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Angus keeps on showing up to my work at Fantasy Michaels and every day he plays with the plastic animal figurines and then doesn't every buy any. Gotta give the kid some credit though, no matter how long he plays with them, he always puts each and every single one of them back in their spots. 11/10 would adopt that kid. Except I think Taako already called dibs, (You didn't hear this from me, but one day he came in and bought Angus's favorite animal and gave it to him) :3c


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You want some freaky prompts and you shall receive: Danny is strapped to the bed, completely naked. Arin, Barry, and Ross all sit around him on the bed. Arin pulls at his hair kissing him erotically, Ross strokes him and leaving hickeys all across his body, and Barry caresses and sucks Danny's dick squeezing his ass and fingering him (Not sure if this is freaky enough for you but that's what I have 💕)

This was getting a little too intense.  Dan tugged a little on his restraintz, seeing how tied down he was.  Having his friends looking down on him like this was embarassing and erotic. 

“Dibs on dick,"  Barry quickly said before anyone got a chance to move.

"No fair.  You know I wanted that.”

A little arguement sprouted between Arin and Barry over who gets what, leaving Ross.  Dan had to admit, he was a little scared to see what he would do, knowing how he is.  The younger man leaned over him, running his hands up and down Dan’s slender body.  It sent shiver up Dan’s spin.  The others don’t even notice it was  happening until Dan started moan as Ross started leaving hickey’s on his neck.

“Who said you can start with out us,” Arin teased as he nudged Ross, but the man wouldn’t move.  He was so entranced by all the marks he was leaving on Dan’s body that he forgot that the others were even there.

Barry moved towards Dan’s lower half before Arin could get a chance, cupping the older mans small ass in his hands.  Slowly, Barry kissed up and down Dan’s thighs, making him squirm.  He was sure if it wasn’t for the restraints, Dan would’ve knocked him in the head. 

It was getting a little hard to Dan to keep his voice down.  It was alnist turture with how Barry was ignoring his cock but getting so close and Ross hitting all the right spots.  All that was left was for Arin to join the fun.  Arin stood over by Dan’s face, watching him wither in pleasure.  Grabbing his chin, Arin made him look up at him.  Trailing his fingers along Dan’s chin, up into his hair, Arin gave an experimently little tug.  The dirty porn star moan he got was enough to make all three men almost jiz their pants. 

“Such a dirty boy,"  Arin muttered before quickly leaning over and kissing Dan roughly.

All the stimulation was turning Dan’s brain to putty.  Barry finally found the way to his dick, licking up the shaft as he teased his hole.  All up and down his chest were purple and blue bruises he would curse at Ross later for.  The way his hands roamed his body, twisting and teasing his nipples every now and then, could make him hard all on its own. 

All it took was one more sharp tug to his hair from Arin to make Dan come all over his chest.  Barry took his sweet time licking it all up as the other two started to slow down.  Dan was a complete mess, still shaking from his orgasm by the time all of them got off of him.  They all untied him from the bed frame before crawling into the bed themselves.

"You ok buddy?"  Ross asked.

"Just, whoa, like, whoa.”

“Still need time to recover?" 

All Dan could do was nod, still trying to catch his breath.  The three men snuggled him close until he finally calmed down.  Right before passing out all Dan could mutter was, "Best birthday ever.”

what’s inevitably going to happen

-Mab is going to tell Queenie about their party crasher and Queenie will immediately come up with an ingenious idea to go away
-it is, like most of her plans to make Bill go away, just to flirt at him while he hosts Syd’s body (He h a t e s Queenie’s flirting)
-both Dib and Nothing see Queenie “flirting” with “Sydney”, Dib is confused as hell and Nothing is a weird level of jealous cos it’s hate flirting
-Dib: “am I missing something???? are queenie and Sydney dating??? is that???? legal????? is queenie dating the other sydney too??????”
-Nothing attempts to ruin the party with Nny

lol look what i bought last night!! there was only 5 pairs and the guy asked if any of us who were there first wantwd them so…. obviously i had to call dibs on them haha

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Could you maybe write a fic where Belle becomes a teacher or inventor? Where she maybe teaches the other girls in her town to read and makes things that make the day easier for the people in the village?

Thanks for this amazing prompt, anon. I really love the idea.

Unfortunately I have three fics currently in progress that i am trying to work on all at once (I know, not a great plan), and i really feel i should finish those before starting something new. I wish i could be a more prolific writer, but work and real life really wears me out.

But if i ever manage to finish what I’ve already started, i would really love to write this story. It’s a lovely idea. (I’m not calling dibs though. If one of the other authors in this amazing fandom gets to it first, more power to them. I would love to read someone else’s take on it too.)