the different kinds of pastel goth

✨Pastel goth Undyne and Alphys!✨
I absolutely LOVE Undyne and Alphys, and giving them their makeover together was incredibly fun.
Alphys ended up on the softer, barely goth end of the pastel goth spectrum here. I kind of forgot about the goth part when I was drawing her and didn’t want to change her dress so I gave her some edgy shoes.

Want to see a different (and totally spectacular!) pastel goth Undyne? Check out the Undyne that @rabbitpietale made me for an art trade here!

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Sometimes I like to amuse myself by thinking which kind of blog each god might run. Apollo’s would definitely be pastel goth. Dionysus would just be That Guy who reblogs pictures of girls with tattoos and kittens. Zeus would dedicate his entire blog to adding MRA comments onto feminist posts, and Hera would dedicate her entire blog to adding feminist comments onto MRA posts. Athena would just reblog all of Hera’s posts and argue with her from a different feminist stance, Aphrodite would run an NSFW blog and Hades’ would be interior design. Loki’s would, of course, be Homestuck.