the dewars


Dewar, Iowa
Population: Unincorporated

“Although Dewar is unincorporated, Dewar has a post office with the ZIP code of 50623, which opened on 25 October 1887.  Dewar (formerly known as Emert) was platted in 1888.”

caught up (on dialogic thinking)

(You know,
if you keep going
like this
you’ll end up
right where you started)

Looking down
into a bowl,
a river of milk
tiny circular floats,
a mockery of
calm, contentment.

(Was this morning
anything like
yesterday morning?
It was.
What was it?
The definition of

my throat was dry
and I splashed
Dewar’s against it.
A morning drunk
is a bad drunk.

(You ignore
your parenthesis,
my good man.
You take too long
to tie your shoes
and when you look up
the train has passed.)

Should I listen
this time?
It’s an itching
behind my ears
and I feel
the speed
of my life
has caught up with me.