the difference between jealous and envious

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So we've seen bits of wrath, pride, lust, greed, sloth, and gluttony... but is there anything that Bendy is particularly envious about? He seems like he's got it made in the shade-- what (or who) would ever make him feel jealous?

“First off, learn the difference between jealous and envious! Hell’s bells, learn some fucking grammar and talk good; like what I do! 

Second, don’t misunderstand me. I don’t want no prissy ‘love’ like Mickey and Minnie love each other. No. I want love from everyone. EV-ERY-Y-ONE! I want to be adored. Revered! Worshiped! And I’m envious of Mickey cos everyone fucking loves him and I don’t know why!!! He doesn’t even have to bloody try!!” – Bendy

 [Here we see some of the layout of my Toon-Town. The abandoned warehouse that Bendy is currently squatting in that he turned into Devil’s Roost. Everyone knows he’s there illegally, but it keeps him off the street causing mischief if he’s there so the fuzz look the other way, for now. 

Opposite, on the other side of the canal, is the Sunshine Café, where Mickey and the others like to hang out. Bendy sometimes ventures over there for some strong coffee in the depths of a hellish hangover (they also have nice cakes). He likes to sit under a parasol because it gets a bit bright for his liking in the middle of the day. ]


I’m in a situation I never thought I’d be in. Well, I guess I can’t beat myself up too much because I haven’t actually done anything bad yet, but it’s the thoughts that go on in my head and the dilemma I’m currently in. Basically, I’ve been talking to this guy I met at my college who has a girlfriend he’s been with on and off for 3 years. Before y'all go in on me, please hear me out. I’ve liked this guy for sometime now and I didn’t know he was in a relationship until a few weeks ago when we actually started talking more seriously(before we were kinda friends).
Right when we started talking and I found out about his girl, he told me he was in the process of breaking up with her, which I believed until he and I got into a petty argument and then I saw her on his Instagram story the next day. This has happened maybe 3 times already. Each time I say that I shouldn’t waste my time on someone like him, but at the same time I really enjoy his company and attention; maybe because I haven’t really had male attention in a while. It’s so much emotional and sexual tension between him and I that it’s frustrating because I just want things to be consistent between us without having to worry that his girl is still going to be in the picture.
I feel so stupid getting jealous when I see pictures and videos of her on his social media, knowing I really have no right to be envious because she IS his girlfriend after all, and I’m just some chick he wants to mess with behind her back. I know that sounds terrible and selfish, but it’s how I feel. I’ve always been an advocate against cheating and side chick culture, but I guess it’s different when you’re actually in the situation yourself.
I will say I really don’t want to do anything with him while his girlfriend is still in the picture, but he’s honestly so unpredictable. And the sad thing is, it’s not even really because I care about her feelings/emotions, it’s because I fear the backlash I would receive if anyone were to find out, since he and I have a lot of mutual friends. I don’t want to be known or labeled as a “side chick” to anyone, but at this lonely and vulnerable stage in my life, I really don’t know how much longer I can keep from falling into the trap. I’m prepared to be dragged because I am fully aware that my current mindset is pretty messed up, but I just wanted to get that off my chest 😔

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Difference between developed Aries and an undeveloped Aries?

An underdeveloped Aries is competitive against others (in the jealous/envious way), cocky, brash, rude, self-absorbed, dangerously impulsive and reckless, and they don’t think about the consequences of the stuff they do or say beforehand.

A developed Aries is spirited, a natural leader, they are fast-paced intelligent thinkers, they are ardent, fierce, motivated to reach their ambitious goals, and they never back down from any obstacles that may stand in their way.

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I'm trying to work but I'm thinking of how Sansa in the show said "you turned sister against sister" like didn't Lysa sort of turn herself against her sister on her own? because she was jealous of her? Do you see similarities between the dynamics of Sansa/Arya and Lysa/Cat? Because I feel like it is a very different situation.

eh…..I dont really see similarities between Sansa/Arya and Lysa/ Cat….none that are particularly intentional anyway. So I agree with you. ASOIAF fandom has a habit of whipping up ‘parallels’ of things that …really have no business being labelled that.

They’re both pairs of sisters with their own issues between them. The strongest similarity is that Lysa and Arya were envious of their older sister in some way. I think trying to draw anymore parallels that that would take a lot of reaching.

The signs and envy
  • Aries: jealously is beneath me. And on that note can I just say how sharon is a two-faced-
  • Taurus: 2/10
  • Gemini: envy???? Lol I'm the one people are envious of :)
  • Cancer: I'm not jealous!!!!! Ugh!!!! It's not my fault she just happened to trip over my leg!!!
  • Leo: I don't get jealous but don't mess with me :))))
  • Virgo: jealousy? Ain't nobody got time for that
  • Libra: instead of being jealous, let's be thankful for what we have :)
  • Scorpio: why would I be jealous of these heathens
  • Sagittarius: jealousy ruins friendships :(
  • Aquarius: please if I wanted that, you wouldn't have it anymore :)
  • Pisces: jealousy??? *coughs* ME? j ea lous of *coughs* THEM?!?!? Pfft what even *coughs*




I’m not even halfway into this episode and we’re not even into the tangled, complicated stuff with Black Lady and how that’s tied up in Chibi-Usa’s feelings about Usagi and about her own growth rate/maturity level.

EVEN JUST AT THIS POINT, this relationship between these two characters is complicated and layered and not at all simple.  Chibi-Usa admires her mother so much, she believes her unbeatable (Esmeraude will never be able to destroy the palace as long as her Mama is in there!), but also fears trying to live up to her mother’s legacy, fears that the weight of that responsibility is too much for her, and literally cannot grow up because of it.

That’s a pretty amazingly great relationship right there, already.  Especially when you add in that Mamoru told her stories about Sailor Moon (her mother when she was younger) to inspire and encourage her.  Still more ways that her mother influences her life and the layered relationship between them!

THEN CHIBI-USA GOES INTO THE PAST.  She meets Usagi when she’s younger, she develops this entirely separate relationship with her, she watches Usagi struggle and there’s jealousy there, envy that Usagi has and is doing all these things that Chibi-Usa has desperately wanted for almost 900 years, but can’t bring herself to do.  But Usagi’s doing them, she’s growing up and she’s got friends and a boyfriend and she’s fighting these major enemies and Chibi-Usa can’t do any of that.

Once Black Lady hits, it’s all about wanting what Usagi has, wanting what her mother has, because she loves them so much but is also jealous of them and has those complicated feelings twisted by Wiseman.  Eventually they work that out, eventually Chibi-Usa is inspired by Usagi, even as she still deals with being envious and wanting desperately to be like Usagi, to keep doing the things she does, to want to look like Usagi (when they’re sleeping in the same bed in the Dream arc, Chibi-Usa thinks of how she wants to look like Usagi, too).




if you really think about it, everyone knows the real reason why they showed those clips of rachel. you could see the sadness and pain in her eyes, it wasn’t because she was envious or jealous of quinn, it was because that song reminded her someone special. someone she had lost. seeing puck and quinn made rachel think about finn, and how everything used to be between them. the storyline between ‘finchel’ ended shakily and maybe it would have been them two singing it if events had played out differently. i mean they were beginning to love again during season 4 and they weren’t broken they were just bent. so yeah, that’s the reason [in my opinion anyway] why she looked so upset at some points during that number.

but then even with that you could still tell rachel was happy for puck and quinn, she was proud of her friends.