy Sunday made Youtube, and has been called the video that launched viral videos, with millions of views before it was pulled.

But if you look closely, you can just see a bunch of guys who nobody knew, filming, with no permits and having fun.

Samberg and Parnell walk up to a clerk who has no idea what’s going on..

And start rapping together.

But blink, and you’ll miss it, when they catch her smiling at the camera…

… as Samberg and Parnell ham it up in front of her !

Samberg said the best thing about the video was that, because it was pre-taped, they had no idea how the audience would react to it. When you hear the audience laughing, on the video, you’re hearing the same sounds that the cast heard as they waited- the reaction that told Samberg et. al that they had a hit. 




Happy birthday to Roy Chapman Andrews! The famed explorer, fossil-finder, and Museum Director was born on January 26, 1880. 

Head over to the Museum blog to learn about Andrews’s time as a whale researcher, an expedition leader, and head of the American Museum of Natural History. Want to see more? The Museum’s Digital Special Collections contain dozens of historic images of Andrews in the field.

The Devil Is In The Details

Rather than a walk down memory lane, today I thought we’d flash forward to something a bit more current.

For every page, cover or poster image I work on, I guarantee you there is a waste basket, actual or digital, filled with dozens of unused designs and discarded drawings. Sometimes I’ll save some of those rejects if I feel they have merit for another project down the road, but that’s a conversation for another day.

The image on the left is the Daredevil promotional poster that was given away at last year’s New York Comic Con for our big Netflix signing.  But the poster as you see it wasn’t originally designed that way. To the right is how I was originally envisioning it, with more of Daredevil full body, in his masked vigilante costume as he ran along the building’s precipice. This was just one of many different incarnations revolving around the same theme.

After reworking it well over a dozen times and vetting it through several folks at Marvel I finally came to the layout on the left. Something about the claustrophobic feel and how it put greater emphasis on the bloody fist really lent itself more to the feel of the show. The beginnings of The Man Without Fear, raw, undisciplined and unpredictable.