the difference between twins

Marin is slightly more rational than Marinette, meaning he’s less likely to impulsively steal someone’s phone to solve a problem. However, he has a shorter fuse than her and loses his temper way quicker. He struggles more with self-confidence in his abilities, making him a bit of a perfectionist as well.

Adrienne is more reserved than Adrien, meaning she is not as open to people and won’t flirt with her crush as prominently/boldly. This makes her more prone to lying and goofing around to downplay her deeper feelings. She is less innocent than him about how the real world works and gets irritated less quickly.

when it comes down to it, I feel like the difference between Lup and Taako is essentially the difference between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral

Pretty Little Liars  7 x 18   Spencer’s Twin clues / Theory

In this scene Spencer seems very different.  The way she talks, the things she says, and even her clothes seem off.

She immediately looks worried after Toby says this.

Her mentioning this is very random. Nothing in this episode had anything to do with being left out.  This would make sense if this Spencer’s twin because of the differences between her life and Spencer’s life.  

This scratch doesn’t look similar to a bullet wound.  By now her wound would be more of a scar instead of bleeding.  If this is Spencer’s twin it is possible that she tried to recreate Spencer’s bullet wound.  If it was missing Toby could have noticed.  

In this scene Toby notices the scratch and the bleeding and looks slightly confused.  She looks worried after Toby touches the bleeding scratch, and tries to ignore it before he questions it.

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The Twins – Alike or Different?

Seeing our Ciel’s flashback in the latest chapter makes it seem a bit like the differences between the twins became more prominent as time progressed. In chapter 130 we still had Tanaka’s view of the twins and from that it seemed like the twins were very much alike:

Now in chapter 131 we have our Ciel’s view of his past and throughout this flashback the differences between the twins are made more noticeable.

At first he also talks about them being twins and looking very much alike, so much that even their parents had trouble telling them apart:

This actually indicates that not only their looks are the same but their personality, as well, because if their personality really had been that different their parents wouldn’t have trouble to tell who is who.

The first thing our Ciel notices as a difference is their health:

Here he still says that both of them are exactly alike, except for their health.

But later that view seems to change. Either because the bad health really changed his personality or maybe it just changed his view of himself because he experienced what consequences his bad health had for the way he could live his life and he felt more and more like a burden. While our Ciel said they were exactly alike in the beginning, he later points out all the differences so that them looking alike is the only thing left where they are resembling each other:

It’s important to remember that this flashback is from our Ciel’s point of view, so it might be subjective and influenced by how our Ciel feels about himself. It would be interesting to see how others saw the twins. If there were really such great differences between the two of them in their personality or if it’s just something that developed over time or if our Ciel is now exaggerating in seeing only these differences between them now. 

Sousei no Onmyouji - Anime vs Manga

Difference 1: Mayura’s weird phrases.

In the anime Mayura throws her weird phrases around all the time.

In the manga she actually says such things only when she is churned up by something, like when she is angry, sad or stressed. It even looks like the more agitated she is the weirder are her phrases. (translation on

Difference 2: Shimon’s understanding of Mayura’s weird phrases.

In the anime Shimon doesn’t understand what Mayura is talking about.

In the manga Shimon obviously reacts to her weird accusation. (translation on

See for this observations also the Special published in Jump SQ Crown Winter 2017:

Shimon reacts again, when Mayura complains about her training with a weird phrase. In his reaction Shimon compares his training to that of Seigen.

Anime made by Pierrot.
Manga made by Yoshiaki Sukeno.
Observations made by a reader/writer

subtle details in CH93-95

It’s interesting that Yana gave the two boys from chapter 93-95 different coloured ribbons, it’s such a small detail you barely even notice it at first! But it’s something which is maintained in both chapters for every page.

Considering that Yana has assistants who do the screen-toning for her, it seems odd that she’d bother to specify something almost unnoticeable. Especially with how much work they have to do per month. I suppose we can only assume she drew a coloured version of the design in which the ribbons are a noticeably different colour, meaning the screen-toners took this into account.

I’m not sure why she bother to do this. Perhaps it’s just because Yana really likes details, or it’s some basic light VS dark imagery since the Ciel with the contract is the one with a darker ribbon. It could also be a subtle nod towards the 2CT as she often draws the boys with subtle differences (eg: their differing bruises).

Chapter 132 and “the spare” comment

So people are flipping the fuck out over the fact that a) Frances called our!Ciel “the spare” and b) Vincent taking it all in stride, joking they may as well give up the Watchdog title should our!Ciel find himself at the Phantomhive helm. Was it particularly tasteful of them to address our!Ciel in such a blasé, brusque fashion? No. Did they mean it maliciously? No, no they didn’t. They don’t have the gift of hindsight that we as readers do. To them our!Ciel was a young, sickly child who couldn’t even go outside for fear of triggering an asthma attack—who couldn’t even have fencing lessons with Frances because of his weak constitution. (Please note I am NOT disparaging our!Ciel, but even the most devoted Kuro fan will have to recognize this actuality—our!Ciel is not the most robust child out there, as exemplified in canon by the Circus and Campania arcs.)

Furthermore, being the Queen’s Watchdog means executing orders that are both ruthless and necessary. We now know that our!Ciel can behave in such a fashion but back then when the twins were 7, 8 years old? Remember earlier in chapter 132 when Vincent took the twins to inspect the Phantomhive domain? The first thing real!Ciel says after Vincent finishes explaining the duty of a lord is that these tenants will need incentives to keep working the land—a hardline, pragmatic insight befitting a future earl. Yet our!Ciel, once he learns that a lord must “maintain his estate so tenants can be free to devote themselves to their work” worries about keeping everyone satisfied (granting their “wishes”) before wondering how many tenants live on the land. There is a startling difference between the twins in terms of mindset—real!Ciel thinks like an efficient, practical man of business while our!Ciel shows more compassion and thoughtfulness.

A more empathic, gentle approach.

…But these are the exact same sentiments that will get you killed if you’re the Queen’s Watchdog. To Vincent (and probably Frances, since she is Vincent’s sister and he has entrusted her with the training of his heir), our!Ciel probably seems far too softhearted and humane to ever fit the merciless, cutthroat role of Earl Phantomhive. I mean can you really blame Vincent? All his life (up until the fire) our!Ciel has been sweet, caring, obedient, and delicate—he’s shy around strangers, lacks the extroverted charm of his older brother, and his greatest dream is to open a toy shop so he can give joy to other young children.

Does this really sound like the type of kid who could one day kill with impunity, watch others bleed to death before him, and burn down an entire mansion filled with lobotomized children? Vincent and Frances are not trying to be spiteful, cruel, or demeaning—they’ve simply observed the twins, recognized their strengths and weaknesses, and are now discussing the very real possibility of what would happen if real!Ciel were to die. Morbid? Yes. But this was 19th century, lifespans were short and Vincent’s occupation as the Queen’s Watchdog leaves no room for error.

And, in a strange, inconspicuous way, Vincent may also be trying to protect our!Ciel. We know Queen Victoria is a dangerous individual not prone to softer emotions of forgiveness or understanding (i.e. Murder arc) and Vincent, who’s had direct contact with Victoria (thus giving him a chance to observe, catalogue, and analyze her in person), knows that the Phantomhives are disposable tools of the crown. If one of his sons were to mess up then they’d be eradicated and mercy—that odd, human concept—wouldn’t even be considered.

We as readers know our!Ciel is capable—probably more so than real!Ciel—but three years ago, when happiness was still possible and the Phantomhive twins were devoted to one another? The wickedness of what will one day come to pass seems not only farfetched but cruel—for why would you ever force a child like our!Ciel to abandon his innocence in favor of pitiless indifference and demonic power? We cannot fault Vincent and Frances for speaking of our!Ciel in those terms (“the spare”) because, in many ways, Vincent and Frances were also right. Undertaker explicitly says in the Weston arc that our!Ciel is different from his ancestors—a fact that our!Ciel proved when he rescued Joanne Harcourt even though such a task was both unnecessary and foolish. He put his life on the line to rescue Lizzy even though it meant drowning in the cold Atlantic current. Heck he stared death in the face with Madam Red, in the throes of anger, grief, and insanity was ready to stab him to death and he ordered Sebastian not to hurt his aunt. 

Even after going through hell and back, there is still compassion inside our eyepatch wearing protagonist, he is still capable of pity, sentiment, and warmth. Our!Ciel has elevated himself beyond the scope of what his father and aunt thought possible, he has achieved momentous triumphs and committed unspeakable acts of horror but we CANNOT judge Vincent and Frances’s comments—made more than 3+ years ago—as hateful or heartless. In their eyes, they were assessing the shy, soft-spoken younger twin—not the tenacious, sharp-tongued, unflinchingly clever Queen’s Watchdog we know and admire. 

Dating Fred would include...

- him always pranking you
- you pranking back, ending in a prank war
- George telling you embarrassing stories about Fred
- teasing each other all the time
-“You were so cute when you were younger, what happened”
- cute kisses everywhere
- Getting him out of detentions
- Molly ADORING you
- Wearing his ‘F’ Christmas jumper
- also getting a personalised jumper from Molly at Christmas as if you were part of the family
- trips to hogsmead together
- George getting grossed out by all the PDA
- Being best friends with Ginny
- Days of just cuddling in bed
- “Freddie its 1 pm we have to get up!”
- nicknames like “boo”, “honey”, “babe”, “love”
- easily telling the difference between the twins, even when Molly cant
- him protecting you at all costs
- and you doing the same when it’s needed
- sneaky little dates he’s put together around the castle

differences between the phantomhive twins:

real!ciel: has a longer face, with a more well defined chin that resembles vincent. eyebrows are a tad more thicker, and shaped differently. eyes are not as round, and a tad bit from slanted.

our!ciel: softer rounder face, with a bit more cheeks. cherub and younger looking face. eyebrows are a bit thinner. really round eyes with no slant whats so ever, like rachel.

I will never hurt her. I will never hurt anybody intentionally, especially not you… anymore than I already have. And in return I ask: never take your eyes off me. Never trust me, and that is the best friend that you can be. You can like me, I would love that, but… and in fact, I hope that I can earn your like. I just never want to earn your trust.

opens mouth to yell, does not stop

The Difference Between Them

One difference between the twins was that real!Ciel had his future mapped out before him, while our!Ciel’s future was much more open. I’ve actually written about this before. At first glance, real!Ciel might seem like he has the brighter future. He’s going to inherit the title, the land, etc. He doesn’t have to worry.

But he has no choice in the matter.

Assume for a moment that he didn’t want to be the watchdog. When you stop to consider it, it’s not really a desirable job, and there’s a good chance it will lead you to an early grave. This was real!Ciel’s destined path, however, and it had been predetermined for him.

Our!Ciel’s future was open to him. Showing optimism, he even says how he’d like open a toy shop.

Of course, we know that our!Ciel does sell toys now, but the point of all this is that our!Ciel had a choice. He could have dreamed of any sort of future career for himself with one exception. He should have never been able to become the watchdog as even Frances thought he wouldn’t be able to take on the burden.

This might be part of the reason that real!Ciel wanted his brother to pick a future profession that would keep him closer - like a vicar or doctor. Real!Ciel knew precisely what his his future was supposed to hold and where he would be one day. (At least, what everyone expected.) Our!Ciel could dream big. RealCiel had little reason to dream.

This even goes back to Undertaker referring to the

It doesn’t only ‘bind’ its wearer to the queen, but also to a certain future. Real!Ciel was chained to this future, and he was chained alone. His brother could escape it all.

Of course, that was before their parents were killed the cult kidnapped the boys.

While our!Ciel thinks of his brother as the lucky one…

…it’s quite possible that real!Ciel thinks the same about his younger twin.

After all, our!Ciel was the one that had the choice as to whether or not he wanted to leave.

He simply chose not to.