the difference between you and me!

Do you want to know a secret? Come closer, but not too close or you will get weird ideas. Because that’s what I am to you, right? A pair of legs who will spread according to your will. A pair of knees who will bend to pray in the morning and will satisfy your pleasures in the evening. I’m sorry if I’m being too blunt but my mouth can talk, among other things. And we’re the same, you and I. We share the same wishes, the same sins, the same thoughts but only I will be blamed for it.

I bleed in red valleys ending at the maturity of your thoughts. You bleed into paintings strung across the same notes that bind our shoes, and while I’m restricted to interpreting lips for wants I don’t desire, I still crave understanding that surpasses the skin I’m greeted in. You raised a person when you held her shoulders down and loved in self-conscious, yet wonder why she trusts people like a voice to text to get thoughts right the first time.

Is an apology for privilege a welcome one? Should a win not matter because someone lost? Do I have to spell out the words I AM SORRY every time someone treats you unfairly for reasons that can’t be explained with clothes on? If I was sure it would help you lead a life better than the goddesses we came from. I would. I have always known you were no different from me. I just wondered if you knew it, too. Because that’s a start.

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When Night Comes *Vamp!Bucky Barnes x Reader*

Title: When Night Comes |The Lost Boys (1987) au|
Ratings: Explicit content (18+); Smut later on. Mentions of blood and violent topics. Murder & aggressive behaviour. Vampires and supernatural monsters.
Characters: Bucky Barnes, The lost boys characters (some), Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Clint Barton & Sam Wilson /Alongside/ Sharon Carter, Tony Stark, Wanda Maximoff & Rumlow
Pairings: Bucky Barnes x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Steve (great-great-grandson to Bucky - explained). Sharon Carter x Reader (siblings)

Summary: You had just moved to a small beach town in Santa Carla, California with your sister, Sharon. You spend most nights on the boardwalk as your sister works at a small cinema in town. After an accidental run in with the mysterious, Bucky Barnes, motorcycle gang leader things go a little upside down. Something about you lures him in and something about him gives you apprehension. Like most women though, you’re attracted to him, although most women aren’t seen again.

I’m sorry this part is so long. I wanted to introduce The Lost Boys without actually introducing them, making this over two-thousand words, I am awfully sorry. Everyone blame my best friend @promarvelfangirl​ she never told me not to!

You gaze out of the car’s window, head resting against the glass as you take in the sights. The sun blazing and hot, your new life in sunny California is beginning today. You sigh gently and push yourself off of the window, sitting up against the leather interior of you sisters car, glancing her way. Her golden hair was illuminated by the California sun, her eyes looked tired but hopeful. Sharon needed out of your hometown, not wanting her to go off on her own, you tagged along because it seemed you both needed fresh new starts.

“So, our apartment is right near the beach. Close to the boardwalk,” Sharon breaks the silence. “I have an enough money saved from…”  she trailed off before starting again, “from before, that should be enough to hold us over on rent for a few months.”

You nod slowly. “That’s good, there’s bound to be jobs here for us.” You shrug, Sharon let’s out a little chuckle of an agreement.

“This is gonna be fun,” it sounds like she’s trying to convince herself more than you. “Us, two sisters, leaving our horrible lives behind. Starting anew, it’s gonna be good!”

Sharon pulls up outside the apartment building, it’s a small little complex area, gated and looks nice enough. You both get out of the car; Sharon is smiling widely up at the building making you smile, she needed this and you’re more than willing to make this work. You watch as Sharon gets the keys to the place, her smile never faltering even when you park the car in the lot, and getting the few bags you brought with you both.

The apartment was medium sized, open planned too. Two bedrooms and one bathroom, it had a little balcony that overlooked the beach and the boardwalk. This was now your new home, it would do as a Kickstarter place, eventually you actually wanted a house but leaving with a few clothes and little money meant this was it. You pulled your bags into your room, it was homely; a small double bed up against the window and a wardrobe plus vanity. The walls were an off-white, carpet a light grey, simple and just what you needed.

“Hey, tonight we should go walk along the beach and boardwalk, see if there are any available jobs.” Sharon leans against your doorframe, you give a gentle nod as you sit on the bed. “I just want to say, thanks, for coming with me. I know leaving all your friends and our parents behind were difficult.” She smiles sincerely, you give a little grin back.

“Listen, we’re a team, me and you.” You stand up and walk to your older sister, “I couldn’t let my partner in crime leave without me, that boring old town wouldn’t have been any fun without Shazza,” you hip bump her and she laughs rolling her eyes. “Ice creams are on me,” you call as she turns to leave.

“You bet your ass they’re on you, Y/N.”


The boardwalk in the evening looked beautiful. The sounds of music coming from the arcades plus the few rides, people’s mindless chatter as they walk or sit. The bright lights illuminated the area with red, white and yellow. Sharon walked on ahead a little, not one for stopping and taking in the sights. Your eyes cast over the crowd by the entrance; California was different to what you were used to, the people and places, it would take some time to get used to.

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Your eyes glance over a group of men, all crowded around one, motorcycles all lined up. All clad in leather jackets, ripped jeans and biker gloves. They were parked outside the entrance to the boardwalk, the place you wanted to go into once Sharon had looked around. One was sat on his bike, white hair slicked back and black coat, a smirk as he watched one of his friends talk. His white hair made his pale skin look slightly less ghostly, although his cerulean eyes stood out against his white complexion. A girl clung to the back of him, bright auburn hair that even at night looked fiery, a red leather jacket and ripped jeans. Her hair looked vibrant against her pale skin, her dainty hands stroked through the male’s hair affectionately causing you to look away.

“Y/N?” Your name was called; you turned to Sharon who was stood outside of a small theatre. You stroll over, a male stands beside your sister, kind face and smile as he smoked on the cigarette careful to not blow smoke in your face. “This is Clint, he owes this cinema,” you look and see what movies are playing. Only two; The Fearless Vampire Killers and The Wolf Man.

You glanced at Clint, his sandy blonde hair and kind blue eyes, he had a few tattoos up his arms but most were covered by his rolled-up grey sleeves. “Those look like old horror movies.” You observe and he nods once.

“This movie theatre has been around for years,” Clint smiles. “Plus old horrors are classics, kid. Besides people come here to make out and not watch the movies, it’s here where everyone’s parents got together.” You chuckled with Sharon at that. “Anyway, Sharon we’ve got a job opening, our last ticket rep hasn’t been turning up.” He shrugs gently and stubs the cigarette out on the floor with his boot.

“I’ll take it,” Sharon says almost instantly, you give her a look but she shrugs you off. “It’s a good starting point, listen I’m gonna talk to Clint some more, I’ll text you when I’m done. Go have fun,” she nudges you away, you sigh gently but do as she says, giving a last look to Clint who smiles softly.

You slowly walk back towards the boardwalk entrance, kicking a few stones with your black converse. You peek up through your lashes to the motorcycles, none of the gang was there, you gave a little sigh of relief; it’s not that you thought they’d say anything to you but that little nagging feeling tugged at your stomach, a sign you should have listened to when back at home. You looked at the bikes as you got closer, all black and shiny, big handlebars and a few decorated with stickers. 

As you walked past, you hear someone shout, thinking it was Sharon calling for you, you turn but stumble and bump into someone and lost your footing.

You fall backwards and land on something, whatever it was fell with you and crashed to the floor, you fall on top of it. You groan in pain, your back was pressing into something hard and cold. When you opened your eyes the colour drained from your face, you had knocked over one of their motorcycles. You shot up and begin trying to pull it up, it was too heavy, of course. Nothing looked broken, you hoped; the first day here and you’re already going to get on some gang’s hit list, for sure.

“Did you do this?” A deep voice called, you stopped trying to pull on the handle and your heart rate picked up in speed.

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Slowly you turned around and the air got stuck in your throat. You hadn’t seen this man amongst the crowd of people, you would have remembered him. His eyes were a deep, stormy grey, that stood out against his light skin. Dark stubble littered across his clenched jaw, framing pink lips that were pulled into a frown. The man’s hair was long, tickling against his jaw and he swept a hand to push some behind his ear, both hands covered by black, fingerless, leather gloves.

You debated on lying, he looked menacing and tall, broad shoulders hidden under a black leather jacket. “Uh-yes, I did.” He raised an eyebrow, “but it was by accident, I swear. I heard someone yell, I tripped and fell into it, I really didn’t meant to. God, I am so sorry, I’ll pay any damages.” You rush, holding your hands to him and he continued to stare at you for a few seconds. You gulped when he stepped to you, you held your breath not knowing what he was going to do but instead he stepped around you, gripping the bike and pulling it up with ease. “…I am really sorry.” You mumble.

You watched as he examined his motorcycle, you crossed your arms over your stomach and frowned, praying no damage had been done. Truthfully, you didn’t have any money to give him to pay for damages. You cursed yourself for meeting a handsome guy this way, breaking his motorcycle; not that you think you’d have a chance with him but it would have been nice to meet this sinful guy in different circumstances. Eventually, his eyes drifted up to you, you tried not to look too worried or afraid.

“It’s fine,” you let out a long sigh and started to breathe normally. “You’re not from around here,” it was a statement more than a question, you nodded once. “Yeah, people around here usually put a lot of space between themselves and me or our bikes.” You frowned, turning to see that people kept their distance from you and this guy, giving curious but concerned glances to him. “They’d also blame another person.”

“Well, not gonna lie, I thought about it.” You chuckled nervously and he smirked with a nod. “Again I’m really sorry, I’m just clumsy. I think I hurt myself more than your bike.” You joked lightly.

His eyebrows knit together. “You’re not bleeding!” You frowned back him, how would he know that? “I meant, are you bleeding?” He corrected himself, placing his hands in his pockets.

“No, I don’t think so. Gonna have a gnarly bruise though,”

Did I just really use the word gnarly? You thought to yourself, cringing as his eyebrows raised. “I’m gonna… go, let you go about your evening. Sorry, again.” You turn and leave, cursing yourself for being so idiotic and annoying, he definitely thinks you’re weird. Not that his opinion matters, although, when did these butterflies appear in your stomach? But you couldn’t figure out if they were those anxious, warning you of him butterflies or actual nervous, shy butterflies.

You walked into the boardwalk; still thinking about that awkward and cringey encounter. First day here and already you’re making the wrong impression on people. The arcades music filled your ears, children and teenagers playing the games to win those crappy prizes. Your eyes landed on the guys from earlier with the white hair, he’s without the girl but two others; a curly blonde with a dark jacket that has patches on the arms and back. Plus a brunette with longer hair past his shoulders, an earring dangled out of his left ear, he also looked to be wearing no shirt under his black jacket and a very strange necklace dangled around his neck. The man with white hair turned to the yell of the name, “David”, your eyes drifted to see the broad-shouldered guy who you had run in with.

You slowly walked past but the distance made it difficult to hear what they are talking about. You assume the white haired man is named David, he places his pale hand on the blonde’s shoulder, smirking at something he said. You’re too caught up in staring at them to realise you’re about to walk into an arcade game: you smash into the large metal object, a shriek leaving your lips at the suddenness. The sudden bash from you causes the game’s music to loudly ring out, you cringe back and glance around seeing if anyone saw that.

To your unfortunate luck, the men are all staring, David and the two others don’t seem that bothered but chuckle to themselves… but the other one, the one you looked a fool in front of earlier, has an eyebrow raised and amused smirk; the second time you’ve done something stupid in front of him. You feel the heat rush to your cheeks, turning away quickly and leaving in the opposite direction seemed like the best escape.

“Y/N!” You turn, still in eyeshot of him and his eyes trail to your sister and back to you, his mouth moving but eyes boring into you; you try not to look back at him. “You okay? You look a little flushed.” Sharon frowns, pressing her hand to your forehead.

You push her hand away, chuckling at her motherly personality. “I’m fine, just a little hot from all that walking.” You lie but she buys it; turning her head she looks around the boardwalk and turns back to you with a small frown.

“Why are those guys staring over here?” She nods in the direction you’ve been keen on not looking to, you shrug gently. “Creeps! Come on, let’s go get some food.” You nod, letting Sharon grab your hand and pull you away. Glancing behind yourself, the men aren’t there anymore, you frown slightly but put your attention back to your sister. “So, Clint has given me the job. I start officially tomorrow,” you smile a little and nod, not really paying her too much attention. The nagging feeling, this itch, that feels like someone is watching you makes you feel paranoid and unsettled.

You glance around, narrowing your eyes at the crowds of people but no one really stands out. “That’s nice.” Sharon hums in agreement.

“Apparently, the previous person was his sister but she has been MIA and not turned up.”

Sharon continues to talk about the work she’ll have to do. You try and pay attention, trying not to feed into the paranoia feeling you have. Only it kept growing like someone was closing in on you, your heart picked up in speed but no one stood out in the crowd. You suggest leaving, claiming to be tired from the long journey and walking around. As you leave the Boardwalk the revving of engines pulls you from Sharon’s attention, all the motorcycles starting up.

None wearing helmets, all decked out in leather or denim. A few even have the New Romantics style mixed with the dark vibe that David had going on. The girl was perched on the back of his motorcycle, smirking at another blonde who had long, swept hair and bright blue eyes. The other blonde, with the patch jacket, was the first one to speed off and down the road. The brunette followed, almost racing him and hollering, you frowned at the recklessness they seemed to have.

“Ladies,” a clear, smooth voice calls. You cast your eyes to see David looking directly at you and Sharon, a smirk upturning at the corners of his lips, “Welcome to Santa Carla.” You frowned at his greeting, did his friend tell him about you? Does he just know you’re not from around here?

You nod in thanks, hearing a silent hiss from Sharon to leave. “Thank you?” Your voice making the words sound like a question, he lets out a chuckle. The girl clinging to him looking at you, her green eyes against pale skin making her look outworldly, her eyes narrowed as she glares.

“Don’t mind him, he likes to make people uncomfortable.” Your eyes drift to the person with a deep, soft voice. He now has his hair tied back into a small bun at the nape of his neck, his forearms are resting on the handlebars of his motorcycle. A smirk cast to his friend and then to you, a wink dropping with his right eye. You feel the heat rise to your cheeks, Sharon links her arm through yours and gently pulls you away. He gives a wave as you’re pulled away from them.

You hear the engines roar to life and then the motorcycles speeding off, you glance and watch as they drive off down the road. “They’re trouble, Y/N. Stay away from him,” Sharon mumbles, also watching them drive off. “Clint said there’s a motorcycle gang around, real trouble makers. I don’t want you getting involved!” You nod and walk home in relative silence on your end, your mind thinking back to the man on the motorcycle.

(I appreciate feedback and what you think will happen in this series- I’ve taken ideas from various movies. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see happen. Thank you for the patience, I’ve been having problems with my laptop that I hope will be fixed over the weekend. Fortunately, I have a mum who loves that I’m blogging and writing and has lent me her laptop. So, shout out to my mammy, Michele, what a saint. -  Rosalie)

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i`m not going to post any of your stupid asks again to start an endless discussion, i`m just going to say this and that`s all:

i have studies in philosophy, pedagogy and psychology so, as a i know things about mind/brain person i can understand the interest in serial killers/mass murderers. i can also understand fascination, also as a psychology and pathology of human mind person. taking that and combined with a horror movies fan, i`m all into dark twisted. so i made aesthetics about serial killers, as in FICTIONAL CHARACTERS, based on my studies/vision/interest and most important UNDERSTANDINGS.

BUT if you can`t see the difference between that and worshiping serial killers/mass murderers then you`re dumb af. “omg me so distortedly cool”, “i have no idea what tcc means i`m just gonna make a serial killers flower crowns page lol”,  “bla bla bullshit”. 

go get a decent human life thanks bye

It’s no different than why it’s important for us to love each other and to treat everybody with respect. Yeah, to me it’s no different than all things - for women’s rights, for Black Lives Matter. For me it’s all part of the same - yeah duh…

It’s not necessarily about allies between the straight and gay
community. It’s sort of just championing connectivity and compassion. And I think one has to be educated and mindful of as many things as you can about other people’s experiences so that there is a sensitivity and compassion you can apply to being on their side.

My particular torch that I’m carrying happens to be for that (LBGT rights and representation) because of the luck that I’ve had with playing certain characters on television, to be a symbol for that, and hopefully a shining light for that relationship. But I am a straight dude. I wasn’t in the closet. I didn’t have to grapple with coming out, with a sexuality that may have been feared or opposed. I don’t know that struggle. But what I can find are the common denominators of what it is to be scared, what it is to feel marginalized. And I’ll be carrying that torch until the day I die.

Anyway, terfs aren’t real. There’s no political movement based solely on being trans exclusive to whatever, we still don’t know. There aren’t people gathering at terf meetings. There’s no political tenets that make up the definition of “terfism” because terfs aren’t real. People in earnest ask people if they are terfs and it’s bonkers. How can you be something that has no meaning? Like WHAT are terfs excluding anyone from? Is it radical feminists that are exclusionary or are terfs a subset of radical feminists that are exclusionary? What are terfs actively doing to be terfs? Do they have to self identify, or? If your first introduction to the phrase radical feminist was through the terf acronym, do you have a definition now that you actively work from and understand? Did it come from research or…were you just told? Is terf synonymous with transmisogynist? Then why is there a separate acronym/word? Is it a special kind of transmisogynist? Then WHOM? What signifies the group of terf? You must know if you hate them, or if they can be charged with murder. Like, did they physically murder, or just block legislature? Who did, like the names of them?? Did those people call themselves terfs? Did they do it in the name of being trans exclusive or was that just happenstance? If it’s happenstance, then like it must be a label being applied by others to denote a group even if they don’t self identify. Ok that’s fine, but then who gets to identify and what makes someone a terf? And why do people ask earnestly if they are a terf? And if they did block legislation or literally physically murder people in the name of being a terf, again who are they?? Was it now? Was it in the 80s?? Is it just radical feminists in general?? Ok then what’s a radical feminist?? Like if you care this much you must know. And what makes radical feminism trans exclusive? Was it always considered trans exclusive or is it now with new political insight? It’s fine things can retroactively be examined and redefined, but like if terfs are real, which is it? What is it? Who are they? How do you know? Do terfs know? Do you know 1 political act made by self identified radical feminists from any point in time in any country? You specifically reading this, can you name one single one? Regardless of your stance and political beliefs, can you name any single one? And if you can, what makes that single political act related or unrelated to terfs? Was roe vs wade a positive moment for the radical feminists involved, or is it undone by being related to terfs, or is it completely unrelated to terfs? Can someone tell me? Can someone explain? Are impoverished women in countries being dismantled by western capitalism who will never ever have access to the internet terfs if they know the difference between being male and being female? If they’re unable to go to school and are forced to marry a man and then expected to have sex with him and get pregnant and have his children at risk of her own life? Is she a terf? That seems a little far fetched, but you must know she’s out there and she’s exists? What benefits her? Is she not female? Is calling her female or a woman offensive? But how? Why? Why shouldn’t she out of all people on this earth be my political priority? Is that offensive to say if I had to make a hierarchy of who I want to prioritize the most women who fit that description are apex? But why? Who else fights for her? Is it terfs or not? Are terfs just prioritizing excluding trans women, and also don’t care about those women? Can you prioritize that woman and more than you care to exclude a trans woman from I’m assuming feminism, and still be a terf?

Anyway that’s why I say terfs aren’t real. Sounds like a way to make multiple groups of people fighting for radical ideals to be sidetracked by giving them something else to talk about then the activism they care about. But what do I know I’m just a dumb terf lol

Rose Tyler is a good character.

Martha Jones is a good character.

Amy Pond is a good character.

River Song is a good character.

Donna Noble is a good character.

Madame Vastra is a good character.

Jenny is a good character.

Bill Potts is a good character.

Missy is a good character.

Clara Oswald is a good character.

Just because a character doesn’t tickle your fancy doesn’t automatically make them a bad character–or make them a victim of poor writing, or make them ‘unrealistic’. 

Just because the character’s actions and way of thinking baffle you doesn’t automatically make them a bad character–or make them a victim of poor writing, or make them ‘unrealistic’. 

Just because the arc the character goes through is not to your liking, or not to your taste, or over your head, or whatever, doesn’t automatically make them a bad character–or make them a victim of poor writing, or make them ‘unrealistic’. 

Of course we can criticize how a text is written, how a character is used, the scope of an arc and whether or not it worked. I’ll never say otherwise; I think the discussion of fiction is beneficial for lots of reasons, least of all that I’m a nerd who likes to talk about television, movies, and books. 

Yet the supposedly objective, categorical dismissal of a character because they didn’t work for you or speak to your subjective experience? Yeah, that’s not gonna fly with me. You gotta separate the two. There’s a difference between ‘This character’s arc didn’t work for me’ or ‘I do not like Character Z’ or ‘I think this arc didn’t work as well as I think it could have/I don’t think this arc should have been a thing’ and ‘This is the worst written character and/or arc in the history of forever, they’re so unrealistic, how could anyone ever like that character or the stories they appear in?’. There’s a difference

Because believe me, someone out there sees themselves in that character, or as that character, or relates to that character’s arc or to that character’s life. Your dismissal of that character and/or their arc(s) feels like a punch-in-the-gut dismissal of themselves. (I speak from my own experience here.)

Be kind, ya’ll.
Yesterday You'd Forgiven Me
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Young Avengers (Comics), New Avengers (Comics)
Rating: Explicit
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Teddy Altman/Billy Kaplan

A missing scene from Are You Ready for the Summer. Set three years after the story, six before the epilogue. 

(No prior knowledge really necessary.) 


He’d called. And despite Teddy not even thinking about the time difference, the seven hours and thousands of miles between them, Billy had answered. He’d been hesitant, his voice on the other end of the line breathless and tight, and Teddy had tied himself into a thousand knots and untangled them all at once in the moment it had taken him to say hello.

There had been crying. Then Billy had done some shouting and he’d been perversely happy at that, because Billy-when-he-was-sick would have kept all the poison inside, and wouldn’t have yelled at him at all.

A week and more than a dozen Skype calls later Billy had met him at Heathrow. There had been some more shouting, and then a lot of talking, and even more kissing, and by the end of that weekend things were better than they had ever, ever been.

Or, here’s how that all went down.

Cover by the phenomenal @cris-art.

queen-of-fools  asked:

This is random, but I used to read Silver Ravenwolf's books when I was starting out in witchcraft and in her Teen Witch book she addresses herself as "Mama Silver". ...Yeah right. But I have a fresh start (and i know better now, thank God), and I'm happy to say you're my Mama now! :3

This is ADORABLE, omg. XD

I do bear the Mama title with pride. The difference between me and Silver, apart from rhetoric and ideology, is that she gave HERSELF that title. I wasn’t Mama until my witchlings decided to start calling me so.

In my opinion, epithets like this are only truly valid when they’re bestowed by others, rather than a self-given title.

Little Buddy

Andy couldn’t believe the difference between him and his older brother Josh. The guy was an absolute mountain of a man. He towered over the rest of the family and had muscles as big as his head. Andy envied him so much. However he wasn’t sure how he got that way. Genetics can only take you so far. It just wasn’t fair.

“Want to come to the gym with me today?” Josh asked. Andy had been staring down his brother’s muscles again. Josh could tell. Whenever Andy was staring particularly hard at one of his muscles he’d flex it causing his brother to jump.

“No,” Andy said. “I’d just be in your way. There’s no way I could ever get as big as you.”

“That’s probably true,” Josh flexed his arm again, “But it’s better than sitting around playing video games all day. C’mon bro. At Least try the gym. It’ll be a good experience.”

It was hard for Andy to look away from his brother. He was too busy showing off again. And it’s not like he didn’t envy everything about him. “Fine…” he finally agreed. “But you have to tell me you’re secret.”

Josh just smiled at his little brother, “Sure thing. But first the gym.” He loaded up his bag in the truck and drove to the gym.

It was a lot to take in. The gym was huge. People were moving massive amounts of weights while grunting heavily. Andy looked around the gym confused. He wasn’t used to this kind of atmosphere. Far more testosterone and male musk than he was used to. His big brother showed him over to the free weights. It was a good place to start. “Just you vs gravity. Not too complicated right?” Andy still looked skeptical at his brother’s quick explanation.

“Yo Josh!” one of other guys shouted.

“YO Peter!” he called back. “Bro how ya feelin? I heard you’ve been sick for a bit.” Andy zoned out as the two ‘bros’ started talking. His brother always knew how to make a short conversation into a long one. Andy just knew when this happened to make himself comfortable. Eventually Josh would run out of things to say, excuse himself, and then go back to whatever he was doing. But these conversations still took a long time.

As Andy sat on the bench, he stared at himself in the mirror. He really was scrawny. He couldn’t help but compare himself to his older brother. His brother had everything. “Whatever,” Andy scoffed. “It’s not like he didn’t work for it. I might as well get started. He had to start somewhere right?” But Andy couldn’t remember a time when his brother could be considered ‘small’. Even as kids he seemed to be one of the biggest guys around.

It wasn’t going to stop Andy though. He made his way over to the dumbbell rack. The least he could do were some bicep curls. That was something he’d seen all the other guys doing. But he was still nervous to pick up the 20lb dumbbell in front of him. These were actually pretty heavy. He set them down again. His face shot red with embarrassment.

“I can do this,” he told himself. He looked at his thin arms in his sleeves. Even the small sized shirt on his body hung loosely around his arms. It was something he was so tired of looking at. The thought about his brother being such a jock while he was a lonely nerd pissed him off even more. He was going to change. That thought helped him grip the weight tightly in his hands. He lifted it once more off the rack.

It really surprised him. He wasn’t sure he could actually do that. In the silence of holding the weights he tried to figure out what to do next. ‘Curls,’ the thought almost seemed to come from somewhere else. But yeah curls he was going to do curls. Like usual. He started curling the weight like it was completely normal. With each lift it felt more natural. Like he’d been doing it for years.

His entire mind zoned out. He didn’t notice as his arms started to swell. They easily broke past his sleeves. But he wasn’t wearing a shirt with sleeves anymore. It was the one of the gym’s sleeveless shirts he’d bought months ago. It was to show off his massive chest. He loved looking at the deep striations in his pecs. That’s right he had a built chest… Not to forget about his bottom half either. He was someone who’d never skipped leg day. Squats were his favorite. Sure he couldn’t walk easily the next day but his girlfriend was always there to make him feel better. And knew exactly how to make him feel good while he laid in bed.

Andy stared blankly at his massive body. He’d just finished his warm up. 20 pound weights were still a bit light but he didn’t know how long his brother would be talking. Besides he wasn’t much of a bragger. Moving the weights was enough for him. He stared deeply in the mirror trying to get himself ready for the rest of his workout.

“Hey little buddy,” Josh came back rustling Andy’s styled hair. “Aren’t you glad I brought you today?” Andy just stared at him blankly remembering how much why he hated going to the gym with his brother. His brother spent too much time talking and not enough time working out. And he wasn’t little damn it.

I’ve been wondering about the relationship between brain module and spark for a long while. Where does the thinking occur? Where are emotions felt? Where is the seat of consciousness? If you got some bots and shuffled their brains and sparks around so they all had mismatched brains, sparks and bodies, who would they be? Would they still the same bots with different bodies? If so, would the the bot’s identity be carried on in their brain or their spark? Or would mixing up the brains and sparks create entirely new, chimera identities? 

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heyy, i have been wondering this and i reaaally don't want to be / sound rude or offend you... but do you not like making diverse sims? don't get me wrong i think your style is cute but there's barely any difference between your sims... i've just been wondering why? sorry if i sound rude, i don't want to come over as if i'm trying to tell you to do things differently, you do you! it's your game, your blog :) just curious.

Heyyy anon. It’s okay. You aren’t being rude. However, I’m gonna have I disagree with you on that one. Especially lately I’m pretty confident my sims are different looking. I’m on mobile now but next time I’m on my computer I’ll show you a close up comparison of a few of my different female sims.

I mean, I get you on the male sim thing lol. My male sims all look the same XD

Anyways, have an awesome day or night!!

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I had a nice nights rest to wake up and see people roasting me and calling my values "Christian morality". First, that is very disrespectful towards Abrahamic witches - and I'm not one. Second, all this Initiation talk mixed with the MIB got me confused. Can you talk more about other such spirits? I know witches are wild and apart of society since few truly walk and understand our path, but saying that all witches are *wild and such is a bit of stereotyping? Solitary does not mean wild, does it?

1.) Chill. Out. 
You need to sit down and read what I’ve written to you. Don’t feckin scroll over it and get angry; actually read it. What other people have said is up to them, but you’re sending me an ask, so don’t bring your complaints about them to me. 

2.) Traditional vs Modern. I tried to point this out to you several times. There is a HUGE difference between the two. They look at witchcraft from two different standpoints. They are coming at it from a traditional perspective, and so am I, but I’m trying to tell you that if a Modern viewpoint is yours, then that’s fine. Don’t come to me, a traditional witch, and try to teach me about modern values. I know, I’ve been there, and I hated it. It’s for some, but most certainly not all. 

3.) Witches in the traditional sense share common qualities, and those three talked about ARE what the witch embodied in folklore and in history. Yes, witches are different, but those three qualities were shared by them. They are intwined with the concept of witches, and have been since ancient times. 

4.) Initiation and the Devil are traditional things, and attempts to take them out of traditional concepts and put them into modern terms are difficult if not unsuccessful. Why? Because initiations are different for everything, and when I say witch initiation, I mean it in the traditional sense. I cannot translate everything into modern terms. I can speak to you about what it means in folklore, in history, and in tradition. 

5.) Solitary doesn’t mean wild, you’re right, but solitary also doesn’t mean witch. Cunning folk were solitary. Shamans were solitary. Oracles were solitary. Magical workers were solitary, but that didn’t mean that they were witches. 

I’m going to repeat this until someone actually listens and takes it in. Regardless of where modern witchcraft stands, in history and folklore, in traditional witchcraft, witchcraft is magic, but not all magic is witchcraft. Witches and witchcraft are specific things, not broad terms. 

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Quick question ;; what is the difference between a scenario, imagine and one shot? I'm sorry I'm a bit slow in figuring it out. Thank you!

In general, drabbles are short pieces that are below 1,000 words, oneshots are stories above 1,000 words that will not have a continuation, and scenarios/imagines are headcanons in the form of short settings! A lot of writers define them differently amongst themselves, so I do not believe there is really one set definition for each. But I hope this helps!

(Thank you to @dailydoseofdia for helping me dfgdfg.)

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Hi! So, I was recently diagnosed with ADD. I've wondered for a long time if I have BPD because I am really scared of rejection and a bit paranoid about all my friends abandoning me etc etc. Then I came across the term "RSD" and it seems to be similar? Am I misunderstanding or are the two similar?

Rejection Sensitive Dysphoria is a component of ADHD that I do believe can be misdiagnosed as BPD because of what you describe here. The thing is, there is a lot more to BPD than the things that make up RSD. 

Here’s a post with tons of links that talks about the differences between ADHD and BPD. Hopefully it’s helpful for you!


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what's the beef with engels? i know Origin is limited historically and stuff but his texts have been very valuable to me, particularly as it's him who really expounds marxist dialectics

well, we know for a fact that he didnt do a great job of editing marx’s manuscripts for volume 3, but theres also been an on-going marxological debate for about a century now regarding the philosophical differences between marx and engels, with engels’ ontological materialism being constantly contrasted with marx’s own materialism. this is of course often integrated with engels’ work on dialectics (what would become known as “dialectical materialism”, the “marxist dialectics” that you mention) and a lack of methodological discussion on marx’s part concerning his “materialist dialectics”. engels, who outlived marx by more than a decade, was the main source of official “marxism”, which of course had considerable influence on the 2nd international and, by extension, the development of soviet socialism. 

the problem is that engels has served as the mediator through which we attempt to grapple with marx for more than a century now, which causes a lot of problems because they were very different thinkers in many respects, with varying strengths and weaknesses. as marx himself made clear with the famous “i am not a marxist” quote, the term “marxism” obscures/conflates a good deal of marx and engels’ actual work and has always been imperfect and prone to misuse, so it’s inappropriate to deal with the two thinkers in this way, despite the usual historical treatment which characterizes “Marx And Engels” as being a single entity, one god-like socialist brain.

anyway, for a fun bit of a letter from marx to engels (august 1st, 1856/ volume 40 of the mecw):

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Lemme just say that your account is a blessing and those posts about Jin you just reblogged are so fucking true. Too many people just blow Jin off as a pretty face (and while yes he is visually stunning) he is so much more than that! He is so talented and has been working so hard to get to where he is now! Everyone needs to appreciate him more!!

Oh thank you! 

It’s a shame really when people blow off certain members and then suddenly start to stan them when they either dye their hair a different color that makes magically attractive in the fans’ eyes or release a song or mix tape. I heard of the drama when Seokjin dyed his hair blonde for their “Fire” promotions and suddenly people started to be his fan just because he “suddenly” attractive. During that time, I was switching between Yoongi and Jungkook and then Hoseok was my bias wrecker (though fun fact about me! Seokjin came close to being my bias wrecker, mind you, this was before he dyed his hair!) However, that didn’t mean that I didn’t notice him and love him like I do now.

Honestly, I wish people would take the chance to get to know his personality (well, the personality we see on-camera since we don’t truly know how they act behind closed doors.)! It’s kind of like a first and second date. Of course, people agree to a first date because they are physically attractive and depending on how it goes, they will start seeing each other for a second, third, and so on until they see the other person’s personality and stay hooked. 

Same with Seokjin! It’s honestly sad that people don’t make it pass the “first” date with him because all they see is a pretty face and can sing “decently”. 

That’s another thing I wish people would stop doing (not with just BTS but in every group)! Every member brings an unique flavor to the group. It’s like that one post I saw in regards to BTS. 









These seven individuals make 1 group! Petition for any one of them to leave, then it’s no longer that group you have come to know and love. BTS achieved the status they are currently at as 1 TEAM. All SEVEN of them stood on those awards stages and accepted the award as BTS. 

Love and appreciate all of them. They deserve that much. It’s okay to have your favorites, I mean who doesn’t. I know I do, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love the other members any less. I appreciate all the hard work that each member puts into the group. 

Originally posted by mewchim

Update: Apparently, there are fans (and even the company) that are coming up with bull shit excuses on why Seokjin doesn’t have more lines. Like, now I fully understand why Seokjin stans are upset. Hell! I’m upset too. It is true that there are members who are more favorable than others, but I honestly wish they ALL get equal opportunities. 

Example - Seokjin & acting. If my research is correct, wasn’t this man studying (or still is studying) ACTING?! So, why not give this man a chance to shine by signing him up to audition for a drama role? I mean, don’t get me wrong! I am happy that at least Taehyung got the chance to shine in Hwarang, but what about Seokjin? When will it be his turn to grace us with his acting skills?

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I would love to hear your opinion on hino textual reworking of vkm chapter 9's confession scene. Can you please explain to me what the difference between the original and the new text is? Or at least in your opinion what is the difference? If you have not yet seen it alldempretties posted the original text along with the reworked text on her blog. Thank you, dear <3

Before I respond, I just want to quickly link to @imaginarylights post about this here and @zerolover66‘s response to it here since I figured that’d be reading you might be interested in as well regarding this topic. Those are the only posts I’m aware of that have discussed it so far, but I’m just going by the tags, since VK posts rarely come across my dash when I’m on. That being said, thanks for bringing this to my attention, since I actually missed that post from not being online much the past week or so. Thanks @alldempretties​ for always providing translations and raws for the fandom.

If you guys haven’t seen her post yet on this topic, you can find it here, as well as some other changes/updates to volume two here, here, here, and here. With that said, I’m going to list the changes in dialogue and break it down to discuss. 

Magazine Version: In the far distant future… lies my wish..

Official Revision: …It’s no good. No matter what, it won’t go away.

So in the magazine, the initial line is very positive, Yuuki is talking about a wish that she has which later dialogue will show is about returning inside of Kaname/being devoured by him, resurrecting him, etc. The original line never really suited Yuuki’s expression, which was conflicted and angsty. The revision, however, makes far more sense. Yuuki’s words now imply that Yuuki has tried to get rid of this idea, changing it from a wish that she wants to have to something she doesn’t want and has tried to be rid of. This isn’t just re-arranging and adding a few words, either - Hino completely changes the words she used for this part of the scene and scraps the original, easy-to-romanticize text. 

Magazine Version: …to resurrect that person, have my life swallowed by that person, and return back inside that person… I’m saying weird things, aren’t I? But it just won’t go away… eternally.

Official Revision: That I should resurrect that person, have my life swallowed up by that person, return inside that person… even though that can’t be granted, my head’s weird, right? But this thought just won’t go away… eternally with this incessant thought. 

Here, it’s possible to interpret the magazine version as Yuuki being frustrated by her “wish” (going with the previous translation in the magazine) but the overall context leans more toward Yuuki having obsessive desires, which can easily be interpreted by anti’s as an indication of Yuuki’s romantic attachment to Kaname, given the positive connotation of “wish” and the fact that devouring and being devoured is one of the ways Hino has shown vampiric love (see Zero’s desire to return to inside Yuuki before he dies). 

The official revision changes that connotation from a positive to a negative, as this is no longer a wish but a thought that plagues Yuuki. She describes it as being eternal and incessant, which instead has the connotation of something unpleasant, and this is a thought that continues endlessly in her mind. She also elaborates to say that she knows this can’t be granted and that her head is weird, rather than that she’s simply saying weird things, which gives the implication that she thinks something is wrong with her for thinking this when she knows it can’t possibly happen. 

Ultimately, this interpretation is still possible with the magazine version, particularly when you take into account her expression during this scene, but the magazine version makes it easier to view the scene in a potentially romantic, pro-Yume light, whereas the official revision IMO shuts that interpretation down, at least for this particular scene. I do wonder if Hino realized that people were taking that scene romantically (as I’m sure some of our Japanese fans did as well) and changed this scene as a result. According to @alldempretties, this is possibly the most significant textual rework to date with this series. Hino has been known to change a few things around, maybe re-arrange where the dialogue is placed or add a few panels to exaggerate or emphasize a particular moment, but I’m not sure she’s ever changed the connotation of a scene so dramatically as this one. It seems like she wants to be sure people understand that this is something Yuuki doesn’t want to feel or desire, but that it won’t go away. This is possibly one of the issues that have been holding her back from moving forward with Zero up until now, and the reason she brings it up before her confession is because she wants to let Zero know of her conflicting thoughts before trying to start over. 

Here’s the full text for comparison, since it’s easier to see how the connotation changed when it’s put together:

Magazine Version: In the far distant future… lies my wish..  …to resurrect that person, have my life swallowed by that person, and return back inside that person… I’m saying weird things, aren’t I? But it just won’t go away… eternally.

Official Revision: …It’s no good. No matter what, it won’t go awayThat I should resurrect that person, have my life swallowed up by that person, return inside that person… even though that can’t be granted, my head’s weird, right? But this thought just won’t go away… eternally with this incessant thought.

Really, it’s only the first line that gives the magazine version potential for a romantic interpretation of Yuuki’s dialogue, which is probably why that line was changed so drastically in the official version - Hino didn’t intend for that interpretation and wanted to correct the mistake made. She then adds further clarification in the official revision by emphasizing repeatedly how it’s “no good,” it “won’t go away,” something she expresses twice in the revised scene as opposed to just the one time it was expressed in the original magazine scene. And the strong word choice of “incessant,” a word you might apply to describe someone incessantly nagging you, a baby incessantly crying, a dog incessantly barking, it’s not a positive word choice at all and with any story, connotation is everything. It’s the difference between lazy (negative) and relaxed (positive), nosy (negative) and inquisitive (positive), immature (negative) and young (positive). The words mean the same thing, but the connotation they carry changes how you interpret the scene.

I hope that answers your question :)

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wait, i'm genuinely kinda confused...what's the difference between saying it's okay to watch the loud house despite its creator being bad, but it not being okay to watch miraculous ladybug because the creator's bad? is it just personal preference/limits to what you're willing to put up with from creators? (in this case that would make sense since ml's creator took it...quite a bit fucking further iirc)

Pretty much yeah. Though there are situations (like the Voltron writers) who aren’t dangerously bad, but make too many fuck ups for me to ever support their content