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  2. 19 Years and 5 Minutes Later by TheMightyFlynn [202k]
  3. Animus Nexus by MystyVander [96k]
  4. Any Instrument by @dictacontrion [131k]
  5. Appearances by twistedmiracle [103k]
  6. Bad Medicine by playout [25k]
  7. A Convenient Impracticality by @firethesound [38k]
  8. Curiosity by @gracerene09 [2k]
  9. Dear Diary by @teddylacroix [20k]
  10. The Destiny You Sold by @tryslora [58k] 
  11. Don’t mind if I keep your tie (And your heart, babe) by Ingi [21k] 
  12. Draco at Nineteen by birdsofshore [5k]
  13. Endowment by @dictacontrion [10k]
  14. For Revenge by @gracerene09 [2k]
  15. The Four Ds of Apparition (or: Destination, Determination, Deliberation, and Dicks) by @eidheann & @firethesound [36k]
  16. The Green Vial by @eidheann [31k]
  17. Harmonised Consciousness by @tali-zora [24k]
  18. Harry Potter and the Alpha-Omega Bond by Becstar7 [20k]
  19. Helix by @natasha-stawarski-does-stuff [92k] 
  20. hello goodbye (‘twas nice to know you) by @tamerofdarkstars [4k]
  21. Hung Like a Horntail by @lqtraintracks [2k]
  22. I Bet That You Look Good on the Dancefloor by birdsofshore [27k]
  23. An Image of Lethe by Lomonaaeren [168k]
  24. In His Nature by create_serenity [20k]
  25. It Takes a Village by @natasha-stawarski-does-stuff [24k]
  26. It’s the Love of the Chase (That Created the Ride) by lumosed_quill [13k]
  27. Kiss Me (Under the Light of a Thousand Stars) by Iwao & @sophiefrench77 [114k]
  28. Lessons in Humility by playout [86k]
  29. Like Diamonds We Are Cut With Our Own Dust by raitala [10k]
  30. Love In Slow Motion [11k]
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  50. Unexpected Consequences by @heaven-is-my-hell [39k]

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Why ‘NU’EST MTV Diary’ re-airing after 5 years is actually bittersweet: As it was originally cancelled because no one watched it

When I first heard the news of Nu’est’s diary airing after 5 years, it brought back some bad memories for me. I didn’t have any SNS so back then I didn’t watch it, but even watching it the first time about 4 years ago….the shows ending was very sad.

It was during Hello era, to put it in context because this was Nu’ests third comeback (despite already being 1 year old) A LOT of their young and frankly immature fans left because they hated the image change from Charisma to mature almost-ballad.The public loved it but the young fans weren’t keen. Also the fact that other boy groups had many comebacks while NU’EST were put in the basement with no activity for months, so despite being literally one of the biggest debuts in K-pop EVER, they fell off the map. Of course after that Pledis shipped them to China and Japan making things even worse, but let’s just talk about MTV diary right now.

The worst bit is that the boys were told roughly the show is canceled because no one watched it.

I was mad the staff told them roughly as if it was their fault! Other rookies in 2012 like EXO and B.A.P had surpassed them despite NU’EST selling more than both those groups combined the previous year, because of Pledis’ lack of funds and bad management.

Minhyun and the others joke around and pretend cry, but especially in JR’s eyes, you can really see the pain of no one watching their show.

You need to understand that this was almost 5 years ago, Nu’est have been struggling for so many years. Honestly, what can I say? It was one of the biggest downfalls ever, and none of it was their fault.

 But JR as always probably blamed himself for the show not doing well- although now he is happy, Jonghyun still has these memories of failure as a scar on his heart. 

In the press con. for his 1st variety ‘Night Goblin’ despite being the Maknae he said he’d take responsibility if the show didn’t do well. Making me have serious flashbacks to MTV diary being canceled. I hope he can give himself a break now, not everything is this fault he needs to see this.

It gets even sadder. They still have so much hope, they scream from the top of a hill their wishes to make it in 2013. Knowing how things got even worse for them after 2013 makes this really fucking hard to watch.

I just needed everyone to know that people watching and talking about MTV Diary, the show that was a failure 5 years ago, is a really big deal. I can’t think of another group who had their rise so late into their career.

Honestly, this show being viewed a lot now feels like some sort of symbol for NU’EST’s potential rise.

Dear NU’EST, I’m sorry you’ve been through more pain than most could bear, I’m sorry you didn’t hit the jackpot in 2013, 2014, 2015 or 2016.

But I am praying with all my heart you can finally hit the jackpot in 2017!

01/05/17 - 07/05/17

while posting these photos of my journal, i’m starting to realise that something crazy happens to me like every week. i think i attract bad situations. anyway i went bowling with some friends and on the way home, we were jumped by a gang of 15 or so 12 year olds. sounds funny but they were pretty violent and hit my friend in the face with a massive stick, she had to file a police report after

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do you have any good angst fics?? or slow burn ones? or soft ones for klance :00

my friend, i have … so many gucci fics. i dont usually read angsty ones bc im very Sensitive™ so i’ll give u a few i jus recently bookmarked :3c

straightforward by crimsonherring

real breakfast burritos are better by kaihanbitches
DOMESTIC !!!!!!! FLUFF !!!!!!!!! IM SO ALIVE

wheel of the year by crystallineflowers

how to keep a diary, or, lance’s terrible, horrible, no good, very bad semester by glitterfreezing
the whole fic is just lance’s diary but !!!! its so cute

i’m betting everything by aknightly

those are all the new ones i have rn !! <3

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hey do you have any funny/weird facts about John Adams?

  • John Adams once faulted Abigail Adams because she sat cross legged and Abigail replied with, “a gentleman had no business to concern himself about the leg of a lady.”
  • Adams was the defense lawyer for the British soldiers who shot civilians at the Boston Massacre. 
  • In his private diary after first meeting John Dickinson, Adams noted that Dickinson was “a shadow…pale as ashes” and doubted that he would live a month. 
  • Adams and Benjamin Franklin once had to share a bed. Adams wanted the window closed, Franklin wanted it open and spent the night explaining why they would all suffocate but Adams fell asleep halfway through [x].
  • Franklin, Adams and Edward Rutledge were sent by congress to view the list of those who would be executed if the revolution failed and the list on those who would be given pardons which was held by British General Howe. Adams name was not on the list of pardons, meaning if the revolution failed, he would hang [x].
  • While on route to France via ship, Adams and his son John Quincy had to take up buckets and work with the crew to throw the water overboard [x].
  • While Adams was in France, Abigail still in Massachusetts struck up a correspondence with James Lovell was a married man who was into Abigail. Abigail kept letters with him so she could find out what was going on with her husband. But when the letters were starting to turn more “sentimental” Abigail saved all his letters and sent them to her husband. [x]
  • Adams and his two sons had to ride donkeys on their way from the port in Spain to France [x]. 
  • Thomas Jefferson became so close with John Quincy Adams what he stayed regularly at his home, struck up a friendship with his aides and John Adams said to Jefferson, “He appeared to me as much your boy as mine.” Nabby Adams and Abigail Adams went on shopping trips with Jefferson as well [x]. 
  • At Shakespeare’s home, Adams and Jefferson chipped off pieces from a chair were Shakespeare had sat. Years afterwards, Adams claimed that Jefferson on arriving, got down on his hands and knees and kissed the ground [x]. 
  • In the privacy of his personal journal he referred to Alexander Hamilton as “a damnable villain”.
  • While he was vice-president the senate and beyond referred to him as “His Rotundity, Duke of Braintree”
  • He was the first president to live in the white house, and he only lived there for four months [x]. 
  • He once accidentally sent pages of his diary to congress and they all read it aloud and laughed at him [x]. 
  • He was a bad dancer [x]. 
  • In 1797, a fire engulfed the shop and home of the publisher Andrew Brown, who had been an ardent critic of Adams as Vice President. Adams, who was already the President-elect of the United States, was seen carrying buckets of water to try help put out the flames [x]. 
  • When two brothers who were neighbors of Thomas Jefferson visited John Adams when he was in retirement he exclaimed at length, “I always loved Jefferson and I still love him.” This was carried back to Monticello and helped re-instate the Adams-Jefferson correspondence. 
  • During Lafayette’s grand tour of America the last time, he visited Adams and afterwards remarked “That was not the John Adams I knew.” Later, Adams said “That was not the Lafayette I knew.” [x].
  • In 1825 at the age of eighty-nine, Adams met with a woman he had nearly proposed more than a half-century earlier. Upon seeing her, his face lit up “What! Madam, shall we not go walk in Cupid’s Grove together?” to which she replied “Ah, sir, it would not be the first time we have walked there!”
  • Along with a portrait of John Adams in his closing years, Gilbert Stuart also made a face mask on him. But the face mask got stuck on his skin and he “thought he would beat my brains out with his hammer!” which is why in the bust of Adams on Thomas Jefferson’s desk at Monticello he looks rather tempered. 
  • John Adams last words were “Thomas Jefferson survives”. Jefferson actually died five hours earlier and the two died on the same day within hours of each other.
Mystic Messenger Analysis: Mint Eye and the RFA.



Currently, I am working on a timeline for Mystic Messenger as I try to organize chronologically what happens in the game. However, as I was doing this, I noticed something very important concerning the dates when Mint Eye and the RFA were founded. 

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Diary of A Fat Girl

by reddit user kateshakes

Trigger warning: Eating Disorder

Dear Diary,

That’s how you’re meant to start these things right? I have never kept a journal before, nor do I want to, but the hospital said I have to as part of my ‘treatment plan’. Funny.

Let me back track a little.

I have always been overweight, from being a child. I went to a strict Christian school, and luckily because of this I was never bullied because of my size- but you always notice the other kids staring.

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I'm not trying to be rude but I don't understand why people love David so much. He is not at all perfect. I don't know much about him but I just don't see it. Why do you like him? I'm really just curious.

Hello, Anon

Let me tell you about David Duchovny. The man who attended Princeton and Yale and his (never-written) thesis was called “The Schizophrenic Critique of Pure Reason in Beckett’s Early Novels.” Who envisioned his life as staying in academia to make a living and then taking summers off writing novels. The man who only tried out acting in his late twenties because of liking the idea of collaboration… “I thought if I’m gonna write plays I should learn something about speaking the lines that I might try to write.”

So, he became an actor. He appeared in some commercials, Red Shoes Diaries, Twin Peaks, and the movie Kaliforgia before he’s been cast as FBI Agent Fox Mulder in 1994. He was sure that his show will tank ‘cause sooner or later you have to show the people some aliens otherwise they will be pissed’. Well, the show did not tank, it became a phenomenon. Which meant that the actors went from total obscurity to worldwide stardom…This caused lot of tension, things were said and done, and so the dark ages happened in the 90s. ‘He went nuts and crazy and had a very bad year as a result of him being in a “particularly bad mood’ But years passed by and here we are.

By 2017, he had some projects that failed, some that were successful. But he just keeps moving forward trying new things. He wrote and directed his own movie, several TV show episodes, won a Golden Globe for Californication, did a play in New York. He is on the advisory board of Target Zero and frequently speaks up on political issues. He published two books, one of them is a New York Time bestseller. He learnt to play the guitar, toured the US (twice) and Europe with his debut album, Hell or Highwater. His second album is about to be released and next tour stop is Australia. He is proud of his legacy; The X-files, Mulder & Scully, and he is the biggest shipper out there. He started to attend Comic Cons and does ‘Meet and Greet’ on his concerts, book signings. When his schedule is free, he loves driving his kids wherever they need to be and watching Dancing with the Stars or MSR shipper videos on Youtube. He skips leg days in the gym but definitely spends enough time working on those arms He does great pranks on set and occasionally lets his fans to steal his cab. He has a dog named Brick who owns a Donald Trump chew-toy. … 

Now, if I could go back to the 90s and tell David Duchovny the story of how he became this humble, kind, funny, ZEN master, writer, singer, actor, activist and daaaaamn fine looking, beautiful man, who is about to shoot the 11th season of the same damn show he tried to leave so eagerly, he would definitely not believe me. 

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An AU where HArry can hear the Horcruxes like he did in movies 6-8, but not just with the last Horcruxes. Like he hears the diary when he was 12 and the locket when he was in sirius' house.

- So Harry finds the diary when he’s 12, and he can kinda hear it whispering things. He then finds out it can write back so he like ‘hey diary, why can I hear you too?’ which makes diary!Tom suspicious because nobody was supposed to be able to hear him

- As a result diary!Tom changes his plans and instead of trying to lure Harry to the Chamber he makes a bigger effort to befriend him instead, trying to question him to find out just why Harry can hear the Horcrux 

- Because Tom’s nicer and charming to Harry he’s a lot safer with the diary, Ginny never realises Harry has it so she never steals it back, and Tom calls it quit on the Basilisk attack because he has a bigger interest in Harry now. He’s already spent fifty years in the diary so he can wait just a little bit longer

- Seeing as the attacks stopped Harry has no reason to suspect Tom of anything bad, and he basically sees Tom as a friend but somehow he knows he needs to keep it secret. He feels drawn to the diary, which Tom sees as a sign that his theories about Harry being a Hocrux are true

- When Voldemort returns Tom asks Harry for every detail and concludes that Voldemort can’t know the truth about Harry which gives Tom the upper hand–he can keep Harry on his side and use him to bring down Voldemort which would then leave room for Tom to take over

- A bit later in Grimmauld Place, they’re cleaning out the rooms and when the discover a mysterious, unopening locket Harry hears it whispering, just like the diary. Harry asks if he can have the locket, saying it looks cool, and nobody thinks anything of it because the locket isn’t cursed and they can’t hear the whispering. When Harry wears the locket at night locket!Tom comes into his dreams and they talk and Harry mentions the diary…locket!Tom advises Harry not to mention the locket to diary!Tom just yet but says they’re linked together. Locket!Tom soon realises Harry is a Horcrux, too

- Locket!Tom figures out how to use Harry to communicate with Diary!Tom, and together they plan a way to free themselves without killing Harry, and to take down Voldemort together (and individually they’ll figure out whether to kill the other or carry on working together later). But in the meantime they basically convince Harry that the Dark Arts aren’t all that bad and he’ll probably need to know them to defeat Voldemort, trying to mould him into a Dark wizard

- By the time sixth year comes, Harry has spent 3 ½ years under Tom’s influence, a year or so being influenced by two Toms, which is why when Dumbledore finally reveals that Voldemort was once Tom Riddle (he had no reason to tell Harry before because the diary never came up) Harry doesn’t try and get rid of the diary or the locket and talks to them instead. Locket!Tom takes the opportunity to possess Harry because he can now and could have done for a long time, release diary!Tom, and then they effectively kidnap him and take Harry to a safehouse

- They promise they aren’t going to hurt Harry and tell him not to freak out, and say they couldn’t have told Harry the truth in case he panicked but they’re totally on his side and they want to kill Voldemort because who needs an insane version of themselves running around? Harry believes them because he’s been charmed by Tom for so long

- Harry and diary!Tom strike up a relationship of sorts because they’re the same age, and both Toms train Harry in Dark Arts and train him up further. As time passes they hunt down the other Horcruxes using Harry’s ability to hear them to their advantage and destroy them (because as long as Harry lives so will they, and they already have two Toms so they really don’t need any more)

- Once Harry and diary!Tom are 18, diary!Tom proposed that Harry brings locket!Tom into their relationship because he doesn’t mind ‘sharing’ Harry. Locket!Tom and diary!Tom finally decide the two of them can live side-by-side, and now the other Horcruxes are gone they just need to dispose of Voldemort in a way that convinces his followers he’s completely dead so they won’t try and resurrect him. 

- Harry eventually finds a curse like a Dementors Kiss that will trap Voldemort’s soul, and after a long battle they use it on him. Locket!Tom soon takes Voldemort’s place in leading the Death Eaters, and at this point now Harry has been so twisted by both Toms that he doesn’t even feel betrayed and basically lets them do what they want…no killing or torturing Muggles or Muggle-borns, Harry says, but their actual enemies are fair game

- After Dumbledore and the other enemies are dead Harry and both Toms end up ruling the Wizarding World together, and Harry basically has an extreme case of Stockholm Syndrome but he doesn’t realsie and he’s happy 

I could write a whole fic of this tbh. I don’t know if you wanted Dark!Harry but it kinda fell that way xD


“Bad day?” You asked, you had noticed him from a far distance. I mean who couldn’t, his raven black hair and broad back.

After all you did come to mystic falls to see the Salvatore Brothers, you just happened to run into Damon first. “Bad century” he said as he turned around. Once he saw you his eye’s widened and a smile came to his face.

“ Y/N? What are you doing here!” He exclaimed, he rushed to you using his vampire speed and hugged you. “Can’t I see my favorite people after 7 years?” You questioned, he pulled away and smirked at you.

“Stefan is going to be very surprised to see you” Damon said, his smirk became bigger though as his eye’s got darker. “But I think he can wait for awhile” he spoke in a low voice. He looked over your body and licked his lips. Next thing you knew you found yourself being pushed up against a tree with Damon’s mouth on yours.

This was going to be an interesting visit.

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Is there any proof that the meat, dairy and egg industries fund our medical and health studies and pay to push these false agendas and information? My mum doesn't believe me when I say this and it's the most frustrating thing in the Fucking world. Is it even true? I'm stumped at what to say when she says "these people do 6 year courses, they know what they're talking about".

The meat industry tried to sue Oprah for $10 million just because she said “I will never eat another burger again” on live TV.

They go after anyone that defames them, anyone that says a bad word, hence why so many people like the creator of “conspiracy” was scared for his life after making that documentary.

If you read a study that favours meat or diary you just have to look at who funded it, at the bottom it has to say.

Doctors take a 6 year course, but no more then 19 hours of that course is dedicated to nutrition. Their degree is to learn mainly about medications, how to diagnosis and what medications to prescribe. They are not taught about diet and how to heal with food. They are more then not taught they are not ALLOWED to only prescribe dietary changes, medication must be involved. I have many friends studying medicine and this is how they explain it to me.

Thankfully there are a lot of doctors out their that are researching themselves about diet and making a real difference. It’s not the doctors fault it’s the systems and what they are taught.

The Vile // Damon Salvatore // requested

Request : Hi! Absolutely love your Imagines! Could you maybe write a Damon imagine where the reader dies in his arms and when he’s about to bury or burn her she wakes up as a vampire because she drank his blood before she died which he gave her in a little bottle a few years ago and he didn’t knew? 

Requests are closed. xx

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Originally posted by elefantes-de-muchos-colores

Italics are flashbacks

Two years ago..

Y/N stood in Damon’s room, washing the blood off her arms. Some could’ve been hers but she didn’t know. Once they got home he fed her some blood to heal her. It’s odd how she began to not even be fazed by these sort of things. Covered in blood? That’s just a normal Tuesday. Damon sat downstairs, thinking about how she could’ve died tonight but he found her just in time. He didn’t think she understood how dangerous this life is. Especially since she’s human. Every time he dares to bring it up Y/N stops him. Telling him that if she’s dies at least she’ll know what it was like to be with him. She just doesn’t understand that she is the main reason for his humanity.

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Okay I’m really annoyed with y'all for judging people’s tattoos??? Specifically Mitch and Auston’s.

They’re good quality. They’ve probably done the research considering they’ve traveled to get these tattoos. They obviously have the time and resources to get the tattoos so they aren’t rushed or bad quality.

It’s not your body, you get no say in what goes on it. So shut up.

Of all the books that line the shelves of a Jewish library, it is the Siddur, not the Talmud and not even the Bible, that Jews know best. The prayer book is our Jewish diary of the centuries, a collection of prayers composed by generations of those who came before us, as they endeavored to express the meaning of their lives. To know the prayer book is to know our history from within. It is to be in touch with the soul of the Jewish people, as it has evolved in good times and in bad, through persecutions and Golden Ages. The Siddur is our encounter with 3,000 years of fate, condensed in a form available to the average Jew, who, today no less than yesterday, may have insufficient time and knowledge to dip deeply into Talmud, Midrash, philosophy and Kabbalah, but who can capture the essence of the Jewish spirit just by reading through the pages of our liturgy.
—  R. Lawrence A. Hoffman, My People’s Prayer Book, Vol. 1: The Sh’ma and its Blessings
It’s terrifying how your life changes without your consent.
You meet someone one day and before you realise it's happening you’re falling in love with them and it’s too late to stop. It’s like that reoccurring dream where you’re driving towards a red light and suddenly the brakes don’t work. It’s terror in slow motion. You’re drifting …. Drifting towards the intersection with your foot to the floor so hard you’re practically standing and there’s nothing you can do to stop it. It’s out of your control, you know you’re going to crash so hard it’s going to kill you….
But just before that inevitable moment you wake up and you feel relieved. It’s okay, it was just a bad dream. You’re in love and everything’s okay… So you walk around in your half dream state blissfully unaware you’re still asleep until the point that you wake up for real one day to the realisation that they’re gone.
And there you are, sobbing like a 2 year old because you didn’t ask for this. This isn’t fair, this isn’t right. You saw the red light ahead… and you tried so hard to put the brakes on
—  Ranata Suzuki - Crash hard

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Aside from NH, what else didn't you like about naruto ending

Oh boy.

A lot of my followers (this is not me tooting my own horn, I have a bit over 1k followers that I am very thankful for, but I am no where near tumblr famous) have a misconception that I hate the ending because of naruhina but it’s really the other way around. To get this out the way: had naruhina been written better (or actually, written at all LMAO) I would have not shipped it much but I wouldn’t have hated it. See, the shy girl - loud boy dynamic is dry and boring to me…It’s not interesting, it’s not realistic if written too perfectly, it’s not even something I can even relate to (if you think I am outspoken and social here you should see me irl ifejjfa) despite me hating self insert ships and it’s not something I can find myself interested in..But I still would not have hated it. The ending tramples naruhina; the last DESTROYED that ship by making naruto ‘fall in love’ after a genjutsu after not giving a shit and by making fillermaru and fillerkura have to give naruto a pep talk to chase hintos, but even so I would have not been ‘anti ending’ just because this ship is under developed and done in a gross way. I only became anti ending when the authors canonization of ships (My own SS ship included) overshadowed things such as:

- The main character whom I loved’s happiness. He looks miserable ‘living his dream’ that he even missed the inauguration for.

- Character importance. Neji was one of my favourites and he died for a ship.

- Naruto’s nindo. ‘never go back on my word’ did you not do that by never showing me what happened to the Hyuga on panel? I’m sure the Hyuga conflict is resolved but the issue had an ENTIRE arc, I am sure you could have included a single panel showing the Hyuga together post ending no branches and heads involved? Didn’t you promise to bring Sasuke home lmao? Why is his ass not home? Didn’t you promise to find an answer to the hate in the ninja world? Did you not promise to find your own individual path as a ninja? Why did you end up a nationalist like all the other leaders? 

- why is naruto such an absent father? can his not make thousands of clones to do his work for him? In Sasuke’s shinden it’s revealed that there is open communication of village affairs between the 5 villages meaning Naruto can employee fuckers to delegate his tasks for him.

- why the fuck is ten ten owning a dead weapon shop that has no business? why would you think she deserves that Kishimoto?

- Why would you find fit to give sasuke and sakura the happy ending they deserve only to have him gone for so long? I don’t hate SS because of Gaiden nor do I hate the message behind it but I just wish he picked a better plot premise for this message..Sasuke looked so depressed away from him family and I am sure Sakura missed him like hell…and don’t even get me started on Sarada, the kids always have it the worst in these situations. This is not me disrespecting Sasuke’s sacrifice for the world and his family; this is just me annoyed that Kishimoto decided to put him in this position for a shitty ‘save the world plot’ that gets resolved by a 12 year old in the boruto movie

- what the fuck is chapter 700, everyone’s appearances aside from Naruto’s annoyed me

- why does borutos hair look like this

- what? - me, seeing the kids’ designs (saradas grew on me a lot as she looks like a female sasuke with hints of her mama here and there and hima is cute)

- why did you not settle plot holes and inconsistencies 

- why was sasukes character arc so rushed towards the end

- why was the ending so rushed for sasuke vs naruto 

- why is Sasuke’s shinden just a sad diary full of Konoha induced self hate and where is Naruto through all of this???? He obsesses over Sasuke for years only for this shit to be pulled??? Sasuke suffering on his own for years while Sakura suffers from over work and missing him and Naruto is suddenly MIA like ANY of this is in ic for these 3

- why did SP end the anime like a shitty soap opera

- why in the fucking hell are team 7 and sns separated when this was one of the biggest plot points of part 2

- why were the side characters sidelined so bad and what happened to their endings

- hi we are called kunoichi and we demand some spotlight

- hi i am called sakuras genjutsu potential, please tap me



- why are taka stuck with him

- what the fuck happened with taka

- why is itachi, who painted himself in a negative light being glorified for his destructive obedience that caused the genocide of an entire clan 

and most fucking importantly

The fact that Naruto Uzumaki ended up being a nationalist piece of shit who went against his fore principals and hid the uchiha clan massacre; going against basic government transparency and failing to give the people of the village he is ruling (and his best ‘friend’) the justice they deserve  

There are so many things to be against even excluding naruhina being a shitty thing continuously shoved down our throats; I genuinely can’t believe there are some people with 0 issues with the ending..Like were you just here for the ships? I don’t get it. Because honestly:

Advice for your year abroad:

  1. be with natives.
    You won’t learn the language neither the culture if you are only with people out of your home country
  2. don’t stay home when you are sad, go out, even if you are alone
  3. try to make many friends at the beginning. don’t stick with only one person (you don’t want to be dependent from him/her)
  4. homesick? don’t sit constantly on skype. It might make it better for a short while, but actually you are missing a lot of opportunities to make friends, to make experience and eventually you are still not happy.
    And this is definitely not that what you want.
  5. make a todo list of things you want to do
  6. no one knows you in this new country, and city. you can be every person you want to be.
  7. hang out with people you might not wanted to hangout with at home. you may not like that person that much, but they probably have some other friends. and maybe you are liking them?
  8. you can do everything you want. everything. you are staying only for a year. ponte loca!
  9. make a todo list before you arrive. so you know what you can do when you are bored.
  10. it is def okay to stay at home and don’t experience anything for a weekend ;)
  11. try new things. don’t commit only to your habits from home (food etc.)
  12. go alone to language meetings in your city. there are plenty.
    go even alone. you will get to know so many people
  13. don’t wait for other people to talk to you
  14. write diary!!! there are so many things you don’t want to forget
  15. fotos. make fotos.
  16. don’t worry. after one bad week, there is always a good week afterwards. always. promise.
studyblr introduction!

hello! i’m gillian (etudiesbee). starting in september of 2017, i’ll be a high school senior. this is my first time in the studyblr community; i made this blog as a reminder that senior year is not a time to slack, and motivation to keep looking at colleges.


—my birthday is april 22.

—i’m 17 yrs old. 

—i’m a vegan!

—i live in upstate new york, but i was raised in a city, and i want to attend college in a city. new york city specifically. 



—my favorite tv shows are gilmore girls, the vampire diaries, and supernatural. i’m currently watching criminal minds and the office. 

—harry styles, keaton henson, christian akridge, and bon iver are my go-to music artists.

—i have strong feminism, equality for all, and social justice beliefs. 


—i have completed all required credits to graduate except for (¼ left) history and (1/1 left) language. 

—i don’t know exactly what classes i will be taking next year, but i will make sure to update when i do. 

—i want to attend pace university so bad. 


—i will most likely post updates on important grades/tests, college searches, etc… 

—since i’ve never been part of the studyblr community, and i’ve joined so close to fall, my notes will be nothing like the set aesthetic, but i will try my best to make them pretty. 

—my blog is still being built, so bear with me!


here are my favorite blogs so far: @getshitdonetbh@eggystudy & @lemonsstudy & @academicsapphic & @sleepystvdying & @emmastudies & @studywithinspo & @studyquill & @littlestudyblrblog 

[also, quick end note just in case you’re the type of person who likes to look at other social medias: my instagram and twitter at @-gillmmk , my snapchat is @-gilliansmae]