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reasons to love nick valentine from fallout 4

• “who built this damn vault? a fitness instructor?”
• he has the most sassiest personality in the game don’t argue with me on this
• he asks if you’re alright every once in a while when you two are traveling together and it’s just the sweetest thing
• after you get his highest affinity perk, he says you’re the best partner and friend he has ever had
• he actually decided to help you deal with kellogg and wanted to lend a hand on trying to find your son which is so sweet
• “is there any machine you can’t charm?” WHAT A FUCKING SMOOTH COMMENT. BETHESDA, WHY CAN’T WE ROMANCE A SYNTH???
• he has witty and humorous dialogue that can make you smile in five seconds
• that classic detective look suits him
• he cares about you, he just cares okay he wants you to be alright and he has a CHARMING DAMN HEART!!!

My Boyfiend is a monster...

So we’re sitting down to dinner and decide to catch up on Steven Universe and because of the pleasentness my boyfriend decides to voice his thoughts…

Boyfriend: “What if the show is all in Steven’s head? Like in reality he’s this special needs kid who’s dad can’t afford day care so lets him wander on the beach while he works and the crystal gems are just all the shiny rocks he finds on the way? And what if Connie is his only friend cause she feels bad people find his imagination strange and that’s why no one ever questions his explanation when weird shit happens and just accepts that he’s "magic” cause its the only way he can cope with his environment? And what if his gem is just his moms wedding ring he carries around saying its his mom because he can’t comprehend that she’s dead? And the Diamonds are like, agency officials disputing over his custody…“

Me: *foams at the mouth horrified*

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(this blog just started but I already love it! ) how the companions react if the institute replaced sole with a synth? not sure why they would though

Cait: When she realises that it’s not actually Sole but a synth… “INSTITUTE BASTARDS” she flips and totals the imposter Sole, her breathing is so heavy afterwards it’s almost as if she’s hyperventilating, but in reality it’s her raw emotion pouring out over the one person who cared about her, being taken from her, she’s a cataclysm of emotion, immense anger and hatred but also a tremendous sadness, she just wants her friend back.

Codsworth: The great sadness Codsworth felt in the 210 years without Sole sets in again, he finally had them back in his life, but as soon as they came back they were gone again, replaced by the Institue. Codsworth enters low power mode, gently landing on the floor, perhaps he will never recover.

Curie: Begins to tremble and break down, screaming and crying as she collapses to the floor once she realises that Sole is gone. Curie has to be carried away by MacCready as she is so distraught she cannot move from her collapsed state, she can’t stop crying over the loss of Sole.

Danse: A great pain manifests in Danse’s throat, he feels the need to cry but  can’t, a soldier’s greatest loss is the one of their brother/sister in arms, he finds out at the same time as Curie and looks on in despair as she has to be carried away, he can’t believe the Institute got the Brotherhoods greatest soldier, he can do nothing but report back to Maxson.

Deacon: “Oh GOD no, fuck… fuck… FUCK” Deacon’s emotions are all over the place, he is so distraught that Sole is gone he cannot even stand, Deacon leans against a wall and gradually descends to the ground, his head in his lap, nothing but sobbing and a the odd outburst of emotion can be heard from him.

Dogmeat: Dogmeat acts suspiciously of “Sole”, he knows it is not his companion. He backs away from the fake Sole, growling and raring up at the imposter every so often. He may only be a humble dog, but Dogmeat feels his heart break over the loss of his Sole, he returns to Red Rocket where he first met Sole, hoping one day they would return to him.

Hancock: Sole never had a problem with Hancocks habits and from time to time joined in, however when Sole started to act strangely, Hancock picked it up pretty fast, but when he found out it was an Institute synth? “Ah shit… so they got you too then?” Hancock could say with nothing but despair, if the Institute could get Sole? All hope is gone as far as Hancock is concerned, he prepared for the biggest high of his life yet, secretly hoping it would end the pain… permanently.

MacCready: Mac just sat, sat with his head in his hands, similar to Hancock, he came to the realisation if the Institute could get Sole, then there was no more hope, MacCready rose from his chair and looked, looked around as the other companions broke down, he took it upon himself to be strong, if not for himself then he would be strong for the others.

Nick: Nick pondered, he pondered and pondered but when the time came to stop pondering he knew that the Institute must be stopped once and for all and if he couldn’t do it he’d certainly die trying, but for now he mourns the loss of his dear friend, Nick returns to Diamond City, closes the agency early and just sits and smokes while he reminisces about the good times. Not many saw the good in Sole quite like Nick.

Piper: It looked like Blue, it sounded like Blue, but Piper knew it wasn’t her Blue, Piper was flooded with a raging anger as well as feeling as if her world had been torn away from her, in the split second her rage took over she drew her pistol, but as quickly as she had, she was grabbed by Danse and taken away from that terrible place, kicking and screaming for Danse to let her go. When far enough away Danse did let her go, she could do nothing but collapse on the dead grass, curl up into a ball and cry out for her Blue to come back to her, she had never wanted anything more in her life than for Blue to come back and hold her one more time.

Preston: The very person he owed his life to had been taken by the Institute, his leader and dearest friend was now gone, like MacCready he watched as the others broke down around him, seeing such strong willed individuals in a state such as this broke him, he felt as if he could not cope, the pain had become too much and Preston to had to take a walk, when far enough away and a quick check to make sure he was alone, he fell to his knees and let go, the composure he had held, sobbing powerful enough that his body jolted with every breath, when it stopped Preston wiped the tears from his eyes and sat quietly for a moment, he was in no way religious but, he prayed that it was all a horrible nightmare.

Strong: An anger more powerful than Strong had ever felt before, if his hatred of the Institute was strong because of what they did to him, it grew a thousand times that day because of what they did to his human, “Strong kill all Institute… Strong swear it.”

X6-88: Whether X was involved or not was irrelevant to the others, the Institute had taken the one person that had brought them all together, that had made them into a sort of family, as far as everyone else was concerned, X was Institute and therefore was the enemy, foreseeing this X had vanished from the area, it is likely he returned to the Institute, but as the executer of a successful mission or as a vengeful companion of Sole?

So this one took a while (I’m extremely sorry anon it took this long), I wanted to really capture how I think the companions would feel and what they’d do given the situation, I hope you guys like it!

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Companions (Also Maxson, Father, Desdomna, synth Shaun, knight Rhys, scribe Haylen.) react to sole having a magic ability to transform into a crow and proves it by turning into one by jumping off of a high platform and resurface as a crow.

Here you go my lovely… I hope I didn’t mess it up for you… Enjoy <3


She didn’t believe Sole when they first told her that they were able to transform themself into a crow. She laughed in their face; it’s just not possible.

“Prove it” Sole motioned for Cait to follow them, and soon they were coming up to Starlight Drive-in. Sole dragged Sole to the stairs that led up the tallest part of the building, and once they were at the top, Sole threw themself off the edge of the building. Cait ran to stop them, but didn’t get there in time. When she looked over the edge, she didn’t see anything. There was no body lying on the floor, no signs that someone’s life had ended. As she turned around, she noticed the black crow sitting on the railings. Cait thought she was going crazy when the bird winked at her.


A group of gunners were settled up on a overpass, and Sole had decided to go a eliminate the problem before they got any ideas.

Once the area had been cleared, they walked over to the lift to take them back down. Sole decided that it was taking too long, so jumped off the edge- causing Curie to scream and nearly jump down after them. Instead she waited for the lift to get up, and then took it back down.

As she reached the bottom, she frantically looked for Sole- or Sole’s body. She didn’t see it anywhere, however there was an annoying crow following her around. Curie repeatedly shooed the crow away, yet it refused to leave. She went to shoo it away one last time, but as she began to open her mouth, the bird started to change into… Sole?

Sole then began to explain that she had the magic ability to change forms into a crow.


Danse outright refused to believe that Sole can actually change into a crow. He tries to think back over the past three days to remember if Sole has taken any sorts of drugs, but then realises that they haven’t.

Sole drags him to the roof of a tall building nearby, and runs to jump off. Just as the are about to drop, Danse grabs them by the scruff of their armour, and turns them to face him. He opens his mouth, every intention of giving them a piece of his mind when he feels the armour beginning to feel weightless. Danse begins to panic, maybe they fell from the clothes, but instead of Sole’s body he see’s a black crow. He watches as the crow flies around, before it flies back up to join him on the roof. He eyes Sole- the crow- with suspicious eyes.

“Best not let anyone know about that Sole”


“Holy shit no way. So can I”

Sole finally told Deacon that they can turn into a crow, and he has to go and make a joke and lie about it. They had been up installing a MILA for Tinker, and Deacon had expressed a genuine- at least Sole thought- fear of heights. So Sole had told him their secret.

Sole groaned, not happy with Deacon’s jokes, and stood up and moved to the edge of the building. They turned around, looked Deacon straight in the eye, and threw themselves of the building.

Now Deacon genuinely did NOT like heights. But he genuinely did like Sole. So his mind was in conflict as to whether or not to go and look over the edge for his partner in crime. However within seconds, a black crow had stood where Sole had just been. Maybe Sole actually could turn into a crow.


Hancock thought Sole was really high. Like, ‘oh I’ve just seen a Deathclaw riding a Brahmin’ sorta high. High enough to say ‘oh, hey Hancock, I can change into a fucking crow’. So he laughed.

Sole looked offended, and demanded he open the doors to the balcony. He didn’t know why they wanted him to do it, but he decided he’d humour them. So he walked over and opened the door, turning at just the right second to see Sole turning into a crow. He watched as they flew towards the open doors and took off into the night sky. As soon as their feet touched the ground they turned back into human form.

‘Something not very nice looking is trying to enter goodneighbour.’


‘What the fuck?’

Sole had told him that they could turn into a crow. He laughed in reply. They told him again, and told him they were being serious. He laughed harder. They scolded him, telling him to stop being an asshole and that it was true. He nearly broke with laughter, tears rolling down cheeks.

So Sole turned. And stood before him was a black crow. His laughter died down. Sole started flying upwards, swooping around with the winds. Mac stood their bewildered, until he felt something hit the top of his hat. He pulled it off his head and looked at what had landed there.

‘SOLE YOU LITTLE FUCKER…’ Mac was pretty sure that he could hear Sole’s laughter as they flew through the air.


‘Listen kid, have you seen who you’re talking too?’

Nick took it in his stride. Sole was a good kid, great friend. They liked to help anyone and everyone, and the fact that they could change into a crow meant nothing to their friendship.

However, Nick did want to see how it happened, so he lead Sole up onto the roof of his agency in Diamond City.

He sat down with a cigarette in between his lips as Sole changed forms, and began to fly around Diamond City. He laughed as Sole swooped at the Security guard who had been giving him hassel earlier, and also laughed as one of the residents cats decided to start chasing Sole across the ground- Sole making it a game for the cat to try and keep up, leading it to the large body of water behind the science centre.


At first Piper didn’t believe Sole; it was only when Sole had physically changed form did she actually believe them.

Sole laughed at Piper, before agreeing to do what she asked. Sole would change into their crow form and would spy on the mayor and try and get some articles for Piper.

Over the next few weeks, the Mayor was wondering how Piper knew all of the stuff that was being printed. About the money laundering; about the affair he was having with his assistant; about the fact he slept in pink pajamas and snuggled up to a teddy bear each night. He tightened up the security, but the articles were still coming.

He spent hours searching for a bug, anything that could explain how Piper knew what she knew. Nobody thought to suspect the crow sat on the window seal each night.



Preston was shocked. They were sat in a basement, trying to shelter themselves away from the Radstorm raging on outside. They were cold and hungry, but were out of the rain and protected from the rads. They decided to tell each other little truths, and one of Sole’s had been that they were a crow.

Preston didn’t believe it, but one second Sole was there- as a human- and the next there was a crow in its place. He watched as the crow flew upwards, and made its way to sit on a bookshelf sitting in the corner of the room.

‘So, do I feed you birdseed or…’


It was fitting that Sole could turn into a crow. Sure, he expected them to be able to turn into something a little… bigger, but a crow would do.

When him and Sole were out travelling the Commonwealth, they would change so they were in crow form and fly above him scoping out the route ahead. Whenever there was any enemies nearby, Sole would fly down and land on his left shoulder- anyone they were unsure of they’d land on his right. (The first time they landed on his shoulder he nearly shot them) Most the time, he’d be able to get by the enemy undetected, but if he didn’t, Sole would fly up and find perch on a nearby tree, silently leaving X6 to deal with the problem.


He realised soon after meeting Sole that a black crow would follow him around wherever he went.

He first tried shooing it away. It didn’t seem to be scared of him. So he left it.

He tried a second time to shoo it away, but it also didn’t listen.

The third time he tried to to shoo it away with his gun. It once again didn’t listen, and somehow managed to avoid every bullet he sent it’s way.

After the third time he just left it, it wasn’t bugging anyone anyway. He was however pretty sure that he’d seen the eyes somewhere else before. It was only when he was debriefing Sole that he realised where. And Sole had the audacity to wink at him.


Deacon had come running into a quiet HQ with a bird on his shoulder, yelling for Tinker. There was only two agents in at the time, plus Des, Carrington, Tinker, P.A.M and Drummer.

‘They’ve got them. The institute has got Sole’ Panic flooded through Des, for both losing a agent (a good agent) and the fact they could have been following Deacon. But he was smarter than that, she told herself, listening into Deacon and Tinker’s conversation.

‘That theory you had Tinker, you know the one. The Crows? They bloody have Sole’ the bird remained still on Deacon’s shoulder until Tinker raised a gun towards it. It flew behind Deacon, and quickly changed, revealing Sole.

‘Bloody hell Deeks, I told you that was a bad idea…’ Sole stared at his back, and slowly turned to face Des, who raised an eyebrow and nodded in the direction of the escape tunnel. Sole had a lot of explaining to do.



X6 told father. He told him of the agreement that he and Sole had, where Sole would scout for enemies and he would take them out.

Father was fascinated in their parents abilities. Father told Sole that he wanted them to be looked at by one of his scientists.

Three weeks later, he ordered X6 to his offices. He wanted to know why he hadn’t seen Sole in a while. X6 had to be the one that explained that Sole didn’t want to be looked at by the scientists.

Synth Shaun:

‘Coooool….’ He ran up to Sole when they were in crow form, and began to lightly stroke their feathers. ‘I’ve always wanted a pet’

Back in human form Sole made Shaun tell them about why the institute never let him have any pets.

‘We had a gorilla…’ he explained slowly, taking his time as to not say anything wrong, anything that could get him in trouble. ‘…but we weren’t allowed cats or dogs as they made too much mess, and the cats could tell who were synths. The cats don’t like synths’

Sole kept that information locked away for later, telling themselves it could come in handy to get a cat to each settlement.

Knight Rhys:

Acted like a complete asshole when he found out that Sole could change forms into a crow. It was by accident, Sole had been changing forms down in the garage and Rhys had walked in. As soon as it registered in his mind what he had just witnessed, he pulled his gun out and started firing rounds at Sole. Leaving the garage door shut had been both good and bad- good because it prevented others from being able to hear, bad because Sole had no escape route.

Scribe Haylen had been the only one to hear, and came down to save Sole.

Every time that Rhys removed his uniform to be wash he found that he always had bird droppings on the back of the uniform. He promised himself that he would- one day- put a bullet in that bird.

Scribe Haylen:

Scribe Haylen heard shooting coming from the garage, and thinking that one of her brothers or sisters were in danger she went racing down. She slammed open the door, and came face to face with Rhys shooting at Sole in their crow form.

One night when the two had been on night watch, Sole confided in her saying that she had magical abilities to change into a crow. At first she didn’t believe them, but now as she watched Rhys shooting at the poor bird she knew they were telling the truth.


simmons, you have two phds in fields I can’t pronounce

Fallout 4 companion roleswitch AU:

  • Barbara discovers synth components in her injuries after failing to protect her husband, Deacon, from a deathclaw attack on their farm. With her life and love gone, Barbara left to join The Railroad.
  • Although more suited to settler life, Barbara has gradually accepted her synth nature, augmenting her body and becoming more machine to numb the pain of her human identity.
  • Lucy is a wandering doctor, scouring the Commonwealth to cure her son Duncan of an unknown ailment and carving wooden soldier toys in likeness of her husband, Robert Joseph MacCready, who sacrificed himself to save her from feral ghouls. 
  • Her proficiency with medicine and carpentry gives her a melee oriented combat medic role with stealth elements. 
  • Jennifer Lands operates Diamond City’s detective agency, a business originally built to investigate the unsolved murder of her fiance, Nick Valentine, over 200 years ago. 
  • Showcasing hacking and lockpicking skills typical of detective work, Jennifer’s intimidating and captivating metallic femme fatale presence allows for easier speech checks for the less than charismatic Sole Survivor.