the dice are in my hands but my life is in theirs

meeting nikandros’s family

It was an Akielon tradition, Damen told Laurent, that the extended family of the wedding party stay in the city after the wedding. It was a time to reconnect with loved ones that lived far away and to prolong - as Akielons tended to do - the celebrations.

For commoners, it meant a week of partying and fighting with relatives. For royalty, it meant more feasts and finding accommodations for the abundance of cousins and embracing aunts while pretending to know the name of their newborn. It was supposed to start in the wedding and last until the honeymoon, but the cultural mixing meant that Damen’s relatives had been in Ios while they were married on the border, and would stay for some time after.

It was their best attempt to permit both Veretian and Akielon wedding customs - even if it meant sitting for hours while Lords and Ladies from every province presented themselves in front of the thrones.

“I did not know you had so many relatives,” Laurent mused.

Damen stifled a groan. “Neither did I.”

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New Life

Chapter 4
“Not Too Insane For You“


Word Count: 2152

Beta: @idreamofhazel ( <3 )


Summary: Reader’s life following her crimes, her time in prison, and the events that lead to her going to the asylum

A/N: This is a pretty dark one, y’all. And I’m only getting started. Stay safe and read at your own risk. Thanks for all the love y’all have been sending me! <3


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Charms from everyday items

There’s a lot of talk in the magic community here about what is magical and what’s not and whatever but if you want anything can be magical, it’s just that objects from nature tend to have their own energy where as objects that either have been handmade by someone has a little of their energy or if it was processed by a machine it has no energy at all. 

 Anyway I love making charms from somewhat everyday yet odd or rare items. It takes me a while to find the right charm, and more than often these objects find their way into my possession without me looking but when I do find the right object I form a relationship with it. You must decide on its intent then put that spell onto it. Every time it works I bless it again with gratitude and over time it fortifies. It kind of feels like animation. Like over time you’ve breathed life into an object and now it’s its own smaller being, like a sprite. Over time in the relationship, it gets more influential. 

  1.  Everyday Items
     One example of an ordinary item I like to charm would be my $2 dollar bill I earned as a bar tending tip. $2 is not spectacular item but the bill is very rare to the point by some it’s seen as an oddity and what’s more it was one of the first tips I got so I took it as a sign. I blessed it and first made it into a luck charm and vowed to never spend it. Then over time I put a spell on it to attract cash to my wallet. For a bit it sort of backfired cause I realized I would have more cash in my wallet but that’s cause I had to pull out money from my account cause a place I was going to was cash only so I wasn’t earning anything. But then eventually it would work in terms of earning then I thought of charging it with another intent which was: it should double the cash I would attract and earn because it’s the number 2. For a while it’s been working well and once or twice a week I would have an overwhelming surplus of cash that gives me anxiety cause it’s easy to lose it on the city streets if someone wants to rob you but, anywayy, I’ve been making deposits quickly in the bank but keeping a $20 behind to continue the ‘doubling’. Every time this works I bless the object with my gratitude and in that state of being grateful it’s easier to fortify the spell or magic of the object to keep its power (because for me a lot of spell work is visualization and visualization of what you want to come to pass as if it’s currently happening. Well when a spell does work and happen and you’re experiencing it, you are already experiencing the sensations instead of trying to visualize that reality so it makes it easier- if that makes sense).
    I do love collecting strange yet ordinary items like decorated metal pins or brooches for protection or glamour , realistic false teeth or glass eyes (an oddity store in Alphabet city sells stuff like this for cheap), vintage christmas tree tin ornaments, dice made from bones (ox bones, please. I am not a grave digger), old vintage keys with decorated handles, old playing cards- especially ones that are pictorial like of happy women or cats. Oddities shops sell strange playing cards in singles like that too with random pictures instead of suits on them. Definitely a big one for me are little vanity mirrors hidden in lockets or that are in a case with a hair brush attached to them or if they are tiny and jeweled. Often most people won’t notice these items though some could be considered oddities, but they are my favorite to charm.

  2.  Handmade items
     Handmade items and handmade gifts are often made with people’s desires to see you happy. If it’s something artisanal online, the artisan is creating something that is a small piece of themselves to breath life into for someone else to enjoy. There is more energy in handmade items then a processed item. I personally feel like if something was made for you or the artisan had you in their mind as they were creating it, the object is more open towards your energy and it takes a faster amount of time to create a bond with. Also, I love when kids make you something out of their own free will and genuine desire to see you happy. I personally feel like kids are naturally magical cause their energy and emotions are so raw and unrepressed so when they make you something to make you happy it’s real and it holds a loving energy. I feel like that’s why so many adults hang ugly rudimentary art work that kids from the school they teach at or kids they’re close to or their own children make for them around their home because it makes them feel loved. Anyway one summer I was teaching kids how to make RPG computer games at a tech camp and one girl made me a custom hand drawn clefairy Pokemon card that looks realistic but cute with holographic glitter that she even made her parents laminate for me. Clefairy is one of my favorites and it’s not ugly art either she spent so much time on it and even made an envelope to go in it. Anyway I use it as a luck charm and keep it at the bottom of my chest I keep loose crystals in, but in a way it holds its own magic cause when I feel stressed and upset, looking at it lifts my spirit a little. 

  3.  Mementos 
     There’s a number of reasons why a trinket from a loved one who passed away has power but it makes a great charm for protection or keeping a connection with their spirit. It’s good to keep rings, pins, something you can wear from them if you want to keep them close to you. I just inherited a locket (with a stopped clock inside which I find the coincidence interesting) from my grandmother that passed away on the 11th and her gold ring and a chain. Its interesting cause you wouldn’t think jewelry could hold the smell of a person but her decorated locket smells like her. This year I am trying to be more warm and charming and my grandmother was very much like that so I hope by forming a bond with her ring I can carry on that quality of her in me.
    When someone passes something down to you or a friend gives you something of theirs to keep that has some little value like a bracelet, ring, their once favorite mug, it has some intention behind it that they want to pass something on to you to make you happy or create a bond with you. From a friend I like to use things like that for luck. From a passed away family member I like to use it to evoke a quality of them in me or for protection. (Of course in this point this means when someone gives you these things, you should not cleanse them if you want their energy and intent to remain in the object. If you do cleanse them then it loses that bond to the person but you can use them as other everyday charms like I made in point 1).  
Starling: Chapter Fourteen

(Contains explicit violence and references to suicide, please take care!)

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“Grandpa, did you ever meet Jet?” Roy asked once, when the family was gathered for Thanksgiving. He was maybe eight, sprawled out on the floor working on a puzzle of the Mona Lisa. He’d been making her face back at her for like three days, so he was in a very calm, wise kind of mood, especially now that all the distant relations and work friends had cleared out.

“A couple times,” said his grandpa warily. He wasn’t good with kids. Well, he was fine with Roy’s cousin Sara, let her sit in his lap and everything, so maybe it was just Roy. He knew some people out there thought it was silly he was a clone, or even disturbing, but it was different when it was family, and it was way different when it was someone who’d known the original.

Anyhow, around Grandpa he was always trying to prove what a regular, likable kid he was, even though he secretly knew he was special and clever and athletic, because Jet had been too. Even though everyone else told him he was destined for greatness. He didn’t want to intimidate any old people. They might get jealous; it was understandable.

“What was he like?” Roy slotted another edge piece into place then looked up at him, sidelong.

Grandpa spread his pale, craggy hands, slouched back in his chair, full of pumpkin pie, his cane propped against the table in easy reach.  “He was just another soldier at the time.“

“What was he like though?” Roy had pressed.

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iv. vibration


Henry misses school. Which is a feat in itself, since Mom has had to yank him out of bed by the ankles four times out of five most weeks, and even that’s when he’s good at it and has friends who aren’t total jerks this year. But then you spend five days a week with assorted strangers of varying levels of dullness while your mom hunts down some shadowy criminal cabal and you start to miss the monotony of math class.

It’s not that he isn’t used to Mom being out all day and distracted all night, but it’s never gone on this often and it’s never felt more like he’s an afterthought, handed off to Mom’s friends as often as possible as she grows more and more irritable. Twelve years of happy memories are suddenly straining at the seams, and no one will tell him anything.

Today they’re at the mayor’s house, at least, which is the only place in this town where he doesn’t feel so easily forgotten. Mom’s there with him more often than not and they’ve been doing dinner together most nights, lately, the three of them almost like a…

He shakes his head and forces that thought out of his mind. If Mom ever figures that one out, she’d go running from this town, too, and they’d probably wind up halfway across the country this time. Mayor Mills doesn’t deserve that. 

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