the diamond of the day: part two


Steven Universe Valentine’s Day Cards Part 2!

Unlike last year’s cards, I decided to make cards for the newer gems we’ve met over the year rather than fusions since we had only met two new fusions and I really wanted to make more!

As always, these are free to use for you to send to the one’s you love! 💕

insanitia  asked:

26 with Calum??? 😍

Calum / 26. “The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

You examined the shimmering rock wrapped wrapped in white gold - the light refracting and bouncing off to give the illusion of a rainbow - and found yourself smiling insipidly as you twisted the ring on your finger. The moment sure as hell wasn’t one from a romantic comedy or straight out of fairytale. It wasn’t a moment where you found yourself braced in a public setting with all eyes on you. It also wasn’t in a close, intimate place that was special to either of you. In fact, your now-fiancé dropped to one knee in the kitchen of yours and your roommate Calum’s apartment with a few pairs of eyes remaining trained on you in anticipation for your answer. It was a quiet yes that came out more like a question than a definite answer. And now, you were left alone with your thoughts and a solemn Calum, your fiancé and his friends making a trip for booze to celebrate.

You stifled a sigh, glancing at your roommate; his fingers toyed with the sleeve of his leather jacket. The very second your fiancé dropped to one knee Calum hadn’t uttered a single word, so much as meeting your gaze. After a couple of years spent living together and over a decade of being the closest of friends, you’d become accustomed to the difference in his silences. Sometimes there was comfort and solace. Sometimes there was anger or disappointment. But you weren’t sure this time. Silence sometimes speaks volumes to the point where this was practically deafening.

Part of you wished he would say something. Anything.

“The diamond in your engagement ring is fake.”

And there it was. Ask and you shall receive. Your mouth hung agape as your scrambled thoughts scratched and clawed to find the right words to say, but you only came up empty. All you could manage was a meek, “What?”

“You really think that fucking asshole would go out of his way to get an actual diamond,” Calum scoffed. “Hell, weren’t you two just arguing the other day when he conveniently forgot to bring his wallet. Again. God, (Y/N), when are you going to wake up and realize he only sees you as arm candy?”

His once soft, fawn-like Bambi eyes now seemed to bore into you. You felt an unnerving chill snake along your spine but resisted the urge to shudder. You wanted to argue, defend yours and your fiancé’s relationship, even if it left your throat practically raw from screaming out of…rage? But you couldn’t seem to find the words, or emotions to even back up what you may or may not be feeling.

A quiet “I’m sorry” was all you could muster — which fluttered from your lips with what felt like a choked breath — though you weren’t entirely sure why you apologized. For agreeing to — what could be — a lifetime of potential misery that inevitably end in heartbreak? For doing something that obviously left him hurt? Or angry? Why the fuck couldn’t you feel anything? Happiness? Utter rage? Disappointment? Something?

“(Y/N),” Calum said in a low voice, “you deserve more than cheap cubic zirconium, and you know it.”

And with that, he stalked away to his bedroom and made sure to slam his door in the process. Out of anger or out of spite, you still weren’t sure of his feelings or the reasons behind them. You were sure, however, that you weren’t happy. Not happy with your engagement, not happy with Calum’s reaction, and not happy with yourself. After nearly gnawing off your bottom lip, you heaved a sigh; twisting the band off your finger, you set the ring on the countertop and gave it a small twirl with the tip of your index finger before massaging your engagement band’s intended home on your left hand.

Not exactly my best, but words are definitely jumbled in my mind now. But…first week of summer break. Hope everything is swell with all of you. And like I said before, I’m sorry for being a bit rusty at this, but all criticism is appreciated. Love you all. xx

Drabble Challenge

rosegoldpipercy  asked:

hey ..... do u have any cute hcs for like ,,, anything bc honestly im having a bad day and ur hcs r always on point

okay u know what im feelin right now, reychel

  • they don’t feel like making a big public announcement that they’re dating and decide they want to take it slow and not tell a whole bunch of people, neither one of them has ever been in a relationship before and reyna’s not even out
  • b U T they’re dorks and they forget that like, they’re supposed to be keeping it a secret? they basically behave exactly the way they would if they were out, but reyna is really not fond of pda so people assume they’re besties who are majorly flirting with each other all the time
  • so it just ends up being this thing when everyone is convinced they’re haaardcore crushing on each other and is trying to devise ways to get them together
  • and then the day finally comes when piper bursts out like “oh, reyna, just ask her out!” and reyna just blinks in confusion
  • and then panics because like “she told me she doesn’t like dates!!!! she says it messes with her artistic vibe!!!! oh no, does she think i’m a bad girlfriend? piper i don’t know how to do this!!!!!” and piper’s like DUDE WHAT THE FUCK HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON
  • and reyna stops mid-rant and laughs nervously and piper’s like *face palm*
  • rachel loves painting reyna, like these full and beautiful pieces (and it gradually gets more and more Intimate as they get more comfortable, with more and more skin being revealed)
  • and they both wind up covered in paint because they end up making out and it gets all over rachel too and ruins the picture but it’s beautiful in a messy way and ugh, nerds,
  • they’re definitely the kind of couple to go hiking together
  • okay imagine reyna deciding she wants a tattoo but she doesn’t know what and then unbeknownst to her rachel starts drafting ideas,
  • and then she comes up while she’s drawing one day and rachel explains and reyna is clasping her hand and she’s like “it’s perfect
  • and then rachel flushes and explains that this part of the design is actually for her and reyna is like beaming and like “even better”
  • and that’s actually the story of how they get engaged because like i think we all know that rachel is fully the type of person who actively hates wedding customs and knows that diamond engagement rings are a marketing scam lol
  • imagine the two of them lying together on the window seat in the sun,
  • or reyna reading a book and holding rachel’s hand while she attempts to paint one handed
  • their house is going to be a disaster
  • imagine how many fights they have because reyna threw out something that was actually an art project and rachel painted on something that was actually a very important document, eventually they just end up with a system for “my stuff is on this side and yours is on that side and you forfeit all rights to get angry if you left it on the wrong side and something terrible happened to it”
  • which is sort of ironic because it’s the exact opposite of with their wardrobe, they’re not even really the same size but rachel tends to wear very loose fitting clothing anyway, they only technically have separate clothing and it always ends up in the wrong drawers anyway
  • rachel having to roll reyna’s jeans up several times and belt them and wearing one of rachel’s big sweaters and walking around the house like that,
  • reyna coming back to new york and surprising rachel in her dorm room at clarion, and rachel just bursting into tears and unraveling,
  • god like reyna stroking her hair and being like “we have got to get you out of this school i can see it sucking the life out of you”….ohmigdo and she uses her strength lending thing too, fuck
Game Idea: The Crystal Kingdom

Ok!!!!! So, apparently people wanted to hear about this game idea I talked about earlier, so…here it is!!!

The Crystal Kingdom is an idea for RPG that I have that is inspired from Steven Universe, Undertale, and the Megaman series.

The game would be like an RPG and adventurte platformer. Like an RPG in the sense that you encounter random battles at times in the levels, and you can walk around cities in the kingdom and interact with the citizens and the main characters that you meet. Like a platformer in the sense that each section of the kingdom you go through is it’s own level. The enemies that you kill are robots and lazers that aim to kill you. How do you kill them? That’s where the Megaman inspiration comes in!!! You shoot lazers at them through a cannon attached to the suit on your arm. You can buy upgrades for your cannon from only one character, though.

One way the game is like Undertale though, is that it’s recommended you don’t use your cannon to kill bosses, but instead you use a mercy system that’s offered in the gameplay of the boss battles. Using the mercy system in battle and completing crucial tasks in the game is what can help you unlock the true, best ending to the game.

Click the Read More to hear me explain the story and characters.

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So my friend ( @can-mantotherescue )and I were messing around with SU theories and we started talking about Pink Diamond when we noticed something. 

The two circles in PD’s portait are assumed to be the Earth and the moon, right? But do you notice something?


e n h a n c e

A pepperoni falling off of a pizza? Who do we know that makes pizza?

That’s right, Kofi. 

If we zoom in on another part of her portrait, we can see her diamond.

Look familiar?

Need more proof? Let’s take a look at Kofi’s day to day wear.

See his hairnet? What’s that pattern? 

D I A M O N D S.

Conclusion: Kofi is Pink Diamond.

Here’s a little sketch I did to back up my evidence.

I know this is dumb but I found it hilarious so fight me


2/18 Happy Miyusawa Day! ( ღ’ᴗ’ღ ) 

As promised, here’s the second part of the Figure Skating AU comic! I’m posting it now because tomorrow I sadly wouldn’t be available almost all day // cries 

Sawamura forced Miyuki to go skating on the frozen lake they saw from their hotel room’s window

This is the Miyuki-centric part 

I hope you enjoy this! 

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Reasons why Jaspball is more likely to be canon than you think

• The episode ‘Earthlings’ contains two iconic Jasper quotes,
- “Nobody I fuse with ever wants to stay.”
'Back To The Moon’ was the very next episode, and what did it contain?
- Eyeball expressing affection and devotion to Jasper. She wants to stay.
- Eyeball admitting being witness to Pink Diamond’s shattering. She sympathizes.

• It would be a great way to show multiple outcomes of escaping an abusive and unhealthy relationship (if Lapis remains single.) It would show that, in Lapis’ case, you can find freedom, find new friends, and be happily independent. And, in Jasper’s case, it would show that finding a healthy relationship is possible, that there’s someone out there that could make you a better person for you and for them, and that you can learn to love again.

• It would be the first romantic relationship between two antagonists on the show (or two used-to-be antagonists, if/when they’re redeemed.)

• It would be the ultimate irony for Jasper to say “Fusion is just a cheap tactic to make weak gems stronger!” to Garnet, only for her to one day fuse with a Ruby herself.

• It would be the first romantic relationship in the show between two gems with a dramatic height difference!

• Eyeball has more in common with Jasper than any other character in the show so far. Both of them are soldiers, both have seen the roughest parts of the war, both have served under Yellow Diamond, both have a vendetta against Rose Quartz, both are brash and headstrong.

On a final note, I’d like to say that I think a lot of people don’t take Jaspball seriously. It’s probably the last Jasper ship anyone expects to become canon. But think about it.

Wouldn’t that be the best way for Jasper to find love again? With someone new? Someone who’s seen the same war, has a similar mindset, and honestly admires her?

I’d like to remind ya’ll that Rebecca doesn’t play with our feelings when it comes to girls having romantic feelings for other girls. Sure, it’s funny and cute to see Eyeball get jealous over another Ruby getting to sit in Jasper’s lap. In any other show, I’d see it as comedic relief because there would be no reason to hope for more. But with the Crewniverse, there’s always a reason to hope for more. Just look at ‘Future Boy Zoltron’ and how Mr Smiley was confirmed to be gay soon after. Everything in that episode was subtle, but no less real. And Eyeball has shown a desire for Jasper since day one.

- Hit the Diamond: She had a no-nonsense attitude about their mission. She didn’t fool around. She just went through the motions. She thanked them when they told her where Jasper was. All she cared about was finding her.
- Back to the Moon: She was the one to approach Jasper, speak with her personally, express her admiration, take her on a tour of the moon base … heck, did you see the look on Eye’s face when Jasper said she couldn’t file the report? She rushed to her side filled with concern. She usually looks so frustrated and tense, but her eyes were innocent like a child’s.
- Bubbled: She speaks somberly about being fooled by the Crystal Gems, and all the joy of meeting Jasper has left her. Because, to quote her, “It wasn’t even her. Just another trick.”

Eyeball is an important character. She witnessed Pink Diamond being shattered. And to have every episode of her screentime involve her dedication to Jasper in some way means that she will be back, and she will meet Jasper, and there’s gonna be some heavy feelings there.

I’m not saying it will be canon. But it’s more likely than you think.


I’m warning you in advance that this will be quite long. Like incredibly, amazingly, unbelievably long. And also, I hope you enjoy AU - I do, probably way too much, AU fics are my favourites - because there’ll be a lot of those in here.

Anyway, without further ado:


  • The life and times - I’m pretty sure you’ve already read it, but still.
  • Say when - University AU - I need this to be updated right now!!! It’s absolutely amazing. There are just 6 chapters -I think- so far, but oh my goodness, it’s glorious!
  • Fighting fate - Pirate AU - okay, I absolutely love this, okay? pirate!AU’s are my weakness.
  • Every other midnight - Professor AU - if you’re into professor!Potter and student!Lily AU’s then this one is perfect for you. It’s super long -close to 1million words, 82 chapters- but it’s so worth it. The relationship development is wonderful, and it’s incredibly good because not only does it focus on James and Lily’s relationship, but Lily and Sirius’ and Lily and Remus’, even Lily and Hagrid’s, as well. And it’s just beautiful!
  • Petal in the rain - WWII AU- I’m in a love-hate relationship with this one because sometimes I think it’s really good, but then others I feel very disappointed in the characterisations…but well, it’s quite enjoyable. I have to say I still need to catch up with it hehe.
  • Starstruck - Band AU - this one is quite entertaining, you’ll like it (there’s a lot of Lily and Petunia in this one).
  • The curtain call - this is the latest completed, multi-chap I’ve read and I absolutely loved it. Lily’s characterisation wasn’t my favourite but, well, it was adorable, anyways.
  • Summer magic - I read this a long time ago, but I remember I liked it very much, so I thought I should recommend it, as well. Might re-read it with you, too, if you decide to give it a chance.
  • Before the fawn - hmmm I don’t know what to say about this. I like it but I don’t (?). It’s weird. But yeah, read and see.
  • Wind and waves - Pirate!AU - yup, another about pirates for you.
  • If we only die onceLily gets flak for dating James from the blood purists (while still at Hogwarts) and even though she never thought it would bother her, it does, and she gets kinda sucked into the belief that James’ life would be harder with her in it and considers ending things quickly so as to save everyone pain but James finds out and becomes furious - only chapters 1 and 2 so far. You’ll still cry a river, but you’ll love it, so go READ IT NOW!!!


There are quite a few because I’ve basically been reading only drabbles/one-shots lately instead of multi-chaps.

Fools: a Mark fic

Previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Chapter 6

When everything is shattering and it’s my mistake, only fools fall for you.

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Will You? pt. 2 [Jimin Angst/Fluff]

Pt 1. Pt. 2

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Originally posted by the-rap-man

“That feeling of regret when time passes and you realize you’ve let the wrong person go.”

Who had thought that the happy boy would turn into a broken hearted boy with nothing but you in his mind. He often questioned himself why he did what did. He couldn’t blame it on the alcohol because he knew more than well that it wasn’t the alcohol that got him like that.

Why did he do it? Why did he let you go and lie about that you were the biggest mistake in his life when you were his world? His whole world who shone up his dark days. You were the only light he needed in this life, the only light that could bring happiness to his life.  

It has now been 2 long months without you and he still remembered the feeling he got when he woke up that morning, with your ring in his hand. Regret, regret, regret, pain, regret, regret and regret were what he felt.

That day, he did nothing but drink. Drinking away the pain and the regret. Drinking away thoughts about you. Drinking away the emptiness without you near.

What more could he do? Losing you was like losing his hope about the future. Losing the light that helped him through his darkest days. Losing the love of his life. All because of one stupid mistake.

Did he regret it? Yes.

Did he miss you? Hell yes.

Did he stop loving you? Absolutely not.

Did he get you back? No…

Did he make you his again? No, he didn’t.


Because he was afraid, afraid of things that could happen if he said one more wrong word. Afraid of getting rejected. Afraid of you moving on. Afraid of you not loving him anymore. Afraid of you hating him for what he did. Afraid of breaking promises he couldn’t even keep, again.

Afraid. That was what he was. He always asked himself why he couldn’t grow some balls and just call you. Just to hear your voice even if it was in the middle of the night. Or just let you know that he missed you more than anything else.

“I don’t think Y/N hates you. She loved you very much and did almost everything for you. You should at least call her to let her know that you’re sorry. You guys might get back together and if not, at least she knows that you regret saying those awful words to her” Namjoon said and crossed his arms over his chest.

The boys had been mad at first, blaming Jimin for letting such a good girl go. They blamed him for being too jealous and that the jealousy made him blind. But they were also supportive, they tried to help him. Even though it wasn’t easy when all Jimin did was thinking about all the negative things that could happen.

“Hyung, you don’t understand. I told her she was the biggest mistake in my life, I broke her heart. I still remember the look on her face when I said those awful words. Even if she’s going to forgive me, I’ll never be able to forgive myself and forget about it. That day will always be there no matter what” Jimin answered and buried his face in his hands.

“Look at us, Jimin. You’re not going anywhere if you don’t make a move. Start today, take her back. Make her come back to you if you love her. 2 months is not enough for her to forget you and moving on. She’s still waiting” Jin said and placed a hand on Jimin’s right shoulder, giving it a light squeeze.

Jimin looked up at them, letting a single tear leaving his eye, slowly rolling down his right cheek. He was going to do whatever it took to have you back in his arms again.

But the only question was, will you take him back?

“You sure about this?” your friend asked and let out a heavy sigh, sitting down next to you and helping you pack down your clothes.

You gave her a thumb up and gave her a weak smile. Now that your life have turned upside down, why not take another way and start a new life, on the other side?

“You don’t want to wait for him anymore?” she asked and gave you a sad smile. You bit your lip and looked down to your ring finger that still felt empty without the ring.

“I’ve waited 2 months, Y/F/N-ah. If he really wanted me back, he would call me since day one. I haven’t even changed my number. But 61 days and still nothing. I can’t wait forever you know”

“I don’t mean that you should wait for him more than this, but… you sure about leaving your biggest dream and just move to America?” she asked, making you look up at her.

“Actually, my biggest dream was to get married, but now that this happened, I don’t think I’m ready for that. I just want a new, fresh start somewhere I’ve never been to before” you answered and closed your suitcase.

The sound of the door bell made both of you raise your eyebrows.
“I’ll get it” you said and stood up and made your way to the door and opened it.

Not expecting the person who stood right in front of you at all, you slammed the door in his face and locked it. Placing a hand on your pounding heart, you closed your eyes and took a deep breathe to calm down your nerves.

“Y/N-ah! Who was it?” your friend asked from the livingroom.

“Just someone” you answered before counting to five and opened the door again.

Hey” he was the first one to talk. The first one to make the first move. Because the next thing you knew, Jimin had his arms around you.

You were stunned by the sudden hug and couldn’t do anything but let him hug you. Leaving your arms by your sides, you tried hard to not think too much about how his heart was beating faster than ever against your chest.

After a while, you tried carefully to push him away. He must have noticed it because he let you go and looked down, ashamed.

“What are you doing here?” you asked and closed the door behind yourself, leaving Y/F/N inside the house.

“Can we talk?” Jimin asked and his eyes started to get teary.

“That’s what we’re doing right now” You tried so hard to not give up and just grab him by his shirt and kiss him, show him how much you’ve missed him.

“I mean, do you have time? Can we go to the park or something? I really need to talk to you, about us

Park Jimin. Firstly, there’s no us. Secondly, no I don’t have time and thirdly, if you have anything to say, please just say it here” you answered and crossed your arms over your chest.

He let out a heavy sigh and grabbed your hand and dragged you to the nearest bench. Jimin let you sit down while he stood infront of you. Making it impossible for you to look anywhere but him.

“I’m sorry” you rolled your eyes, still crossing your arms over you chest. After 2 months and the only thing he could say was sorry? Why didn’t he just shut up and stay where he was.

“Jagi, look at me. Don’t think that you were the only one who got your heart broken. Look at me, these past months has been hell for me too”

“Yeah, like I care” you lied and looked at him. He really did look terrible. Dark circles, red, puffy eyes, much paler and he had lost much weight. His hair needed to be cut, because it almost covered his eyes.

After hearing you say that, Jimin’s eyes changed, his eyes showed pain, a lot of pain. Like those words you just said stabbed him right in his heart.

“You don’t care..?” he whispered, almost painfully. His jaw was clenched and so were his fists.

“I-I don’t know” you answered and looked down. Why did you feel like an idiot for hurting him like that when he just said that he felt like shit?

Kneeling down in front of you, he grabbed your hands in his and placed it on your bare legs, both of your hands. Jimin looked right into your eyes and before you knew it, you felt a pair of warm, soft lips against your own.

“Don’t say things like that. Please. It feels like my heart just broke into thousand pieces once again. I can’t handle the pain anymore” he said after the short kiss. Jimin lifted your hand to his lips and gave it a light kiss, leaving all sorts of feelings.

Do you know how much I regret saying those words that night? Do you know how much I missed you? Do you know how bad I’ve been these past 2 months, without you, Y/N? Do you know how much I love you?”

You gulped and looked at him with tears in your eyes. Why did he have to come here and say all these things when you were going to leave tomorrow?


No, listen to me. I know I was wrong. I know what I did to you was wrong. Accusing you for cheating when you did literally everything for me. Accusing such an amaxing girlfriend for cheating, several times was stupid. Because the sober me knew that you would never do that.

But I’m sorry, I lost control, I lost everything and I’m sorry that I accused you for something I really regret accusing you for. I also regret saying that you were the biggest mistake in my life when you’re my world. I’m sorry, Y/N” Jimin was now crying, his warm tears landed one by one on your thigh.

“I never blamed you for saying those words. I just… I knew you were drunk. But I’m more hurt that you didn’t try to call me or contact me at all. It made me think that maybe you weren’t that drunk and that you meant all those words. But I can’t lie and say that hearing those words leave your mouth that night like you’ve prepared to say them for a long time didn’t hurt because it really did.”

Give me one chance. One chance to show you how much you mean to me. One chance, that’s all I need. I just need one chance to prove my love to you. Because, Y/N, I really can’t live without you. Will you give me one more chance. Let me make it up to you. Let me love you. Let me show you that you’re my world. Will you?” he said and opened a small box making you gasp.

It wasn’t one ring, but two. One ring that you recognized but the other one was new, diamonds shining and just like the one you’ve always wanted as your wedding ring.

Give me one chance. Let’s live together until the day we die. Let’s spend the rest of our lives together. Let’s make a family. Let’s love each other endlessly. Will you? Because I’m one hundred percent ready for a future with you.” Jimin said and wiped away your tears that were running down both of your cheeks.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?”


How are my butterflies doing? Everything’s good? I’m ok, but could be better if school wasn’t such a cow :c

Soooo, what did you think of this? Did you like it? Yay or Nay? I hope you enjoyed it as much as me and I hope you listened to my playlist too. Because I promise, with the right music to whatever you read, you’ll cry your eys out.

That’s my life in a sentence ^

It’s 00.42 here where I live and I have to get some sleep because I’m exhausted. 

It’s coming one or two more scenarios next week because I’m test-freeeeee!!

I’ll see you soon, oki? 

Oki, byee, mwah ~

Tommy|Control Part. II|End

A/N: Two songs really helped my out with this. Control by Halsey, where the title came from and Arsonist’s Lullaby by Hozier. I rewrote a lot of this chapter and I’m pretty happy with it now, I hope it’s perfect for everyone. Enjoy. Will also fix mistakes later in the day.

They send me away to find them a fortune

A chest filled with diamonds and gold

The house was awake, the shadows and monsters

The hallways, they echoed and groaned

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Josuyasu Week: Day Six
Protective / Injured or Sick / Teamwork

one of ‘em gets sick, pretty soon they’re both sick


All the songs that Scott and Mitch have suggested on Superfruit to date. From the Latest video to the First video.

Published: 02/23/16

SCOTT: “Wild Things” - Alessia Cara
MITCH: “Consideration (ft. SZA)” - Rihanna

Published: 02/09/16

SCOTT: “Formation” - Beyonce
MITCH: “James Joint” - Rihanna

Published: 02/02/16

SCOTT: “Desperado” - Rihanna
MITCH: “Sad Fuzz” - TY Segall

Published: 1/19/16

SCOTT: “Stressed Out” - Twenty One Pilots
MITCH: “Burnt Rice” - Shawn Wasabi

Published: 12/22/16

SCOTT: “Amanamonesia” - Chairlift
MITCH: “Arterial” - Lusine

Published: 12/15/15

SCOTT: “The First Noel” - Pentatonix
MITCH: “FloriDada” - Animal Collective

Published: 12/08/15

SCOTT: “Million Years Ago ” - Adele
MITCH: “4 Degrees” - Antony Hegarty

Published: 12/01/15

SCOTT: “Love Yourself” - Justin Beiber 
MITCH: “Broken Flowers” - Danny L Harle

Published: 11/10/15

SCOTT: “Just For Now” - Pentatonix 
MITCH: “California” - Grimes

Published: 10/27/15

SCOTT: “Bad Blood” - Nao 
MITCH: “Stringy Acid” - Orbital

Published: 10/20/15

SCOTT: “Misbehavin’” - Pentatonix 
MITCH: “New Years Day” - Pentatonix

Published: 10/06/15

SCOTT: “Moving Mountains” - Disclosure 
MITCH: “Msmsmsm” - SOPHIE

Published: 09/29/15

SCOTT: “Downtown” - Macklemore & Ryan Lewis 
MITCH: “Hotline Bling” - Drake

Published: 09/15/15

SCOTT: “Reflections” - Misterwives 
MITCH: “Pocket Piano” - Kink

EP: VMA’s 2015 RECAP
Published: 09/01/15

SCOTT: “Kiss Me Quick” - Nathan Sykes 
MITCH: “Koi” - Le1f

Published: 08/18/15

SCOTT: “Call Your Girlfriend” - Erato 
MITCH: “Isla Margarita” - Sunny Lax

Published: 08/11/15

SCOTT: “Keep It Movin’” - Empire Soundtrack  
MITCH: “Tom’s Diner” - Giorgio Moroder & Britney Spears

Published: 08/04/15

SCOTT: “Leash” - Tink  
MITCH: “Cheer Up, My Brother” - HNNY

Published: 07/28/15

SCOTT: “Can’t Sleep Love” - Pentatonix  
MITCH: “Rule The World” - LIZ (Prod. by SOPHIE)

Published: 07/21/15

SCOTT: “Million” - Tink  
MITCH: “Abrasive” - Ratatat

Published: 07/14/15

SCOTT: “Teammate” - Huxlee  
MITCH: “Will You Dance?” - The Bird & The Bee

Published: 07/07/15

SCOTT: “Invincible” - Kelly Clarkson 
MITCH:  “Re:Up” - Rationale   
HANNAH:  “Weight In Gold” - Gallant

Published: 06/30/15

SCOTT: “Anyway” - Tori Kelly  
MITCH: “Heard It On The Radio” - The Bird & The Bee

Published: 06/23/15

SCOTT: “Expensive (ft. Daye Jack)” - Tori Kelly   
MITCH: “Where’s My Man? ” - Eartha Kitt

Published: 06/16/15

SCOTT: “Only One” - Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney  
MITCH: “Crush Ambien” -  Mirror to Mirror

Published: 06/09/15

SCOTT: PTX Original Album Rough Demos 
MITCH: “Snow Globe” - Dux Content

Published: 05/26/15

SCOTT: “Ride For A.I.D.S” - Willam Belli
MITCH: “Thick Thighs” - Willam Belli

Published: 05/19/15

SCOTT: “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift  
MITCH: “We Are Not Alone” - Basement Jaxx

Published: 05/12/15

SCOTT: LCD Soundsystems 
MITCH: “Birthday” - TheSugarCubes 

Published: 05/05/15

SCOTT: “Unbreakable” - Tori Kelly  
MITCH: “Video Games (Kill Them With Colour Remix)” - Lana Del Rey

Published: 04/28/15

SCOTT: “Ain’t Nobody” - Felix Jaehn  
MITCH: “Satisfaction” - Eve

Published: 04/21/15

SCOTT: “American Oxygen” - Rihanna  
MITCH: “Gosh” - Jamie XX

Published: 04/14/15

SCOTT: “Take U There (ft. Kiesza) [Missy Elliott Remix]” -  Skrillex & Diplo
MITCH: “I Had This Thing (Sebastian Remix)” - Royksopp

Published: 04/07/15

SCOTT: Independent Woman (Kill Them w/ Colour Remix)
MITCH: “ Complétement fou” - Yelle

Published: 03/24/15

SCOTT: “Energy” - Drake 
MITCH: “Straps” - RABIT

Published: 03/11/15

SCOTT: “Build It Up” - Kero Kero Bonito  
MITCH: “Slowly” - Susanne Sundfor

Published: 03/03/15

SCOTT: “Where Are U Now” - Diplo & Skrillex (ft. Justin Beiber)  
MITCH: “Moteur Action” - Yelle (SOPHIE & A.G. Cook Remix)

Published: 02/17/15

SCOTT: “Nobody Love” - Tori Kelly 
MITCH: “Echo” - Trevor Moran
RICKY DILLON: Fifth Harmony’s Album “Reflections”

Published: 02/11/15

SCOTT: “Feelin’ Myself (ft. Beyonce)” - Nicki Minaj  
MITCH: “Lips” - Marian Hill

Published: 02/03/15

SCOTT: “F.U.N.” - Spongebob Squarepants  
MITCH: “Best Day Ever” - Spongebob Squarepants

Published: 01/13/15

SCOTT: “Mascara” - Jazmine Sullivan  
MITCH: “Days With You (Sweater Beats Remix)” - Snakehips

Published: 12/16/14

SCOTT: “Moules Frites” - Stromae 
MITCH: “Every Night” - Hannah Diamond 
MAMRIE: “Monster Mash” - Literally Who Knows

Published:  12/09/14

SCOTT: “Opera of the Bells” - Destiny’s Child  
MITCH: “Contemporary” - Dreamtrak

EP: PET PEEVES PART TWO (ft. Todrick Hall)
Published: 12/02/14

SCOTT: “Santa Tell Me” - Ariana Grande 
MITCH: “Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy” - Pentatonix
TODRIK: “Lips Are Movin’” - Meghan Trainor  

Published: 11/18/14

SCOTT: “All Hands on Deck” - Tinashe  
MITCH: “Sordid Affair” - Royksopp

Published: 11/11/14

SCOTT: “Heavy Metal & Reflective” - Azealia Banks  
MITCH: “Surrounded” - Ryan Hemsworth w/ Kotomi & Doss

Published: 10/28/14

SCOTT: “Bad Blood” - Taylor Swift  
MITCH: “This” - Oliver Heldens & Sander Van Doorn

Published: 10/21/14

SCOTT: “That’s Christmas to Me” - Pentatonix  
MITCH: “Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy” - Pentatonix (ft. Tori Kelly)

Published: 10/07/14

SCOTT: “Tous Les Memes” - Stromae  
MITCH: “Monument (The Inevitable End Version)” - Royksopp & Robyn

Published: 09/23/14

SCOTT: All of PTX Vol.3  
MITCH: Sophie (Live @ Boiler Room)

Published: 09/16/14

SCOTT: PTX Vol.3 & The new PTX Christmas Album  
MITCH: “Always On” - Death From Above 1979

Published: 09/09/14

SCOTT: “La La Latch” - Pentatonix  
MITCH: “ Won’t K (SOPHIE Remix)” - Paris Suit Yourself

Published: 09/02/14

SCOTT: “Be My Baby” - Ariana Grande 
MITCH: “Hey QT” - QT

Published: 08/26/14

SCOTT: “Yours Truly, Rosa” - Singers Unlimited  
MITCH: “Friendly Man” - The Free Design

Published: 08/19/14

SCOTT: “Best Mistake” - Ariana Grande 
MITCH: “Flicker” - Porter Robinson

Published: 08/12/14

SCOTT: “Problem” - Pentatonix  
MITCH: “Lemonade” - SOPHIE

Published: 08/05/14

SCOTT: “Flawless (Remix)” - Beyonce & Nicki Minaj  
MITCH: “Pendulum” - FKA Twigs

Published: 07/29/14

SCOTT: “2 On” - Tinashe 
MITCH: “I Wanna Be Down (Remix)” - Brandy

Published: 07/22/14

SCOTT: “Papaoutai” - Stromae  
MITCH: “Your Nails Look So Pretty” - Hot Sugar

Published: 07/15/14

SCOTT: “Bo$$” - Fifth Harmony  
MITCH: “Another World” - The Chemical Brothers 

Published: 07/08/14

SCOTT: “Break Free” - Ariana Grande & Zedd  
MITCH: “Apollo” - Disclosure

Published: 07/01/14

SCOTT: “Empire” - Shakira  
MITCH: “We Share Our Mother’s Health (Shaken Up Version)” - The Knife

Published: 06/24/14

SCOTT: “Pilot Jones” - Frank Ocean  
MITCH: “The Way I Feel” - Doss

Published: 06/18/14

SCOTT: “Stay With Me” - Sam Smith  
MITCH: “Meeker Warm Energy” - Lone

Published: 06/10/14

SCOTT: “Together” - Disclosure, Nile Rogers, Sam Smith  
MITCH: “Meow” - Anamanguchi

Published: 06/03/14

SCOTT: “Rather Be” - Clean Bandit (ft. Jess Glynne)  
MITCH: “Melba’s Call” - Bok Bok

Published: 05/20/14

SCOTT: “Dumb” - Jazmine Sullivan 
MITCH: “You’re Not The One (Cid Rim Remix)” - Sky Ferriera 
MAISIE: Gardna

Published: 05/13/14

SCOTT: “The Bridge” - Arora  
MITCH: “Hey Life” - tUnE-yArDs

Published: 05/06/14

SCOTT: “4.22” - Jeff Sontag  
MITCH: “Do It Again” - Royksopp & Robyn

Published: 04/29/14

SCOTT: “Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)” -  Ariana Grande
MITCH: “Dreams (ft. Beyonce)” - Boots

Published:  04/22/14

SCOTT: “Lost” - Frank Ocean  
MITCH: “The Shy” - Pional

Published: 04/15/14

SCOTT: “Start Over” - Beyonce  
MITCH: “Hi Hat (ft. Populous)” - Teebs

Published: 0/08/14

SCOTT: “Wildfire” - SBTRKT  
MITCH: “Dragon Drop” - Kodiak

Published: 04/01/14

SCOTT: “Life Around Here” - James Blake  
MITCH: “Sleep Sound” - Jamie XX

Published: 03/25/14

SCOTT: “Like The Morning Dew” - Laura Mvula  
MITCH: “Money On My Mind” - Sam Smith

Published: 03/04/14

SCOTT: “No Angel” - Beyonce  
MITCH: “&&&&” - Arca

Published: 02/25/14

SCOTT: “Euphoria” -  Loreen
MITCH: “Fountains” - Iamamiwhoami

Published: 02/18/14

SCOTT: “Drunk In Love” - Beyonce  
MITCH: “Be Your Girl (Kaytranada Edition)” - Teedra Moses

Published: 12/10/13

SCOTT: “Snow In California” - Ariana Grande  
MITCH: “Something About You” - Dormik

Published: 12/03/13

SCOTT: “Say Something” - A Great Big World  
MITCH: “Evening Ceremony” - Active Child

Published: 11/19/13

SCOTT: “Little Drummer Boy” - Pentatonix  
MITCH: “Swine” - Lady Gaga

Published: 11/12/13

SCOTT: “Dear No One” - Tori Kelly  
MITCH: “Double Bubble Trouble” - M.I.A

Published: 10/22/13

SCOTT: Rozzi Crane  
MITCH: “Tennis Court” - Lorde

Published: 10/01/13

SCOTT: “Dark Horse” - Katy Perry
MITCH: “Gunshotta” - Machinedrum 

Published: 09/10/13

SCOTT: “Baby I” - Ariana Grande
MITCH: “Faces (Proxy Remix)” - M MAchine

the 3 emotions; a 3 part playlist

part I: for when you feel broken

therapy//all time low / landfill//daughter / pieces//sum 41 / moments//one direction / adam's song//blink 182 / invisible//skylar grey/ me//the 1975 / breathe me//sia / the boy who blocked his own shot//brand new/ high and dry//radiohead / these four walls//little mix / possibility//lykke li / the past//never shout never / give me love//ed sheeran / alibis//marianas trench / run//snow patrol / sleeping sickness//city and colour / lullabies//all time low / 9 crimes//damien rice / numb//linkin park

part II: for when you need motivation to keep going

stay alive//josé gonzález / look after you//louis tomlinson / warrior//demi lovato / keep your head up//ben howard / stay awake (dreams only last for a night)//all time low / through the dark//one direction / f**kin' perfect//p!nk / invincible//hedley / fix you//coldplay / the quiet things that no one ever knows (acoustic)//brand new / champagne supernova//oasis / take care//beach house / i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie / just the little things//one direction & bruno mars / good enough//little mix / don't let me go//sam mccarthy feat. harry styles / i am not a robot//marina and the diamonds

part III: for when you're ready to be happy again

horchata//vampire weekend / best day of my life//american authors / happy//pharrell williams / why don't we go there//one direction / sail into the sun//gentlemen hall / on our way//the royal concept / ready or not//bridget mendler / this is an adventure//the lighthouse and the whaler / wings//little mix / say it just say it//the mowgli's / wild heart//the vamps / unpredictable//5 seconds of summer / two fingers//jake bugg / weightless//all time low / chloe (you're the one i want)//emblem3 / little games//the colourist / woodland//the paper kites / dance with me tonight//olly murs

LISTEN: part I / part II / part IIIhope you enjoy ! (:

“The light will shine the brightest when you shut your eyes” by Neesan

Happy MiSawa Day(s)! ♥ In collaboration with @nee-saan, who’s been working on this story since months ago and let me be part of the whole process (•‾⌣‾•)و ̑̑♡

Please go read it, we’ve put so much effort on this!! You won’t be dissapointed!! ♡〜٩(^▿^)۶〜♡

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Mr. Jumin Han's birthday

Okay, so bear with me on this one, it’s my first MM headcanon
* he doesn’t really celebrate his birthday. It was always very official instead of heartwarming the moment he became an adult
* he didn’t really expect anything special
* but he couldn’t help the smile on his face when he woke up to see Elizabeth 3rd with a red ribbon around her neck and you serving birthday breakfast
* (you, you were the birthday breakfast)
* set up lunch with his father for some much needed bonding time
* throughout the day you would send little gifts to his office
* a framed picture of you and Elizabeth 3rd in formal attire, a black pen with his name engraved on it (he loves it just as much as the one with the diamond), a tie with tiny little white cats and a box of his favorite chocolate bon bons (made by you)
* you threw him a little private party with the RFA family
* Seven got smacked at least once when trying to steal his new tie
* Zen kept sneezing
* but the most excited part of the day was the little special private party for just the two of you
* when he saw you sitting on your knees on the bed dressed in nothing but a red ribbon around your neck and white, fluffy cat ears and cat butt plug, well…
* birthday sex will never be the same again *wink wink*


Okay so this one was definitely not going to be a two part imagine, but then I started writing, and I wanted to give it some context, like a bit of story before Chibs gets left by Frankie, and then the little bit of context ended up being quite a lot of context, so this is going to have two parts, this being the first part and then the second part being after the reader gets the call.

“I’m in here,” you yelled from the kitchen when you heard the front door open.

Shit had been going down with the club recently. Big time. Your husband, Chibs had just had to rush to the hospital after Gemma, Tommy, and Abel were in an accident, Chibs and a few of the other guys had just been attacked that night too, and then there was the whole Nomad business with Frankie Diamonds. It seemed like every day something new was going wrong, and you were growing more and more concerned that something would happen to Chibs.

So it was definitely a relief to hear him walk through the front door, and you were looking forward to actually eating dinner with him for the first time in about a week. That was the other problem with there being so much shit going on with the club: at times like this, you barely saw your husband.

“Hey babe,” he said, walking into the kitchen and shrugging off his cut, “what’s for dinner?”

“Stir fry,” you said, putting your knife down and turning your concentration from the peppers in front of you to Chibs, “is everything okay?” you asked, “the boys?”

Chibs nodded and you smiled, relieved, “aye,” he said, “Tommy boy’s fine, that kid is indestructible, Abel has to stay at the hospital for a few days, but everything’s looking good with him too.”

“And Gemma?” you asked.

“She’s fine, a bit bruised up, nothin’ too bad.”

“Good,” you said, turning back to the dinner you’d just started cooking, unsure of what else there was to be said.

As you began slicing again you felt a hand cover yours, motioning for you to put the knife down. You turned around again, Chibs’s hands on your shoulders, “you alright, love?” he asked.

You bit your lip, looking down, “I just-” you looked back up again, meeting Chibs’ eyes, “people are going after Gemma and the kids now? Do you even know who’s coming after you now?”

You could see the concern in Chibs’ eyes, “we’ll find ‘em,” he said, “we’ll find ‘em and we’ll stop ‘em,” he brushed your hair from your face, “hey, I love you, I love you more than anything, no one is going to hurt you, ya hear me?”

You reached your hand up, resting it against his cheek, “it’s not me I’m worried about,” you said.

Chibs sighed. You’d been together long enough, seen enough stuff together, that he wasn’t going to promise you that everything was going to be okay. He knew there was no point. So instead he leaned down, and he kissed you.

It started gently, but soon enough his hips were pressing against yours, any gaps between your bodies were gone, the taste of cigarette smoke and whiskey mixing in your mouth, his lips rough on yours.

Your arms tightened around his neck as he ever so slightly bit your bottom lip and you moaned lightly into his mouth, forgetting about the dinner, the danger, the shit going on with the club.

“Shit,” Chibs said, his forehead resting against yours as he grabbed his phone out of his pocket, “it’s Jax.”

“What if you just didn’t answer it?” you asked.

He laughed, not a humorous laugh, a dry laugh, “you know I have to, love.”

“I know,” you replied, “but what if you didn’t? Just once?”

He kissed your forehead, then put his phone up to his ear, “Jackie boy, what is it?” he said, his tone immediately back to business, “yeah? Alright, I’ll be right there,” he said, then he hung up, sliding his phone back into his pocket.

“You gotta go?” you asked.

Chibs nodded, “they needs me at Diosa,” he said.

You pushed yourself onto your tip toes, pressing a kiss to his mouth, “call me when you’re done, I’ll warm some food up for when you get home,” you said.

“It might be late,” he said, “I’m not sure what’s going down, might be five minutes, might be five hours.”

You nodded, “I know,” you said, “call me anyway, and be safe.”

He kissed your forehead, “I love you,” he said.

“I love you too,” you replied, then he turned, grabbing his cut and heading back out.

You turned back to the vegetables, carefully slicing them as you heard the rumble of his motorcycle engine fade into the distance.


You woke up to the sound of your phone ringing. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes you looked around. It was still dark out, the sun hadn’t risen, and you’d fallen asleep on the couch waiting for Chibs to call. You looked at the phone, not recognizing the number.

“Hello?” you said, answering it.

“Hello, is this y/n?”  a woman said back to you.

“Yes,” you replied, “who’s this?”

“I’m calling from St. Thomas’s Hospital, we have you down as Filip Telford’s emergency contact, we’re calling to let you know he’s been admitted to our care,” she said.

You felt your heartbeat grow stronger in your chest, your hands starting to shake, “oh, my god,” you said, “what happened? Is he okay?” you asked, standing up and grabbing your car keys.

“I don’t have any details, ma’am, the doctor will talk to you when you get here,” she replied.

“Okay,” you said, trying to stay calm, “okay, I’m on my way,” you hung up the phone, running to your car.

Josuyasu Week: Day Two
Kids / Ice Cream / Dining at Tonio’s

“Don’t cry! My grandpa’s a policeman, he’ll help you find your house!”