the devils tramping ground

Devil’s Tramping Ground is located in a wooded  area of Chatham County in North Carolina. It is a forty foot in diameter circle. It is said that any object that is placed in the circle will mysteriously disappear or move outside of the circle. No vegetation will grow inside the circle. This bizarre phenomenon was first discovered in the 1800′s and it is believed by many that Satan paces around this circle.

Haunted Grounds: The Devil’s Tramping Ground, Harper’s Crossroads, North Carolina

Place: The Devil’s Tramping Ground

Location: Outside of Bennett, North Carolina

Located outside of Bennett, North Carolina near the Harper’s Crossroads area, the Devil’s Tramping Ground is a barren circle of land that is said to be haunted by the devil himself.

Many myths exist about the Devil’s Tramping Ground, including:

  1. no vegetation can grow within the circle,
  2. any object left inside the circle will disappear and reappear elsewhere (if at all),
  3. anyone brave enough to spend the night within the circle will lose their mind.

One popular story speaks of some boy scouts who camp out in the circle only to wake up several miles away in their tents.

With all the stories that circulate about the Devil’s Tramping Ground, it’s a wonder anyone is brave enough to try to stay overnight!

The Devil’s Tramping Ground is located outside of Bennett, North Carolina near the Harper’s Crossroads area. As with my locations of the sort, it is a popular hangout for teens looking for a good scare.