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To Ship or Not to Ship

Its really up to you…

I’ve read all kinds of posts both for and against over the last few years that I have been on and off Tumblr and Twitter.

Personally I will always be a shipper because I love the idea of Sam and Cait being together based on my feelings and observations. And that’s what I think it is for most shippers its that idea of Love between them whatever kind of love it maybe there is no denying that its there.

So anyone trying to crush that is pretty much wasting their time, its a useless endeavour.

The biggest difference between the shippers and the antis and I mean the nasty ones, the ones that make it a mission to beat down the shippers and who spend days trying to disprove an idea. Well good for you if that’s what makes you happy have at it. 

But you know what makes me happy its watching the chemistry between two beautiful people on and off the screen, their laughter and hi-jinks make me laugh and smile, it makes my day better in a world that is going to crap all around us. Its one of those things I can point to and say the world isn’t so bad maybe by supporting their charities and retweeting or posting their insights and jokes I can make someone else happy. 

Anti’s be miserable as you want, hell laugh like the Wicked Witch but eventually someone is going to drop a house on you. And one thing I know about shippers we are a very patient people and we consistently hold to the idea that love is pretty damn cool. 

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HC for Billy's "strange" fetishes PLS PLS PLS

Honestly the way you’ve written “strange” got me thinking you wanna see billy as a furry or something…

I tried hopefully you like it… I tried to work in some original kinks and stuff in… but it’s all pretty average I guess.. sorry I got side tracked! Except maybe the blood play(?) bit (dont kink shame me bYE)

Send me another message if you want something different its hard to define what people define as “strange”

Warnings: swearing, sex (obviously), blood, blood play(I guess?) (only a bit tho),

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What is your favorite milestone for CS ? Like was it heir first date ? ( mines ) or their first kiss ? First I love you ?

There are so many, and I love them all, but today I’m going to go with Emma and Killian’s first quarrel as a couple. I know, that might be a little strange and if you ask me tomorrow I would undoubtedly say something different, but I always like occasional moments of friction for couples. It tests the characters and shows us what they and their relationship are made of, it gives the actors something a bit juicier to bite into, and, of course, the best part is we get to then see them make up.

I loved every single second of their interactions in episode 4x13, Unforgiven. The tension between them is delicious from start to finish.   The episode begins with them strolling along, hand-in-hand a happy couple for all the world to see, and then they run into Ursula and all that changes. 

gif source

I love how uncomfortable Killian is immediately, so much so that he can’t hide it from Emma, even though he tries. One second he has everything he ever wanted, being with Emma, and the next second something is threatening that. You can almost see the dark cloud take up residence over his heart and mind. Emma clearly knows something is up, it would be hard to miss, but I also like to think that she is a bit more keenly attuned to him since this is so soon after the whole heart-fiasco with Rumple.

When they next meet, that fiercest pirate in all the realms is delivering lunch to his sweetheart’s office. Can we just take a moment to glory in how hilarious that is, but at the same time it’s not a jot out of character. It’s so him and so them. He is so caring, he just wants his Swan to have her heart’s desire, in this instance grilled cheese.  I love how playful and loving their conversation is… until it’s not. However, I also love that in a nanosecond the scene turns, and you can cut the tension with a knife.

gif source

This is the kind of tension I find delicious. Characters in love, but at odds.  Poor Killian, he would do anything to hold on to Emma, and he just can’t stand the idea of her knowing the truth. Of course, he completely misjudges, and creates more problems and makes the issue seem larger than it is, but I can’t say that I blame him. Haven’t we all had moments where we don’t want those closest to us to see our blemishes?

 When Killian returns I can’t get enough of how he sulks in, poor dear, he has no idea what is going to happen. He’s consumed with guilt over the past and filled with worry over what Emma has called him in to say, however, his entrance is still tinged with a bit of defiance. Killian Jones will not be cowed. 

gif source

However, what I love most about these scenes is what they say about Emma’s growth and her feelings for Killian.  There would have been a time that this scenario would have sent her running, her fear and trust issues causing her to flee.  However, she knows Killian, she loves Killian (even if she hasn’t admitted it yet) and she is not going to let this come between them. It only takes her an afternoon to figure that out. She knows his heart and isn’t afraid of his past and she gives him the gift of space and trust and it’s an absolutely beautiful thing.

Plus, the declarations in this episode!

“I’m going to choose to see the best in you.”


“I don’t intend to let you down.”

Those lines are some of the most romantic words these characters utter to each other through the course of this series, and as we all know they have no shortage of romantic declarations.  To me these are so meaningful, because they’re not telling the other how they feel, but they’re showing them how they feel by promising to do right by the other.  That’s good stuff. 

As for Killian, he is so relieved, he can’t believe there are no strings, that he has no more to prove, this was the moment that their relationship became unconditional. Their love might be tested going forward, but from there on out they were both committed to the other no matter what.

So, yeah, this little quarrel was a very important milestone for Captain Swan.

Art Commissions Open

So for the first time, I’m opening commissions for my clay figurines.

I work in two different styles, realistic

and what I affectionaly refer to as blob people

Figurines are between four to six inches tall, although that can be discussed. I’ll also do small, non human characters, charms, and keychains. I will sculpt characters from any fandom, OCs, or real people (provided references). 

Prices start at $45 for figurines, depending on complexity. Prices for anything else start at $5. Payment will be through PayPal.

I am only taking a very limited number of commissions at the moment, so please DM me if you are interested.

I am also selling my King of the Squirrels figurine (pictured above), and Marvin the Magnificent (below) for $55 each. Message me if interested.

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What do you think about Medic's strange morals regarding stealing=bad but killing = okay? for that matter, what do you think about Spy's morals regarding torture/killing = okay but lying = bad? Is is more of an ''it's okay if it's me that's doing it'' way of thinking?

Without getting into specifics, I think of it this way: there are personal morals and professional ethics, and their different personalities are going to influence how they switch between the two and even disregard them on occasion.

For all the mercs, I think they’re okay with doing harm because (for the most part) the people they kill and maim knew what they were getting into, and respawn makes death seem pretty trivial, besides. So like, merc against merc is fine because both parties have assumed responsibility for the possible consequences. It’s different outside of a professional context, dealing with civilians.

Medic’s personality is fairly chaotic, with rapid mood swings when he’s overstimulated. He has his own ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong, but they’re not set in stone. He’ll cross a moral line happily if he’s excited enough about a possible breakthrough.

Spy is more reserved and methodical, and I think he adheres to his own personal code very strictly. At the very least, it reminds him of who he is and keeps him centered, which is important to a man whose identity is so fluid. What is a man without his principles?

Both of them have a few personal rules they absolutely will not violate, but they keep those close to the chest.

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Hi! My plot has different characters at different locations, but I plan to separate them and pair them with other characters throughout the story. How do I ensure the story and its characters do not become to confusing?

Changing settings during your story is normal, so the fact that you’re concerned about two locations being confusing tells me that you’re probably talking about two vastly different places (2 different worlds, 2 different climate regions, space vs. earth, or 2 very conflicting countries). As long as you’re not randomly teleporting from one locale to the other on a frequent basis for no particular reason, your story’s progression should help keep the confusion at bay. 

By progression, I mean the way your story moves from one event to the next. Without specifics, I’m not sure how to help, but let me give you an example and show you what good progression between setting/character changes would look like. 

For an example, let’s say we’ve got a teacher/guitarist who spends a good portion of her time at school with her students and fellow teachers, and another big portion of her time at clubs/venues with her band. Two very different locales with a set of very different characters. 

First of all, you’d start by characterizing her in one of these locales and hinting at the other. So if you started by showing her teacher side, you would drop hints of her musicality, or mention that she has a gig after school that night, or even have a bandmate call her while she’s on lunch or a free period. Find a way to sprinkle the other side of the story into the first side. That way, we’re prepared for it. 

Then, progress to the other locale in a way that makes sense. If we mentioned that our character had a gig with her band during her scene at the school, it won’t seem so odd when the next scene takes place at the venue. Readers were prepared for the transition to this new place, so we’re able to follow it easily. 

It also helps if the characters surrounding the central character are vastly different. If we make the students younger (like elementary age), it’ll be loads easier to keep track of her interactions with those young kids versus her bandmates and any adults she runs into at the club. In a fantasy setting, that might be one world where there are species that are peaceful in nature versus another world where the creatures are more violent (this is an extreme example, but you get the point). 

So in conclusion:

  1. Make the settings and characters within those settings as different as you possibly can
  2. Allow readers to anticipate an upcoming change in location by dropping hints of the change in the scene prior

We’ve also been talking a lot about large casts of characters lately, and I think the advice presented in those posts will apply to you when it comes to keeping it all straight, so I’m going to link the tag again so you can explore those posts.

I hope that helped!



Pre-pregnant vs 12 weeks pregnant.

The left is from about 6 months ago but there’s only 4 lbs difference between the two. I havent been exercising at all and some serious cellulite is populating my thighs. As you can see the bottom of my gut is a lot heavier where the baby is sitting.

It makes me really sad that I don’t have a “cute bump”. But this is my body and I’m going to try and accept it because even though it doesnt look cute and constantly think awful things about this stupid body shape I have and how awful I’ve treated my body, my body is doing nothing short of a miracle by growing this baby. And I’m going to celebrate that even if it doesnt feel like I deserve to.

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hi!! i love reading your posts about the batfam, the fandom and how dc treats their characters so if you don't mind, would you please explain me why this sudden rage against tim? i follow lots of batfam blogs and most of them seem to be outraged because of him (i'm currently reading just super sons, superman and batman beyond so i have no idea what's going on and google is too confusing) just if you have the time/will tho, if not, don't worry about it! thanks!

Tim’s current writer is both playing favorites and has no idea what Tim’s character is actually like (so he projected a bunch and made him a Sue rip). So currently we’re seeing a return of the unrelatable perfect Sue character, which has been Tim’s character for the last six years or so, but while before Tim fans could say ‘it’s not really Tim’ due to the rebooted origin, in Rebirth Tynion brought back the original origin but kept the shitty characterization. 

Compounding this further is the fact that on top of being a white, privileged genius and naturally gifted kid who would ‘change the world’, Tynion has added in Tim as, essentially, beginning development of a fascist regime. I’m not sure if he was going for ‘Road to Hell Paved With Good Intentions’ but before his fake death it was revealed that Tim was going behind Bruce’s back to put systems into place so he could engineer ‘Utopia’. Then he came back with the evil Tim from the future who is a murderer and running such a regime, and Tim’s response is apparently not ‘oh shit this was a terrible idea’ but instead ‘okay so i’ll tweak the plan a bit but it’s still good’ and to continue.

This is leading into an arc called Fall of the Bat Men, and somehow the fallout of all this nonsense? Is going to hit Kate Kane instead of Tim, who has his ‘dreams crushed’.

Anyway, in summary: I’ve been shouting into the void about this for months but Tim’s character has been destroyed. 

I adore 1955 Doc because it’s the gap between 1931 Emmett and present day Doc. Here’s what I mean:

For me sometimes it can be hard to distinguish that 1931 and 1986 Doc are the same person because they are so vastly different. In the game, Doc even mentions in the first episode how he was so high strung and anxious and not nearly as relaxed as he was now, creating the illusion (almost) of two different people.

They bridged the gap between Emmett (1931) and Doc (1986) with PERFECTION if you watch the first movie where Marty meets 1955 Doc.

In 1955 Emmett has the same anxiety and nerves that he did in 1931, just a little bit of a lesser extent. He can go from shouting and being a nervous wreck and straight up RUNNING AWAY to being completely calm and level headed like present day Doc is.

Isn’t that super cool?

not to get into the fanfiction discourse (i say, as i obviously wade into the fanfiction discourse) but as someone who’s been ~in the game for a very long time now i feel like there’s been so much overcorrection of the previous attitude around fic

when i was younger there was definitely a much harsher culture of criticizing fic, with “sporking” being incredibly common, and i think that’s silly and meanspirited. i also don’t like the idea of fic archives imposing some kind of minimum standard of quality, because that’s objective and gets dicey no matter what you do. so i’m glad to see the back of those things

but i gotta say it seems like a lot of the attitude has kind of overcorrected, to the point where politely identifying a typo in someone’s fic is now widely considered rude instead of just. like. helpful? i learned the difference between “its” and “it’s” when i was maybe 12 from some commenter on who told me i was using them wrong. had they not done that i would’ve just blundered on making a basic grammatical error for who knows how much longer.

i mean, you should definitely try not to be a dick, absolutely, but if you as an author want feedback it will not encourage people to leave any if they are scared that even pointing out a minor and probably accidental error will be perceived as an attack 

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Eliot’s poetry kinda wigs me out?? There’s a difference between being in love with someone and being borderline obsessed, not to mention the photos he has and the fact he was looking up Chloe and stuff. I dunno.

Yeah its prettyyyyyyyy not a healthy thing to do LOL This is the type of shit when you see someone do it, you don’t think anything of it until you’re older. Then it hits you like “Wow, that person was a fucking weirdo creep”.

Googling someone by itself isn’t that weird, but if Chloe Price social media didn’t show up the first time, or better yet IF SHE DIDN’T GIVE IT TO YOU, stop trying LOL 

Ugh Eliot

Originally posted by etudiant-en-ph3

being at home feels different this time. but it’s not my home that has changed, but instead, it’s me. i’m in this in between stage of life where i don’t know where “home” is exactly. i’m realizing that home isn’t really even a specific place at all, it’s just the feeling of comfort you get when you’re around the people you love. i’m gonna keep making people home, so eventually, wherever i go will feel like i’m home.


“No, you’re not like me.”  1 | 2

The Pun Hunter

Which is now my official title, thank you Discord.

Help me, I’ve already come up with 7 short pun-scenarios for Ignis fluff week. And I feel this is not going to end so soon.

When the day is there and the time is right, should I rather upload them all at once or in different posts, with time between or all at once…? Help?

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Hi! Can you please explain to me the situation between Paige and Alberto Del Rio? I know nothing about it and from some posts I've read on tumblr it sounded very toxic for Paige... Have a beautiful day btw!🌹

It’s a particular story so I hope to explain it in a simple way.
The relationship between Alberto and Paige has always been a bit strange. They have a very marked age difference (but this is not a problem) but at first it seemed like a normal couple in love. Indeed, Paige asked Alberto to marry her.
But then strange speculations began. I remember that the first speculation was that of a picture in which Alberto seems to strangle Paige; furthermore, the divorce between Alberto and his ex wife had not yet been formalized and polygamy is formally a crime. Besides that, Paige showed in an extremely obsessive way her love for Alberto, whatever she published, he was always involved. During this period we have suspensions from WWE. Then they had to get married, but they constantly shifted the date. The horrible live in which Alberto criticized the WWE and Paige tried to shut him down, but he didn’t allow it, saying to her “to be silent”. Those live made me change my mind about their relationship. Also, Paige had bruises, including one inside the eye and I started suspecting something. Like so many other people. Then there was the leak and there honestly I don’t mean or do theories. Anyway, it was a really hard time because soon after, she and Alberto had a fight (as always) at the airport - I don’t remember which one - and a witness recorded everything. That recording made me terrified, because it was clear: Alberto threatened Paige to denounce her. And she was terrified and screaming “Stay away from me.” I’ll never forget it. Accusations of domestic violence charged by Alberto. Paige tried to justify Alberto through tweets (I and several rampaigers think that it was Alberto himself to write them down.) I was afraid that Paige would end up like Lady Elizabeth or that there would have been a tragedy similar to that of Benoit. And trust me, it was a horrible time.
In the end, after that, I began to notice that Paige was starting to train to return to the ring and, in the meantime, to get away from Alberto. Coming to the point of not naming him anymore, not to follow him in socials. Now she’s back in WWE.
Also, Paige said that she is single now, so finally this nightmare is over.
More or less, this is the story and I hope I’ve said everything. Let’s say Paige has spent a horrible year, but she has returned stronger than before.

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this probably a really naive question coming from someone entering her mid 20s, but can you tell me from your perspective the difference between having a crush and being in love?

I don’t believe in naive/stupid questions, so it’s 100% okay to ask :)

This is how it was for me, so I can’t tell if it applies to other people (also, I’ve been in love for the past 10 years, so I might not accurately remember crushes 😂): crushes were usually fleeting for me, none lasted more than a couple of weeks/months. They usually made me feel giddy and silly. Being in love - it’s fundamentally different for me. I saw myself with my partner years on, and it was something that didn’t make me feel afraid. With it came a sense of safety and assurance. I found myself smiling because of little things. It didn’t come at once, but slowly, over time.

I hope this helps <3 I’m always here if you need to talk *hugs you tightly*

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You don't think fanon could have its merits? Personally, I like when authors take a leap in logic that makes sense. Like, Prompto with an eating disorder. Yeah that wasn't explicitly canon, but when looking back at events in the anime/game dialogue, it's extremely plausible. There's an argument to be made for it. So, as long as it's argued well, fanon makes for an interesting read, I think. Thoughts?

I don’t mean to say that I don’t think fanon should exist – I have no problem with fanon existing.  It’s just that for me, when the fanon characteristics start to overwhelm the canon characteristics, that’s no longer fic that I am personally interested in reading, you know?  And there’s a difference between fanon and headcanons.  Fanon is when a headcanon becomes so popular that if you don’t share that headcanon, people find it suspect.  It’s like it becomes that any other interpretation of canon besides the fanon one is considered less valid.

Anyway if you like fanon, then by all means, incorporate fanon into your fanworks!  It’s just that for me personally there are specific fanon things that I just do not want to read about, because they don’t match my own interpretation of canon.  Then it gets frustrating because it becomes harder for me to find fic where the characters match my interpretation of canon.

                       A Discord Server for Those of All Fitness Levels

Everyone is welcome, whether you’re a runner, swimmer, you lift weights, you do yoga, you’re starting your journey, you want to start your journey, or every other reason in-between. It doesn’t matter what you do, you’re more than welcome to join! This is a place where we can all come together, to talk, discuss, motivate, look for motivation, tips, help, etc. 


  1. Must be 18+ to join
  2. No drama, be mature
  3. Non-rp people are allowed to join
  4. Please be respectful of everyone, we are all at different points and sometimes the reason for us starting our fitness journey are sensitive
  5. Please message me for the discord server link
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