the diary of ali


For those that weren’t sure if Cece was in Ezra’s Ravenswood Lair, this is Hanna getting Ali’s diary in the same spot. @hunnnnie

The lair has this section with yellow painted wood paneling, which is identical to the entrance hall, as you can see here. Interesting it’s painted yellow, too.

Pretty sure @tremolux can confirm that Cece was indeed at the lair, calling Ezra, wondering where he was, while the police conducted a manhunt for her after Wilden’s murder.

I also think Ezra has the strongest motive for killing Cece. She knew all about his lair, and she was on his payroll. The name of the LLC he created to pay her and fund his spying at this time was called Shawbee, LLC. That was Ali’s favorite beach in cape may. But we’re gonna get into this in detail when I cover Season 4.

“So Girl Crush kissed me today. To be fair, I kissed her back and it was good. But I definitely don’t have feelings for her in the way she has had them for me since she was 15…How no one has noticed this besides me is mind blowing. I may be more attentive to these sort of things than most people, but GC is so obvious about it that her eyes might as well be permanently glued to me. Funny thing is, if I hadn’t let her kiss me, she may have never admitted, even to herself, what she really is. I better make sure she doesn’t think what…”

How anyone can see this entry from Ali’s diary in 4x15 and still argue that Ali had genuine feelings for Emily during the flashbacks is beyond any logic that I can comprehend. This makes it clear as day that she did not in any way return Emily’s feelings. Her manipulative nature really shines through here.

Ali is obsessed with Aria

I am finding more and more clues that hints Ali was obsessed with Aria and wanted to be her/like her.

1. Aria wonders a lot why Ali picked her as friend, and the show emphasises on why Aria in particular. In 3x16, Aria has an hallucination/dream of Ali telling her : “You know why I picked you right ?”. We know Aria was hallucinating because during their conversation, Ali also says that she knows who A is when obviously she doesn’t (in season 3 we deal with big A/uber A). 

Then in 5x12, Aria admits she has always been wondering why had Ali picked her as a friend :

“I never understood why Alison chose me. What made me so special.” Mona then gives her an explicit explanation saying it’s because she’s the compasionate one. I feel like the show insists a lot on this diaologue. Well I say Ali chose Aria because she was obsessed with her.

2. Ali wrote in her diary : “Despite her freekish pink hairdye, I have always admired Suzy for her great sense of style.” We know Suzy is Aria because the girls say so (and because of the pink hair lol).

Aria reading Ali’s diary out loud.

3. Ali has pink hair when she wears a Lady Gaga in The First Secret. A tribute to Aria ? As long as I know, Lady Gaga isn’t specially associated with pink hair. By the way, why did Ali want Aria at the party so badly ?

4. In 5x12, Spencer is looking at an old photo album and the camera insists on one particular picture :

We can see Ali and Aria wearing almost the same outfit. I don’t know about you, but I feel this outfit is more Aria than Ali. Was she copying her ? It seems Alison really cherished this picture because she wrote on it : With my four besties, Kisses - A.

5. Alison pretends to be Aria when she meets Ezra. This clue is not from me, I came across on tumblr and I think it’s great. Alison pretends to read a lot, and tells Ezra about her diary. She even wants his thoughts on her writing, which sooo not Ali but is sooo Aria.

6. Ali’s alter ego, Vivan, looks a lot like Aria (the picture of Vivan is not mine) :

7. Last but not least : Ali was taking freaky pictures of Aria according to Jason !

So what do you think ? Could it be a possibility ?

Dear Diary,
I love Ash, but I really hope the plan for the day is low key. Last year, she made this scavenger hunt for me. It would’ve been really cute if she hadn’t misplaced some of the clues and we ended up at a nice candle lit dinner instead of a gas station asking for directions to the nearest Chipotle.
—  Ali 

Petrova Stan Club presents: Katherine Pierce Week!

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Fic Rec Friday; Ladybug’s Choice (Or Lack Thereof)

It’s time for ficrec Friday! This one had an update fairly recently and I knew it was gonna be my choice as soon as I got the email haha. Again I’m a little late, but time zones are still a thing and I will use that excuse forever. 

Ladybug’s Choice (Or Lack Thereof) by Ava_Dakedavra, is a Princess Diaries AU, where Marinette is pressured into an arranged marriage with Prince Ali to relieve tensions between their two countries. To make matters worse, this isn’t a non-magic AU, so she also has to juggle being a superhero and the ensuing identity shenanigans as well. (so I hope you’re ready for some angst angst angst)

This fic is a bit of a perfect storm of things I like™. Somehow royalty? Check. Main characters suffering due to issues outside their control but doing their best anyway? Double check. Sweet, sweet, angst? Sign me up. And on that matter, it’s not just suffering for the sake of suffering, it all ties into making choices, and what you need to do vs what you want. You really feel for the characters and what they have to go through, I remember reading the first two chapters and feeling my heart just drop and I was sold. 

Also, I absolutely love the feelings that come across in this- specifically the sweet, sweet heartbreak. (I’m terrible, I know.) But there’s more to it than that, with all the support from family and friends, and I’m not sure what else to say without giving things away, but damnit I really enjoy this fic. 

So yes, if you’re looking for a fic that will hurt oh so good, you can read Ladybug’s Choice (Or Lack Thereof), HERE~ It is a WIP, so keep that in mind, but it’s definitely worth it!

Dear Diary, against Nigeria I want to start Ali Krieger and Hope Solo as the strikers. Ali’s prettiness will hypnotise the Nigerian back four, and then Hope Solo can get on the ball to terrify and intimidate them into moving out of the way and letting us score. I’m calling it the sugar, spice & everything nice attack.

PART1: Charles Suspect? Harold Crane? ALI, MONA, ARIA Connections


he did write that creepy letter (check below) to mona but was it really for mona? did have something going on wtih mona and ali? he did grace our screens a few times first appearance in UNMASKED, also made an appearance in season 3. just saying , totally forgot about this guy. he also had one of alis diaries. here’s some clues on harold:

harold was seen writing in this diary in 3x14, here’s what can be made out of what he wrote: 

“…your so perfect that you would only do something bad if you had to or if someone really desired it. what im trying to get is that you dont have to pretend to be someone your not around me. wherever you are is okay. i want things to be the way they used to be……but i thought….had something between us….you’re…right? who knows, maybe in time it could turn into something more. i saved some of your things and want to give it back to you, but i want us to go somewhere where we can have a real talk about who you and who you want to be and how i can be apart of that. if your in trouble i can help…something bad”

the entry can be seen at the beginning of this video. hard to make out everything. doesn’t this sound like hes referring to ali? like hes a protector of ali?


  • Could harold have been the one who had that lair in the lost woods resort?
  • EDIT: We know harold likes to taxidermy animals, and there was an A ending with A luring that puppy away from that area it was sniffing around in the front of the dilaurentis house. what happened to that puppy? also the new dog that was sent to ali’s house, what happened to it after it found mrs d’s body? could harold have taxidermy those dogs? is tippy next? just saying…
  • in his guest book, he didnt seem to want to give info about vivian darkbloom
  • he likes taxidermy
  • hes creepy
  • apparently he had room 1 booked for a long time, who know why else. we know ali has been there and mona.
  • could this letter be to harold? check this post out by prettylittlebigliars
  • we know harold is like norman bates, which pll paid homage too but could this really be charles?
  • harold likes tea as well
  • the stuffed crows, we know crows are big clues in rosewood and ravenswood
  • just to connect with the taxidermy, aria also mentioned her aunt taxidermy her cat and talked to it, but didnt seem to think anything of it. just like harold?
  • EDIT: just going to put this out there, could he have a disease that makes him age faster than others but could really be around melissa and ians age? or even the lairs age? this is a real disease forgot the name of it. just saying guys…that would make me a little sad. who knows

See the birds connections with the movie as well:


PART 2 of this post can be seen HERE bigger clues

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She opens her legs
for me like diaries.
I spill my heart inside
of her like journals.
—  Sulē Cerdan, “The Girl of my Dreams”
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Dear Diary,
Can we go one day without stirring up trouble? Apparently not. I’m going to use this diary to update you on the happenings in my life! Currently, I’m preparing for the Olympic Qualifiers. I’m obviously excited, but I still can’t wrap my head around HAO being left off the roster. I hope she’s alright. I’ve been coping with extra trips to the mall and boxes of my favorite German chocolate. Sorry about it Jill, but that’s what you get for destroying the right side, strong side.
See you in Texas!
—  Kriegs
Shady Ezra

If Aria never told Ezra about Charles, why would Ezra have been so weirded out by Andrew being adopted?

Also… this is friggin Ezra! Are we really to believe that he hadn’t already researched Andrew from top to bottom? Andrew, Aria’s new love interest? Certainly when Andrew was named the prime suspect for Aria’s disappearance.

I call BS!

In addition, it appears Aria was with Ezra when Hanna texted to come meet up. That phone call that Dr. Sullivan got right as the girls arrived was a long one. It reminded me of the call that Ashley got the night the girls were trying to find Ali at the Busy Bee in. The call that kept Ashley occupied while Ezra searched for Ali’s diary.

The phone call that Dr. Sullivan got was just long enougj for the girls to get the A message and leave.

Ezra. Ezra. Ezra!