the difference is that enemies are on a somewhat equal power balance

Breaking the Divide Ch. 2

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Novelization of the slow burn romance between Cullen Rutherford and Kaitlyn Trevelyan. (Things will start to diverge more when they hit Skyhold) 


“Bear pelts?”

“Yes, ser,” the scout said. “A whole stack of them.”

Cullen glanced over the report passed on from Leliana. Elfroot, iron, logging sites, near a dozen recruits for the Inquisition including several mage healers, Mother Giselle, a promise of horses, and dozens of bear pelts.

“Are there any of the poor creatures left in the Hinterlands?” Cullen asked.

The man chuckled as he took the report back. “The Herald is using the meat and skins to help the refugees. Mother Giselle feared that they wouldn’t make it through the winter without help, but the Lady Herald is bringing in supplies by the crate. Even got the cult up in the mountains to lend food and aid.”

Cullen smiled to himself. When Kaitlyn and the others had departed, he’d expected her to return a few days later with the task accomplished, eager to press on and be free of the Inquisition she’d been coerced into. But this. Tending the sick, gathering food, arranging for safe passage, clearing out the rogue elements—”How are the people responding to her?”

“Better now. They were nervous at first, thought she was part of the rebellion and that she’d come to attack. Now, I don’t think they’ll ever stop talking about her.”

“Yes,” Leliana said, coming up behind the scout before dismissing him. “It’s all very heartwarming.”

“You disapprove?” Cullen asked.

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Review: The Legend of Korra - Book 4, Episodes 12-13 (Series Finale)

“I’m afraid there are no more things to do.”

A Note on Spoilers: I’ve been calling these “reviews” even though they’re more like commentary, but this one is even less “review-like” than usual. Really, it’s an essay, full of plot points and analysis on the series as a whole. If you came here for a spoiler-free review, then, uh… Grade: A. The first two Books have their rough patches, but the last two are fantastic pretty much start to finish. In short, it’s an excellent series. Go watch it.

The rest of you should hit the jump and read on. Oh, and get comfy. I wasn’t kidding about that “essay” thing.

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