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CONCEPT: the zircons fusing

we’ve seen same gem fusions that are pretty much the same but since they’re different types i’d imagine they’d be less exact^^. anyways i love her she’s my wife

Wing Ask Meme

A - How many did you have?
B - What shape did they have?
C - Describe their material (feathers, dirt, silk, scales, etc)
D - Did you have different types of wings at different times?
E - Your favorite thing about your wings
F - Your least favorite thing about your wings
G - Do you experience shifts?
H - Did you lose them in your life or did you keep them?
I - What’s your best memory about them?
J - What’s your least favorite memory about them?
K - Describe their coloration! (I bet they’re beautiful!!)
L - What was your way of travel? (Flight, swimming, hopping, etc)
M - Were there any intimate experiences with your wings that you feel like sharing? (Mainly for divinekin + sensitive wings)
N - Best shift experience?
O - Worst shift experience?
P - How did you use your wings to your advantage?
Q - Rate your wings 1-10 (10 being the best, pssst, they’re all 10s!!!)
R - Do you remember anyone else’s wings significantly?
S - Who had the most beautiful wings you’d seen?
T - Did you ever hit anyone with them?
U - ^^ On purpose????
V - Give your wings a compliment
W - Any embarrassing experiences in public with them?
X - Three words that describe your wings
Y - Do you miss flight?
Z - Do you regret your wings?

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Hello! May I request some tips and tutorials on how to draw clothing?

Hi anon! I tips for you as well as further reading resources. 

  • Mainly, try to focus on the underlying forms of the fabric, since clothes are draped over the body. Try not to have the wrinkles look too symmetrical, since that can look unnatural and stiff. A controlled random that’s based in the knowledge of how fabric drapes over other objects looks pretty good.
  • Try looking at some references. Since you’re probably wearing clothes right now, you can just use yourself as a reference for basic folding patterns!
  • There are different types of fabric that behave a bit differently. However, I’d focus on the type of clothes your character wears more often to give yourself a solid knowledge base.

Other, amazing tutorials: 


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As a side note, have you ever given much thought to how dragonborn breath weapons work? Since it's not useable in shapeshift forms, I assume it has something to do with my biology, rather than magic... but given the various types, there must be something going on there. What in my throat allows me to breathe lightning? Maybe like, special sinus full of... something? Hmmm. Anyway - no pressure to answer, but feel free to if you are bored or interested! :) -Ajax

Let me preface by saying that I am assuming 3.5 edition D&D rules where there are five different types of breath weapon: fire, cold, electric, acid and sonic.

Sonic: Exaggerated echolocation mechanism with an ultrasound frequency. They may have a structural adaptation in their jaw, or it’s possible they sort of croak like a frog.

Cold, Fire, Electric and Acid: All of these ‘breath weapons’ could actually be dispersed in the form of droplets that then react in air. This means the dragonborn basically has to spit or spray a line/cone of fluid, and if little cobras can do that, it’s not unreasonable. Simultaneously some form of energy is conducted along that fluid, giving the appearance of breathing fire/cold/lightning instead of spitting dangerously.

The acid is the most obvious one. Lots of organisms produce biological acids that would be suitable.

Fire could be produced by spraying pyrophoric liquids. Diphosphane seems like a good contender, but results in this type of dragonborn needing to chow down on lots of bones if they use their breath weapon frequently. They would need to be stored in a gland, like a salivary gland, with an oily base and would make cutting the face of these creatures highly hazardous.

Cold may be generated by spraying endothermic fluid. Basically makes your dragonborn one big fire extinguisher.

Electricity is generated often enough in nature by organisms with bioelectrogenesis, like the electric eel and certain rays. Ramp up the voltage and provide a sprayed mist of highly conductive fluid droplets (some sort of salt solution) and it’s not unreasonable to hope the electrical charge crosses a dense enough droplet spray. These are mechanisms that exist in nature, just coupled together and highly exaggerated. I imagine they probably have the spitting-glands somewhere in the back of the throat or top of the neck, with the current generating organ in the nasal sinus and roof of the mouth.

It’s pushing physics a bit, but this is fantasy.

What would Astro’s s/o be like?

Note: my friend ( @prncssjn ) asked me who I thought Astro would be compatible with to help her get to know them, and I ended up making this a post bc I wrote so much. This is just my opinion based on my own perceptions of Astro, and their ideal types <3 


Originally posted by syairasaad

IDEAL TYPE; someone with a nice and bright smile; someone who has a kind heart; someone with a similar personality; someone who I can joke around with; someone with the same humour; someone like MJ

  • I think he’d be quite malleable with this? Like I could see him with a few different type of people
  • I think he’d need to be with someone who sees the world with as much joy and love as he does
  • He’d definitely be drawn to someone with a bright, bubbly personality, who would encourage his optimism
  • As he said himself, he’d need to be with someone who he can joke round with; that would be essential
  • He’s always making other people laugh, and I think something he’d really want to bring to his relationship was laughter
  • I think he’d also really value kindness in an s/o, since he himself seems to have such a soft, warm heart
  • I think he’d also work well with someone who could look after him, either emotionally or practically (since he is still very much a child)
  • But he might also work well with someone with a more sober personality; someone to ground him and balance him out (so long as they were always up for a laugh and to have fun)
  • Essentially, MJ would be with someone humorous, caring, good-natured and kind


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((i know this gif is old af but look he’s so cute))

IDEAL TYPE; someone with their own opinions and who can speak their mind

  • I think JinJin would want to be with someone who’s as mature and laid-back as himself
  • No preference for introvert or extrovert, but I think he might prefer someone a bit on the ambiverted side (like himself)
  • But, he’d want to be with someone who has a sense of humour, too
  • JinJin always just seems to be having a good time, and he’d want that with his s/o, too
  • But at the end of the day, I think he’d also really enjoy building a deep, meaningful relationship with them, so some element of intelligence and thoughtfulness would also be important
  • In all honesty I see him with a girl that he knows can bite back; someone who has a good sense of self and knows how to stand up for themselves
  • Even his ideal type supports this; I think self-assurance would be really attractive to him
  • I think he’d want to be with someone he could really talk to, and who would genuinely have a conversation and a debate with him
  • Essentially, JinJin would be with someone intelligent, mature, witty and honest


Originally posted by asterocky

IDEAL TYPE; someone who likes me; someone that I love; someone who I can laugh with together; someone graceful someone who I automatically know is my girl

  • I think Eunwoo would be drawn to someone who was into the arts
  • I think he’d definitely be attracted to someone with a more mild, calm personality, and who’s on the more introverted side
  • He seems quite low-energy, and his closest friend is quite introverted to, so I don’t think he’d handle an overtly extroverted s/o very well
  • I think he’d want an s/o that was very understanding and patient; he has a packed schedule, and he feels a lot of pressure all the time, so having an s/o who can support him properly would mean the world to him
  • I think kindness would be a big deal to him, too; he admittedly has a problem with coming off a bit cold sometimes, so he’d want an s/o to help him with that
  • From what he said about his ideal type, I think Eunwoo would look for a kindred spirit; someone who gets him, and who can truly understand him
  • I think that means that it would really limit his amount of potential partners, but it means that any relationship he does get into is going to be quite deep
  • Essentially, Eunwoo would be with someone intelligent, peaceful, patient and understanding


Originally posted by heybinnie

IDEAL TYPE; someone I’m attracted to; someone who loves music; someone with a pretty smile and smiles easily; someone who can help me be more organized

  • Someone kind, and with a lot of room for love in their heart
  • Like I think that’d be a deal breaker for him
  • I can see him with either an introvert or an extrovert, tbh, no real preference
  • I think he’d have to be with someone thoughtful; he puts a lot of his time and energy into his loved ones, and you can tell how genuinely he loves them, so he’d need that reciprocated
  • He’d need to be with someone who enjoyed being affectionate; he’s such an affectionate person and that’d be a big thing for him
  • Going on from that, I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who was very loving and dedicated, since he puts so much into his personal relationships
  • I think, similarily to Eunwoo, Moonbin would look for a kindred spirit, but in a different way
  • I think Moonbin would need to be with someone who’s soul was a loving and as kind as his, because I think then he’d be in a relationship where he was truly cherished
  • Essentially, Moonbin would be with someone loving, thoughtful, affectionate and dedicated


Originally posted by parkminhyuksdf

IDEAL TYPE; Someone cute and lovely; someone nice; someone who thinks of others well; someone who takes care of others well; someone considerate

  • Someone laidback; he’s such a chill person, and he’d enjoy that in an s/o
  • But, I think he’d be drawn to someone who was really passionate; you can feel his passion for dancing, so I think he’d have trouble connecting with someone who didn’t have a passion for something
  • I feel like Rocky might prefer being with an introverted or ambiverted person, just because he’s quite quiet and reserved himself; he might prefer someone on that wavelength
  • Similar to most of the other members, I think he’d want to be with someone thoughtful; he’d appreciate an observant s/o, because it’d feel like the relationship really meant something to them (and it might help Rocky be a bit more forthcoming with his feelings, since he wouldn’t have to breach the topic – his s/o would)
  • Once again, I think he’d be with someone kind and compassionate, who has a love for others (although, that could be said of all members of Astro)
  • I think he’d also enjoy an s/o who was as quick-witted as he is; he’s very clever, and I think he’d need someone who could keep up with that
  • Essentially, Rocky would be with someone passionate, laid-back, clever and compassionate


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IDEAL TYPE; someone who thinks of me a lot; someone who’s interested in me and my life

  • He’s the hardest for me to get a grasp on since he’s so young (he even said in an interview that he’s never had a crush before, so he doesn’t even know himself)
  • But, I think at this point in his life, he’d need to be with someone who was just as enthusiastic about the world as he was
  • He’d need to be with someone who’s open to having fun, learning new things, and making mistakes
  • He seems quite enthusiastic about experiencing and learning about the world, and if he had an s/o, you know he’s sure as hell going to drag them along for the ride; so, the s/o would need to be open to that
  • I think he’d also enjoy being with an s/o who had a quirky sense of humour; Sanha’s known for being unique, and I think he’d deeply enjoy connecting with his s/o on that
  • Essentially, I think Sanha would be with someone inquisitive, open-minded, adventurous and joyful

(yes my face and hair and everything are in Awkward Trans Phase™ and hopefully when I grow my hair out more and bleach it again my head won’t look like a molding bean <_<) 

AAAANYWAY I am finally done with my new D-class jumpsuit for the con I’m going to at the end of the month. I put way too much thought into this one as compared to the old one, with the changes being: 

  • Rather than having the D-class number on the jumpsuit itself, I decided that it probably made more in-universe sense for all the jumpsuits to look the same. Manufacturing is expensive if D-1234 dies and the next person to replace D-1234 in the listings is a different body type who can’t fit into the preexisting D-1234 jumpsuit, so I figured it made more sense for the Foundation to just have all sizes in the exact same jumpsuit rather than try to custom-make them by specific number. 
  • I had a reaaaaally hard time deciding whether to put “D-class” or “Class D” on it – even as someone who always says D-class in their writing – because for some reason Class D just sounded more like a label noun and D-class sounded kinda adjective-y? We were talking about it in #site19 and I finally decided on Class D. 
  • This one is actually orange, unlike the terrible ‘blood orange’ (read: red) of the old one! 

The stenciling was done with this method of mine, which I highly recommend for cheap cosplay clothes lettering/etc. 

paladins of voltron except they’re all vampires and they all take very different approaches in dealing with it

Pidge doesn’t wanna attack people and take their blood so they set up a deal with the local blood bank and idk they become the bank’s IT department in exchange for pints of blood

Hunk notices the taste difference between the different blood types and I’d imagine he figures out a way to elevate each one’s taste/flavor profile and somehow makes very illustrious vampire-dinners out of blood? Also I imagine he engineers some kind of blood substitute so that he wouldn’t have to harvest it from anybody? But it’s not some crystal light shit it looks and tastes and feels just like real blood because he’s That Good™.

Lance probably flirts with his victims and totally charms them before he takes their blood, probably the most beautiful vampire out there? (“I don’t need sparkling skin to be beautiful man, my moisturized, soft skin does that for me”) also he’s beyond happy that he can stay young and beautiful forever

Keith decides to fully embrace the lifestyle and dress in classic dracula garb and start sleeping in a coffin? He tries to pick up that transylvanian accent but it’s just not working ? Essentially this allows him to become more emo but like he thinks he actually has an excuse this time

I think shiro only drinks Hunk’s synthetic blood mixture because hunk would probably put some protein shake shit in it for him so he can get ripped while having a tasty low-cal snack

I’m so tired of hearing people say “I’m so OCD about this” like a) you realize you’re saying “I’m so obsessive compulsive disorder about this” which doesn’t make sense and b) there is no such thing as being a little OCD you either have it or you don’t and c) everybody has quirks, just bc you like being organized doesn’t mean you have OCD and d) there are many different types of OCD it’s not just about order or routine but by thinking it is you’re not only insulting the people who have that kind of OCD you’re diminishing the other kinds

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My questions pertains to the pen and paper/tabletop DMing, as, from what I'm aware, you have quite a bit of experience playing that role. -If you don't mind me asking, how do you get your player group genuinely immersed in the roleplay aspect? Many of my players seem to either have paralyzing stage-fright (something I can certainly empathize with) or create intentionally disruptive characters with the intent purpose of trolling the rest of the group. I'm unsure as to how to handle this. -A

Hi! Yeah, I’ve started DMing a weekly D&D 5e group for my friends (Breeh, Ravs, Duncan, Fiona and Zoey) recently, and everyone is having a great time. So that must mean I’m doing something right.

First of all, there’s an easy way to stop the disruptive troll characters: Tell them to stop. If the way they are playing is causing you and other players not to have fun, they have to stop. If they won’t change their disruptive playstyle, then you don’t play with them anymore. This is a social problem really, and it has to be solved out of the game - by talking to them, and if that doesn’t work, just not playing with them anymore.

As for the people who have stage fright, or don’t always play it as immersed or engaged in the roleplay as you want: don’t worry about it. The worst thing you can do is try to force them into doing something they don’t really want. If they prefer taking a more backseat role in your group, joining in on the groups adventures, doing their combat, a couple of skill checks, then that’s totally cool. Make sure you give them opportunities and moments where they CAN RP and shine and explore and evolve their character a bit, but don’t force it. Let them make that decision if they want to. Encourage it, don’t expect it.

Finally, as I feel the video would be perfect for this question, let me link you Matt Colville’s video on different types of D&D players. Matt Colville has taught me a lot of what little I know of DMing, and I recommend his series Running the Game strongly. Here:

Some Damn Graphs

@tenleaguesbeneath posted some nice graphs from a way back related to messing around with the probabilities of using different types of dice instead of 1d20 for D&D. I went and did some myself.

First of all, a look at the probabilities of 1d20 versus the median of 3d20:

That’s nice and everything, but it doesn’t really give us the information we need for the sake of the d20 system: in the d20 system you’re always trying to roll above a certain fixed number, so rather than looking at the distribution of each separate roll, we’re better off looking at the probability of getting at least a certain number:

That’s more like it. This pretty much tells us the same thing we got from my first analysis: that using the median of 3d20 is better when the roll you need is at most a 10, the odds are exactly the same if you need to roll an 11 or better to succeed, and things slowly get harder when you need to start rolling above 11.

Now let’s compare standard 5e advantage with the idea of rolling 3d20 and using the highest value. I’ll skip right to the meat, i.e. the probability of rolling at least a certain number:

Rolling 3d20 and using the highest is clearly superior to standard advantage, as I pointed out in my first analysis, although it should’ve been plainly obvious from the get-go. In my second post I posited advantage being represented as rolling 4d20 and using the second highest roll. Here’s the distribution:

And here’s the chance of rolling at least a certain number:

In this case, traditional advantage comes out as clearly superior. The method of using 4d20 and using the second highest roll gives you slightly better odds when the number needed to succeed is 7 or better, and even then the change in odds is so small as to be basically a wash. Once you start needing a roll of 9 or better, the distribution skewing more heavily towards the center means that your chances of success will start to decrease steadily.

As I stated in the second part of my analysis, I’ve pretty much given up on trying to apply this rule in D&D, but I’m going to revisit the idea of rolling 3d20 and using the all three results to determine degree of success, which will pretty much turn the system into a simple dice pool system with sliding target numbers.

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Would any of you still make fun of yui if her body looks 20 years old because every women got different body types?

♥Ayato: Yeah, I’d still do it. She’ll always be Chichinashi no matter what, right?

Besides, I don’t think her body will change in a few years! That’s so sad for her, hahaha!

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[1/2] this is something silly that i thought of, so feel free to ignore! but what if kizana and kokona were sisters? their mother was a vain woman who was frustrated with her marriage and lack of success as an actress, so she began an affair with an wealthy owner of the biggest theatre. finally feeling fulfilled, she divorces her husband, who takes it badly and sinks down. kizana was closer to her mother, in passion for theatre and mindset, so she has no trouble going with her, but kokona stays.

[2/2] she was always closer to her father and doesn’t feel comfortable at her mothers’, preferring their simple home to the riches. kizana feels just like her mother, perfectly at home with the lavish life and theatre, and gladly takes the man’s last name just like her mother (hence different last names). kokona never struck me as the type who’d like to shine on stage, but it would make a lot of sense if she was in the drama club so she could feel closer to her sister!            

This is such a good headcanon, thank you anon!

i’ve heard a few people say that the only reason KS is popular as a “romance” is because of the “yaoi” and while for the most part i think that’s true, i’d like to remind y’all that the “yandere” character type exists and is very prevalent and popular, and while perhaps a different type of abusive, yandere ships are also abusive and b a d.

You were the first boy I ever opened up to - physically and emotionally.
I tried to always show you I cared about you, through all my defence mechanisms of pretending I don’t, I always hoped you could see the glimmer of care that I had for you.
You were so different and not in that cliche type of different, but in a sense that I’d never met someone who every time we spoke, I felt you didn’t know how amazing you were.

I don’t know when or how or why we became friends or even clicked? But I’m grateful.

You always throw around this nonchalant persona and I’ve always admired that, and I think I’ve said this to you on a drunken night but I always saw a pain in your eyes and I just wanted you to be happy. Above everything.

I don’t know what I ever felt for you. I think you thought I wanted more from you than what I did or maybe that’s what I told myself to cope with the fact I was never good enough for you. But through everything, I realised one thing - you can light up the stars in the sky for someone and when you do, I hope you too, are truly happy.