the difference between the first frame and second frame


This is the third video we’ve made in partnership with LG for our “How To Make Your Mobile Videos Cinematic” series. In this one I wanna talk about the difference between shooting video horizontally versus shooting vertically.

Now, the first step to making your mobile videos cinematic is to take the half second to flip your wrist over and shoot horizontally. When you shoot this way you’re mimicking the way the eye actually sees, as it has a greater peripheral vision horizontally. Secondly, filmmakers have developed certain storytelling techniques over the years that almost all rely on the horizontal frame. These include the two shot and the establishing shot.

So, when you watch movies you’ll also probably notice a lot of other ways that cinematographers use the horizontal frame to help tell the story.

In conclusion, I’ll just say it one more time - shoot horizontallyI

Thanks again <3