the diamond of the day: part two

this is graphite, a failed attempt at creating a diamond to fill the void left by pink diamond’s death. she was going to be “repurposed” (read: broken down for parts) but one of her creators took pity on her and spirited her away to an uninhabited planet already gutted for resources

she’s big, but not diamond!big, more like… two jaspers big. she’s kindhearted and lonely, and very forgetful and easily distracted thanks to her damaged gem. she’s slowly wearing away thanks to the soft nature of her gem, and often even leaves smudges of gray on things she touches. one day her gem is going to be too damaged to hold her physical form.

it’s very likely that, should she poof, the force of hitting the ground would be enough to shatter her


Steven Universe Valentine’s Day Cards Part 2!

Unlike last year’s cards, I decided to make cards for the newer gems we’ve met over the year rather than fusions since we had only met two new fusions and I really wanted to make more!

As always, these are free to use for you to send to the one’s you love! 💕

In diamond of the day part 1 Morgana plants a creature under Merlin’s bed that will proceed to suck out Merlin’s magic, while Merlin himself is in the tavern, busy winning money from Arthur and drinking. In canon, Merlin then goes home somewhat tipsy and the creature attacks him.
Let’s take a moment to realise that this would have never happened if Merlin just went to Arthur’s bed instead of his own. It would have literally saved Arthur’s life if he bedded Merlin that day.

Arranged Marriage - Gdragon

this is for the anon, im sorry it got way to long, but dont worry im going to make a part two


You stared at the beautiful diamond ring that was placed on your finger.

Today was supposed to be a happy day, you with a radiant smile on your face, your skin shinning, your bride’s maid giggling and your mother telling you how beautiful you looked, but no.

You weren’t happy, you weren’t smiling, you were on the verge of tears, your skin wasn’t shinning it was pale and dull, you didn’t even have bride’s maids and your mother wasn’t happy either, but there you were, seating in front of a mirror getting your make up done while another woman pulled at your hair, you were sure that if she kept doing that you would lose your hair.

Your mother noticed this and walked up to the woman who wasn’t planning on stopping any time soon “couldn’t she just go with a braid?” your mother asked with a small voice, she was scared, “Mr.Kwon requested the braid’s hair to be an up do” the woman said without pulling at your hair, you rolled your eyes you couldn’t even chose how your hair was going to be done and you were sure that they chose your wedding dress.

And just on time Mrs Kwon barged into the room holding a long white dress, she had a huge smile on her face, you wondered if she was aware of the circumstances you all were in, and if she did she was good at acting like she was happy.

“oh, you are looking beautiful darling” she beamed as she hung the dress on the bed post, through the mirror you could see your mother glaring at her, you looked back to your reflection and you saw all your hair tied in a tight bun, you face was masked with light make up, you were looking beautiful but you were feeling horrible.

You didn’t want this you didn’t want to get married, not now and not with him, you were young, you wanted to study explore the world meet new people fall in love and get your first heart break.

But you couldn’t

Thanks to your father’s incompetence you were forced to marry someone who you didn’t even love, who you didn’t even know.

You just knew his name and how he looked, at least he is hot, your sister would say whenever you complained about the upcoming wedding, you would roll your eyes and say you didn’t care about how he looked.

There were a lot of jokes about your marriage to this mysterious man, but as soon as the date came closer the jokes would disappear and now that the date was here the jokes were long forgotten.

After long hours of preparation, you were done and the wedding was about to start.

The garden where you were getting married in had more flowers than people, the only people that were there was his and your family, you didn’t have any friends there because none of your friend knew about your weeding, they weren’t supposed to know it was too dangerous for anyone.

As you walked up the aisle with your father by your side, you looked up to see your future husband, he wasn’t smiling, he didn’t have the happy tears in his eyes, the ones you expected your husband to have as he watched you walk up to him looking more beautiful than an angel, but that was not the case and it will never be the case.

As soon as the wedding ended you were separated from your family and a black car took you away, to the house that would be your home from now.

Jiyong, your husband didn’t say a word to you, he just told you that you looked beautiful but that was about it, you didn’t even kiss when the priest told him to, he just kissed your cheek and that was it.

Jiyong guided you through the big mansion and you looked around, it felt too cold to frivolous to be considered a home, when you imagined your married life you picture a small house with a fire place and decoration that made everyone feel at home, but this castle you were forced to live in was big and empty, it didn’t have any pictures, just small decorations and big art pieces that meant nothing to you, you saw a cat lying on the couch and you cringed, you were allergic to cats.

The bedroom was worse, it had no color whatsoever, it was white, the walls were white the big queen size bed was white the wardrobe was white and the desk was white, ji yong sighed behind you and you turned to look at him “this is your bedroom, the guys will bring your stuff tomorrow, there are some clothes on the wardrobe for you to sleep in, if you need anything I’ll be in the room across the hallway” you nodded at his words, relieved that you didn’t have to share a bed with the stranger that was now your husband.

Jiyong hesitated for a moment, waiting for you to say something, he shook his head and walked away to his room giving you some much needed privacy and when you heard the door close you broke down in tears.

This is not what you wanted this is not what you have dreamt of, this was a nightmare, after sitting there and pitying yourself letting out all the tears that you had inside you, you stood up and made your way to the bathroom that was on the other side of your room.

You got into the shower and cleaned yourself, your hair finally falling from your head, you rubbed your face cleaning your face and getting rid of the make up, you took your time under the hot water and when you were done you got out and grabbed some clothes from the wardrobe deciding in a sweatshirt and some sweatpants, you dried your hair and got on the bed.

As soon as you were in the warm embrace of the white bed sheets you cried again until you fell asleep.

CS FF- A Chance at Love: Part 1/2

Summary: Princess Emma is being forced to marry Prince Neal.  Unable to go through with it, she runs out of her wedding and escapes in a rowboat.  Her father hires the pirate, Captain Killian Jones, to bring her back.  But the feisty princess and snarky pirate don’t exactly hit it off right away.

Rating: G

Note: Thanks for the responses to Every Little Thing.  This was originally supposed to be a one-shot, but it got too long so I broke it up into two parts.  Part two will be posted in a couple of days.   I hope you enjoy it!  ~Steph

…A Chance at Love: Part ½…

Princess Emma stared at her reflection in the mirror.  Her wedding dress was beautiful.  It had a full skirt with beading all over it and the bodice.  A sweetheart neckline left just enough to the imagination.  A diamond encrusted crown sat atop her hair, which was piled into a mass of curls.  She looked every bit the princess she was.  But she found herself frowning at her reflection.  

Her mother appeared by her side.  “You look beautiful, sweetheart.”

“I can’t do this,” she said softly.

Queen Mary Margaret sighed.  “Emma, not this again.  Please, it’s your wedding day.”

She turned to face her mother.  “I don’t want to marry Prince Neal.  We’ve only met once and for only a few minutes.  I don’t love him.”

“You will come to love him.  This is what’s best for our kingdom and our people.  We can join two kingdoms together today.  I know it’s a sacrifice, but as royalty we must put the needs of our people ahead of our own.”

Emma felt tears fill her eyes, as her father, King David, walked into the dressing room and smiled at his daughter.

“You look lovely, honey.”

“Dad, I can’t marry him,” she said.

David glanced at his wife. “This again?”

Mary Margaret shrugged, as David approached Emma and placed his hands on her shoulders.

“I know you wished to marry for love, but that is not possible when you’re royalty.  You’ve been betrothed to Prince Neal since before you were born.  He is a good man.  You will learn to love him.”

“You and mom married for love,” she countered.

“It was different for us,” her father said, smiling at his wife.  “Fate played a part in our union.  As you know, I was out in the village market one day when I saw your mother.  It was love at first sight.”

The queen nodded.  “I didn’t know who your father was and he didn’t realize who I was.  We gave false names to each other.  He pretended to be a simple blacksmith and I pretended to be a peasant.  When you’re royalty, it’s difficult to know when someone is interested in you for you.”

“We began a romance, but we were already betrothed to two people we had never even met.  We planned to run away together, but we each knew we couldn’t hurt our families or our kingdom in that way. We finally revealed our true identities to each other.”

Mary Margaret smiled as she placed her hand in her husband’s.  “And when we did, we realized we were already betrothed to each other and didn’t even know it.”

Emma nodded at the story she’d heard a thousand times.  “But it doesn’t change the fact that you still married for love.”

“Our point is that we were meant to be, so we would have fallen in love no matter what.  The same can happen for you and Prince Neal,” her mother said.

“You two were lucky.  Not everyone is.”

Suddenly, they heard music begin to play.  

“It’s time,” King David said.

Emma took a deep breath as she looked at herself in the mirror one last time.  She then slipped her arm into her father’s and he led the way out.

They walked to the grand ballroom and the doors opened before them.  Emma looked at all of the guests, most royalty.  She felt her stomach begin to do flips as she walked down the aisle toward Neal.  She couldn’t even stand to look at him.  This would only be the second time they had laid eyes on each other, but Emma knew right from the start that he was not the one for her.  

They finally made it to the end of the aisle.  Her father lifted her veil and kissed her cheek.  He then placed her hand in Neal’s and took his seat.  

Emma looked at Neal for the first time since she’d entered the room. She searched his eyes for something, anything, that told her love could grow between them one day.  But she found nothing.  She knew she would never grow to love him.  She knew it deep in her heart and soul.  

“I’m sorry,” she whispered.  “I can’t do this.”

She pulled her hand free of Neal’s.  Emma yanked off her veil and crown and tossed them into the aisle.  Then she ran toward a side exit.

“Emma!” her parents called after her.

Emma kept running right out of the castle, past guards who were too stunned to react.  She lifted the skirt of her gown and ran all the way to the harbor.  Once there, she found a rowboat and jumped in.  She began to row out into the water.

Captain Killian Jones sauntered into the grand ballroom.  The guests were now gone, but it was still decorated with thousands of flowers.

“It’s about time,” the king said.  “I summoned you hours ago.”

Killian ignored him and gestured around the room as he came to stand before King David, the lone occupant of the room.

“Seems there was a rather extravagant event here.  My invitation must have been misplaced.”

The king’s jaw tightened. “You know exactly what was to occur today.  My daughter was to wed Prince Neal.”

“I’m sensing things did not go off without a hitch.

“Emma ran out of her wedding.  She took a rowboat out into the ocean.”

Killian grinned.  “Rather dramatic, isn’t she?”

King David ignored him.  “I need you to bring her back.  Your tardiness has given her quite the head start as it is.    I would send my own men, but they’ve known her all of her life and she is quite persuasive.  I fear she would convince them to let her go.”

“But I wouldn’t?”

The king shook his head. “You’ve never met her and you’re a pirate.  You care about one thing and one thing only: yourself.”

He shrugged.  “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.”

“Bring my daughter back to me and I will reward you handsomely.”

“How handsomely?”

King David held a 3 carat purple diamond out to him.  It was the rarest of jewels and something sought by every pirate. Killian had been chasing it for years.  His eyes lit up and his hand reached out to touch it.

“It’s magnificent,” he whispered in awe.

King David pulled it out of his reach.  “Bring Emma back within 24 hours and it is yours.”

Killian nodded.  “I can do better than that.  Your daughter will be returned to you before daybreak.”

“See that she is,” he said.  

With that, Killian turned on his heel and exited the ballroom.

Emma rowed until every muscle in her arms ached.  She kept looking behind her, certain that her father’s ship would soon follow.  But it didn’t.  She rested for a few moments and then continued to row.  Suddenly, she felt her boat hit something and come to an abrupt stop.  She groaned as she looked down into the water.  She had hit a reef and the boat was damaged.  Water had already begun to slowly seep in.

Suddenly, a ship seemed to appear out of nowhere.  Emma flooded with relief at the sight of the ship.  Even more so because it wasn’t her father’s.

She waved her arms and the ship pulled up beside her.  A man came to stand on the deck and looked down at her.  

“Ah, princess, it looks as if you have run into a bit of trouble.”

Emma’s mouth turned downwards as she realized who he was.  She had never met him, but she recognized his ship and knew that he did her father’s dirty work from time to time.

“Allow me to be of assistance,” he said.

“I don’t need or want your help.”

“Where are my manners?  Allow me to introduce myself.”

“I know who you are.  You’re the pirate who does my father’s dirty work.”

He cocked an eyebrow.  “I see my reputation precedes me.  Captain Killian Jones, at your service.”

“My service?  You’re only here because my father hired you.  You don’t really want to help me.”

Killian shrugged. “I’m afraid I can’t argue with that.  But your boat is rapidly filling with water.  I don’t see that you have much of a choice.  Climb aboard.”

“I always have a choice.  I can repair the boat somehow.”

He laughed.  “What do you plan on doing exactly?  Stuffing your ample gown into the hole?”

Emma didn’t reply.  Killian sighed and lowered himself down into one of the emergency rowboats.  He rowed over to Emma and held out his hand.  

“Come on, princess, let’s get on with it.”

Emma was taken aback by his sparkling blue eyes and impossibly gorgeous face.  

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oceanpercys  asked:

hey ..... do u have any cute hcs for like ,,, anything bc honestly im having a bad day and ur hcs r always on point

okay u know what im feelin right now, reychel

  • they don’t feel like making a big public announcement that they’re dating and decide they want to take it slow and not tell a whole bunch of people, neither one of them has ever been in a relationship before and reyna’s not even out
  • b U T they’re dorks and they forget that like, they’re supposed to be keeping it a secret? they basically behave exactly the way they would if they were out, but reyna is really not fond of pda so people assume they’re besties who are majorly flirting with each other all the time
  • so it just ends up being this thing when everyone is convinced they’re haaardcore crushing on each other and is trying to devise ways to get them together
  • and then the day finally comes when piper bursts out like “oh, reyna, just ask her out!” and reyna just blinks in confusion
  • and then panics because like “she told me she doesn’t like dates!!!! she says it messes with her artistic vibe!!!! oh no, does she think i’m a bad girlfriend? piper i don’t know how to do this!!!!!” and piper’s like DUDE WHAT THE FUCK HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON
  • and reyna stops mid-rant and laughs nervously and piper’s like *face palm*
  • rachel loves painting reyna, like these full and beautiful pieces (and it gradually gets more and more Intimate as they get more comfortable, with more and more skin being revealed)
  • and they both wind up covered in paint because they end up making out and it gets all over rachel too and ruins the picture but it’s beautiful in a messy way and ugh, nerds,
  • they’re definitely the kind of couple to go hiking together
  • okay imagine reyna deciding she wants a tattoo but she doesn’t know what and then unbeknownst to her rachel starts drafting ideas,
  • and then she comes up while she’s drawing one day and rachel explains and reyna is clasping her hand and she’s like “it’s perfect
  • and then rachel flushes and explains that this part of the design is actually for her and reyna is like beaming and like “even better”
  • and that’s actually the story of how they get engaged because like i think we all know that rachel is fully the type of person who actively hates wedding customs and knows that diamond engagement rings are a marketing scam lol
  • imagine the two of them lying together on the window seat in the sun,
  • or reyna reading a book and holding rachel’s hand while she attempts to paint one handed
  • their house is going to be a disaster
  • imagine how many fights they have because reyna threw out something that was actually an art project and rachel painted on something that was actually a very important document, eventually they just end up with a system for “my stuff is on this side and yours is on that side and you forfeit all rights to get angry if you left it on the wrong side and something terrible happened to it”
  • which is sort of ironic because it’s the exact opposite of with their wardrobe, they’re not even really the same size but rachel tends to wear very loose fitting clothing anyway, they only technically have separate clothing and it always ends up in the wrong drawers anyway
  • rachel having to roll reyna’s jeans up several times and belt them and wearing one of rachel’s big sweaters and walking around the house like that,
  • reyna coming back to new york and surprising rachel in her dorm room at clarion, and rachel just bursting into tears and unraveling,
  • god like reyna stroking her hair and being like “we have got to get you out of this school i can see it sucking the life out of you”….ohmigdo and she uses her strength lending thing too, fuck

I’m warning you in advance that this will be quite long. Like incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably long. And also, I hope you enjoy AU - I do, probably way too much, AU fics are my favourites - because there’ll be a lot of those in here.

Anyway, without further ado:


  • The life and times - I’m pretty sure you’ve already read it, but still.
  • Say when - University AU - I need this to be updated right now!!! It’s absolutely amazing. There are just 6 chapters -I think- so far, but oh my goodness, it’s glorious!
  • Fighting fate - Pirate AU - okay, I absolutely love this, okay? pirate!AU’s are my weakness.
  • Every other midnight - Professor AU - if you’re into professor!Potter and student!Lily AU’s then this one is perfect for you. It’s super long -close to 1million words, 82 chapters- but it’s so worth it. The relationship development is wonderful, and it’s incredibly good because not only does it focus on James and Lily’s relationship, but Lily and Sirius’ and Lily and Remus’, even Lily and Hagrid’s, as well. And it’s just beautiful!
  • Petal in the rain - WWII AU- I’m in a love-hate relationship with this one because sometimes I think it’s really good, but then others I feel very disappointed in the characterisations…but well, it’s quite enjoyable. I have to say I still need to catch up with it hehe.
  • Starstruck - Band AU - this one is quite entertaining, you’ll like it (there’s a lot of Lily and Petunia in this one).
  • The curtain call - this is the latest completed, multi-chap I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. Lily’s characterisation wasn’t my favourite but, well, it was adorable, anyways.
  • Summer magic - I read this a long time ago, but I remember I liked it very much, so I thought I should recommend it, as well. Might re-read it with you, too, if you decide to give it a chance.
  • Before the fawn - hmmm I don’t know what to say about this. I like it but I don’t (?). It’s weird. But yeah, read and see.
  • Wind and waves - Pirate!AU - yup, another about pirates for you.
  • If we only die onceLily gets flak for dating James from the blood purists (while still at Hogwarts) and even though she never thought it would bother her, it does, and she gets kinda sucked into the belief that James’ life would be harder with her in it and considers ending things quickly so as to save everyone pain but James finds out and becomes furious - only chapters 1 and 2 so far. You’ll still cry a river, but you’ll love it, so go READ IT NOW!!!


There are quite a few because I’ve basically been reading only drabbles/one-shots lately instead of multi-chaps.


Albert x Reader

Words: 407

Requested: Anon

“i sent the incomplete ask 😂 sorry but yeah. an albert imagine or even hc would be fine. maybe like jeaslous but the sad kind. like he starts to think he’s not good enough. thanks love 💛”

A/N: It’s more Albert content yay!! This is a bit short but i’m for sure gonna write a part two on this since i can’t just leave it here all sad and shit

Warnings: feelings will occur oh no

It was another day in Manhattan, same sky, same weather, same headline. The sun peeked from behind the buildings as you and your boyfriend Albert were walking home from selling. His hand was softly holding yours, as the two of you walked in a comfortable silence back to the lodging house. Days like this with Albert were what you cherished most. Your favorite part of the day though, was getting to walk past the street where all the richer and more classier residents of Manhattan stayed. Jewelry shops with sparkling diamonds were eye candy. The smell of expensive and exotic foods wafted through the air. You and Albert knew you could never afford this stuff, but your hearts and minds dreamed that someday you’d wake up to something like this.

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Merlin Diamond of the Day commentary (5x13)

Episode: 5x13

Commentary curtesy of Julian Murphy (producer of Merlin) and Katie McGrath (who plays Morgana).

My commentary of the commentary:
- ‘no homoerotic undertones’ says producer Julian Murphy, using the rest of the episode to tell us all of the homoerotic undertones.
- I love Katie can I please marry her?
- ‘How did you get that past the bbc?’
- ‘It’s a family show,’ says Julian ‘To you it’s not,’ Katie replies
- Why the heck are they talking about everyone being shirtless
- Katie ships Merthur yes lol!
- Lesbianism?!
- Morgana and Gwen had a mud wrestling scene that got cut…..
- Weird jokes about incest between Morgause and Morgana…
-‘Well she is quite an attractive woman’ Katie about Emilia Fox
- THEY WON’T STOP LAUGHING and neither can I but I’m also crying at the same time
- So everything is gay then? I FREAKING KNEW IT!
- I hate you Julian Murphy, stop sending mixed signals.
- Commenting on Merlin feeding Arthur..
- So many jokes on top of incredibly emotional scenes
- I love you Katie
- Tom broke his ankle being stupid. :(
- ‘I tie men up to keep them where I want them…*giggles’ Katie about Gwaine and Perceval scene
- ‘Tom actually kissed Eoin in the outtakes’
- 'Aww’
- So did 99% of the ships in merlin come from this video commentary or?
- 'all jokes aside they [merlin and arthur] really do love each other’ and now I’m dead
- in Katie’s ending Arthur is dying on the battlefield and Merlin cradles him in his arms and tells Arthur he has magic then Arthur says I know then they kiss….Katie writes fanfic secretly doesn’t she?
- 'it’s always the parts with me in it that you cut out,’ Katie to Julian
- 'Aww poor Perceval’
- 'Those looks they give each other’ (Katie about merlin and Arthur)
- 'Don’t blame me for what you’ve done!’ Lol Katie
- Katie doesn’t die in her version
- 'This is the part’
- “Just hold me, please” Katie’s reaction: 'I Can’t believe you kept that in!’
- 'The man he loves is dying so he’s holding him,’ Julian Murphy, creator and director
- 'You didn’t mean it that way though, did you?’ Katie asks
- 'I did actually’ he replied
- What was cut??????
Final thoughts:

insanitia  asked:

26 with Calum??? 😍

Calum / 26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

You examined the shimmering rock wrapped wrapped in white gold - the light refracting and bouncing off to give the illusion of a rainbow - and found yourself smiling insipidly as you twisted the ring on your finger. The moment sure as hell wasn’t one from a romantic comedy or straight out of fairytale. It wasn’t a moment where you found yourself braced in a public setting with all eyes on you. It also wasn’t in a close, intimate place that was special to either of you. In fact, your now-fiancé dropped to one knee in the kitchen of yours and your roommate Calum’s apartment with a few pairs of eyes remaining trained on you in anticipation for your answer. It was a quiet yes that came out more like a question than a definite answer. And now, you were left alone with your thoughts and a solemn Calum, your fiancé and his friends making a trip for booze to celebrate.

You stifled a sigh, glancing at your roommate; his fingers toyed with the sleeve of his leather jacket. The very second your fiancé dropped to one knee Calum hadn’t uttered a single word, so much as meeting your gaze. After a couple of years spent living together and over a decade of being the closest of friends, you’d become accustomed to the difference in his silences. Sometimes there was comfort and solace. Sometimes there was anger or disappointment. But you weren’t sure this time. Silence sometimes speaks volumes to the point where this was practically deafening.

Part of you wished he would say something. Anything.

“The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

And there it was. Ask and you shall receive. Your mouth hung agape as your scrambled thoughts scratched and clawed to find the right words to say, but you only came up empty. All you could manage was a meek, “What?”

“You really think that fucking asshole would go out of his way to get an actual diamond,” Calum scoffed. “Hell, weren’t you two just arguing the other day when he conveniently forgot to bring his wallet. Again. God, (Y/N), when are you going to wake up and realize he only sees you as arm candy?”

His once soft, fawn-like Bambi eyes now seemed to bore into you. You felt an unnerving chill snake along your spine but resisted the urge to shudder. You wanted to argue, defend yours and your fiancé’s relationship, even if it left your throat practically raw from screaming out of…rage? But you couldn’t seem to find the words, or emotions to even back up what you may or may not be feeling.

A quiet “I’m sorry” was all you could muster — which fluttered from your lips with what felt like a choked breath — though you weren’t entirely sure why you apologized. For agreeing to — what could be — a lifetime of potential misery that inevitably end in heartbreak? For doing something that obviously left him hurt? Or angry? Why the fuck couldn’t you feel anything? Happiness? Utter rage? Disappointment? Something?

“(Y/N),” Calum said in a low voice, “you deserve more than cheap cubic zirconium, and you know it.”

And with that, he stalked away to his bedroom and made sure to slam his door in the process. Out of anger or out of spite, you still weren’t sure of his feelings or the reasons behind them. You were sure, however, that you weren’t happy. Not happy with your engagement, not happy with Calum’s reaction, and not happy with yourself. After nearly gnawing off your bottom lip, you heaved a sigh; twisting the band off your finger, you set the ring on the countertop and gave it a small twirl with the tip of your index finger before massaging your engagement band’s intended home on your left hand.

Not exactly my best, but words are definitely jumbled in my mind now. But…first week of summer break. Hope everything is swell with all of you. And like I said before, I’m sorry for being a bit rusty at this, but all criticism is appreciated. Love you all. xx

Drabble Challenge



1.     Stuck Together: Steven and Lars spend some time together (11 min)

2.     The Trial: Steven and the Diamonds go on trial (11 min)

3.     Off Colours: Steven finds some unusual new allies… (11 min)

4.     Lars Head: Lars Finally lets steven in (11 min)


5.     Reunited: After Stevens return, he has a few questions for the gems…and not all of them turn out well… (30min)

6.     Have you seen this Lion? Stevens wakes up one morning to find that lion is nowhere to be found (11min)

7.     Lars of the Stars: Steven and Connie visit lars and the off colours, but find them in an unusual place. (25min) 

8: Good to be back: Lars returns to earth and introduces the off colours to everyone (11 min)

9.     A New Quartz: Garnet and Pearl share a story with Steven about one memorable time with Rose. (11min)

10. After all this time: Pearl wants to share an important moment with steven, as she did with Rose (11 min) 

11.     Three’s a crowd: Fluorite gives an insight on how they’re components met. (11min)

12.  Outbox: A ship crashes down on the shores of beach city, containing an eerie message (11 min)

13.  Take this Warning: The Gems work out a plan to ready themselves on what’s to come next. (11 min)

14.  Let’s Get down to Bismuth: The gems realise that their current team isn’t enough to fight homeworld, which means for the return of an old friend (11min)

15.  The Arrival: The Crystal Gems, the off colours and Lapis come face-to-face with a new threat (25min)

16.  Change your Mind: After everything’s that’s been happening, Steven decides to work on his healing powers, practicing on a corrupted gem. (11min)

17.  Moving Day: After being left alone at the barn without Lapis, Peridot finally decides to move into the temple and get her own room. (11min)

18.  Plan of Attack: Furious that their fleet of gems were all taken down, the Diamonds decide to give beach city a visit… (11 min)

19.  What a turn of events: A few unlikely familiar gems join the fight with the crystal gems (11 min)

20. Era 2 War Part one: The war begins. Earth versus homeworld. (20 min)

21: Era 2 War Part Two: The war continues, this time things are getting more intense (20 min)

22: Paragon and Obsidian: After nearly 2 months of fighting, the crystal gems and homeworld use all they have left, Fusion. (20 mins)

23: We Won: The crystal gems have won. The diamonds defeated. The homeworld gems are free to live their own lives. The crystal gems have finally got what they wanted for all this time. The best for others. (20 min)


So my friend ( @can-mantotherescue )and I were messing around with SU theories and we started talking about Pink Diamond when we noticed something. 

The two circles in PD’s portait are assumed to be the Earth and the moon, right? But do you notice something?


e n h a n c e

A pepperoni falling off of a pizza? Who do we know that makes pizza?

That’s right, Kofi. 

If we zoom in on another part of her portrait, we can see her diamond.

Look familiar?

Need more proof? Let’s take a look at Kofi’s day to day wear.

See his hairnet? What’s that pattern? 

D I A M O N D S.

Conclusion: Kofi is Pink Diamond.

Here’s a little sketch I did to back up my evidence.

I know this is dumb but I found it hilarious so fight me

Reasons why Jaspball is more likely to be canon than you think

• The episode ‘Earthlings’ contains two iconic Jasper quotes,
- “Nobody I fuse with ever wants to stay.”
'Back To The Moon’ was the very next episode, and what did it contain?
- Eyeball expressing affection and devotion to Jasper. She wants to stay.
- Eyeball admitting being witness to Pink Diamond’s shattering. She sympathizes.

• It would be a great way to show multiple outcomes of escaping an abusive and unhealthy relationship (if Lapis remains single.) It would show that, in Lapis’ case, you can find freedom, find new friends, and be happily independent. And, in Jasper’s case, it would show that finding a healthy relationship is possible, that there’s someone out there that could make you a better person for you and for them, and that you can learn to love again.

• It would be the first romantic relationship between two antagonists on the show (or two used-to-be antagonists, if/when they’re redeemed.)

• It would be the ultimate irony for Jasper to say “Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger!” to Garnet, only for her to one day fuse with a Ruby herself.

• It would be the first romantic relationship in the show between two gems with a dramatic height difference!

• Eyeball has more in common with Jasper than any other character in the show so far. Both of them are soldiers, both have seen the roughest parts of the war, both have served under Yellow Diamond, both have a vendetta against Rose Quartz, both are brash and headstrong.

On a final note, I’d like to say that I think a lot of people don’t take Jaspball seriously. It’s probably the last Jasper ship anyone expects to become canon. But think about it.

Wouldn’t that be the best way for Jasper to find love again? With someone new? Someone who’s seen the same war, has a similar mindset, and honestly admires her?

I’d like to remind ya’ll that Rebecca doesn’t play with our feelings when it comes to girls having romantic feelings for other girls. Sure, it’s funny and cute to see Eyeball get jealous over another Ruby getting to sit in Jasper’s lap. In any other show, I’d see it as comedic relief because there would be no reason to hope for more. But with the Crewniverse, there’s always a reason to hope for more. Just look at ‘Future Boy Zoltron’ and how Mr Smiley was confirmed to be gay soon after. Everything in that episode was subtle, but no less real. And Eyeball has shown a desire for Jasper since day one.

- Hit the Diamond: She had a no-nonsense attitude about their mission. She didn’t fool around. She just went through the motions. She thanked them when they told her where Jasper was. All she cared about was finding her.
- Back to the Moon: She was the one to approach Jasper, speak with her personally, express her admiration, take her on a tour of the moon base … heck, did you see the look on Eye’s face when Jasper said she couldn’t file the report? She rushed to her side filled with concern. She usually looks so frustrated and tense, but her eyes were innocent like a child’s.
- Bubbled: She speaks somberly about being fooled by the Crystal Gems, and all the joy of meeting Jasper has left her. Because, to quote her, “It wasn’t even her. Just another trick.”

Eyeball is an important character. She witnessed Pink Diamond being shattered. And to have every episode of her screentime involve her dedication to Jasper in some way means that she will be back, and she will meet Jasper, and there’s gonna be some heavy feelings there.

I’m not saying it will be canon. But it’s more likely than you think.

anonymous asked:

SF/US Papyrus with someone who he likes (and they like him back) but both are completely clueless and say they're "just friends/best friends"

Swapfell Papyrus

“Come on Paps! Just go already! We don’t have all day!” Alphys harshly barks while nursing a bottle of vodka.

“This is a little embarrassing, don’t you think? We should play a different game,” Rus suggests, apprehensive about the objective of the game.

“Don’t be such a wimp! I had to kiss your brother, I’m not letting that go to waste!” The dinosaur snarls.

“Ehehe I got the whole thing on camera though….for future reasons” Undyne, the mad scientists drools lewdly.

“You’re so gross I love it!” Alphys leans in and kisses her girlfriend. 

 Rus continues to hesitate and Black rolls his eyes, “UGH JUST GET ON WITH IT ALREADY! I COMMAND YOU TO SPIN THE BOTTLE

Rus sighs and with a flick of his wrist, spins the glass bottle, landing on Undyne. Alphys bursts out laughing while the fish monster smiles widely, her blue scales turning into a deep shade of red. 

“I always wanted to smooch a skeleton,” Undyne winks awkwardly. 

The tall skeleton’s gaze flickers to you for a moment and you give him an amused smile and a thumbs up. Who the heck suggested this game anyway? He’d rather not kiss anyone here except you, but he hides his discomfort and plays along. 

“Pucker up, bone boy,” before Rus could react, Undyne grabs his shoulders and presses her moist lips on his teeth, her lipstick staining the bones. 

After three seconds, Rus pushes her away while everyone erupts into roaring laughter. The skeleton wipes his mouth with his sleeve, only smearing the lipstick, which only makes everyone laugh harder. Face flushed orange, Rus hurries to the kitchen to wash off the make up. 

“AWH PAPS, DON’T BE SO KOI!” Black teases, poking at his brother’s ribs. 

“M’lord, please don’t,” 

“MY TURN MY TURN!” you exclaim, giving Rus a subtle, “I got your back” wink.

Rus smiles. He could always count on his best friend. You spin the bottle and a bubble of unease rises in the skeleton’s chest as the bottle taunts him. He doesn’t know what he would do when it lands on someone else, he just knows it will hurt, even if it’s just a friendly game. The bottle spins and spins, and it finally lands on…him. You blush furiously, unable to meet his eyes, while everyone cheers in excitement. 

“Hah..well I guess if I had to kiss anyone here, you would be the best choice,” you laugh, trying to play it cool. 

Rus doesn’t know how to respond, so he stays frozen in place. Realizing that you have to make the first move, you calm your frazzled nerves and just go for it. Leaning in close to him, you press your lips against his mouth and his hands cups your soft cheeks, everything melting away. It’s just you and him pressed close against each other, in a flurry of pink emotions. You taste like chocolates, he notices, his heart pounding faster than ever before as your name rings in his head over and over. You never knew how much you needed this, how much you needed his warmth spreading to your skin, or how much it feels so good to be in his arms, like everything will be okay as long as you have him. 

“AHEM,” Blackberry coughs, grabbing both of your attentions, “THAT WAS WAY LONGER THAN 3 SECONDS”

“About damn time too,” Alphys murmurs. 

“Eek! I didn’t get it on video! Now how am I going to remember the moment my ship became canon!” Undyne cries, “Can you guys do it again?!”

You and Rus look at each other,  your blushes rising, until you both fall into simultaneous laughter. You two have a lot to talk about later. 

Underswap Papyrus 

You and Stretch enter the fancy restaurant, hand in hand, wearing the nicest clothes you have. The hostess greets you with a warm and friendly smile. 

“Will you two be participating in the couples dinner event?” she asks. 

Stretch nods and smiles, just like he rehearsed, “Yes, my betrothed and I hear that the restaurant is giving an all you can eat special to couples?” 

“Why yes! It’s part of our Valentine’s Day special. You are getting married? Ohh may I see the ring?!” the hostess excitedly examines your finger.

You smirk at the skeleton, fully prepared for this situation. Holding out your ring finger, the hostess’s eye go wide, nearly envious. 

“O-OH MY! This is beautiful! Is this a 2 karat diamond?!”

“It’s actually three. I had to pick the best for my love dove,” Stretch presses his teeth against your head, making your heart flutter. 

“Aren’t you two just the cutest,” the hostess squeals, “Right this way please” 

She seats you in the back of the restaurant, nice and secluded, offering full privacy with a dim lit candle and a single rose in a vase. The hostess hands you your menus and your eyes pop out at the prices. You don’t even know what half this stuff is! 

“Enjoy your dinner,” the hostess bows and leaves.  

You nervously glance at your friend, “H-Hey…can we afford all this?” 

Stretch just nonchalantly leans back in his chair and pulls out a bottle of honey from under his coat, “Don’t worry, love dove. As long as we keep pretending that we’re engaged, they’ll give us a wicked discount.” 

“Was the love dove part really necessary?” 

“It made it more convincing,” the skeleton winks, “Not that it would’ve mattered anyway. Your performance was outstanding.” 

“Oh stop. You did all the talking,” you flush, your cheeks heating up from his compliment. 

“Nah. You handled it perfectly with charm and grace. I couldn’t ask for a better partner,” Stretch smiles widely, his warmth radiating off him like the sun. 

Your heart beats loudly like a drum and you swallow the lump in your throat, “A-Are you flirting with me?”

Stretch blinks in surprise, a light blush creeping up his cheeks, but his smirk remains the same, “I have been for the past year, but thanks for noticing.”

You’re speechless, unable to bring yourself to speak. Is this another one of his jokes? Is he being serious? You’re not clueless enough to miss the signs…are you…? Depending on your response, you could completely ruin this friendship. 

Taking a few slow breaths, you calm yourself down and chuckle softly, an idea popping in your head, “Hey, wouldn’t it be funny to continue this charade, just a bit longer?”

“What do you mean?” Stretch tilts his head. 

“I mean, after this dinner, let’s just keep pretending that we’re dating. Can you imagine the look on our friends’ faces when they find out? We’ll keep it up until we’re ready to drop it,” your eyes twinkle with mischief. 

“Nyeh heh heh. How interesting. I’m game,” Stretch extends his hand out to you and you take it without hesitation.

You two don’t know it yet, but your “game” opened up a whole new chapter in your lives.  


2/18 Happy Miyusawa Day! ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ ) 

As promised, here’s the second part of the Figure Skating AU comic! I’m posting it now because tomorrow I sadly wouldn’t be available almost all day // cries 

Sawamura forced Miyuki to go skating on the frozen lake they saw from their hotel room’s window

This is the Miyuki-centric part 

I hope you enjoy this! 

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