the difference is that enemies are on a somewhat equal power balance

outlandish-owl  asked:

As much as I love corvo, can we all agree that Emily by far has the superior power set? Like shadow walk and far reach are god tier

I don’t agree with you fully. I heard one person found it really easy to play Dishonored 2 using the “pull enemies” upgrade of Far Reach up until reaching the clockwork soldiers or something that couldn’t be pulled and taken care of so easily, and Far Reach also doesn’t make invsible when you’re moving, unless you get the Invisible Thread bonecharm (compared to Blink). Also Far Reach can slow down time but not stop it altogether, and not for as long as you hold down the button (compared to the Redirective Blink upgrade).

I also thought that Shadow Walk won’t make you completely undetectable. Get too close to a guard and they’ll sound the alarm. Plus Emily doesn’t get Bend Time. Mesmerize is useful for stealth as a distraction, and Domino is great for conserving sleep darts (or otherwise dealing with four enemies at a time) but I feel Doppelganger isn’t as effective as Devouring Swarm for distracting or killing enemies.

Emily only has shadow walk so she can take advantage of rat tunnels or crawlspaces where Corvo would possess a rat; unfortunately, with her being the second protagonist of the series, there’s an asymmetrical development effect, so that even though they should be equally effective so there’s no bias at the selection screen in DH2, it was Corvo’s powers that were developed first (for DH2) when the devs had no idea if a second game would ever be made, so that it could be argued, they poured their best ideas into his powers. Of course, that is balanced somewhat by Corvo and Emily both having the specialised upgrades, which make Corvo’s powers different than DH1.

Breaking the Divide Ch. 2

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Novelization of the slow burn romance between Cullen Rutherford and Kaitlyn Trevelyan. (Things will start to diverge more when they hit Skyhold) 


“Bear pelts?”

“Yes, ser,” the scout said. “A whole stack of them.”

Cullen glanced over the report passed on from Leliana. Elfroot, iron, logging sites, near a dozen recruits for the Inquisition including several mage healers, Mother Giselle, a promise of horses, and dozens of bear pelts.

“Are there any of the poor creatures left in the Hinterlands?” Cullen asked.

The man chuckled as he took the report back. “The Herald is using the meat and skins to help the refugees. Mother Giselle feared that they wouldn’t make it through the winter without help, but the Lady Herald is bringing in supplies by the crate. Even got the cult up in the mountains to lend food and aid.”

Cullen smiled to himself. When Kaitlyn and the others had departed, he’d expected her to return a few days later with the task accomplished, eager to press on and be free of the Inquisition she’d been coerced into. But this. Tending the sick, gathering food, arranging for safe passage, clearing out the rogue elements—”How are the people responding to her?”

“Better now. They were nervous at first, thought she was part of the rebellion and that she’d come to attack. Now, I don’t think they’ll ever stop talking about her.”

“Yes,” Leliana said, coming up behind the scout before dismissing him. “It’s all very heartwarming.”

“You disapprove?” Cullen asked.

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