the devines

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All doggos are good doggos. But corgis are great. So are Shiba Inu. I don’t really have a preference with doggos. Except for the little tiny 5lb things that literally sound like whistles when they bark. They hurt my ears. -HBG

i want all the tiny dogs -virgil

you’re like a tiny dog V -Devin

,,,explain -virgil

really tiny and have more bark than bite -Devin

literally fucking fight me -virgil

you’re just proving my point shorty -Devin

ANYWAY. what about cats. i like any kind of black or gray cat. but also calicos are great -virgil

tabby cats are the best -devin

okay yeah those too -virgil


So I finally got around to reading Anansi Boys

… and I’ve heard that it’s probably going to be integrated in the American Gods TV series. Nevertheless, I’ve put together my fantasy cast for a potential Anansi Boys movie:

  • John Boyega as Fat Charlie Nancy
  • Jermaine Fowler as Spider
  • Garrett Morris as Anansi / Mr. Nancy (though I love Orlando Jones in the show)
  • Katie Leung as Daisy Day
  • Nathalie Emmanuel as Rosie Noah
  • Tracy Ifeachor as Bird Woman
  • Alfre Woodard as Mrs. Noah
  • David Thewlis as Grahame Coats
  • Joanna Lumley as Maeve Livingstone
  • Loretta Devine as Callyanne Higgler
  • Idris Elba as Tiger
  • Nichelle Nichols as Mrs. Dunwiddie