the difference between her and me

Don’t mind me, I’m just sitting here contemplating the difference between I don’t take orders from you and If I’m on the list, you’re on the list because just, like, think about that.  By the time Finn died, Bellamy knew he loved Clarke, right?  You can argue about it being romantic love or not, but she was definitely his Person by that point, and he when suggested going on a suicide mission she shut him down.  And he snapped I don’t take orders from you because, well, he loves her but his life is expendable and this makes the most sense.  And then she says because I can’t lose you too and he doesn’t really have a response.  He knew what she meant to him, but Clarke saying no your life matters to me is still a little too much for him to fully process.

But in 403, Bellamy has already announced his intention to participate in a slow-motion suicide mission by declining a place on the Ark.  He delivers the news as if it’s already been decided and Clarke once again challenges him, but they don’t really get into it until later that day.   He says okay, you want me to live?  Then you live too.  We’re a package deal now, and when Clarke can’t bring herself to agree, he writes her name for her.  He agrees to let her save him only on the condition that he gets to save her too.  He’s not even that surprised that she wants to save him and I suggest it’s because because he knows she loves him.  And now it’s Clarke’s turn to be just a little bit speechless as Bellamy makes it perfectly clear how much he loves her.

Realised Desires

The final part of my little trilogy. As a new txf writer, I’d like to thank each and every one of you who has liked, reblogged or commented. Your support has been overwhelming and I love you all. 

Special thanks to my own little Mulder whom I adore. 

Part One | Forgotten Secrets 

Part Two | Remembered Promises 

Prompt: Things that made me feel real | MSR fluff. 

Scully glanced up at Mulder with an eyebrow quirked as he patted down his jacket for his car keys.

“Don’t tell me you’ve finished already?” she asked, her words somewhere between dubious and mocking. Mulder smiled at her and nodded once, a smug grin on his face. He’d spent the day powering through the paperwork that he always somehow allowed to build up. Friday evenings were usually reserved for working through it with whatever food he could get delivered and then making his way home via Scully’s place, but tonight was different. He needed to get everything done so he could leave as early as possible. Finishing touches needed to be made.

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I will never understand how so many people who claim to love Misty consistently write her as so angry and violent. It just doesn’t make sense to me, especially when she’s an adult? Having a temper is different than just being constantly nasty and smug. No, I’m not vague-blogging about anyone in particular, it’s just an observation that I notice again and again. I love pokeshipping, that’s no secret, but I hate when they’re written as adults that act the exact same as early OS Ash and Misty do. There’s a difference between keeping characters, you know, in-character and having them develop. You gotta give and take a little with both of those when writing them as aging or older than in the anime.

Conflict is good, a character having a temper is fine, but writing a kind and caring character who happens to have a temper as abusive is not.

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I think Emisonme is diving into deep with her post. Why's it so hard to believe that therapists tried to bring the group together? That could well have happened between late December 2015 to April 2016. I can believe the label didn't care about group therapy, it was 5H management that probably invested in it. And I know this is a minuscule fact but lauren never yelled out "it's me" during that Q&A I love how no one will accept that lol. I watched like 5 different versions of that clip.

i’m really confused on what to believe, the group therapy could have happened but since almost all woke blogs here said it didn’t happen i get confused, i believe they tried to talk between them at one point when things got bad and nothing worked out between them




And she was like “There’s some subtext there. Between the blond Russian and the Kazakhstan boy”

I asked her what she meant, and OOOOH BOY AM I GLAD I DID.

So, Kazakhstan used to be part of the USSR and is a country that sits between Russia and Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and next to Mongolia.

The thing is, a lot of Russians believe that the people who live in these countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, ect.) are a different inferior race to native Russians.

Otabek is like a poster child, when it comes to looks, of the people native to that area; While our little Russian kitty, Yurio, is similar to that for native Russians.

So, when Otabek asks this question with no emotion, he is probably 100% ready for Yurio to basically say “No, fuck you.”, because he is used to being treated in that way, especially by Russians like Yurio.

This probably also explains why he can’t show his emotions too well. He probably has the mindset that “If I let them see that they get to me, it will only get worse.”

TL;DR: Kubo-sensei knows her politics, and subtly incorporates it into her characters aND I LOVE HER FOR IT.

Also if other people already knew that, I’m just stupid, sorry.


isak before and after he spotted even

also what strikes me the most is the difference between the reaction of isak before the o helga natt scene and after, because before he was giggly and in love but after he was confident and you can literally see how much he loves even but also how secure he is in their relationship now and idk i’m emotional

How Taylor Swift Played The Victim For A Decade And Made Her Entire Career

Ok, so Buzzfeed released this article about Taylor Swift on January 31st and here are some key points that really stood up for me. 

  1. On Taylor´s feminism: “But, as the Washington Post pointed out: “There’s a difference between being a feminist and calling yourself a feminist. Feminism is more than just supporting your girlfriends or churning out charming catchphrases about girl power; it’s a political movement, with political aims.”
  2. About Taylor´s squad: And, in actuality, her squad flouts inclusive feminist principles by being an exclusive club, and skews overwhelmingly white, slim, and heterosexual – and this is because Swift views feminism in relation to her own personal experience alone.
  3. Again on Taylor´s feminism: Far from expressing feminist values through actual, tangible means – such as, for example, speaking publicly about Kesha’s alleged sexual assault, offering an opinion on Trump’s campaign and election, or acknowledging the Women’s March through means other than a contrived tweet – Swift invokes feminism to ensure her posture as victim.
  4. On her feud with Katy Perry and the Bad Blood song: Put differently, she prevented the eruption of an undesirable rumour by creating a new one, which reveals Swift’s true genius: her ability to manipulate the lyrics and subjects of her songs in whichever way best suits her PR desires.
  5. On her feud with Nicki Minaj and the lack of recognition for black women in the music industry: Swift has become such an expert at building narratives that she doesn’t just see herself as the victim in stories explicitly about her, but the subject of every story. (…) She prioritised herself at the centre of a struggle faced by women of colour, while ignoring the fact that the system inherently benefits her.
  6. On the feud with Kim and Kanye about that line in Famous: The feud exposed the truth that white fragility is the most imperative component of Swift’s success. Performing white female melodrama has enabled Swift to establish her posture as victim and navigate any conflict with ease, devoid of culpability. But her conflict with West cannot be dismissed as an insignificant celebrity feud, leaving a trail of snake emojis in its wake – there are sinister undertones. It proved that Swift recognised the power her white womanhood affords her – presumed innocence and empathy – and used this to her advantage in repeated acts that she surely knew would damage West’s reputation and strengthen her own. Swift propagating this narrative of fragile white womanhood to villainise a black man is “ruthless” at best, and at worst, dangerous.

I think this article really explains why I don’t really like Taylor Swift and how her playing the role of the victim is really getting old and overused. No one believes she´s the victim and this has been shown ever since the ¨break up¨ with Harry Styles and overusing that one month relationship for over two years. And it became evident to the public how fake she really is with the Kanye and Kim feud and directly after that the whole deal with her ¨relationship¨ with Tom Hiddleston. So I finish this with the final paragraph of the article which summarizes my feelings in general about her. 

She’s all about narratives, and the reinvention of her image is the start of a new one. The question is, however, after being exposed playing the victim in plain sight for over a decade, will anyone believe it?

He caught her and never let her go again

Ok, so has somebody else thought about Luna and Rolf performing that amazing rhino mating dance at their wedding… All their guests looking at the awkward display in front of them and then appears an old-and-still-cute Newt Scamander who freaking loves his grandson’s wife, who joins them dancing, and here comes Tina Scamander, totally rocking the wedding, cool grandma style… She starts talking with Harry about the differences between british and american aurors without stopping watching her husband and Rolf and Luna (those are her dorks and she loves them and she loves the awkward dance and Newt and Rolf and Luna) and Queenie, who makes friends with basically everybody and Jacob (he’s still alive, fight me) talking with Molly about confectionery and omg someone stop me plz.

Also, Newt is friends with Hagrid and they both drool together over the cuteness of their cute and totally-not-dangerous creatures, sorry but I don’t make the rules

Lorelai’s inappropriate eulogy for her father struck me as strange and totally out of character, especially because the most fruitful conflicts between Emily and Lorelai — dramatically fruitful but also significant in their relationship — come when they see the same thing in different ways. For example, imagine Lorelai giving a little speech that she thought was charming and fine, maybe something about how seeing Richard dote on Rory made her glad he finally got the daughter he really wanted. Emily would see this as offensive, and Lorelai would see it as true, and then their fight would have higher stakes.
Lena & Kara / Lena Analysis

I so want Lena and Kara to talk about being adopted/fostered and about their childhoods more. (I’m still confused bc Kara always refers to Eliza as her foster mother not her adoptive mother in 1x04.) Lena and Kara were taken in by a family at different times in their lives, Lena was four and Kara was thirteen, but there is still a commonality between them. Does Lena even know Kara was a foster/adopted child? I think Lena might? because she referred to Kara’s mother in the past tense, Was your mother a writer, too?” and Kara confirmed it “No, she was, um, I guess, sort of a lawyer.” I want Lena and Kara to bond over this, but also see how they had very different upbringings in how their foster/adoptive families treated them.   

We still don’t know much about Lena, but from what we have seen in the show she has had a hard childhood and family life. She was adopted when she was four, but she didn’t feel welcomed by the family. The only person who made her feel welcomed was Lex (”the person who made me feel most welcome in the family was Lex”). Lena has brought up Lex two times, in a reminiscing way, in the short amount of screen time she has had. You can see when she talks about Lex, the second time, how her heart is broken by losing the one person in her family that treated her like family. “… I adored Lex. When he showed his true colors, I was crushed. I tried everything to reach him, bring him back to the side of good. But it was no use. I’d lost him.” I can only imagine the desperation and heartache it caused Lena to not only see the horrible things Lex did, but also lose the only family she had. 

Lena did not have a mother figure. When Kara said to Lillian Luthor, “You’re Lillian Luthor. Lex and Lena’s mother.” Lillian replied, “I’m a lot of things, A doctor, a patriot, a mother…” I think it is telling that Lillian put ‘mother’ at the end of the sentence – it is not her top priority, her work was.  I believe Lillian expected a lot from her children and they were treated more like property and investments by her, rather than motherly love and care. As we saw with Lillian and Lena’s first interactions they were very distant and hostile and very telling. Lillian: “Sorry i missed your party.” Lena: “What else is new? What can I do for you, Mom?” Like the only time Lillian ever comes around is to ask her for something. That Lillian is never there for her to support her; like attending the gala to support her. There is no mother/daughter bond. Another thing we have discovered about Lena is that she was sent away to boarding school (”Yeah, I know Roulette. We went to boarding school together”); she was sent away from the family that was supposed to have wanted her. I’m not adopted, but I can only suspect how much this hurts an adoptive child more to be sent away. A sense of losing another family; a family that was supposed to want you but has now sent you away. This is very different than what Kara had, Eliza made her feel not alone. “Eliza refused to leave. She said that my parents would want me to be loved, and that nothing would replace them. That they were a part of who I am. It was the first time I ever let her really hug me, and that was the first time I didn’t feel alone anymore.” Eliza was also a scientist but put her children first. Even Jeremiah put his two girls first by sacrificing himself so Kara could stay with Eliza and Alex. Kara was his daughter in his eyes. Jeremiah volunteered to be sent away so Kara would not be. 

It is even more heartbreaking when you find out that the one person that Lena felt like was her family, has not only let her down and did so many unspeakable crimes, but now….now he tried to have her killed. “Lex Luthor hired you to kill his sister, didn’t he?”. Lena is fully aware that her brother, who she adored, tried to kill her “Thank you for including that part about me shooting the guy. That’ll teach Lex to mess with me.” It is heartbreaking to see how alone Lena is. She was given the Luthor name, and she was once proud of it because of Lex. But now… it is a curse. It is a name that makes her even more lonely as people see it and judge her. “[Kara] are literally my only friend in National City. Most people wouldn’t touch a Luthor with a 10-foot pole.” 

She is trying to make herself and others proud of the name once again, to change people’s views – to right wrongs that have been done. “My brother hurt a lot of good, innocent people. My family owes a debt, not just to Metropolis, but to everyone. I intend to pay that. By renaming my company L-Corp, we will usher in a new age of cooperation and community.Together, we will chart a brighter future.” Even though Lena personally did not hurt all the innocent people in Metropolis, I think she blames herself for not being able to connect to Lex and bring him back to the good side. She is wanting to turn this company, that she now runs, into something positive… something that is giving back instead of taking. For instance, like having a gala fundraiser for a Children’s Hospital after a horrific attack on their new building (unknowingly to her, something her mother caused by arming people with Alien weapons in the name of Cadmus). Or helping take down criminals that had these alien weapons. 

Lena is such a complex character that (so far) is so inherently good despite how she has personally been treated. Lena is still smiling and trying to do good.  When Kara goes to meet Lena after she published her article, there were flowers on the table infront of Lena…

[gif] … Lena is the embodiment of the plumerias. She is not only rare, but also beautiful, charming, full of grace, new life, and new beginnings that they also symbolize.  

"You cannot pick and choose which parts of her to love."

There. That, I think, is the phrase that describes the difference between the love Chaol has for Celaena and the love Rowan has for Aelin–and notice how i phrase that. Dorian says that on chapter 40 of HOF and it resonated deep with me, for both of the SJM series. Chaol has always been a little bit afraid of the killer in Celaena, the beast inside her. But from the moment he finds out she is not entirely human–he can never love her. Not as Aelin, not as fae, not as a being of fire and rage. He is too scared of her, of what she represents, of what she could become. And that is how I know Chaolena could never be endgame, at least not until Chaol faced his fear. Rowan, on the other hand, has always known who and what she is. And he doesn’t care in the slightest. She is a princess and the rightful heir of Terrasen and a freaking assassin and still he won’t take none of her shit. Bc he is even bigger a warrior and a prince and fae just like her, has killed more than she could count, has lived more than she could imagine. And when they fall in love it’s so beautiful it hurts, his quiet and her fury, his experience and her impulsiveness, his wind and her fire. A mix that could build up kingdoms, and Terrasen would be theirs.

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This might just be me but for some reason I love to imagine Millie as a brown cat. It might just be my bias against her being a fuckin exact clone of Silverstream and that the colors of Blossomfall and Briarlight could be sacredly saved.

omg yea i feel you. tbh i feel like the main difference between silver and millie is that silver is extremely pretty, like she’s described as being prob the prettiest cat in the whole series (even fireheart says so LOL). so while their pelt colors are similar i can imagine that their facial structure is quite different

You’re gonna touch her
And I’m gonna feel fucking sick

Cause you’ll be tasting her mouth
And I’ll be tasting the blood from my lip

I’m gonna try not to scream
and not picture your hands on her
but you’re gonna fucking touch her
and it’s going to feel right

So you won’t be thinking of me
you’ll be thinking about the way
her shoulders taste
The way her hips tremble

And I won’t be able to stop shaking
but none of it will fucking matter

Because I don’t get to forgive you for this
I don’t get to let you touch me again

Because every time your fingertips
will press into my stomach
I’ll wonder if you notice the difference
between the way my lips feel
and the way hers taste

There was so much in that moment with Richonne that I wanted to mention:

-Their slight height difference.

-Rick saying ‘see you soon.’

-Rick’s hand on her waist (and then her backside; of this I am certain).

-Michonne closing the distance between their bodies.

-The Kiss!

-Them looking at each other with desire, gratitude, adoration and love.

-Michonne gently stroking his face.

-Forehead touches.

-Nose touches.

-Her holding his upper arm.

-Rick saying ‘thank you’.

-His voice sounding deeper after The Kiss.

-Her watching him walk away.

Then I realised: it was probably their first kiss since everything happened and Rick most certainly wanted to ‘stick around’.

Leave me here with my life ruined, please.

You know those stories you hear about, that makes you think that this would only happen in a movie? That’s the kind of story I found myself experiencing first hand today. Nasalaa Allah al-Afiyaah.

As a Muslim i don’t believe in coincidences. I believe that Allah places us different places for us to learn and be reminded. I received a phone call today from someone who informed me that an older woman I know of was in the hospital floating between life and death.

Of course without any hesitation I said I would go to her right away, hoping that I could help her utter the Shahada before leaving this filthy world .. And little did I know.

I called a sister, and told her that I was coming for her and that we are going to the hosp.

We arrived ..
The woman was laying in her bed, with her mouth open, struggling to breath and all numb. Still aware of who is entering and leaving the room we greeted her with salaam and sat down for a minute.

The daughter of my Quran teacher happened to be at the same hospital just a couple of floors down - She called me, and told me she wanted to come up and check up on the lady.

When she entered the room, she was clearly moved by the woman in front of her slowly but painfully dying, so she held her hand and asked her to repeat the words she said. She started with the Shahada, and then started reciting Sûrah al-Ikhlas, begging the woman to repeat.

And she did - BUT, in a way you could never imagine. Every single time she tried to say Allah or Muhammad she started coughing so much that she ended up throwing up. And this happened at least ten times! We then realized, that the woman in front of us was being tortured to death by Malik al-Mawt.

He (the angel) was literally using her as a yoyo, taking her soul and throwing it back into her. She chocked multiple times and then got back to struggling for her breath. Now this is not the worst part of the story.

Now, this women is in her 70’s now and is married to a man who is 27! - One may ask, what does a young guy want with someone that old? I’ll tell you.

She is a millionaire, and every single penny this woman got, was earned in Harām. How she earned them, I won’t tell you because the story is bad enough as it is now SubhanAllāh!

This guy LITERALLY stood there and waited for her to take her last breath so he could take all the money she would leave behind her. And while we where standing in the room, the woman’s kids called him SEVERAL times, arguing with him and yelling at him because they felt like they had more right to her money

(the woman isn’t even dead, yet and they’re fighting over the money!)

Her kids have not spoken to her or seen her in six years - And now they are asking about the money, but don’t want to hear anything about her condition.

All of a sudden, while I stood next to her I heard her uttering something, but because she was choking while coughing it was really hard understanding what it was that she was trying to say.

My heart dropped to the floor when I heard her.

She said: “Aoudhubillah, go away from me go away from me. Aoudhubillah”

No one standing in front of her, and I wasn’t in her eye sight, it was clear that she was speaking to something that none of us could see besides her.

Malik al-Mawt ..

Her condition got worse from that second on.

I noticed that all the windows where open and I asked if we could close them so she wasn’t cold and I was told that if the windows where shut, that would result in her dying because she needed the oxygen.

Her entire body was exposed and the only thing that was covered was from her stomach and up, and that’s a reminder from Allah that you’re gonna die the way you lived.

You didn’t cover up for Him in the Dunya, He will expose you while leaving it..

She had signed a paper that allowed the doctors to give her CPR when her heart stopped and she insisted that they’d do ANYTHING POSSIBLE to keep her alive.

Holding on the a world that the Almighty is in control of, not knowing that no matter how many times they try to pump her heart back into life - The angel is rejoicing at the fact that he is seconds away from revenging for his and our Lord!

Leaving the hospital I told the sister, I ask Allah for a good end, and she said: Asking Allah for a good end is not as important as asking Allah for a good meeting (with him)

May Allah azza-wa-jall grant us the best of meetings with Him Jala wa -‘alaa 😔💔

Michonne In Love

I was really struck by the difference in the conversation in 6x15 East and 7x08 Hearts Still Beating

Rick and Michonne recognized their love at the height of their power and safety.    

I have always found this piece of dialogue notable in East:


“We’re not losing any of it again. I’m not." 

Who are we? Team Family or Richonne? Rick may intend it as a Richonne comment. But, Michonne didn’t pick up because the reply, is “No, you’re not. I’m not.” She didn’t say, “we’re not.” So, in this very early romantic relationship, there is still a wall there as they figure out what this “different” is between them.

So what just killed me about Michonne’s monologue in 7x08 is that now she has honestly “figured it out.” She knows what is different.


Look at her blush at 1:09 just before she says to Rick, “I wanted it to be ours. Me and you.” She realizes there is no backing out, her love for Rick Grimes has demolished whatever sliver of armor Michonne still had hiding her heart.


countdown to dino’s birthday: d-3

a playlist for chan: SUNLIGHT - DAY ver. 
         sunlight and warmth and dream-like states, 
         caught between a dream and reality
         but then i woke up to you