the dialogue is quite suggestive no

(Argument for whenever Chara addresses “you” they are addressing Frisk.)

Whenever the narration, who is strongly suggested to be Chara, uses the pronoun “you” they use it in reference to Frisk not the player. (However there is also proof that they are at least aware of the players presence/influence)

(possibly mocking the player’s limited viewpoint)

(We the Player have been in literal control of Frisk the whole time)

There is also this bit of contrasting dialogue:

This isn’t in reference to the player who at this point may or may not have named Chara after themselves
(Note :the following pic is from my mom’s unfinished run)

This is in reference to the fact that Chara and Frisk are two separate people, as established in the True End.

So yeah, whenever Chara says “you” they are talking to Frisk.

((And when Flowey talks to Chara at the end they are talking to Chara, who in turn we the player can act through to perform a “True Reset” and play the game again.))

Hey, Stardew Valley fans!

Do you love all the wonderful characters you can marry, but find the actual romance part of the game rather lackluster? I know I feel that way! So I’ve taken matters into my own hands and am working on a mod that adds extra super cute, fluffy, make-your-heart-go-doki-doki romance dialogue for every romanceable character, heavily inspired by the Harvest Moon style of hearts dialogue. I’d really like some help, though!

I’m looking for a beta reader, of sorts, to lend me a hand with weeding out typos, making sure my writing is easy to read and comprehend, and ensuring all the new dialogue is in character. I’m also totally open to suggestions in regards to what lines I add.

I literally just started this last night so I’m not very far along (I currently have 8 lines for Sam and that’s it), and I haven’t quite decided the scale of what this project will be (I’m hoping to keep it a summer thing, but we’ll see).

Requirements are pretty loose; I just need someone with good grammar/spelling skills and a solid familiarity with as many Stardew Valley marriage candidates as possible. There really isn’t a slot limit for this, either; I can use all the help I can get!

If you’re interested please message me via ask, IM, reply, etc… whatever suits your fancy on here~ And if you’re not interested, a signal boost would be appreciated. Thanks!