the dew drop inn

Tunnel Vision

My name is Theodore Ajax Wittenburg. I am a professor of astrophysics at Columbia University. You can call Dr. Jax if you like. This story recounts something that happened to me last summer. You see it went like this:

I am a daydreamer. I will ponder a question of physics for hours without really thinking about it. Instead the idea just sort of floats along as if in a dream taking on different shapes and different landscapes. I do this all the time washing my car, mowing the lawn or, as in August of ‘13 eating at the “Dew Drop Inn Bar and Grill” in my home town.

I got to thinking that physics tells us that time is the fourth dimension and that it does not flow uniformly but varies with speed i.e. the closer to light speed the slower time goes. Then it occurred to me that what we think of as an object really isn’t. I mean take a glass water goblet filled with water. We see it in a particular form in a particular place. The shape of a glass on the countertop. Now, bear with me here, the true fact is that the glass is made of primarily of silica from sand. If you saw that glass in four dimensions every single atom of every single molecule would be seen as a filament, a ling string, weaving back over time to the big bang. 

The same goes for a human being. What is a human being? Our bodies are made up of water mainly but other molecules in varying states. However, our molecules are in no way static. They change every millisecond as we breathe in new molecules and breathe out others. Our skin sheds a veritable snowstorm of microscopic cells. In fact there is no clear distinction between where we end and the outer world exists. Human beings, and all living creatures, are a quickly moving blur of ever changing molecular matrices which maintain a rough approximation of a particular shape and “self” identity.

Now, back to that summer afternoon in 2013. I was pondering these things when another thought occurred to me. That is that according to physics the simple act of observing a thing fixes it and makes it real. So, in thinking these things I made them real and this is what happened. I noticed that when I looked straight at something it appeared solid and three dimensional. However, when I looked out of the corner of my eye I began to see solid objects as infinite tunnels of the kind that you see when you put two mirrors together. Only I was seeing them in four dimensions. I could see, not with my eyes really, but through some other part of my consciousness, the interwoven tangled threads of the existence, not of the object, since objects were three dimensional and temporary, but threads of existence all the way back to the beginning of time. I shifted my perspective and could see where they would be in the vastness of future time.

It works with people too. I can see how and when your molecules will part ways and become something else. I know when you die.I also see, in looking at you, that life and consciousness are also visible in four dimensions. I can see that you and I are in essence immortal coils of an organizing force we call life. 

some names of the shops in town we came up with today

-Fits Sew Well

-Oh My Cod (Inzik went there and ordered the chicken)

-Dew Drop Inn(Which kiri just got after 5 hours and us stating it a bunch)

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My Chemical Romance - House of Wolves

Well I think I’m gonna burn in hell
Everybody burn the house right down

Have you seen “Three Little Bops”? No? Go ahead, it’s right here. I’ll wait. 

In case you didn’t, or you’re at work, or cartoons hurt your eyes, whatever - let me tell you about “Three Little Bops.” This is a Looney Tunes short from 1957, a re-imagination of the Three Little Pigs. The Three Little Bops play in a jazz club, see, and the wolf wants to get in and play the trumpet with them. He plays a bit for them, they tell him he’s not good enough to play with them, and they throw him out. “They stopped me before I could go to town, so I’ll huff and puff and blow the house down!” he swears, destroying the House of Straw, and he starts following the Three Little Bops. He catches up with them in the Dew Drop Inn (House of Sticks), and once again he’s just no good. The crowd begs the Bops to throw him out and they do. He blows the house down, and now we’re off to the House of Bricks, a place with “a high-class crowd and a sign on the door, no wolves allowed.” The wolf can’t get in. He tries everything, but the House of Bricks still stands, and he’s on the outside looking in. So the wolf comes back with TNT. And he blows himself up, and he dies, and he goes to hell. I kid you not. And down in hell, sitting in a boiling cauldron, he plays the trumpet so well that his spirit literally rises back out of the underworld to play a show with the Three Little Bops. “He learned the rules,” says one of the Bops, “You gotta get hot to play real cool.” Roll credits.

Now hit play on this. Follow those drums down, down, down into hell, into the House of Wolves, into the jazziest, deadliest, sexiest nightmare of a club you’ve ever been in. Wolves at the door, wolves onstage, wolves in the audience. You gotta get hot to play real cool. You gotta go through that fire to get back up out of it. I said ashes to ashes, we all fall down, we got innocence for days, listen to Gerard roll that I said-d-d, listen to that wailing, thumping guitar. Listen to the wolves whispering to you. I know a thing about contrition, because I’ve got enough to spare, they are saying, and these are not the cries of the repentant. This is a den of thieves and liars and they are having a great fucking time, and you are one of them. You better run like the devil ‘cause they’re never gonna leave you alone. You gotta get hot to play real cool.